bjp defends and defends badly – ii

hi all

bjp can’t avoid these debates as they are being watched by millions of people all over india non-stop, 24×7. as the old saying goes that a lie spoken repeatedly becomes a fact and here, lies are being spoken against bjp by hundreds of journalists thousands of times being shown by numerous channels day in & day out and crores of people are forming opinions based on that.

we should also not forget that we may sympathise with loser but nobody loves to be with loser and that’s what seems to be happening in the bjp vs aap fight in delhi. the perception has been made that bjp is as corrupt as congress and nobody from bjp has managed to counter it, forget about counter-punching them.

please note : ‘kumar vishwas’ of aap is not an ordinary speaker as I mentioned earlier ( black-belt in abusing & accusing ). he masters the art of destroying others at the drop of his tongue. therefore, pitch someone against him and his gang who is also master of that. remember, the time has come to fight dogs with bulldog. the earliest the better.



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