unbelievable but it’s true

hi all

it has been three full days since the swearing-in ceremony of ‘God – Arvind Kejriwal’ and his famous speech on that very day – oh, so sorry – ‘divine parvachan’ on that very day. parvachan – what are you saying, are you all-right – how come – well, well – parvachan because there were thousand and thousands of bhakts, bhakts and only bhakts out there – ok – right – but divine – why divine – well, well, well – because for the first time in his life – for the very first time in his life – he spoke about – ‘parampita parmeshwar, ishwar, allah and wahe-guru’ – never before, read carefully – never ever before and that too not once, not twice but three times – so, so that is why divine – simple – isn’t it – isn’t it or IS IT – any guesses – why ?, asking again – any guesses – why ?……………..

and – and during this divine parvachan – another great thing happened which seems to have slipped out of everybody’s mind or let’s say – it didn’t slip out but everybody took it with lots of grace and humility and simply moved on. so, then – when everybody else has moved on – we should also move on – why waste everybody’s time and energy – isn’t it. ok, sorry, my mistake – but – but – stop – stop – after all, atleast we should know – what was that thing which everybody listened and then moved on – any guesses, any guesses……………………………..

well, well, well – let me take the honour of highlighting this to all of you and that thing was – ‘God – Arvind Kejriwal’, well – stop for a moment – before anybody think over it, let me warn everybody in advance that though ‘Gods’ normally do not heap much praise upon their subjects during their parvachans but this ‘God – Arvind Kejriwal’ as an exception heaped praise on – get ready, yes – get ready for this – he heaped praise on Dr. Harshvardhan of bjp – yes, you heard it right – everybody out there heard it right – i mean, out of 125 crores aam-aadmis of this country – whom he mentioned about thousand of times – he singled out ‘Dr. harshvardhan’of bjp – praised him and – and moved on – yes, you read it right that – he moved on and so everybody else also moved on including Dr. Harshvardhan and bjp and rightly so – isn’t it.

Oh my God – Oh my God – such a big let down – much ado about nothing, making a mountain out of a molehill. well guys, it’s such a waste – i mean – let us all move on, let us simply all move on – wasted a lot of time out here. no, no – hey guys, hey guys – stop, stop – wait, wait – just listen to me, just listen to me, just a simple question, one question and afterwards – i promise, i promise – i won’t say anything else anymore – and that is – ‘Why, Why – that day that time God made out that Exception – Why ?’ – anybody…………can anybody.,…………. hey guys – i am waiting,………………i – am – seriously waiting…………………………& waiting……………………………..



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