an open letter to bjp – iii

hi all

what congress has delivered, what bahujan samaj party has delivered, what samajwadi party has delivered – nothing. Infact, they have done everything possible to destroy the country, to create fissures among all caste and communities. with these achievements, what happened to them-nothing. rather, they have only grown and have become stronger and stronger.

let’s say, among 10 people, you do not wait for 9 others to fall, so that you could be seen as the only person standing. rather, you outshine others with your skills and strengths to look the brightest among them. same is applicable in respect of aap. you can not wait for them to fall short on promises and governance to present bjp in good light.

It has been more than 65 years since independence and we still have not been able to figure out, how to get rid of congress. do we want another experience for us in the form of some other party to last for another 100 years.

therefore, bjp should grab the opportunity to form the govt., if it comes their way to show their mettle in governance. right now, circumstances are such that even if bjp forms a minority govt., nobody would dare to bring it down. but aggression would be the key to take on their opponent – aap – whose ability to stoop to any level is immense.




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