they are not fools – they are stooools

hi all

welcome to the family of fools – oh, so sorry – not fools but stools – so, welcome to the family of stools. they were ‘here’ then, they are ‘here’ now and let me assure you all that they will be ‘here’ in future as well. so – bring it on, everybody – they are not gonna go anywhere – come what may – they will sit pretty tight here, here & here. they have been hammered hundreds of times earlier, they are being hammered thousand of times now and mind you – keeping the tradition alive, they will be hammered lacs of times in future as well but, like a good old stool – they couldn’t be broken down then, they can not be broken down now & rest assured, they will not be in times to come as well. they will be found with the same old material, same old design and same old usage right here, here & here.

after all of this – i’m sure, you all must be awaiting to know – who i just talked about or who am i talking about – isn’t it  – well guesses, anybody……………………. what – it can’t be – i mean, how it can be – this is simply unbelievable – not one – not two but everybody – yes, everybody has guessed it right – absolutely right – it is our very own- B J P.

now, what say – do i need to say anything else, do i need to say anything more or is there anything – anything else at all-which is left to be said, hasn’t many things, everything & all of this has been said earlier as well – many times, many-many times, so – so many times – so, isn’t it right time to make an end of all of this forever & ever & ever. after all, some things never change even with time – they remain there as it is – all the time and as we all know – fools can be changed with little bit of medication, little bit of education and little bit of meditation but stools – well, what can i say about them – they are simply meant to be like that – they were as they are, they are as they are and they will remain the way as they are. so – now, as we all have become aware of all of this –  shall i wind up, wrap up and pack up or shall i try to explain it to you all one more time – one last time.

earlier it was congress – congress – congress who used to sit on top of them – used to dance over them – used to spit on them – all the time – every time – be it a day or night – all day all night and now it’s congress’s gangster wing – aap -aap – aap which also sits on top of them & do not just dance but mosh over them & do not just spit but spit out sputum on them and here as well, all the time – every time – many-many times – irrespective of any day or night. but the most chilling, shocking and appalling aspect of all of this is that they couldn’t manage to dislodge ‘congress’ – then  & similarly, they have been found completely awful, completely disgusting & completely miserable to dislodge ‘aap – now. In a nutshell,  they didn’t learn then, they haven’t learnt now. well, they were stools then & they are stools now.

aap successfully clubbed them, joined them, established them along with the most corrupt, most communal & most criminal – congress in all corruptions, all scandals & all scams in delhi and what all ‘they’ managed to do – well, they kept mum. aap again successfully bracketed them along with triple c – congress as the main culprit, main offender, main sinner behind resignation of their govt. in delhi and again what ‘they’ managed to do – well, again they kept mum and now the cherry on the cake – aap successfully bashed them, slammed them, smashed them for being deeply- deeply involved with triple c – congress for projected hike in gas pricing in india in connivance with mr. mukesh ambani – their new ‘make believe devil’ and-and voila – what ‘they’ again managed to do – oh god ! i can’t take this any more – i’m literally getting tired to say this again & again & again – what – they again kept mum. but why cry, why yell, why fret -wasn’t it very obvious to us, wasn’t it very clear to us & wasn’t it very visible to us – what -well, the great characteristics of the stools  – hear – none, speak – none & react – of course – none.

and the outcome of all these ‘mum’ – well, as assumed, as suspected & as feared – dreadful and expectedly, the attacks started straightaway – sample this – congress’s contract worker sorry, dalaal-kejriwal’s all out attack on modi, modi & modi from a rally at kanpur on 2nd march,2014 and its live telecast by the entire electronic media all across, then this dalaal’s ruckus in gujrat and the outright lies of his detention & arrest and then the pre-planned attack of aap’s goons on bjp offices in delhi, lucknow and some other cities simultaneously & then his farce of moving in – will all his workers, supporters and mediapersons to meet chief-minister of gujrat – narendra modi at its residence without any notice, without any appointment, without any intimation.

