bjp never learns, never, never or will they, this time, at last

hi all

those who learn from mistakes can overpower any obstacle but those who refuses to learn from their mistakes, rather keep repeating them day in day out, day & night, all day all night, day after day, day after day are doomed – are simply-simply doomed. there are no two ways about it that they are headed for one single direction and that direction is – the direction of total disaster, total destruction and total annihilation. can anybody guess whom i am talking about. anybody ?

well, well, well, what is happening, everybody guessed it right. yes,yes it’s our very own – ‘B J P’. are we amazed – no, are we surprised – definitely not. wasn’t it quite obvious – yes, absolutely, yes.

It is widely said that ‘change is the only constant’. but, in the case of bjp, bjp getting thrashed, trashed and smashed left, right and centre , black & blue, day in and day out, all day all night by one & all, by anybody & everbody is the only constant. they used to get smacked, whacked and slapped earlier, they are getting smacked, whacked and slapped now. so, what has changed – nothing, except earlier it was from ‘100 years old party – congress’ and now, it is from ‘one year old party – aap’. they didn’t learn then and no prize for guessing, they haven’t learned now – after all, it is no surprise that when you walk into wolves’ den, you will not be showered with flowers, rather you will be stared, you will be attacked and you will be ripped apart. It is so,so elementary, yet it is happening day in day out, day after day, day after day.

when you want to spread your information, your opinions, your point of views, your side of the story or for that matter of fact, nothing but plain, simple truth then what are your options :-

1). printing pamphlets and distributing it all across, so that it reaches to maximum number of people.  2). printing books regularly and making them available to maximum no. of people.  3). printing magazines monthly, fortnightly or weekly and again making them reach to maximum no. of people.  4). the most important media – print media – printing newspapers daily and circulating it to every nook and corner of – if not world, then atleast of our country india.  5). the most-most important media – electronic media – having your own news channel – streaming images, audios, videos, content all across non-stop, 24×7. the impact – enormous, mind boggling, soul-stirring – aren’t we witnessing its reach, its results, its consequences every day, every minute, every second.

can anyone, anyone on earth dare to say that bjp masters all of these mediums (must – not only for taking you forward but even for your survival) or if not all then atleast masters one of these mediums. the answer is – No, yes you read it correctly – ‘BIG NO’. bjp, even after so many years of being in political system, ruling many states from many-many years, infact, even managed to be in power at the centre-once has Nil presence, absolutely Nil presence in all of these mediums, rather, they are at a position that they are being destroyed by these very mediums.

6. and now, the latest medium – Internet – social media : it is said quite often that at last -if at all – bjp has managed to read, understand or execute it right – then it is this very medium and due to this – they have not only managed to survive but have also managed to re-capture some of their lost sheen. However, the fact is – as with all other mediums they have been pathetic in this medium as well.

If at all they are mentioned in this medium then it’s not because of their efforts – which are shabby, half-hearted & below than average to say the least but because of ‘all-others’  earlier did not take enough notice of it or kept pace with it and also because of the gigantic efforts of lacs and lacs and lacs of Indians – who individually through their little-little tweets, through small to medium scale social groups or through unabashed, unashamed & unadulterated blogs or websites vented their anger, their frustration, their wrath towards ‘ these others’ and bjp by default – being only and lonely out there took some advantage of it and even that advantage was not due to bjp but because of one bjp-person’s singular effort – yes, we all know this name – even ‘all-others’ know this name – it is – narender damodardas modi. And now, with the advent of ‘aap’ – forget about capturing the enormous, monumental and massive untapped space ( almost 90-95% ) of this medium – even the little space or little advantage they earlier had – now seems to be frittering away.

And let me clear it to all of you that it is not because of – baggage & burden of past or present – which ‘aap’ didn’t have  and which ‘all-others’ are full of that – but because of same old, very old – bjp’s ineptitude with these very mediums of mass-reach. For the record, let me state that ‘aap’ even before making, during making or after making had loads & loads of that – it’s just that nobody noticed it or ignored it or avoided it – why – nobody knows – except just ‘one-other’ which noticed it, understood it and even smiled at it.

