bjp defends and defends badly – iv

hi all

It is really sad to see bjp getting thrahsed and trashed in all tv-news debates day in day out, all day all night and the most disturbing aspect is that all bjp spokespersons, yes, all bjp spokespersons, extremely sorry to say including meenakshi lekhi and smriti irani seems to have got habitual of getting abused and accused all the time every day every night and do not respond well at all – at all.

and the most-most unfortunate part is – that bjp is right on most of the times still they get slapped all the time and still, they simply, simply do not learn from all of this at all – at all.

now the time has come to change the entire team of bjp spokespersons and unleash a new team of fighters who are not only masters of speaking but ‘baaps’ of speaking and it should be done on the most-most urgent basis. remember, this time this is not a fight to survive but a fight to finish because this time either bjp can win it all or will simply lose it all.

and this time around it is not bjp versus congress only but most unfortunetly, this time around it is  bjp (narender damodardas modi) versus all enemies of our country – congress, aam aadmi party, bsp, sp, jdu, dmk, ncp, bjd, cpi, cpi-m, naxalites, indian mujahideen, lashker-e-taiba, al- qaeda, isi and – and some very senior and important bjp functioneries.

and this time around – it is not bjp which is at stake but our country-bharat is at stake.



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