aap-arvind kejriwal and gang

hi all

AAP – Arvind kejriwal & Gang

they have been made – orderly, systematically and methodically. they have been designed, developed and created with one single aim. they have been told to be brutal, ruthless and ferocious. and they have been ordered, read carefully – they have been ordered to – destroy, decimate and – and to kill.

well guys – nothing else can be greater and grander than this. get ready – get ready for the biggest battle of your life, get ready to witness the most dirtiest, ugliest and fiercest fight of your life and this time – the fight is not to survive – not to beat – not to defeat but this time – the fight is – to finish – to end – and yes – to ‘KILL’.

now guys – are you ready – are You Ready – ‘ARE YOU READY’



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