feminism at its best – i

few words of applause and encouragement on 29/12/2013 :-

to a ‘wannabe – feminist’ wife – who is highly educated, decent and of high-society and wants to party, dance and enjoy with her boyfriends – in front of her husband and in front of her mother-in-law & father-in-law – ‘In Bikni’  – and not only this – she is ready to do all of that ‘even without a bikni’ – yes, even without any piece of cloth – provided – she is in a mood of that.

hi rashmi,

there are millions of indian girls out there, who are highly educated and doing great for themselves, for their families and infact, for the country – lots of them are in IAS, IFS, IPS, Defence Forces. lots of them are professionals like Doctors, C.A’s, Consultants and are into senior positions of many major corporates also and I am sure they must be proud of themselves and so is each & every indian about them. Therefore, I hope, you being an highly educated woman too would be putting that education to some good use as well.

however, highlighting this aspect just to gain an edge over others that too in a debate like this is like asking for some vip pass along with food and beverages of your choice to attend a bollywood awards night – where you will be thoroughly entertained, everybody serving you on their knees and nobody, read carefully, nobody other than your privileged class dare to come even remotely close to one km of your surroundings and you talked about decency – is decency considered the virtue of only highly educated women. women who remains uneducated or illiterate due to lack of money or opportunities – aren’t they considered decent too.

and you being of high society – great, absolutely great – being driven in big cars – no less than mercedes, bmw’s, audi’s or for that matter of fact how about aston martin – but even merc’s is considered low society nowdays- every tom, dick and harry seems to be having it – with all those easy emi options – isn’t it. staying and partying only in a seven star hotels – even five stars are passe, holidaying abroad only – how about seychelles, portugal, sweden, greece – oh, no greece – with all those debt crisis and defaults – poor country and what about domestic holidays – leave it for pets and servants only – aren’t they low society and not to forget, how about having a hair cut – oh, so sorry – hair styling in L.A. and root-canal at Birmingham. may pity and mercy be bestowed upon rest 125 crores of low society – Indians.

Isn’t it a proud moment for all of us that your husband is very supportive of you being partying, dancing and swimming around with your ‘ex’s’ in bikni, of-course at the beach or a swimming-pool near you. but isn’t it shameful that he doesn’t support you to do all of that without bikni. I mean, why even bikni, why that pressure, why that burden of clothes and why not with your natural glory only – is he insecure about you or is he just conservative like so many other dirty indian fellows out there.

and as you party, dance and swim around with your ex’s in front of your in-laws then pardon me for asking – do you shit and pee also in front of them. If not, why – does it smell bad or some constipation issues and what about ‘making out’ with your husband in front of them. If not, why – isn’t it such a natural thing – why hide behind closed doors – after all they might advise both of you a thing or two on that or you find their advice on that matter quite old, orthodox or shall we say, quite indian – not updated with great western methods at all.

well, well, well.

rashmi, all I can say is have a great married life or should we say to hell with the marriage, just have a great life.

regards, lots of regards to you.


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  1. Rashmi S
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 07:27:45

    You are such a dirty, dirty man.

    How dare you talk so dirty about me at a public blog.

    I am a very respectable, high society woman and I spoke to a fellow feminist who sees no harm in my behaviour. She told me there is nothing wrong in a DIL dancing in a bikini before her MIL & FIL and it’s THEIR attitude that has to change and NOT mine.

    Indianhomemaker is our saviour, the oppressed and downtrodden women, and if you still haven’t read her and her followers wonderful views on feminism, visit her blog:


    Change yourself before it is too late because our breed is only growing and we fight only for justice.

    I will surely be in a bikini in pool before my in-laws and there’s nothing you can do about it. HA HA!
    Thanks Indianhomemaker for being my counsellor and friend in these times of distress.



    • ashley1888
      Jan 08, 2014 @ 08:58:50

      Hi rashmi

      I am sorry to say that you have come across quite a conservative and crooked person to me.

      Anyway, let’s start :- As per your comfort, mood and taste :-
      1. A girl in a bikni at some pool or a beach
      2. A girl in a bikni partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends at some pool or a beach.
      3. A girl in a bikni partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends in front of her husband at some pool or a beach.
      4. A girl in a bikni partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends in front of her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law at some pool or a beach.
      5. A girl in a bikni partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends in front of her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, her own mother, father, brother, sister and all their friends, relatives and their near and dear-ones and how can we forget the kids – I hope age is not the criteria here or is it – after all, they are our future flag bearers – remember – more the merrier – at some pool or a beach.

      Good News :- if a girl is found naked at some pool ( private place ) in india– she can not get arrested or punished by any person, police or public.

