hats off to the captain

hi captain

you are truly a – ‘one man army’.

I have not come across anybody – who has managed to cover all aspects of life – physical – mental – social – spiritual and-and even ‘nirvana’ – the true lakshya of ‘all of us – the aatma’ – yes – ‘nirvana’ = complete ‘mukti’ even from the complete bliss and you have not only managed to cover them but you have gone really – really deep into them.

when we were all living in our own wonderlands – you have dared to go thousand & thousand of years back withstanding huge-huge layers of dust & dirt, piles & piles of dead bodies, oceans of blood and brought out – ‘real gems’ for us – ‘our true knowledge’ – ‘our true gyaan’.

when we were all busy having our food – you have dared to take on the might of not only ‘our ruling powers’ but ‘the world powers’ and have brought out into open not only ‘their true faces’ but ‘thousands & thousands of their proxies true faces’ – proxies in the form of governments, political parties, opposition parties, big corporates, foundations, trusts, charitable trusts, ngo’s, religious organisations, spiritual organisations, spiritual gurus and you have not only slammed them but you have thrashed them & trashed them – right in front of them – right in front of us.

and when there was so much darkness, so much ignorance, so much confusion all around- you have come out not just as a little ray of light but a full source of light – yes – ‘the sun’.

well, i don’t know whether you are aware of it or not – that – how many ‘sleeping persons’ you have managed to ‘awake’, how many ‘inactive brain cells’ you have managed to ‘activate’, how many ‘idle bodies’ you have managed to ‘rejuvenate’ and how much ‘energy’ you have managed to ‘reverberate’.

all i would say is – may ‘god’ give you supreme health, plenty of courage & loads of strength in your pursuit of ‘truth – gyan & abhiyaan – of – ‘sreshtha india – great India’ and may ‘god’ – yes – ‘srishti’ – yes – ‘brahmaan’ – bless you, your family, all your near & dear ones & – yes – ‘the world’ which includes me, us, all of us and beyond all of us.

regards, lots & lots of regards to you


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  1. Bangali Baba
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 15:06:40

    Talking about Baba Ramdev?


    • ashley1888
      Mar 14, 2014 @ 18:48:25

      hi bengali baba

      isn’t ‘baba ramdev’ one of those rare diamonds who gets unearthed once in a century and whom we are fortunate to have in our times.

      however, there is someone else as well, who is toiling day in day out, day & night, all day all night, non-stop, 24×7 for us – for all of us.

      if you still don’t know his name then pretty soon you will come to know of him. keep reading.



      • Bangali Baba
        Mar 15, 2014 @ 05:54:23

        I find him to be extremely shrewd businessman who’s only supporting BJP to help him out of the myriad land grab cases and his assistant with the fake passport issue (can’t recall the name). And i would not go so far as to say he’s a rare gem, what with all the ridiculous claims of curing cancer, homosexuality and whatnot. At the end of the day he’s just a yoga guru and that’s what he should stick to.

      • ashley1888
        Mar 18, 2014 @ 16:30:37

        hi bengali baba

        forget about him being extremely shrewd businessman – had he been just a simple businessman then he would have cracked the deal long-long back with the most corrupt-most communal-most criminal party on this planet earth-who has ruled india for the past 60 years and who are still ruling us for the past 10 years and who also happens to rule uttrakhand-baba ramdev’s own state for the past 2 years – puzzled – who am i talking about – well, sir – your very own ‘congress’.

        cbi is with them, income tax deptt. is with them, sales tax deptt. is with them, enforcement directorate is with them, entire administration is with them, entire police force is with them, entire army is with them and yet ‘he’stands all alone against ‘them’.

        well – dear, as far as his assistant is concerned – his name is ‘balkrishna’ and you will be glad to know that your very own – congress had issued him that wonderful passport and he travelled the world including the most safe & the most secured ‘america’ on that very ‘passport’.

        and-and about cancer-cure, homosexuality-cure, anything-cure and everything-cure – my dear, had you studied even 1% of ‘yoga’ & ‘ayurveda’ then forget about baba ramdev – you, yourself would have been shouting from the rooftop every single day every single night about this cure, that cure & every cure.

        and you know – what ‘yoga guru’ does – he not only elevates his own consciousness but elevates – all the people’s consciousness – of his country – of every country and my dear, that’s exactly what he has stuck to & what he has been sticking to – day in day out, all day all night without any care of me, you, congress or the world.

        lots & lots of regards to you.

      • Bangali Baba
        Mar 19, 2014 @ 05:55:55

        good for you buddy. good for you.

      • ashley1888
        Mar 19, 2014 @ 07:02:57

        hi bengali baba

        good for us dear, good for all of us.


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