hey, supari killers – yes, we are watching you

hi all

this is for – all those ‘Supari Killers’ in all those news channels – who have been working day in day out – all day all night – for years & years to destroy our country-india.

hey, supari killers – yes, we are watching you

prannoy james roy, raghav behl, aroon purie and their pets like rajdeep, sagarika, karan, barkha, nidhi, punya and their fellow weeds like vinod mehta, vinod sharma, kumar ketkar, varadarajan, aarti jayrath, sankarshan and many-many-many more like them – they are not criminals by chance. they are criminals by choice – they are – what we call like – ‘Supari Killers’.

and ‘Supari Killers’ always obeys their ‘Master’ – here – ‘Maalkin’ to the hilt – to their life – to their death and that’s what they have done – that’s what they are doing and that’s exactly what they will do in times to come – in all times to come.

and though impossible, but if, if & if at all – they confess or they try to confess or they regret or they try to regret for any of their crimes – for so many of their crimes at any point of day – at any point of time – then let me remind everybody ‘100 times’ that ‘Supari Killers’ never confess – never regret out of choice – they confess or they regret out of ‘Sheer Order’ – out of ‘Sheer Design’.

remember everybody – in all these years – for so-so-many years – they have not tried to destroy only ‘modi’ so many times – many-many times but they have also tried to destroy – hindu religion – hindu beliefs – 100 crores of hindus – our Country – our Motherland – our Bharat Maa – each of the time – every-every time – all the time.

and so they can not be allowed to get away – they can not be allowed to go unpunished – they will have to pay & they will have to pay severely for all their sins – for all their crimes and not in some other ‘Yuga’ or some other ‘Birth’ but in this ‘Our Age’ & in this ‘Our Time’ and ‘Till Such Time’ – ‘goodluck’ to them & ‘goodbye’ from us.

regards to all of us and definitely – definitely not to those scumbags – those rats – those dirts.


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  1. ashley1888
    Mar 27, 2014 @ 08:49:46

    hi all

    this is what i call – Open Infiltration in BJP

    MJ Akbar was a pet of gandhi family – is a pet of gandhi family & will remain a pet of gandhi family. In his entire career he has been like a ‘loyal servant’ to gandhi family – can a ‘servant’ – can a ‘doormat’ – can a slave – ever dare to ditch their masters.

    entire life – he has peddled lies, lies & lies against MODI – against BJP – against RSS not out of some facts or figures but out of ‘Sheer Orders’ from their masters. so how can he even think of going against his masters at the fag end of his career. the fact is – MJ Akbar has joined bjp because he has been told to join bjp by his masters.

    and about ‘Shahid Siddique’ – well – less said, the better because dalaals like him will be the first one to ‘Stab You in the Back’ at the slightest opportunity available to them.



  2. ashley1888
    Mar 27, 2014 @ 08:51:16

    hi ashutosh ghose – the true lover of rajdeep sardesai

    what did you say – you have got bored of seeing rajdeep – completely naked so many times – oh my god – we all are getting concerned.

    idea sirji – why don’t you cover him with the muffler – which his soulmate-kejriwal used to wear. believe us – it fits him well. after all – that ‘bechara’ muffler is also lying idle nowdays – do give him some work for a living.

    and keep looking after rajdeepjiiii in these difficult times.



  3. ashley1888
    Mar 27, 2014 @ 21:14:30

    hi all

    something is seriously wrong.

    on the one hand – modi is working hard day & night to win for india – to win for bjp. on the other hand – staunch modi supporters are being sidelined very cleverly from their winning constituencies and strong critics of modi and absolute turncoats are being taken into bjp in huge numbers from other parties and being awarded tickets as well.

    and all of this is happening in the stronghold of bjp ie. in the states of bihar, uttar pradesh, madhya pradesh & even delhi and now, this has taken huge proportions and figure of these matters is rapidly reaching close to three figures.

    the sad part is – not outsiders are doing all of this but some very senior, influential & decision making people of bjp are involved into this and the most disturbing aspect is that out of these some are considered being close to modi and very supportive of modi.



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