for electronic media – hindus are not allowed even to go to courts

hi all

this is in response to – ‘our friend of india – mr. koenraad elst’ and our free electronic media’s dissapointment over withdrawing of ‘dirt’ by penguin publications.

this is amazing, this is absolutely amazing.

no violence, no vandalism, no stones pelting, no street demonstrations, no hue & cry – forget everything else – not even a single non-violent, most peaceful – candle-light protest for banning this ‘dirt’- (which many others calls – a book – wendy doniger’s – the hindus) from any hindu political party or any hindu group or even from a single hindu person and yet you call hindus – authoritarian, intolerant.

Contrary to belief, for the first time, hindus fought with arguments – yes, arguments – I guess, that’s what you do in the court of law – don’t you – and they won and you said they demeaned Hinduism by that.

unbelievable, simply unbelievable – so you can’t even go to courts – I mean – some hindus or just one hindu can not or should not even go to courts – even that is unacceptable, even that is intolerable and if those hindus or that one hindu happens to win that court case – then those hindus or that one hindu is a criminal, bigot, conservative.

What – if the courts would have pronounced verdict against those hindus – then the entire world would have celebrated it – as a victory of freedom of expression, victory of free media, victory of good over evil-hindus.

I mean for God’s sake – can hindus breathe or even that also is unacceptable – is not allowed.

Regards, lots of regards to our ‘free’ media.


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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:12:35

    hi ysv_rao

    you are absolutely great, you travelled the world, experienced most of the cultures, learnt most of the languages and yet the only language you remember and you speak is the language of abuse.

    you seems to abuse others so much that you have become a ‘talking dirt’ and so whatever little stuff of merit you speak even that gets buried under that dirt.

    and by the way, look around if you can – do you see your parents, wife or children around. i am sorry to say but i do not see anybody around you because had they been there you would not have dared to say even in your wildest dreams what you managed to say about other’s parents, wife and children.

    remember always : as you sow, so shall you reap. life is yours – choice is yours.



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