and not forgetting his numerous one-on-one pet – interviews, venomous – speeches and sick – comments again – against modi, against modi & only and only against modi – every other day – every other night in every other news channel, in one & all news channels and then quite cunningly- he – who was & who is  100% creation of congress paid entire electronic media accused openly & repeatedly the same media of promoting modi – yes, the same media who has worked for years – for so-so many years – day & night,  all day all night, days after days, night after night to destroy modi, modi & modi. (well, the strategy was to absolve media of every allegation, accusation & affirmation of promoting dalaal, dalaal & only dalaal in present scheme of things & future’s grand designs)

and how come he managed to do this & all of this – i mean, how come he managed to be so shameless, so destructive, so outrageous – well – well, because he very well knew- who he was up against all this time – all this while – who ?- well- who – in the midst of all these ever changing scenes remained absolutely constant, absolutely consistent and absolutely cooperative – all this time – all this while – no points for guessing – same – our good ol’ stool and so is it any wonder then that this ‘d’ of congress managed to continue absolutely uncontested, absolutely unchallenged and absolutely unquestioned again – all this time – all this while.

and as if-all of this was not enough-so-the latest is that modi’s candidature from ‘varanasi’, u.p. has been announced and with this – kejriwal’s all wildest dreams have come true. at last-all his training, all his preparations, all his efforts of days, months & years has finally-finally paid off and predictably-he readily, merrily & willingly grabbed the opportunity with both hands & legs and declared his candidacy against modi as well. and now, with so much said & done – a caution to everybody – my dear all – whatever you have just seen – was the tip of the iceberg but the real story begins from here – and in this story – well – let me warn you one more time that there is nothing – simply nothing for the weak-hearted and everything & everything only for the ‘bravehearted’.  so, get ready-to witness the biggest battle of your life. get ready-to withstand the ugliest, the dirtiest and the fiercest assault on modi & his life and mind you this time-it’s not bjp vs all but it’s ‘modi’ vs ‘all’ and if this time-they keep mum-then-they are gone-they are ‘khatam’.

extremely sorry to say – but for once, i wish-i would have bet on fools and not on stools. but alas, no options left because rest are criminals, scoundrels and – and – yes, that’s right – big time crooks. regards, lots & lots of regards to all those nationalist, optimist & idealist – who are still associated with this stool including…… well – again – no points for guessing ………’yours truly’- the hopefool.


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  1. ashley1888
    Mar 21, 2014 @ 14:01:25

    hi all

    the problem has never been the ‘Evil’. the problem has always been – we never had many to fight with the ‘Evil’. Evils – congress, communists, aap, news media, ngo’s and many-many more like them – had been there – has been there – will be there. therefore, ‘The Target’, ‘The Goal’, ‘The Lakshya’ should be to have many-many’Real Fighters’ there – all the time – everywhere and most importantly, those ‘Real Fighters’ should be equipped with ‘Far more better weapons’ than those ‘Evils’. Then only will we have our ‘Glorious India’ – our ‘Powerful India’ – our ‘United India’.

    ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ is truly one of those fighters in present india – who is fighting all alone for us all and still standing tall among all. now, his only requirement is those weapons – unfortunetly – which he is really short on – and for that – if possible – we all have to become those ‘weapons’ – in whichever form or figure – in every form or figure that too fast very fast.

    so, get ready – get ready you all – because this time – it is either do or die for us all.


    p.s : it may be noted that word – weapon here does not mean – the real weapons.


  2. ashley1888
    Mar 30, 2014 @ 13:14:35

    hi all

    the problem is two-fold : unfortunetly, some of the most senior leaders of BJP have already been compromised by congress.
    some of the worst speakers & spokespersons have been defending them for the past 10 years – 24×7 – non-stop.

    to be honest : except ‘Modi’ – i do not have hope with anybody.



  3. ashley1888
    Mar 30, 2014 @ 13:48:13

    hi all

    Satpal Maharaj joining BJP & MJ Akbar joining BJP – for God’s sake – this is not a matter of joy – this is a matter of ‘Concern’ – this is what i call :-

    Infiltration in BJP.

    for your kind information : Amrita Rawat – state tourism and child welfare minister in Congress govt. in Uttrakhand – is an obedient ‘Wife’ of mr. satpal maharaj and she has ‘Vowed’ to continue with the great Congress govt. and party and even ‘Mr. Harish Rawat’ – chief minister, uttrakhand – has reposed absolute faith in her.

    and ‘MJ Akbar’ – well, all i can say is ‘he was pet of gandhi family – he is a pet of gandhi family and will remain a pet a gandhi family.

    and mind you all – Infiltration is done strictly on ‘Orders’.



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