for aap, with aap, always

hi all aap-bhakts

i completely agree with you that bjp should support aap.  prashant bhushan – who is one of founding members of aap and who infact, is the brain behind many of the legislations, aap plans to have for this country has one such legislation in store for indian state – jammu & kashmir as well. do you know this – no, then let me do the mistake of enlighten you all – this piece of legislation extensively talks about the resolution of kashmir issue, great – isn’t it, isn’t what we all 125 crores of people have always wanted for the last 65 years – didn’t know that he had the solution – poor we, anyway, better late than never.

so let’s start about this great proposal straighaway- how, it advocates of having a referendum among people of kashmir and, and  – do you really want me to elaborate it further or shall i stop right here – what say, make up your mind – but i guess, all aap bhakts believe in honesty, so lets tell about it as it is – get ready for this – ‘and it says that if they do not want to be part of india then we should respect that and, and – read carefully – as per their wishes should liberate kashmir from india – i mean, prashant bhushan – such a noble person, such a noble thought for our country – can we all touch his feet – had india taken notice of it ealier, then we would have implemented it long back and india would have been a heaven. i guess, it would have also helped in the elimination of corruption, it would have also helped india to get rid of so many of its problems – well, aap-bhakts – don’t you all think so. isn’t it a duty of bjp and every indian to help aap and prashant bhushan to make Jammu & kashmir free from the slavery of india and hand it over to great country – pakistan – a land free of modi, free of bjp, that means, the most secular nation, the most peaceful nation in the world.

now all aap bhakts – as we have settled the kashmir issue and one wicket is down. now, let’s talk about other states – well, tell us – how many other states, you would like to be made free from the slavery of our country india. we may start from chattisgarh, west Bengal, odisha – what happened – surprised, don’t be – didn’t prashant bhushan tell you how close he is to naxalites and Maoists also. after all, his heart doesn’t bleed only for Kashmiri separatists.  oh, so, so sorry, how could you know – infact, all of you were busy enjoying a rock concert at jantar mantar and listening to the poetry of one of the greatest poet on this planet earth – kumar vishwas. anyway, all aap-bhakts, don’t worry about these small- small things. once aap comes into power, thanks to honest and vigilante citizens like you all, then we will all make sure that aap under the great leadership and guidance of our very own prashant bhushan  manages to implement all his formulas for this country and of course, with the active support from true Indians like kashmiri separatists, naxalites and maoists .

long live aap.

oh, so sorry, i forgot to mention about delhi, you all can also ask for a referendum for delhi . great prashant bhushan and aap will have a formula for this as well, you never know even delhi might prefer to be made free from the clutches of our country india and this might help in eliminating the corruption as well.

lots & lots of regards for highly educated and knowledgeable all aap-bhakts.



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