hi everybody, get ready to welcome – our new queen

hi all

watch out for our new ‘queen’.

and get ready to give grand salute, grand applause and grand welcome to our new queen.

great actress – youth icon – fashion goddess – new bollywood diva – well, is it enough or you want more : 

but – who – who – who else – kangana ranaut – the queen – of the film queen.

well, she clearly seems to have become the talk of the town, the honey-bee, the new favourite for ‘some very powerful’  and lots & lots of investment is being done on her by them very cleverly and it is getting reflected on her assignments-her image-her brand also quite evidently.

for starters :

sample this : her film ‘queen’ had a box office collection of only ’10 crores’ in the first weekend – yet, it was declared a hit by everybody in bollywood as well as in news channels all across – one & all and they kept talking about it even in the second week. our favourite – times of india and it’s hindi bhai – ‘navbharat times’ carried a separate article on it – in their intellectual editorial pages – in praise of the film, in praise of its leading lady and most importantly – in praise of the character portrayed by its leading lady-our new queen – of a brave-new-modern woman of india – who after being dumped by her prospective groom just before marriage – goes on to her proposed honeymoon all alone and then along the way sheds all her inhibitions – in short – seeks fun – love – life without being married and then taking cue from this – the article mischievously goes on to encourage all the indian girls-all the indian women – all the indian working women out there – to not think much about the marriage rather think new – think big and think life beyond the tradiitional path of marriage. sounds interesting – isn’t it

for your kind information : this film was released along with ‘gulaab gang’ and prior to this – ‘shaadi ke side effects’ was released – both heroine oriented film – both having ‘leading ladies’ far more famous than ‘kangana’. if ‘gulaab gang’  had yesteryear’s heartthrob – ‘madhuri dixit’ then ‘shaadi ke’ had current flavour – ‘vidya balan’ and yet, nobody talked about them much though gulaab gang had collections of first weekend similar to queen but declared as flop and ‘shaadi ke side effects’ had first weekend collection of 21 crores but labelled-an average affair.

and then first of its kind – all the current leading ladies of bollywood – deepika, priyanka, sonakshi, anushka and many more were asked the question on camera about kangana and her film-queen and to everybody’s surprise – they all said they watched the film and found it very good – praised kangana – her fashion sense and also asked others to see this film. interestingly, many of them have said in the past that they don’t get time to see their own film. well guys, story does not end here – and now, the icing on the cake – our dear aamir khan – whose heart bleeds for all of us – poor and unhygienic indians posted a tweet requesting all of his fans to watch this great film.

how’s that !

now, in all likelihood, be ready to see ‘kangana’ endorsing, supporting & promoting all things related to womankind, mankind and all kinds – enjoy this – homosexuality, lesbian relationships, live-in relationships, single parent benefits, children out of wedlock benefits, in vitro fertilisation benefits, double income no kids benefits………………keep counting…………..after all – who wouldn’t like their investments – to grow – to shine – to multiply.

all hail the queen

lots & lots of regards to our new queen


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