bjp defend and defends badly

hi all

no doubt, the eminent speakers you mentioned are all not only good, Infact very-  very good, especially -m.lekhi, s.irani & a.jaitley. everytime they come, they present their case very effectively and even anchors during their presence behaves with a certain degree of caution. but, as they are holding some very senior positions in their organisation, therefore, they cannot stoop to the level of some of the speakers they are pitted against. therefore, lot of times lots of accusations hurled against bjp go unattended and unresponded & then they gets repeated day after day and becomes fact.

remember, being good’ is good, but ‘being good’ doesn’t save you from being hunted. when wolves hunt, they do not care for you ‘being good’, they simply tears you apart and make it a matter of survival for you and then you survive by not ‘being good’ only but by becoming the hunter itself. we all are aware that odds are stacked heavily against them – one against anchor & 4 biased so called journalists. more the reason of letting loose some of your black belt holders ( remember, speaking is considered an art ).

who said, aap is group of angels, Infact , aap’s top hieararchy has some people who are closely associated with naxalites and kashmiri separatists and remember naxalites and kashmiri separatists are not corrupt people, they are killer people (can you count the no. of indian police personnel soldiers and innocent civilians killed by them). therefore, they accusing every other of being corrupt, especially bjp doesn’t cut much ice, the problem is they are not being challenged by anyone. accusing bjp of being corrupt along with congress is like painting everybody with a same stroke.

remember, bjp with namo at the helm of the affairs is totally different and can’t you see it’s one versus all.




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