massive mistakes by bjp – foolishly or deliberately

hi all

this is serious – this is really serious

how can somebody be so naive – so ignorant – so fool that he can not see the game being played out with bjp to keep the entire party – in complete disarray – in pieces – in tatters – if & if – at all they manage to form a govt. at the centre – which they definitely looks on course for or – or is it deliberate – intentional – well planned – to keep someone very powerful – someone very patriotic – someone very progressive – someone incorruptible – down – in check – in control of them and is part of some bigger plan which will be executed after the announcement of results of india’s national election-2014.

let’s start straightaway, first with the alliances or simply speaking-blunders in bihar :

LJP – leader – ramvilas paswan – a rank opportunist – dalaal of the highest order & the most untrustworthy person – he is the same person who left NDA govt. at the centre in the aftermath of 2002 gujrat riots at the pretext of narendra modi’s actions & inactions in those riots. do remember, he left atal bihari vajpayee led NDA-that vajpayee – who was & who still is considered the softest face or the most secular face of BJP led NDA and that too when the govt. at the centre had more than 2 years to complete and since then – he has been a staunch critic of modi & bjp and has been abusing, accusing & humiliating them for the past 12 years – 12 long years – non stop.

and now, let’s see – what he brings to the table – in 2010 bihar assembly elections – he formed an alliance with lalu’s RJD & out of 243 seats –  his party contested on 75 seats but secured meage 6.75% votes and won 3 assembly seats only and now, be ready to get the shock of your life – during the last loksabha election ie. india general elections-2009 – with RJD – his party contested on 12 loksabha seats and managed to win – read very-very carefully – managed to win ‘0’ seats. he couldn’t win even his own seat from hajipur. just to remind everybody – it all happened when there was neither any modi wave nor any modi. whereas, this time – with huge modi wave and bjp cashing in on modi of being ‘OBC’- just imagine the rout that would have taken place of the proposed grand alliance of RJD-CONGRESS & LJP. but throwing all these realities into dustbin – BJP foolishly gifted LJP 7 loksabha seats and now the icing on the cake – out of those 7 seats – 3 seats he has awarded to himself, his dear son-chirag paswan & his brother-ramchandra paswan and one seat to the wife of hard-core criminal suraj bhan singh.

just imagine the plight, pain & anger of more than 30% voters who want to cast their vote in favour of modi – in favour of BJP – in favour of their country – this time around & now – will be told – will be forced – will be compelled to vote for this ramvilas paswan led LJP-who is cheat, corrupt & criminal of the first order and who they hate till death. for those – who have completely forgotten him, just refresh your memory with this little information – he is same perosn who was one of the most vocal – most instrumental & most responsible for engineering fissures among hindus along the lines of different-different caste-subcaste & sections.and the biggest example of that came when he along with chief conspirator – V.P.Singh(whose only claim to fame is that he was the lord among many dogs – who divided the entire hindu community for once & for all) went ahead with the implementation of mandal commission recommendations during their sham govt. – famously called V.P.Singh govt. at the centre in the year 1989 -which recommended 27% reservation quota for OBC resulting in 49.5% quota in govt. jobs & public universities ie. jobs to certain castes on the basis of birth rather than the merit of the person – which led to massive protests, bandhs & riots all across & for the first time -hindu brothers clashed with hindu brothers on the basis of one being different from the other not because of their region, their religion or their culture but because one was called from upper caste and the other from lower caste or other backward class (OBC)

& then something happened which was the first of its kind – the anger, the exasperation, the frustration among youth reached to the level where – to protest against this – they as a last resort went for ‘self-immolations’ and then series of ‘self-immolations took place by young college students all across. but even after all of this & all of that – ‘they’ ie. bhai-ramvilas & bhai v.p. – they didn’t move, they didn’t bend, they didn’t budge – the country was being divided completely but they continued with their devil agenda blissfully – so – guys, this is – the great ‘ramvilas paswan’ for you and for your kind information – he is also the one who along with another great-lalooo yadav of indian politics roamed all around bihar with bin laden look-alike during bihar assembly election-2009 to beg votes from muslim community.

