aap traps bjp – can bjp come out it

hi all

get ready to witness something special which will blow your mind. something very stunning happened right under our noses and guess what, nobody could figure it out. shall we start, aap refused to give any support to bjp and congress in the formation of govt. well, you would say, what’s new in it. Infact, it is more than one day old news. wait, wait, don’t get anxious. the next development, aap refused to stake claim to form govt. as they do not have the majority and they have not emerged as the single largest party and then they literally shouts that in present circumstances – re-election is the only option left for them and they won’t accept anything less than that. well guys, the games starts now.

1. the grilling of bjp gets started – all the abuses are hurled towards them by aap, by media, by everybody and the abuses are- as the bjp is all set to form govt., then how will you claim majority. are you in contact of aap or congress, are you trying to break aap or congress, are you into horse trading. their image gets tarnished left, right and centre for no fault of theirs, as if they did a crime by emerging the largest party.so much pressure is put onto them by all the media channels that by the end of day, bjp chief ministerial candidate dr. harshvardhan in an effort to pull bjp out of this mess himself announces that bjp will also not stake claim to form a govt. as they don’t have the numbers and he  goes on to the extent of saying that they will not form govt. even if they are invited by ‘LG’ and this was the trap which was laid for bjp and the entire bjp fell into it. can anyone tell me what this trap was. fasten your belt guys, when the entire delhi is in sleep mode, I am becoming the first one on this planet to make an announcement that will stun everybody – aap is all set to form a govt. in delhi with kejriwal being its chief minister – yes, guys, It’s true and the do you know the first big thing, he will do – he is going to pass the jan-lokpal bill on 29th December,2013 from the same ramlilla maidan, where it all started. now, what else do you need – aap is happy, delhi is happy. so what say guys, shall we all get back to our work and rest in peace or is there anything still left in this fairytale.

can anybody tell me – right now, I am screaming from the rooftop.  can anybody tell me. well guys, let me take the honour of throwing the last and most decisive punch,  which will take the wind out of aap, congress and the most deadly of them all – the media. are you ready, are you ready, let’s go for it guys, it’s our very own narender damodar modi. stunned, surprised, well, don’t be because only he can throw this last punch. when the LG decides to invite bjp to form govt.- the bjp must accept it and form govt. in delhi.. let me assure one and all – nobody, nobody would dare to do anything bad with this govt. – not aap, not congress, not even the dirtiest of them all, the media.

as I mentioned in my earlier comments : only one thing required – get ready with the best of your spokespersons with some serious aggression. ( line of reasoning – to save delhi from another lengthy and tedious election process, to save onto huge expenses and to fulfill the responsibility of executing the manifesto and first and foremost, would be to reduce electricity charges with immediate effect. let me tell you, nobody will dare to topple this govt. as they will run the risk of people’s anger. so, it’s advantage – bjp.

let me warn everybody that if bjp decides not to form the govt. even after the invitation from LG, then LG will invite aap and rest assured, aap will take this golden opportunity immediately. as in the case with bjp, if aap forms the minority govt. then nobody will dare to topple it because whosoever will do it will be destroyed by aap, by media, by public. and if aap forms the govt. in delhi then they will happily go after the national elections. then it would be advantage – aap all the way.

well guys, though I started with theatrics but now,  this is really serious as only this one decision by bjp has the power to change the entire future of our country.

I rest my case. regards



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