Well – no prizes for guessing : here ‘the-other’ refers to the congress and ‘all-others’ refers to congress along with communists, cpi(m), sp, bsp, ncp, bjd, rjd, jdu, dmk, pmk, tmc and ….and…..’aap’……and many-many more.

And remember, bjp’s incompetence, inefficiency and complete ignorance of these mediums specially electronic medium has not only contributed in destroying bjp immensely but it has contributed in destroying india as well. any doubts on that – then let’ start : continuously, repeatedly, endlessly talking on babri-masjid demolition, Gujrat-2002 riots for days, for months, for years, for many-many years and on and on and on and ……….  And never allowing any bjp person or anybody close to bjp to express their point of views on that. Keep calling bjp – communal, religious, divisive – not hundred times, not thousand times but millions & millions of time,  planting imaginary stories of bjp-sponsored riots & atrocities on muslims all across the country – and creating fear, hatred and terror among muslims – from hindus & from bjp and thereby, alienating crores & crores of indian muslims – approx. 25 crores of people – from hindus & from bjp – forever and ever  and ever and all of this and more and more and more…

and all of this – said & done – not out of chance but out of sheer choice – under the direct investment, direct patronage and direct orders from – the most corrupt, the most communal and the most criminal party of india – ‘congress’. However, everybody will be surprised to know that destroying bjp was only a small assignment given to them , their another assignment was – to destroy – you know – who – well, everybody knows about it – isn’t it very obvious – their sole and lone political adversary, staunch opponent and their most dreaded enemy – ‘narender damodardas modi’. but the most important – full & final assignment given to them was – to destroy our country – yes you read it right – to destroy our country – india.

and so automatically – attacks started on indian constitution,  indian-judiciary, indian- defence forces, attacks on majority – and as they were hindus – so attacks on hindus, attack on anything and everything related to hindus – though it is happening from times – immerorial through various means but this time through electronic media and that is – through audio & visual media. and just how it started – sample this – creating fissures among hindus on the basis of caste – declaring dalits, tribals and other backward classes as different from hindus. creating imaginary stories of hindu atrocities on muslims, on christians, on dalits and on tribals all across the country. declaring every hindu-muslim riots as a result of hindu aggression and showing the plight, pain and sufferings of only muslim victims – read again – only & only muslim victims – and never-ever – never -ever talking about hindu victims as if hindus who got killed in those riots were not humans but animals – so not worth mentioning. and showing hindu-religion, hindu customs and hindu-beliefs in poor light – in extremely poor light as some sort of superstition, some sort of false belief or putting bluntly – as some sort of disease.

complete silence on massacres committed by Kashmiri muslim separatists on Kashmiri pundits-read-hindus – yes, you read it right – they don’t call them terrorists – they call them separatists – great souls – aren’t they. complete silence on massive displacement of not hundreds – not thousands – but lacs and lacs of Kashmiri hindus from their own motherland – not even a single story of their destruction, their sufferings. complete silence on – horrific killings being committed by naxalites and Maoists on local peoples and on indian security personals. complete silence on Pakistan sponsored terrorism, Pakistan sponsored terrorists and Pakistan sponsored terror outfits like indian mujahideen, simi and huji. Complete silence on massive illegal infiltrations of Bangladeshi nationals in our country –though it is estimated of monstrous proportions – anywhere between 25 millions to 30 millions. Complete silence on dangers they pose to our social structure and to our national security. Complete silence on massive conversions being carried out by Christian- organisations all over the country – the entire north-east belt of india is an example of that – another example is the entire tribal belt of odisha, andhra pradesh & maharastra, coastal regions of tamilnadu and how can we forget ‘God’s own country – kerala.