and now, let’s talk about RLSP – BJP’s one more alliance partner in bihar – led by great mr. upendra kushwaha whose only greatness is that he is ‘OBC ‘- for information – he was with  JDU of nitish kumar till December 2012 and his achievements were – that he was neither an elected MLA nor an elected MP but was a rajyasabha armchair MP and he floated this party-RLSP just a year back – in march,2013 and our BJP happily, merrily & cheerly gifted him as well – 3 loksabha seats. so all in all-our dear BJP has handed over 10 loksabha seats to those ‘dalaals’ – who are finished-have no relevance & have almost ‘nil’ presence in entire bihar and have thrusted them on lacs & lacs of people – who all want modi to lead-modi to win & modi to succeed and who do not want them at all-but will be forced to vote for them & elect them and if & if – they manage to win & they are chosen to power then rest assured-they will be the first one-who will ditch BJP at the very first opportunity available to them. undoubtedly, a new lease of life-a new lifeline has been handed over by BJP to these frauds.

the story does not end here-there is more to it-you will be glad to know that other than 10 seats which have been gifted to LJP & RLSP – 10 more seats have handed over to new ‘Rangroots’ or shall we say ‘Opportunists’ like chhedi paswan, ajay nishad & sushil singh of JD(U), ramkripal yadav of RJD & janak chamar of BSP – all hard-core haters of modi – whereas, staunch modi supporters like giriraj singh & ashwini chaubey were given a raw deal and were given constituencies where they do not have any hold or support. in short, lacs of people who want modi will be told to embrace political-dalaals – all in the name of modi. looks like same old-fool-stool BJP at work.

now, let’s shift our focus to BJP alliance in Haryana :

well, BJP has formed an alliance with HJC in haryana and out of 10 seats-2 seats have been given to kuldeep bishnoi led HJC – well – sounds -OK but here comes the twist – out of its own 8 seats – only 3 seats have been given to their loyal partymen and the rest of the five seats have been awarded to turncoats of ruling party-Congress namely -inderjit singh, dharambir singh, ramesh kaushik & rajkumar saini and the one to a rank-newcomer-ashwini chopra ‘minna’ – all at the expense of its own loyalists & long-serving partymen – like pradeep sangwan who was a front-runner from sonipat – a place where his father ‘kishan singh sangwan remained MP thrice but denied a ticket in favour of a turncoat – ramesh kaushik of Congress – at last, resigned at the ill-treatment meted out to him and joined congress along with thousands of sonipat BJP – youth wing, women, scheduled castes, farmer cells members & supporters. similar sort of frustration, resentment and anger is brewing in other constituencies as well and yet, BJP-betting big on turncoats – expecting them to win.

BJP alliance in tamilnadu :

time to rejoice everybody, our BJP has just hitched an alliance with – get ready to count –  not one – not two – not three but with ‘Five’ parties in Smt. Jayalalitha ruled tamilnadu. let’s start with who are these great parties whom they have joined hands with – Vijayakanth’s DMDK, S. Ramadoss’s PMK, Vaiko-led MDMK and IJK and KMDK and now, give a closer look at seat-sharing arrangement – DMDK – 14 seats, BJP – 8 seats, PMK – 8 seats, MDMK – 7 seats, IJK & KMDK – one seat each. now, out of so many parties – we will take only two parties for our consideration – S. Ramadoss’s PMK & Vaiko-led MDMK  and before i proceed further, let me state one important fact as well and that fact is – there is a huge modi wave all across india – and though BJP almost being non-existent in tamilnadu but because of the ‘modi factor’ this time around – their is mini-modi wave even in tamilnadu and in this context lies a mini-headache for us.

