an open letter to aamir khan – sorry, but you are fake

hi aamir khan

it’s a shame that social issues have also become a matter of entertainment for you.

how come your social consciousness gets ignited only during ‘satyamave jayate shows’ and then gets disappeared for rest of the times, rest of the months and rest of the years.

how come you manage to feel sad, depressed and heartbroken all at once on social issues only during ‘satyamave jayate shows’ and right after that – sits at peace or simply go to sleep and then never bothers to follow-up about them, discuss about them or even talk about them any minute, any second or any moment of the year.

and how come you manages to cry and even manages to shed tears – oh sorry, not tears but loads of tears only & only during  ‘satyamave jayate shows’ and never – never ever – on – any other platform, any other forum or any other medium for any part, any percentage or any point of the year.

the fact is that ‘SMJ’ is like any other movie, show or act of yours – where you happens to act – yes, just act – nothing else and you are no social crusader, social activist or even a social enthusiast but an actor, though very good actor but only & only actor.

had this been not the case -then how come you never commented or issued any statement against the dangerous, deadly & ghastly underworld operations & activities running in your own mumbai film industry for days, for years, for decades – an industry which you are very much part & parcel of – similarly – not for days, not for years but for decades.

how come you never commented or issued any statement on muslim religion’s issues & predicaments like muslim women’s compulsions to wear burqua, muslim women’s exploitation and oppression by their muslim men, prevalence of muslim men marrying 4 women, divorcing women just by uttering a word three times – a religion which is ingrained in you, which is part of you and which is followed by you.

how come you never commented or issued any statement on the horrifying terrorism and massacre being perpetrated by pakistan for so many years on our soil and how come we never saw you in tears or even heard of you being in tears in any news media – be it – social networking media, electronic media or print media on the news of indian soldiers – I guess, your own countrymen being attacked, being  killed and being beheaded by pakistani terrorists & soldiers and forget about tears which you had so many in your every episode of ‘SMJ’ show – not even a single statement of condemnation for those pakistani cowards & not even a single statement of encourgament for your country’s bravehearts – a country – which is also your country, which is also your motherland and which is also your bharat maa.

so stop this pretence of being a social activist or being a socially aware citizen of india and mind you – do not try to take the excuse of other film actors & celebrities, other rich & famous, other powerful & influential doing nothing as well for any cause or concern – yes, that’s true, that’s absolutely true but then they do not pretend either. the fact is you are good in entertainment, great in marketing and brilliant in trying to project yourself as being different from others and that’s it – yes, that’s it – nothing less, nothing more.

regards, lots of regards to you.


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  1. Amitabh Ghuwalewala
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 12:33:28

    He doesn’t claim to be a crusader or change agent of any sort. His monologue in the beginning clearly states that his purpose is to bring sensitive and pertinent issues to the forefront for an open discussion, without passing judgement or taking sides. He is a facilitator. And, just because you don’t know about the philanthropic work he does, does not mean that he does not; and why should you know? If you are focussing on Aamir Khan being phony, then you’ve missed the point of the show. The point of the show is to get you to discuss the issue, think, find a solution, act. If you are watching the show for entertainment, then that’s your problem. It’s not Aamir Khan’s problem.


    • ashley1888
      Mar 12, 2014 @ 16:05:18

      hi amitabh

      you seems to have completely missed the bus. who said – i want to know his philanthropic activities – i mean, who cares whether he does or does not – if he indeed does then good for him – he will reap the rewards of his good karma & if he doesn’t then also noboby is taking him to any court of law.

      and my dear, did i say even once that i have any objection with aamir khan – the actor, did i say even once that i have any objection with the show, did i say even once that i have any-any objection with the theme of the show – infact, i have praised him for his acting abilities, his entertainment skills, his marketing acumen.

      my post is about the image that is being projected by aamir khan & his coterie of him being some sort of messiah, a warrior, a saviour – whereas, i fact is – he is none. well, dear – there is more to it then meets the eye.

      go through the post one more time, this time without any aamir-bhakti.

      lots of regards to you


  2. aamaadmi
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 18:14:00

    Dude get a life. Instead of criticizing others just get your @$$ up and do something worthwhile. Talk is cheap.


    • ashley1888
      Mar 18, 2014 @ 15:13:52

      hi aam aadmi

      if possible, try to get out of your aamir-bhakti and kejriwal-bhakti & you will realise that the world is so full of energy – so full of fun.



  3. hriday sharma
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 00:21:15

    I think the issues you want to raise is already raised by multiple news channels and people tired of watching this kind of reports and programs. If well equipped central agencies are not able to investigate the issues of underworld or terrorism then how can you even think that it is very easy for Aamir to investigate these?? The way he is presenting the show and the people he invites really needs lot of research. I agree Amir is not a reformer or activist but the people who are invited to his show are really brave and positively thinking persons.


    • ashley1888
      Mar 18, 2014 @ 15:00:24

      hi hriday

      did i crucify aamir khan-the actor, the show and its content even once. did i say that aamir khan should investigate terrorism or underworld activities even once.

      well dear, my limited point was about his fake behaviour during the show episodes where he shed loads of tears. whereas, in real life – forget about shedding even a single drop of tear – he never uttered even a single word for any social cause or concern.

      please go through the blog one more time, this time without any preconceived notions.



