usa does official rape of indian woman – ii

Hi all america apologists

am i surprised by what you have written – no, absolutely-not. after all, devyani being ‘elite’, ‘highly educated’, rich, inheritor of so many properties of so many crores deserves to be thrashed and trashed like that from amrican govt. and why devyani only, for that matter of fact, every indian who is elite,rich and educated should be treated like that by american govt. – they should be arrested, strip-searched, body cavity-searched – penetrated by fingers from behind and from front and infact, beaten to death – don’t you think so.

after all, as per you , the definition of being corrupt is being rich and elite and yes, of course – inheritor of properties, i mean, if father has done something then his child is responsible too – i mean – great definition, simply great definition of being corrupt and as per your great definition of corruption – all those corrupt people, women especially should be sexually assaulted, sexually humiliated and if possible, should be raped – and as per you, who should be the judge and executioner of this great definition of corruption – not india, not ‘our courts of india’ but – ‘God’s country – United States of America.

well, all america-apologists, wouldn’t you feel great if all of our elite, rich and inheritor of properties – indian women staying in america or visiting america are strip searched, forced to stand naked and how can we forget penetrated by fingers from – shall I say it again or you have already understood it or rather, have already enjoyed it. After all women especially indian women accused of scams deserves all of that that too in america by america – isn’t it.

may god bless all of you & all like you till eternity


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