PMK & MDMK – fortunelty, both do not enjoy too much support among people-among masses and commands meagre vote percentages in single digits like PMK @ 5.2% which they managed to get in general assembly elections-2011 and MDMK did not even contest that election – in nutshell – they bring less votes to BJP-whereas-BJP is expected to get more votes for them riding on modi.  so, they will get benefitted more out of modi than modi benefitting from them and if they manage to win few seats due to this then one needs to remember-what they offer to the public – well, without mincing any word-let’s state it as it is-that Mr. ramadoss and Mr. vaiko – are the two most poisonous people of our country and they spill hatred-absolute hatred for all the hindus-for the entire hindu religion & for our country. for information :  they both support ‘LTTE’-the terrorist organisation to the hilt and they both harbours dreams of separate tamil land – tamil-eelam. though, having said all of this – we shouldn’t forget at all that-with modi at the helm of the affairs-we all can be 100% assured that they won’t be able to move even an inch with any of their dirt and thankfully, that’s a big relief for all of us.

BJP alliance in Uttar Pradesh :

at last we come to this – which we all were waiting for – the puzzle of uttar-pradesh – well-for the first time if at all they have been able to do something right – then it is uttar-pradesh-but-sorry to say, here again-they seems to have messed up badly – seems to be destroying everything whatever they were doing rightly or else how will you explain & justify the induction of so-many turncoats, losers and rank-opportunists in the party and not only that even awarding precious loksabha tickets to them – for the record – BJP is fielding as many as 15 turncoats from u.p. and few examples of that are : jagdambika pal from Congress, brij bhushan singh, kirti vardhan and shyama charan gupta from SP and surprisingly, they are fielding lot of compulsive losers as well namely mukesh rajput from farukkhabad, kalyan’s son rajvir singh from etah, lallu singh from faizabad, virendra singh from ballia, harish dwivedi from basti, mahendra nath pandey from chandauli-well-they all have lost their previous elections-be it loksabha or assembly successively and this list is long and in all of this-if we add the game of seat-changing being played there as well with seniors and with some of the most loyal members then the picture of U.P. doesn’t look ‘Healthy’ – doesn’t look ‘Rosy’ rather looks ‘Grim’ and lastly, for those-who are not aware – it is informed that BJP do have an alliance even in uttar-pradesh-though-a small one-nevertheless-an alliance- BJP has partnered with a very small party- Apna Dal-which has only one assembly seat to talk about out of 403 assembly seats but BJP has left 2 loksabha seats for them. so all in all – we can say with complete confidence that something ‘very-dirty’ is going on inside BJP in U.P. as well.

the bottom line is – all the hard work is of modi – the entire wave is of modi – all the people across length & breadth of india want modi but some very senior sharks-rogue & swindlers inside BJP are working very cunningly, very shrewdly & very neatly to cut modi down to size, undermine modi & infact-destroy modi. we started with the assumption whether all of this is being done absolute foolishly or delibrately. well – the answer is – blend of both. don’t forget-you exclude ‘modi’ from the top of the list and then the rest are exactly the same who presided the affairs in general election-2004 and general elections-2009 and there is certainly no need to tell that BJP lost both the elections very badly.

and the other notable bunglings are historical self-destruction in biggest state-uttar pradesh-where they allied with mayawati led BSP three times – when every BJP well-wisher – supporter – voter advised against it every time because it was the same mayawati who abused-accused & humiliated BJP for – not one or two but thousand times and they rightly, got ditched by her all three times-rather they were made ‘complete jokers’ by her all three times and in that process-went on to concede all their support-all their base to her & mulayam led SP and since then forget about winning-they have been fighting for survival and from a huge tally of 57 seats in 1998-they have been reduced to 10 seats in u.p.

and in bihar-another piece of greatness by them – they allowed their rank junior partner JD(U) to climb over them-they allowed JD(U) to take complete charge -complete control & complete command of bihar government. the capitulation was so much that during bihar assembly elections-2010 – crook-nitish kumar went as far as to debar modi for campaigning in bihar even for BJP and BJP without batting even an eyelid accepted that – accepted this ignominy-accepted this slap and result of all of that – well, he wickedly – kicked BJP out of the ruling govt. in 2013 and now he is in power and BJP sitting in opposition .