      So just chill – my dear – law abiding citizen. Now, with this weapon in hand -let us start again :-

      6. A girl without even a bikni – oh, so sorry – let’s cut that crap – so, here we go : a naked girl at some pool.
      7. A naked girl partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends at some pool.
      8. A naked girl partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends in front of her husband at some pool.
      9. A naked girl partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends in front of her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law at some pool.
      10. A naked girl partying, dancing and enjoying with her boyfriends in front of her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, her own mother, father, brother, sister and all their friends, relatives, near and dear-ones and kids (as we have settled the kids issue above – right ) at some pool.

      And as you mentioned that you are very royal , very loyal – a one man – woman after marriage – hey, what is happening – oh god, please stop – I mean why so much of laugh around you – what – your fellow feminists are laughing at you – they are infact abusing you – they are calling you with all sorts of names – they are calling you traditional, conservative , orthodox – indian woman and what not. I mean –how come – how dare they. How dare they stereotyped you with all these nomenclatures – after all – you are a one man – woman out of a choice not because of some stupid social rules or stigmas – right – isn’t it and whenever you will feel comfortable, you will be in a mood and of-course if it tastes you good then you can always go for multiple persons even after marriage – right – isn’t it – so – hey all feminists out there – happy now – so stop laughing right away – after all – our depressed, oppressed and downtrodden girl is not that bad as is being made out to be – and for this – three cheers to women liberation – oh common, don’t open that champagne right away – even – hip,hip, hurray x 3 will do.

      Now, let’s move further and from here onwards – we will move bit faster and bit higher – ok :-

      11. For starters – with husband only :- A naked girl making out with her husband and without getting into the formalities any more – in front of her boyfriends, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, her own mother, father, brother, sister and all their friends, relatives, near and dear-ones and kids ( remember – kids issue is settled above ) at some pool or at some other private place not for public viewing.

      What did you say – Making out with husband in front of so many – how dare you – don’t you know the distinction between private and public matters – stop, stop – do not say anything else or anything more – your fellow feminists are watching you, they are keeping a close eye at you and this time they will not accept it , permit it or tolerate it any more – rather they will strike back and strike back with vengeance – enough of all this private and public thing – it’s all just a crap – a sick state of mind – after all when being naked in front of all of them is not an issue – being naked – dancing, partying and enjoying with them or in front of them is not an issue then how the hell ‘making out ‘ with your husband in front of all of them is an issue – infact, that’s the most natural, beautiful and divine thing gifted to us by ‘God’. So – why bother whether behind closed doors or in front of all – infact, it is they –the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, dirty fellow indian men who have to see this in right prespective – It is they who have to change their attitude not a distressed, oppressed, downtrodden, respectable and high society girl like you.

      And now final warning from your fellow feminists – be a 100% feminist and not some wannabe – feminist and now as you have been alerted, cautioned and warned by your fellow friends thoroughly – so hopefully, you will have a smooth ride here onwards :-

      12. A naked girl making out with anybody, everybody or whosoever – she is in mood with, she is comfortable with and of-course who is tasty enough – in front of her husband, her other boyfriends, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, her own mother, father, brother, sister and all their friends, relatives, near and dear-ones and kids at any pool or private place.

      Hey, what do we mean by whoseoever – whosoever means whosoever – even if they are from close quarters or from close family relations or for that matter of fact your own ….. and of-course as mentioned earlier and that too umpteen times – definitely – as per your comfort, your mood and your taste – right – isn’t it right – after all – haven’t you left all your societal issues or pressures far behind and why not – as you said – no-one but you and only you – who have complete right over your body and even your husband supports you in that.

      So my dear – in nutshell – all I would say is – life is short and ‘Jawani’ is all the more short and now, you are at 4th stage and you have to reach to the 12th stage or even beyond that stage – that means – lots of distance to be travelled – so – don’t stop, don’t think, don’t care – just don’t waste your time any further, any more and simply go – go for it – after all – You have all – read carefully – you have all – what it takes to be a great feminist and this time it’s not your fellow feminists only who are watching you but entire india is watching you – all dirty indian men and women included.

      And hey, I am not insensitive like you and not laughing at you – infact, I am clapping for you and my clap continues……………..



  2. Rashmi S
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 09:22:09

    I don’t have time for all your antiquated crap. I never said I make out with my husband in front of others. Don’t shove your words down my throat.

    How old are you BTW? 1888 born. LOL

    Men are also liking the advice.

    My indianhomemaker ‘auntie’ (a great feminist) has just posted a letter of appreciation from a young 25-yr old man.
    She gave him excellent advice and now, he offered his feedback.
    Yes, a young man.

