usa double standards exposed

hi all american apologists

talking quite passionately about the greatness and fairness of american judicial and enforcement systems.

enjoy this :-

dozens of russian diplomats, their spouses living in New York City and their associates cheated American taxpayers out of $1.5 million in a Medicaid fraud scheme that lasted for nearly a decade.

The 49 accused scammers underreported their income in order to qualify for benefits while blowing cash on luxury vacations, jewelry, concert tickets, rented limousines, chartered helicopters and clothes.None of the defendants are in custody, thanks to diplomatic immunity, although 11 still reside in the U.S. and six still represent Russia here.

report prepared by none other than a die-hard indian-hater – you know who – U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara – who is whole and sole responsible for un-earthing ‘ the most heinous crime of the century’ – yes, guys – you guessed it right – wage dispute of indian woman diplomat – devyani

and before commencement of any trial and verdict – justice delivered – strip searched, forced to stand naked and not to forget – full body cavity search.

still enjoying.



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