an open letter to bjp – will bjp never learn

hi all

I don’t know what to say, I simply don’t know what to say, is anybody listening in bjp, i am screaming – is anybody listening in bjp. are they short on money, are they afraid of anybody, are they unable to think, is there any technical reason, is there any legal reason, if the answer of all of these is ‘no’, if none of the above is true then tell me, please for god’s sake tell me, what on earth  stops bjp to have one just one news channel of its own or backed by someone – who thinks one percent  just one percent good about bjp. because under the present circumstances, i am sorry to say, howsoever good they try but they are doomed, they are simply doomed.

What is happening is simply unbelievable, simply unimaginable. it was congress, congress, congress before and now it is aap, aap, aap, aap keep counting. if there are 100 news channels in india – hindi, english or regional then not one, not even one news channel is there who has anything good to say about bjp. bjp is being smacked around left, right and centre – black & blue, day in & day out, day after day, day after day by one and all, non-stop, 24×7.

Haven’t they learned even in the last 65 years that not one of the most but ‘the most’ important tool of survival is  ‘spreading information’. If you are alone, then you can be killed any day any time but if people are aware about you then it becomes that much difficult to even touch you. congress, communist, maoist – well, one & a same thing all are masters of this tool. Infact, with this tool they have not only survived but they have gone many steps further and destroyed many of their adversaries, many of the patriots of our country. fake history, fake events, wrong facts & figures, absurd policies, absurd thinking, i mean, you just name it all our history books, all our text books, all our literature everthing is full of that, thanks to them. is it any wonder then, that they managed to rule us all these 65 years and are still ruling us.

and what bjp learned from all of this – well, can i dare to say – just nothing. be it babri masjid matter, be it gujrat 2002, be it muzaffarnagar 2013, be it tehelka-bangaru laxman, or be it the latest so called snoopgate or for that matter of fact,be it being called ‘ the most communal party’ every day, every hour, every minute, every second by every living or non-living organisms of congress & communists,  by every tom, dick and harry party & by 100% news channels, whatever is thrown at them, it sticks to them – true – false doesn’t matter. on the other hand – so, so many corruption cases of monstrous proportions like 2g, commonwealth, coalgate, chopper gate and many many more by congress party gets simply pushed under the carpet  or simply brushed aside. even the events of most humiliating and horrific nature like india’s defeat at the hands of china in 1962 or imposition of emergency in 1975 ,1984-sikhs massacre and hundreds of hindu-muslim riots since independence all under the ‘great rule of the most’, shall i mention it, yes you guessed it right ‘the most secular party of this world, infact of this whole universe’ – congress are just never talked about.

i don’t how many out there are aware of this fact that the mangalyaan sent to mars was a ‘secular spacecraft’. i guess everybody knows why, because it has been sent in the space under the rule of ‘secular congress.

even the new entrant ‘aap’ has started calling bjp – communal, divisive, religious, fascist, well the list is long, understandably so because the party has been founded by congressi leftovers, die hard communist, maoists,  communists in the form of journalists from various news channels. so, isn’t is very obvious and expected of them and now, the next thing they are planning to do very soon – can you guess it – what, well, well – didn’t i mention it – they are masters of that. yes, now you guessed it right – the use of most important tool. the news channels are already of them, by them for them but they are also planning to have their their own newspaper as well which will be a weekly newspaper and will be circulated all across delhi in its first phase. so, you see-getting hold of the the information , spreading of that information. so can you imagine the effects and consequences of that. isn’t it what we are witnessing for the last 65 years.

so lets get back to bjp – what to do – i don’ know, i simply do not know because its they who have to decide – what they couldn’t learn from congress, from communists in last 65 years – will they learn it from aap or will they let it go this time around as well and witness another onslaught of fake history, wrong information, distortion of facts & figures, character assasinations, lies, deceptions. though, i must admit that this time around, there is a glimmer of hope because no doubt, bjp under modi is different. even recently concluded election in four states gave that reflection that how bjp against all odds managed to defeat all their adversaries. infact, bjp decimated them and now it is all the more narender damodardas modi versus all and that all includes unfortunately some of the most seniormost bjp persons as well and we also shouldn’t  forget that this time around it’s not bjp which is at stake but our country is at stake.




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