for bjp – now, its a do or die

hi all

caution for everyone – never write off anyone

i hope everybody is aware of that our very own ‘genius – five times world champion and undisputed world champion from 2007 to 2013 – viswanathan anand’ is no longer a world champion now.

43 years old viswanathan anand who in the past defeated greats like vladimir kramnik (kramnik-the only player in the world history who defeated, you know-who-arguably, the greatest champion of all time-gary kasparov in a world championship match ), veselin topalov, boris gelfand just got defeated by a 23 year old youngster, first time world title contender-magnus carlsen and that too in his own den-in chennai-in his own country bharat. he not only got checkmated but got decimated completely (read scoreline : 3-0), for the first time in his 25 years long career – couldn’t win even a single game in a world title match – so what was literally impossible – just happened.

therefore, the lesson is – never ever, read very-very carefully, never ever underestimate any of your opponent any day any time however small, bad or strange he/she may be – and remember – in chess, when the game is in last stages, you know who surrounds and checkmates the king most of the times – you know, who – not the most dangerous queen – who can move anywhere and everywhere at will, not a knight – who can make cunning moves and not the almighty, all strong – rook but the most un-important, weakest or let’s say the simplest who can move only one step at a time that too in only one direction – you know, who – you know, who – now, you guessed it right, yes – the pawn.

remember, this time-the fight is not to survive but the fight to finish because this time either bjp can win it all or will simply lose it all. and this time around it is not bjp versus congress only but most unfortunetly, this time around it is  bjp (narender damodardas modi) versus all enemies of our country – congress, aam aadmi party, bsp, sp, jdu, dmk, ncp, bjd, cpi, cpi-m, naxalites, indian mujahideen, lashker-e-taiba, al- qaeda, isi and – and some very senior and important bjp functioneries.

and this time around – it is not bjp which is at stake but our country-bharat is at stake.




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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:19:02

    hi all aap-bhakts,

    good job – keep supporting naxalites, maoists, kashmiri-terrorists supporters.

    lashker-a-taiba needs many more like you.



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