bjp defends and defends badly – iii

hi all

please take serious note of it :-

the most basic rule of fight is boxers fights with boxers, swordsmen fights with swordsmen. ordinary people do not fight with professional boxers, If at all they will, they will show some courage initially but in the end they will be punched left, right and centre and will be destroyed completely. unfortunetly, that is what happening in all tv news debates. bjp spokespersons pitted against the likes of kumar vishwas (black belt in abusing & accusing), arvind kejriwals, sanjay jhaas, mani-shankar aiyers, kumar ketkars are being decimated & destroyed day in & day out.

even meenakshi lekhi ( the best from bjp ) off-late has slowed down considerably. rightly so , as i said earlier, only dog fights with dogs.

the bottom line is bjp needs to hire and recrtuit them who possesess those sort of special skills and put them at task right away on the most urgent basis or else they run the risk of losing all when this time around they have the best chance to gain all.




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