usa does official rape of indian woman

hi all

well guys, you are right, you are absolutely right, ‘devyani’ fully deserves to be treated in this manner. being an indian, being an indian woman, being a hindu woman, oh so sorry, being a dalit woman – dalits are not considered hindus – right? – working in ‘God’s country – United States of America -‘ i mean, she 1000% deserves to be treated in this manner.

why make so much hue & cry , so much of noise if she was arrested in public, handcuffed, told to remove all her clothes even her inner-wears, made to stand naked, strip-searched, subjected to body-cavity search – was penetrated by fingers from behind, from front. i mean – guys, what’s wrong in it. after all, she invited all of this – isn’t she accused of a monstrous crime of ‘wage dispute’ with her maid – isn’t she accused of ‘crime of the century’ of paying less than what was mentioned in the visa application form – so what, if that visa was cleared by the american authorities themselves even after seeing that ’employer salary has been mentioned as ‘around 4,000$ and her maid salary has been mentioned around 4,500$ – after all, visa granting officials are supposed to be ‘happy go lucky’ kind of guys and are not supposed to bother about these small-small discrepancies.

i mean, why should we bother about the fact that a court case is going on against that maid in india for the past 6 months that too – for a small reason of blackmailing her same employer. why bother about this very-very ordinary fact that – on july 5,2013 : this girl – devyani from third world country – india registered a complaint of harassment, extortion and blackmailing with NYPD which did nothing and also filed a complaint against the maid and her Delhi-based husband with Delhi Police and the same day Indian summoned the US embassy officials here. why bother about this childish fact that her maid’s passport was revoked by indian govt subsequently and that maid was declared ‘absconding’ by an india court and why bother about a very-very small fact that a non-bailable warrant was issued against that maid by the delhi court and on december 6,2013 -this warrant was forwarded to the US embassy with an official request to arrest the woman and facilitate her repatriation.

i mean, guys for god’s sake, why on earth should we bother about any or all of these facts. infact, guys, in the light of all these third class facts, i would say that the girl – devyani from third world country -india was treated quite leniently by american officials, whereas the punishment she deserved was that she should have been gangraped by american officials, yes, you read it right that she should have been gangraped by american officials and that gang-rape video of her should have been telecasted all across the world to send a strong message to the entire world and especially to third world country-india – that hey everybody out there – ‘we are your masters and never ever dare to mess with ‘God’s country-america’ and its superior race-americans.

regards, lots & lots of regards to lots of those indians who bow in front of america, who are slaves to america and can do anything and everything for america.

long live ‘United States of America’ for this official ‘Rape of Indian Woman’.


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