usa does official rape of indian woman-iv

hi all american apologists

a woman’s  modesty is outraged – strip-searched, forced to remove all her clothes, made to stand naked, penetrated by fingers – and if someone being a human being is not outraged by all of this then I must admit that – that someone is not a human –he must be a ‘stone’ and if that women happens to be a indian woman and her modesty is outraged in some other country and by that country itself then it is not about being politically correct or politically incorrect, rather it is all about our duty to stand united as a nation and stand right behind her to protect her pride, to protect her dignity.

now, the questions  about her and her family being high and mighty, her and her family being super wealthy – Is it a crime being mighty and wealthy. I mean, should we be angry only if the victims are poor and needy. I mean is it cool if some high, mighty and wealthy are sexually assaulted and humiliated – do we get some sadistic pleasure out of this and where on earth you get treated the way, she was just for being arrested on a mere complaint that too for a ‘wage dispute’. for God’s sake, why was she subjected to such an inhuman and barbaric treatment – was she absconding, was she on the run from the law, was she a threat to united states of america or was she as dreaded a criminal as al-qaeda terrorist – I mean what were they finding by inserting fingers Inside her – ‘RDX’. If all of this doesn’t make you angry, then what makes you angry – america attacking india militarily – will only that make you angry.

and now, american apologists have started her character – assasination.  all sorts of things are being said to her – she is rich and mighty, she is greedy, she is not there in america on merit, her father is a bigtime scamster – i mean, they are saying, that beacuse of all of this, it had to happen to her and there is nothing wrong if she has undergone some strip-search and body cavity-search. after all, she invited all of this. without even going into the merit of the case, they have pronounced ‘devyani’ guilty and whosoever comes in support of her is declared leftist, feminist, egoistic. when ‘nirbhaya’ happened, didn’t many try to do the same with her what many are trying to do with ‘devyani’ now. what they did, they started questioning her – why she ventured out in the night, why was she roaming around with a boyfriend, what was she wearing – i mean, as if she invited the rape and she is responsible for this. the same thing has started with ‘devyani’ -but what they don’t think is ‘god forbid’ what if something of this sort happens to one of their daughters and sisters, how would they feel then.

do remember, when our soldiers were beheaded, except corrupt and communal congress, the entire nation went up in arms and stood solidly behind our soldiers and our army and just because we didn’t take stand in the past when ‘president kalam’s frisking or ‘defence minister – george fernandes’ frisking happened – does that mean, we shouldn’t act even now. infact, the fact is that had we acted earlier, things wouldn’t have come to such a pass and america wouldn’t have dared to do what it has done now.

i mean, how dare they strip-searched her and went for the body-cavity search of an indian woman. they should have thought about it 100 times before doing this. to hell with what they do with their own citizens, they have no right to do this with an indian citizen and that too when nothing has been proved so far and what about this rant of standard operating procedure, standard operating procedure – i mean if rape is their standard procedure – then would you allow rape to take place. do you strip-search and cavity-search every tom, dick and harry- whomsoever you pick from the street, irrespective of their nature of crime. had devyani been pronounced guilty that they dared to do all of this to her.

is ‘United States of America’ God of this world  that you are so terrified of speaking about them. had american police and justice system been so great then would they have allowed thousand and thousand of racial and sexual abuses to take place in that country day in day out, every day every night.  and the most unfortunate part is lot of indian – american apologists are lecturing us about the greatness of their justice system and about their standard operating procedures. just think of it, had this treatment been meted out to some american woman in india, the americans would have taken breath out of us – even if she would have been convicted for some grave crime.  would they dare to do this with russia , let me assure you, russia would respond in such a brutal manner that americans would remember it for decades to come.

do remember – if a fire breaks out somewhere and you don’t douse it or remain inactive, rest assured then, that sooner or later that fire is going to reach your place as well.




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