you can not allow ‘aap’ to take you for a ride

hi all

to let them form a government and allow them to govern us just to know them fully. if someone gets hit by an speeding vehicle – what’s the end result – you either get killed or get badly injured. therefore, should we experience it personally to know about this and get killed or injured or we should have the knowledge about it so that we could avoid going close to speeding vehicles.

the key is to have knowledge about things happening around us. in the case of aap, It’s important to know what constitutes it or what are the ingredients inside aap. as i said earlier, one of its founding member is closely associated with naxalites, maoists and kashmiri separatists since ages. so what you expect from him, if he comes to power- flowers for our country ‘bharat’. some of its decision making members are die hard jnu people. many will say, what’s the big deal in having die hard jnu people in your party.

well get ready to take the shock of your life – couple of months back, a ‘diwas’ was celebrated inside jnu campus openly – well you will again say, what’s the big deal in it. now, be ready to take this – the diwas was ‘mahisasur shahadat diwas’. how’s that. do i need to elaborate it futher or have you figured it out yourself. if not, then let me clear it – it was to mourn the killing of ‘dalit’ mahisasur by ‘higher caste’ durga. yes, you read it correctly. this diwas was celebrated to create fissures among various caste and communities of india and the interesting aspect is this diwas was attended by some of the members of this party.

It has been more than 65 years since independence and we still have not been able to figure out, how to get rid of congress. do we want another experience for us in the form of some other party to last for another 100 years.



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