usa does official rape of indian woman-iii

hi all america apologists and devyani haters

is devyani responsible for the alleged scams and corruption of his father. is devyani responsible for inheriting so many properties worth so many crores from her father. i mean, should a child be held responsible for his/her father’s good or bad deeds.

and by the way, If the high and mighty have not been convicted and punished in india since independence till date then, should devyani be held responsible for that , should she be held guilty for 60 years of horrible and terrible rule of most-corrupt and most-communal party of india – congress and therefore, will you take your revenge of all of this happened or done to our country by this very congress party from her, from devyani.

now, let’s say,just for an argument sake, that she actually was responsible for all the alleged scams and corruption of his father directly or indirectly, then does it justify the treatment meted out to her – just imagine, does it justify her strip-search, being forced to remove all her clothes, made to stand naked and fingers inserted inside her from everywhere to find out what – the scam documents or that money made from corruption. now, what else after that – should she be beaten to death or if you may wish – stoned to death.

is this the treatment you would like to give to all the daughters and sisters of alleged scamsters. and whom you have chosen to award this punishment to all our daughters and sisters – ‘God – United States of America’. just because, you can’t punish your scamsters and fraudsters yourself, so would you enjoy getting them punished from america. great, absolutely great.

you know what, what ‘United States of America’ has did to her – i call it – ‘RAPE’ – ‘Official RAPE by the Govt. of United States of America.’



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