  4. kumaravel
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 18:09:28

    very weak point of view…. very illogical statements….


  5. Aditya
    Mar 29, 2014 @ 17:08:59

    Hello Ashley1888,
    First of all let me compliment you for presenting your views so frankly. You seem to be a really good-hearted person, one who is genuinely interested in issues our country is facing today. Now, having said that, may I take the liberty to present my views on your blog?
    I don’t understand if you are upset with Aamir’s presentation skills or the topics he chooses? If I understand your thought process correctly, you are a person interested in the “bigger picture” or the “greater good”. Lets assume he had started the show with the issues you mentioned: Underworld operations, miserable life of Muslim women, etc. Someone would have complained why he doesn’t talk about female foeticide, social inequality, corruption, etc; these issues are those which affect people from all walks of life & all strata of society. I believe they have to be sorted out first then we target issues which you mentioned. What do you think, how many families are affected by Underworld compared to those affected by female foeticide?
    India is a complex country with diversity so strange that there is no single quick-fix solution. We have to start somewhere with some problem, create awareness about it, propose methods to eradicate that problem & then move to next one.
    Do you think its really wise to blame someone for highlighting some issue & giving lesser or no priority to other issues? Please Ashley1888, daring & sensible people like you need to be very smart & generous about such topics. We have to move ahead with everyone, each & every living being!! I firmly believe what some great personality has said – no one is perfectly black or perfectly white, everyone is a shade of grey. Do you also believe this??
    Next I can understand your frustration of Amir’s emotional outbreaks on the show. I too hate the emotional-atyachaar which our media uses so commonly. But let me confess, I sometimes get genuinely emotional watching his show; not because Aamir Khan is presenting it but becuase that issue in reality is so sad. Also, we have to accept that our society is very emotional; its this way since many generations & I think this is one of the things that keeps us going. So one has to use this factor if we have to put our point across. The show cannot be plain narrative or else how will the message really touch people? It has to be rich emotionally.
    Also, yes he is making profits through this show. But then there are countless entities in this country who make huge profits without improving the general attitude or mood of the people. If any family decided against female foeticide after watching his show then wont it be so awesome? Can you put any price on the goodness that can be achieved; the motivation it can give?
    Finally, if you still disagree with my views then at least give some positive explanations on how he should handle the show. Don’t be that typical citizen (or can I say that typical “Indian”) who just complains about any initiative by others & does nothing on his/her behalf. Otherwise it will feel like you are the person or some relative of those people who was directly negatively affected by the topics he chose.
    I say it again that you are a genuinely concerned person about our country’s direction. Frustration & energy of people like you has to be properly channelled if any good has to be achieved in this country.
    From one genuine citizen to another – all the best!! 🙂

    (P.S. – I don’t claim I understand your thoughts in totality or am the perfect judge of your blog. I think you can handle debate maturely & so I posted my views. There is no intention to offend you)



    • ashley1888
      Apr 03, 2014 @ 09:06:02

      hi aditya

      you got it wrong. you got it all wrong. bring out the world’s most advanced and accurate microscope and then try to find out any paragraph, any sentence, any word or even a single coma-full stop-or-exclaimation mark slightest critical of the ‘Aamir Khan-the Actor, the SMJ show, the Format, the Presentation, the Topics, the Content or even the Tears sorry Loads of Tears.

      my dear – Infact, I praised him for his acting, marketing and image-projection abilities. however, it’s imperative to highlight what’s going on ‘Outside’ of all of this. In the guise of this social-issues based show – very cunningly – he is being projected as someone who is ‘different’ from rest of his ‘colleagues’-fellow actors – who is ‘different’ from all ‘high & mighty’ living in india and who is ‘different’ from rest of us – all of us and extremely concerned for India-for its people & for the issues affecting all those people. Infact, he is being projected as some sort of messiah, warrior & savior out there to save us – all of us – whereas, the fact is he is ‘None’.

      On the contrary – he is someone-who never spoke – forget about raising the issue – not even a single word about the grave-underworld activities happening in his own profession in which – he is into for the last 20 long years. he is someone-who never spoke – again, forget about raising the issue – not even a single word in regard of some very-very serious problems existing in muslim religion concerning the muslim women and affecting not hundreds, not thousands but crores & crores of muslim women- a religion which is being followed by him for more than 48 years.

      and he is someone who never spoke or uttered – forget – against the horrendous terrorism being perpetuated by pakistan over india for endless years – not even a single word even against the beheading of our indian soldiers by pakistani cowards not far ago but just last year – indian soldiers who got killed to save us – all of us including – ‘Aamir Khan – the great person’ and this ‘Aamir Khan’ didn’t have guts to utter even a single word of Condolence for those our ‘Martyrs’.

      so it is this – shameful, disgraceful & outrageous exercise of projecting him – a social champion, a social crusader or a socially concerned citizen by himself & his mandli – his team of experts – which needs to be unmasked, which needs to be exposed and which needs to be condemned. we have had enough of media-created ‘Heroes’ – one of them has recently been laid bare – who fled from delhi and now roaming around, barking around and spitting ‘Venom’ & ‘Dirt’ all around the country and now, we are in no mood to have one more ‘Fake Hero’. He is very good actor & great ‘Reel-Life’ Hero and let it be the way it is and that’s it.

      and dear – rest is ‘Ok’ – rest is ‘Well’.



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