aap lies and lies more

hi all aap-bhakts , joe & gurukant

aap bhakti is good, but blind aap bhakti is injurious to health & wealth.

mr. joe, please don’t tell lies, when voting continued till late hours and exit polls were being shown all across the news channels then they all were displaying and announing one thing repeatedly and that was – aap is doing spectaculary well. so the ploy was to make everybody at the polling station aware about aap, aap and aap. so, infact it is aap who got benefitted out of the fraud that was perpetrated by news channels.

& mr.gurukant, please study, see, analyse thoroughly before you make any observation. some candidates tainted or accused of crime were fielded by bjp – well, you are right. but how come aap who is party of so called honests and talks about corruption, corruption all the time allowed so many bjp and congress candidates who were denied tickets by their respective parties and found accused of same corruption and crime to enter in their party and not only that even fielded them in the elections. Infact, one of aap’s candidate is indicted in delhi lokayukta report related to commonwealth games. how come you missed out the ADR report on  aap candidates – colour blindedness or another great thing happened – just by joining aap, they became neat and clean  & what about the sting conducted on aap candidates – the accused  themselves became the investigators and the Judge and pronounced verdict in favour of themselves – some spectacular new legal practice never heard  in the world. but wait, if aap has done it – it has to be right  – isn’t it , after all, they are the new gods of this world.

as far as donation issue is concerned, i am amazed, i am simply amazed. the same rs.20,000 rule has been taken advantage of even by aap. Infact, it was not bjp or congress who accused them of receiving foreign donations of suspicious nature. it was delhi court who found prima-facie some solid evidences against it and ordered a thorough probe against it.  however, everybody from aap, very cunningly made it an issue of aap vs cong, bjp. and by the way, why your prashant bhushan, the great lawyer – right hand of your aap’s supremo who keeps filing PILs against bjp, especially against modi didn’t file a PIL against bjp and congress in donations matter and if he has then why courts didn’t find any merit in ordering any probe against these parties. Infact, how many aap-bhakts are aware that that prashant bushan is the same person who has filed many PILs against modi for gujrat riots in connivance with congress and foreign funded – teesta seetalvad – who was indicted by none other than supreme court of india for filing false affidavits and presenting false witnesses against modi and gujrat govt. well, aap bhakts – good news for you, celebrate, even in so called snoopgate, he has filed a PIL against modi – well aap-bhakts, how innocent prashant bushan is – isn’t he.  should i tell you how much his heart bleeds for naxalites, maoists and kashmiri separatists.  go, play kabbadi kabbadi with prashant bhushan. next time, aap-bhakts, do not forget to support him in his fight of liberation of kashmir from india and handing it over to pakistan. pakistan – which is country of pure, where there is so much of peace and where you will never find any ‘ram’, whom you are so ashamed of.

you mentioned another great piece about gujrat lokayukta. do you know what happened to bjp govt. in karnataka. congress continuously for 4 years kept trying to topple bjp govt in that state by hook or by crook. they kept abusing and accusing yeddyurrapa of him being involved in corruption, in mining scams – even all the news channels – who never talked about any state matters in their debates earlier suddenly started talking about karnataka along with gujrat – both bjp ruled states ( remember- most of the news channels are being run by die-hard congress people ). but even after all this, they couldn’t get rid of yeddyurrapa. then, mr. santosh hegde – the karnataka lokayukta did what nobody else could do. he indicted yeddyurrapa in his report and at last congress got rid of mr.yeddy. now aap-bhakts, do you know the what the honourable high court said against that lokayukta report of justice santosh hegde : please read carefully with eyes wide open :-” the Lokayukta and the Governor failed to follow the principles of natural justice. Suspicion cannot be a ground to tarnish the image and reputation of a person holding a constitutional post,” the court said and quashed the FIR against yeddyurrapa. well aap-bhakts,  that was the reason modi did what he did. it is the congress govt. at centre that appoint governers ( should i say so clearly – congress loyalists ), then governers foresee the appointment of state lokayukta, that’s what happened in the case of gujrat. when governer ms. kamla beniwal appointed the gujrat lokayukta on its own. that’s where the gujrat lokayukta matter started. and bjp understandably so, after seeing the karnataka episode didn’t want congress to play with the life of mr.modi as well, ( now, who in india or for that matter of fact who on this planet earth doesn’t know that congress wants to destroy mr. modi at any cost, yes, at any cost even at the cost of violation of constitution and violation of laws of supreme courts of india ).

now, aap-bhakts, let’s talk – what happened – why so much of a silence. have all aap-bhakts gone to their homes, not attending aap celebration at jantar-mantar, while anna fasts at ralegaon sidhi all alone.

regards, lots of regards to all the  aap-bhakts – have fun in a life full of lies, deception and fraud.



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