ravinar – enlightening one and all

hi ravi, Excellent analysis, once again.

I have been reading your blogs for couple of months now and this is the first time i am sharing my views online. let me tell you that I have been watching tv news debates since ages and i used to get perplexed by the way tv debates were conducted, how biased and one-sided they used to be, how much they used to be tilted towards the ruling party, towards corrupt , how anti-nationals and anti-social elements used to be invited as guest-speakers, how the poison was being aired in the name of news & it was happening day in-day out , day after day, non-stop, 24×7 & that too from all the media channels be it english or hindi as if they they were competing with each other – who is most poisonous of them all.

I used to get angry & disturbed by all of this and i wanted to scream & vent my anger towards them to say – what the hell is happening-boss, but didn’t know how to do & then one fine day out of sheer anger and frustration, i was surfing the net and by stroke of luck, i found your blog and then for the first time i got a huge sigh of relief because your blog was everything i was going through and you expressed everything so accuretely, so systematically and with so much of detail & now i take solace in reading them. All i would say is keep going and keep enlightening us .



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