    Leave that sick captain’s blog.
    You could have a look at these views below and change your conservative & selfish mentality:



    • ashley1888
      Jan 08, 2014 @ 10:42:18

      hi rashmi

      you seems to have some mental diarrhea – you don’t read, you don’t understand, you don’t think – you just vomits, vomits and vomits more.

      who cares whether you roam around naked or in bikni.
      who cares whether you dance around naked or in bikni with your boyfriends, with your girlfriends, with your mom-in-laws, pop-in-laws and whosoever and howsoever.
      who cares whether you make out with your husband or with some other’s husband.
      i mean, who the hell cares about you and your life, what you do or what you don’t do with your life.

      so don’t worry about me, captain or anybody else – rather, do yourself a favour – go and get some professional psycho treatment urgently.

      and if a ‘jholachchaps’ like ‘indianhomemaker-auntie’ is your destiny then all i can say is ‘good luck to you.
      you scratch your ‘auntie’s back and she will scratch yours and in-between you both will find some 25 year young-ones to play around as well.



  3. Rashmi
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 11:36:04

    Mind your language. Firstly, it’s not about me but to do with all the modern Indian women who have a right to live they want to live. Who are you to trap them in this decaying garb of tradition. We have a right to live our lives, the way we want to and we don’t want dirty men and some equally dirty women deciding that for us.
    It’ all about the entire ‘womanKIND’.
    We have regular weekend meetings and my Indianhomemaker ‘auntie’ from Gurgaon counsels many young men and women.
    She is a very decent lady so what do you mean we make-out with other men.
    She offers advice.

    Can’t you understand the difference.

    And, listen there are many horny 25-yr olds ready to pounce on me thanks to my beauty but I don’t give them a chance. Got it.

    This shaming tactic of silencing women into submission is long out-dated.

    I am least bothered about you or some other weirdo pirate but you can’t demean women in this way on public forums


  4. rashmi
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 12:09:37

    And, don’t you try to lock horns with my indian home maker auntie because you will always end up losing and you owe me an apology.


    • ashley1888
      Jan 08, 2014 @ 13:43:19

      hi rashmi

      breaking news : you not only suffers from ‘mental diarrhea’ but also from ‘verbal diarrhea’.

      you do not stop, you simply do not stop – you vomit here, you vomit there, you vomit everywhere – you just go on and on and on & ……………..keep counting…………

      who on earth stops you to fight for you, fight for other women or for that matter of fact – fight for entire ‘womenKind’.

      who on earth stops you to have you and you and only you and only your type of men and women around you.

      so, go for it girl – go for it and if anybody on this earth who can stop you – is you, you and only & only you.

      as always – for you, with you & you & you & with your ‘jholachchap – auntie’.

      by the way, in the midst of all these positivities – i forgot to take note of your another disease – some ‘sexual disease’ – poor 25 year old young-ones – will have to take shelter somewhere else.

      never mind – whatever happens – don’t lose your focus – just go – go – go for it and this time it’s not only your ‘jholachchap – aunties’ that are watching you but the entire country is watching you.

      once again, regards, lots of regards to you


      • Rashmi
        Jan 08, 2014 @ 16:24:37

        Just shut-up, I can’t tolerate the insult of my ihm aunty.

        She is very renowned and we regularly get ourselves tested for HIV. I am disease-free. OK
        Indianhomemaker is very knowledgeable and she get special discounts to young women to avail such medical services, . She always advocates safe sex.

        Obvio, I practice sex with my husband only now bcoz I am a one-man woman

        I think this captain is behind all this. I will not leave him and I will make a comment there.

        If you are ever free, find time to read her blog – you can change yourself.

        Pay your regards to her.

      • ashley1888
        Jan 09, 2014 @ 14:26:52

        hi rashmi
        you are free to vomit here, there, everywhere. nobody will stop you – I reiterate – nobody will stop you – rather – we will urge you to vomit more and more and more – so that your system gets cleaned up because there is still lot of garbage left inside you and before it gets too late and it destroys you completely – throw it out or else you run the risk of ‘being sick’ forever.

        well dear, you are sick and there is nothing to be ashamed of – all you need is some good professional help from some registered practitioners – so whenever you manage to make yourself free from the claws of your ‘jholachchap-auntie’ – seek that help – though it will be difficult but there is no harm in trying.

        and most importantly, as far as your sexual disease is concerned – get yourself tested thoroughly from some renowned lab which is outside the panel of your ‘jholachchap-auntie’ and don’t bother about the discounts and all – remember – you are a high society girl – so money shouldn’t be an issue for you.

        and let me assure you that – in these difficult times of yours – we are with you – we all are with you – we know that you are the last hope of entire womenKind.

        as always, regards – lots of regards to you and as you mentioned – specially to your ‘jholachchap-auntie’.

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