& not forgetting – the hub of everything – capital of india – delhi & the economic nerve centre – maharashtra – where congress managed to rule for 15 long years even with all that monstrous corruption-horrendous terrorism & complete misgovernance and when the time came to dislodge them from the power once again in the recently held delhi assembly elections-2013-then-a one year old – Congress created -‘bogus’ party-AAP managed to stop them to attain majority in the state & not only that but also won 28 seats out of 70 assembly seats and then very cunningly-went on to form govt. in delhi along with their parent – corrupt-communal & criminal – Congress and how can this fact be ignored as well that this very team never made any serious efforts to expand their base in 7 north-eastern states, big states like west bengal, odisha and equally big southern states of tamilnadu, andhra & kerala for all these years and so they remained non-existent & non-player in all these states-all these years.

so this team again making same old mistakes is kinda feels like deja-vu and it shouldn’t be any surprise now-after all-this team boasts some of the most mediocre, average and pedestrian brains of indian politics of our times and it should also be noted that except modi who is being hunted ferociously by one & all for the last 10 years-most senior members of this team had a safe and sound time under the rule of most corrupt-most communal & most criminal party of the world-congress-no wonder again, after all – many of them have been thoroughly compromised by congress-so keeping BJP down & out for all these years was a good mix of lots of Congress’s stooges & lots of fools-infact, i call them-stooools and the play still continues…………………………………

except Mr. Narendra damodardas Modi-who couldn’t be bought-who couldn’t be controlled-who couldn’t be compromised and who stands lone-all alone-absolutely on its own and fighting against ‘All’ – yes – ‘All’ enemies of our country – congress, aam aadmi party, bsp, sp, jdu, dmk, ncp, bjd, cpi, cpi-m, naxalites, indian mujahideen, lashker-e-taiba, al-qaeda, isi – to the extent of risking his own life for who – for his party-which has many congress-stooges & lots of fools yet-the only party read very-very carefully-the only party in india with full of nationalists-full of patriots & full of ‘Desh ke liye mar mitne wale Sapoot’ – whereas, the rest of the parties are full of anti-nationals-full of criminals-full of big time crooks and he is fighting for all of us-125+crores indians – for his motherland – for his & our ‘Bharat Maa’.

keep going ‘Modi’- no matter what – we are with you.


P.S. :  hi guys : food for thought : Modi – Plan A and BJP – Plan B :

we all know the ‘love, affection and fondness of Mr. LK Advani and his Team of Trinity – Sushma-Shivraj & Murli for ‘Narendra Modi’ and they keep displaying it every now & then.

but we have never-ever talked even once about this ‘New Team of Tri-unity’ of silent soldier-shri-shri Raj ji – simply great -shri Arun ji & ever-smiling fatty acid-shri Gad ji. are they working for charity – are they working for fun – don’t they have dreams – to be precise-can’t they have dreams – can’t they aspire to be the ‘One’ – Modi has only made Plan ‘A’ – can’t ‘They’ make Plan ‘B’ – Modi is sweating-toiling & grinding for Plan ‘A’ – can’t they sweat-toil & grind underneath ‘M’ for ‘Plan ‘B’ – Plan ‘A’ is liked only by Modi – Plan ‘B’ is liked by ‘Every-Body’ – so Modi works for Plan ‘A’ – Every-Body loves Plan ‘B’.

no Problem – no Confusion – no Revolution = BJP rules ‘INDIA’ – Congress at ‘Peace’ – yes, ’Every-Body’ at ‘Peace’ – People keeps ‘Fighting’ – India keeps ‘Burning’ – by the way, where is ‘Modi’ – he is in ‘Gujrat’ – still waiting for his ‘Peace’.


