prashant bhushan – the great patriot

hi all

and special hi to all aap-bhakts

enjoy this :-

aap’s top man – the heart and soul of aap – his great qualities –  his love for our country – and his commitment to change the system

prashant bushan : country’s top-notch lawyer, charges a fee of few crores only from aam-aadmis and not from aam aadmis but from every aadmi or aurat — what – few crores from aam-aadmis – how dare you, sorry sir – why get angry – paapi pet ka savaal hai, roji roti ka sawaal hai  but – but hold on – hold on – just one exception – bring to him any case – any case against narender modi – and – and – get ready – he will fight for free-free-free any day any time – i promise, i promise thousand times.

for every aap-bhakts kind information :-

he is one of the main petitioner in gujrat snoopgate case along with dear congress against narender modi – where the said-girl was not raped, was not molested, was not sexually assaulted, was not sexually harassed and-and when nothing came out of it. well guys, how about the love-story ‘pakao’ between that girl and modi – so – so – when nothing came out of it then – screw the girl – yes, latest is said-girl’s character assasination has got started in a big way by one and all.

he was one of the main petitioner in gujrat riots-2002 -off-course with congress and with all their human lovers-NGO’s, whose hearts bleeds for gujrati muslims, gujrati muslims and gujrati muslims – what – how dare you talk about assam-hindu-muslim riots in front of them, how dare you talk about more than 100 hindu-muslims riots in u.p including mujaffarnagar in front of them – didn’t they tell you earlier that they exist – they exist only and only for – what – haven’t they mentioned it thousand of times – to kill only and only and only – modi.

he is one of the main petitioner in batla house encounter – where cops killed the terrorists – but this face of humanity said – no – no – no terrorists but innocent muslims. unfortunately, court slapped him, thrashed him and rejected his contention completely. oh god, tears, tears all around from this face of humanity – never mind, no problem, he has not given up yet, now, he will fight it out in the higher court and not to forget – honourable shri digvijay singh of congress, honourable salman khurshid of congress and thousands and thousand of other honourable congressi supports prashant bhushan in this cause – remember – maalkin of this country – shrimati soniya gandhi ji had tears in her eyes at the news of innocent muslims being killed in the batla house encounter – and – and – to hell – to hell with one important fact in all of this – that one delhi cop also got martyred in this encounter – but why to worry, why to worry – after all – you know what, you know what – he was a hindu – so his death is inconsequential – his death is inconsequential – right, isn’t it right aap-bhakts.

and now, the icing on the cake – hey everybody, you all will feel good, feel great & feel proud to know about his one more patriotic work towards his country – would you like to know – would you really like to know – well, why wouldn’t you – after all, who wouldn’t like to feel good-great & proud all at the same time – okay – then, let’s state it as it is – here, we go – he was that ‘one’ who took on those dirty hindus in the court of law – who wanted a reference of ‘shaheed bhagat singh’ of being a terrorist in our ‘school ncert books’ to be removed and he the great patriot – disputed it , opposed it & fought against it tooth & nail-to his last breath to keep ‘shaheed bhagat singh’ declared-not a revolutionary-not a freedom fighter-not a patriot-but-a ‘terrorist’ – read one more time with your eyes wide open-yes-a ‘terrorist’. now, let’s celebrate-let’s have masti-let’s have fun-isn’t it what we all considered him as well – a terrorist- isn’t it right, you all ??? but alas ! he couldn’t succeed – he couldn’t won – he lost – but-but don’t worry dear all – he-in his body-in his mind & in his all merciful-heart still considers him a ‘terrorist’ – so everything is all right – no problems at all.

oh ! i am sorry, i am so sorry that i forgot to mention his great and personal relations with patriots and india-lovers – maoists, naxalites, kashmiri separatists, kashmiri terrorists and – and you know what, you know what – the only thing they discuss among themselves is the welfare, wellbeing and wellness of our country. they often talk about quite passionately sometimes with tears in their eyes – how they can liberate kashmir and if possible, hand over to pakistan, how they can have many pieces of this country – after all, naxalites and maoists’ heart also bleeds for our country.

so – aap-bhakts – how’s that ? don’t you all support him and his friends in their noble cause.

keep enjoying



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