an open letter to bjp – ii

respected dr. harshvardhan

please take immediate note of these points as under :

1. aap is lying about not interested in forming a govt. Infact,they are dying to get the invitation from LG, once bjp refuses to take the invitation. The moment, LG will invite them they will grab this opportunity with both the hands at the pretext of not burdening the common public with another election expenditure and most importantly, in the name of passing jan lokpal bill to eradicate corruption and then nobody neither bjp nor congress will dare to bring their minority govt. down as whosoever, will do it will run the risk of public’s wrath and anger and that too when national elections will be round the corner.

Then, aap will try to say that they are not being allowed by bjp especially to implement their manifesto for the welfare of the common people. they will abuse you, accuse you heavily just before national elections and will try their best to damage the reputation of bjp (bjp is their main target now, as the congress is already getting thrashed left, right and centre by narender modiji). so, they will have smooth sailing till national elections and in the meantime they will offer lots and lots of freebies with the focus of grabbing all delhi loksabha seats and as they will be in power in delhi, they will straightaway start campaigning for lokshabha seats all across india.

As far as congress is concerned, they will do everything to stop bjp anywhere coming to power be it state or centre. so they will keep supporting aap from outside unconditionally to damage the prospects of bjp during state elections and national elections.

In light of the above, you are requested to consider accepting the LG invitation  immediately, as and when,it comes. then bjp will have the power to implement all werlfare schems for common people. Here, as well, nobody will dare to bring bjp govt. down during national elections time, as they too will run the risk of becoming unpopular among public.

Note:-aap is abusing and accusing bjp a lot nowdays and their abuses are going unattended and unresponsed, which is creating a impression that bjp is weak and whatever they are saying is true. Therefore, please get very aggressive with them.




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