justifying each & every bomb-blasts committed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists and terrorist organisations on indian soil – on Indians as a revenge of some so-called muslim killings by hindus. deliberately, incorrectly and falsely implicating some hindus and hindu – organisations in some bomb-blasts cases though perpetrated by Pakistani sponsored terrorists and thereby, coining a new term of hindu-terror or saffron-terror and keep repeating this term every now & then and thereby,  justifying the muslim terror perpetrated on them.

and in these deadly, dark and disturbing times – when everything seems to be lost – when everything seems to be falling apart and when everything looks so destructive then – then – if there is any silver lining – any little ray of hope – any-any fickle light at the end of this never-ending deep-dark tunnel – then it is the mammoth, vast and huge efforts of narender damodardas modi of bjp. His travelling – all-across the country, covering every nook & corner of the country, connecting directly to the people, addressing massive rallies of unprecedented proportions day in day out, day after day, days after days, non-stop – is something  which is keeping the hopes alive of not one indian – not thousand of indians – but crores & crores of patriotic Indians.

after a long-long time – a man has come – who has re-ignited the hopes of all the men – who work hard all day all night, every day every night – in cities, in mega-cities, in villages, in barren-fields, in far-off places where even after 65 years of independence-forget about electricity even clean drinking water is not accessible  – who still toils, who still grinds, who still sweats and slays their present for better tomorrow – not for themselves – not for their employers – but for their mothers, for their fathers, for their wives, for their children. He has re-ignited hopes of all the women – who also toils as hard as men, who also grinds as hard as men and who also sweats as hard as men – at home, at offices –as homemakers, as office executives, as farmers, as labourers – shoulder to shoulder – in the cities, in the mega-cities, in the villages and in all those far-off places.  He has re-ignited hopes of all the soldiers who fights it out at the borders, at the mountains, in the jungles with enemies, with terrorists, with naxalites and lay their lives not to protect their families, not to protect their friends – but to protect us – yes, us – the crores and crores of strangers whom- they have never met, never saw, never even heard of. He has re-ignited hopes of all 125 crores + Indians who wants to reclaim their lost name, their lost glory, their lost pride, their lost ‘bharat’ – a competitive bharat, a progressive bharat, a powerful bharat – ‘A United Bharat’.

But as in cricket, so in politics – if you want to win – one bowler can’t bowl all five days or one batsmen can’t bat all five days – others will have to chip-in as well and chip-in equally and when you are playing in alien conditions – alien because press is not with you, electronic media is not with you, administration all across the country is not with you, judiciary is not with you ( here – ‘not with you’ means, sorry to say – not neutral enough ), not even a single political party is with you – infact- it is you & you & you and all the other parties are against you and forget about everything else – not even some of your senior-most, influential and decision-making bjp-members are with you and last but not the least – don’t forget to add indian mujahideen, lashkar-e-taiba, and isi in this long-long list. So in these fatal, deadly and devastating conditions – only 70’s or 80’s type orthodox spin won’t do, rather you will have to come up with spin bowling with doosras, teesras and even chauthas. And as far as fast bowling is concerned-forget about all those 120’s, 130’s or 140’s – only 150kmph+ will do and again only being that fast will not be enough – swing, lethal swing, late swing also is must. And this time even all of this may not be enough so you will have to come up with not one, not two but lots of strategies which should be unique, exceptional and unparalleled – which nobody has ever heard, saw or encountered before.

because remember, everybody–this time it is not bjp–which is at stake but this time – it is our  entire country which is at stake.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:20:40

    hi aap-bhakt

    excellent job

    look around in your aap-office :- all naxalites, maoists, laskar-e-taiba-supporters are clapping for you. they are giving standing ovation to you.

    lots of regards to all aap-bhakts


  2. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:21:32

    hi aap-bhakt

    good job – keep supporting naxalites, maoists and lashkar-e-taiba supporters, soon you will be on payrolls of them.



  3. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:22:20

    hi aap-bhakt

    don’t worry – look around : clapping still continues…………..



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