one more death on the streets of delhi

hi all

our heart bleeds for that young student from arunachal Pradesh who is no more with us. we can’t imagine what he must have gone through when he was being beaten mercilessly from left, right and centre in full broad daylight. we can’t even understand the sorrow, the pain, the feeling of helplessness his father, his mother, his brothers, his sisters, all his near & dear ones must be going through – we can’t, we simply can’t – but don’t we cry out similarly, don’t we go through all these emotions regularly at the killings, at the loss – of hundreds and hundreds of other young-ones of delhi on these very streets of delhi every year, year after year. however, do we attribute any of these killings or incidents to racism or to some racist attacks. then why are we linking the present case with some racism or with some sort of racist attack.

please tell us one thing – just one very little thing for god’s sake – is there any group of 100 people or group of 40 people or group of 10 people or a group of just one and only one people – who is roaming around delhi or even hiding around delhi – who has ever been involved or who has ever been accused of being involved in a single-single incident of racist attack in delhi or around delhi – the answer is ‘Big-No’. then how on earth we are declaring this as a racist attack. did the mob chase him down, did the mob hunt him down or isn’t this a another terrible, horrible and horrific incident of street brawl which ended in a tragic death of that young student of my own country.

but shouting from the rooftop and declaring it as some racist attack – now, in revenge of this killing – do we want people of north india to be killed in north eastern state. do we want to spread another wave of violence in our country and this time in the name of north Indians and north-easterns. is that what we want. please try and understand the designs of our politicians and our beloved electronic media – who are hand in glove with each other. if at all, anything is to be done then it is by bringing all those culprits to book and punish them speedily and swiftly. may ‘nido tania’s soul’ rest in peace.



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  1. Rashmi
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 19:24:20

    I understand that but does your heart even bleed for innocent women like us.
    Recently, a like minded man stumbled on our blog and was making our life hell with his sick anti-female comments.

    He reminded me of you, a man who’s a bigot, prejudiced, pervert asking women to cover up and wants to keep modern Indian women under his thumb.

    Take a sec to understand the modern feminist psyche and delve deep into the articles and discussions, politely this time.



    • ashley1888
      Mar 06, 2014 @ 10:54:20

      hi sweetheart

      so you are back.

      welcome home, i missed you a lot.

      by the way, tell me – how was your experience at the hospital. i mean, how is your sexual disease. has it been cured or is it too late now ?

      well dear, don’t worry – whatever happens – don’t lose faith in you & you & only you and always remember – come what may – we will always be with you.

      would love to hear from you. as always, lots & lots of regards to you.


  2. Rashmi
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 05:40:50


    • ashley1888
      Mar 10, 2014 @ 22:12:59

      hi sweetheart

      don’t worry, so what if your sexual disease has not gone.
      keep trying…………. and i’m sure you will overcome this disease.

      as always, lots & lots of regards to you.


  3. Ravi
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 10:25:13

    I believe you need to read up the defination of racist attack. The boy in question was beaten to death by a group of shopkeepers…not a single man. Many such incidents go unnoticed. Maybe that was why Delhi police brought out their booklet specifically for north-east community members and later withdrew when criticized by courts.
    The police, the courts all agree to this fact…y dont u ?


    • ashley1888
      Feb 26, 2014 @ 15:16:16

      hi ravi

      do you know the incident that actually took place that unfortunate day. do you know the place where this incident took place.

      do you know ‘lajpat nagar’ of delhi is one of the most prominent, famous & busiest commercial place, as this place is very famous for its affordable and stylish garments and shoes and this place has lots of shops & food-joints owned and run by people from north-east for years and this place is visited by hundreds and thousands of north-eastern boys and girls everyday, every year – who are studying in delhi, who are working in delhi.

      is all of this possible – had racism been there. hundreds and hundreds of delhiites gets killed from the hands of delhiites on these very streets of delhi every year during street brawls and street scuffles. what motive do you attribute then and remember, whenever street fights breaks out – everybody around gets involved including passers-by and then nobody looks for any rhyme or reasons – they too start hitting one person or the other person depending on whoever is found to be alone, with less support or simply outnumbered.

      that’s what happended that unfortunate day as well when ‘nido taniam’ was going past some shop by the name of ‘rajasthan paneer shop’ and he asked for directions for some place from the people inside that shop and during that conversation they made fun of his hairstyle and then in the fit of rage he smashed the shop’s counter and broke its glass and thereafter, the matter got escalated and all hell broke loose and he started getting thrashed by all those people running that shop along with some local persons.

      let me remind you that that it could have been you, me or anybody that day and the result would have remained the same. afterall, criminals or people with criminal bent of mind do not differentiate between you, me or anybody else. they simply go after you, fight with you and even kill you for one pretext or the another. unfortunetly, it was ‘nido tania’ that day.


      p.s. : you can also have a look at an article – vultures out there, beware everbody – it is also related to this incident.


  4. Ravi
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 20:06:00

    Trust me i know about delhi and it’s culture. But judgement is based on facts not philosophy. Nido was called a ‘chinki’ , a racially derogatory word whose mere utterance is punishable by offence,which enraged him and he broke the glass pane, ridiculed of bad parenting and his hairstyle. I quote these from the FIR registered.
    Street scuffles happen but it’s the cause that’s worrying. I doubt among these ‘hundreds and hundreds’ delhiites even 1% die due to selective racial profiling.
    Let me remind you of the incident that caused a mass migration of north-east people especially from metros back to thier home town because of specific threats. This incident got so much out of control that the govt of india had to ban bulk sms for 2 days across the country.
    Still not satisfied…read the booklet brought out by delhi police which has steps for north-east people to prevent them from being ‘racial targets’.
    These are facts…which have been accepted in courts and laws passed to make ‘chinki’ punishable offence.
    I rest my case. If you have facts/stats please show me!


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