indian main stream news channels will have to pay and pay heavily

this is in response to – some top management level internal fighting inside cnn-ibn just before elections 2014- when all the pre-poll national surveys from anybody and everybody indicating huge lead for bjp under modi and complete rout of this news channel’s masters and current governing party-congress & due to this – it’s so called slowing down against modi.

whereas, the fact is from-now onwards till the declaration of election-2014 results, they will go more after modi, more after bjp. they will leave no stones unturned to destroy modi, to destroy bjp. they will simply turn the entire poll plank from misgovernance-from corruption-from monstrous lootmaar of congress to anti-modi, anti bjp :

hi all

it’s a classic case of ‘dog biting dog’ and when i say ‘dog’ – i am being very-very-very modest. what cnn-ibn, ndtv and many-many other news channels have done all these years is not bad journalism, not unethical journalism and certainly not biased journalism rather what they have done is ‘Deception, Perfidy, Sedition and Treason’.

do remember, it was not only ‘modi’ who they tried to destroy – they tried to destroy 100 crores of hindus, our knowledge, our history, our present. they tried to destroy-Our Country-Our Motherland-Our Maa Bharat.

and therefore, they can’t be allowed to go scot-free, they will have to pay for their sins and they will have to be punished and punished severely for all their ‘paaps’ and not in some other ‘yuga or in some other birth but in this very ‘yuga’ – in this very ‘janm’.

and let me state that if there is any ‘insect’ in this story-then it is not rajdeep or sagarika but it is ‘Mr. Raghav Bahl – the proprietor’ and the other two are merely his sidekicks and as far as his ‘shifting loyalty is concerned, then let me remind everybody that criminals never changes their loyalty towards their masters – if at all be needed – they just slow down a bit and that’s it.



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  1. manishmishra6
    Mar 05, 2014 @ 16:58:31

    Hey ashley are you on Twitter or Facebook. Wanted to follow you. Already following your blog. Rare intellect these days.


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