congress & its cronies ready to strike modi big time – this time, their weapon, who else but kejriwal

hi all

what ‘ the maalkin of this country could not do, what her only prince sorry, shehzada of this country could not do, what all their servants at congress party could not do, what their slaves at hundreds of ngo’s could not do and what the entire electronic media could not do for so many years – one ‘dalal, one fraud, one contract worker is ready to do for all of them – yes, you guessed it right, who else but kejriwal.

get ready to witness the onslaught of kejriwal one more time and then more & more times – more severely, more harshly & more violently and this time his target – the biggest,  the boldest and the brightest person of this country today – yes, you again guessed it right – narendra damodardas modi.

so ‘destroy-modi’ starts again with full force and this time with ‘dalal-kejriwal’ and this ‘project-kejriwal’ took off from 2nd of march,2014 onwards when ‘terrorists-sorry-separatists & naxalites supporters like ndtv, cnn-ibn and headlines today all gave live coverage of kejriwal’s rally at kanpur and his anti-modi bark and now onwards, congress funded – congress run – the entire main stream electronic media will project ‘this dalal of congress – kejriwal’ as some sort of warrior, saviour and messiah for the next two months, will try to equate kejriwal with ‘narendra damodardas modi’ at every pretext and instance and somehow declare him as the only worthy contender of modi and rally everybody else ie. all the opponents of modi – around him.

under these crooked and sinister plans, one of the plan could be to gatecrash deliberately & intentionally one of the press conferences or rally of narendra modi by this ‘dalal-kejriwal’ calling himself ‘an aam-aadmi and claiming his right to confront and question modi directly and create a ruckus all around and grabbing all the headlines and news for days to come and turning the entire poll plank of bjp on its head ie. from development, from anti-congress which has gained quite a momentum off-late to anti-modi & anti-bjp and thereby, creating confusion and deception all around among the voters and people of india. haven’t we been witness to what happened in delhi state elections results with the cocktail of ‘kejriwal, congress and the entire electronic media.

In light of these serious, alarming & dangerous scenarios, isn’t it the right time for bjp to devise an strategy urgently to counter this ‘dalal” and expose, unmask & bare ‘him and his gang’ once & for all before its gets too late. remember, he is out there not only to ‘destroy-modi’ but to ‘destroy-our country-our motherland-india. after all, this time it’s not only modi – which is at stake but the entire country at stake.

and don’t be surprised at all, if you see aamir khan hosting this ‘d’ in one of the episodes of ‘SMJ-II’. it’s all part of the plan.



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    • ashley1888
      Mar 10, 2014 @ 19:51:25

      hi all

      yes, dalal media, very much dalal media and if you have any doubts over it – then you badly needs a brain surgery with an immediate effect.



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