aap hi aap

hi all & all aap-bhakts

all aap-bhakts, this is the height of aap-bhakti. you all are true aap-bhakts. soon, you all will receive a certificate of ‘sainthood’ signed by none other than ‘God – Arvind Kejriwal’. I am hoping-by now, all of you must have received it as well. so let me congratulate you all first for attaining sainthood. now-onwards, all aap-bhakts will be addressed as ‘saint’ and whosoever dares not to address them as that will sure burn in the fire of hell.

So ‘saints’ – why waste your precious time for seeking any answers from anybody. After all, ‘your wish is our command’ and we mortals are simply at mercy of you all and ‘God- Arvind Kejriwal’.

may ‘God – Arvind Kejriwal’ bless us all. pretty soon, united states of america too will receive the blessing of our new ‘God’ as we have heard that there is lot of corruption there too  and ‘God’s’ own jan-lokpal is not there as well. so, attention, attention everybody- to save planet earth, to save humanity, for world peace – releasing ‘God’ in a country near you.



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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:17:44

    hi all aap-bhakts,

    kejriwal and his gang is saying, ” they will make a great movie – read carefully, one more time – they will make a great movie, but before making that movie – they want a written assurance from everybody, everybody including chief justice of india, chief election commissioner, cbi, raw, army that they will be given ‘OSCARS’ and for each of his member.

    now , all aap – bhakts, enjoy, party, have fun ‘at a theatre – oh, so, so sorry – at a jantar-mantar near you. even ‘president – obama’ is invited.

    lots and lots of regards to all aap-bhakts


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