People of India whole-heartedly embrace Plan ‘A’ – People of India completely rejects this Plan ‘B’ – Modi serves ‘INDIA’ – BJP will be brought to ‘Peace’ – People will be at ‘Peace’ – India ‘Progresses’ – India ‘Unites’ – India gets its ‘Lost Glory & Pride’ – by the way, where is ‘Every-Body’ – Every-Body which is Congress & All gets ‘Panicked’ – ‘Every-Body ‘Screams’ – now, slowly & steadily-‘Every-Body’ gets ‘Destroyed’ gets ‘Finished’.

regards once again to all and this time once & for all.


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ashley1888
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 15:35:00

    hi all

    when Britishers left India – whom they handed over all their assets to – their Indian child – Congress – in short – Congress is nothing but Britishers with Indian face – and right now, the Master nay Maalkin is not even with an Indian Face – She is Original – so, what have they got to do with India & with Indians – nothing – simply nothing.

    they used to ‘Loot’ the country before 1947 and they have continued to ‘Loot’ the country even after 1947 non-stop – round the clock – for 67 years and the ‘Loot’ continues………………………

    they divided the nation before 1947 – after 1947 and they continue to divide the nation till date…………………. well, for kind information – creation of AAP is that little political step towards that.

    they destroyed hindus before 1947 – they continue to destroy hindus after 1947 – nothing new – business as usual

    however, the only difference this time around is ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ & we-the patriotic Indians.

    now, the table have completely turned for them and there is no place to hide for them – they will pay for all their sins – they will pay for all their crimes – very severely-very heavily in this our ‘Age’ & in this our ‘Time’.



  2. praful
    Apr 02, 2014 @ 12:29:52

    I get zapped reading your articles, keep it up


  3. ashley1888
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 14:32:53

    hi all

    extremely sorry to say – hunting season is not over – rather – it is threatening to take very ‘dangerous proportions’. after all – we shouldn’t forget that it is not BJP which they are afraid of – but the ‘Modi’ led BJP – they are terrified of.

    and as i have said many times in the past – never ever – never ever underestimate any of your opponents – howsoever – small – big or strange – they may be – at any point of time – at no point of time.



  4. ashley1888
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 14:33:46

    hi all

    it’s the other way around – it’s not the poor – illiterate who need ‘Sense’ rather the rich & highly educated ones who needs that badly.



  5. ashley1888
    Apr 06, 2014 @ 11:52:06

    hi bjp-hater

    are you from mars – say ‘hello’ to your fellow martians on behalf of all of us. don’t worry – we are coming to meet you all in the summers of this year.

    what did you say – but ‘mangalyaan’ is scheduled to reach close to you in the month of september of this year – well – don’t you know desserts are preferred only after lunch & dinner.

    stay cool – we are just a month away from there.

    lots & lots of regards to you & your fellow aliens


  6. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 10:41:39

    hi captain

    i take your point in all earnestness. though i can’t turn my back on what i see around but i guess – i shouldn’t let my temper to go better of me.



  7. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 10:43:11

    hi all

    s.visvanathan is a ‘dalaal of congress’ of the highest order and sorry to say – but – to hell with his english language – if poison is mixed with sugar – does it kill less or shall i say – does it give you a ‘sweet death’.



  8. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:23:41

    hi all modi-haters

    what would you like to have : maalkin pizza, shehzada burger, khursid-batla house-teary eyed kababs, sibal-silent papads, sinde secular tea or harvard-100ft long dosa.

    what did you say : none of the above, you want – modi raita – sorry, not available for the next 5 years.

    prince, it looks you are suffering from constipation : well, we have brand new, tried & tested, 100% guaranteed – kejriwal jamaalghota.

    i hope, now you will rest in peace. take very good care of your stomach.

    lots of regards to you


  9. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:24:12

    hi all

    everybody wants to pluck the fruits but nobody wants to plant the trees.



  10. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:24:54

    hi all

    everybody says – forget your past – forget your past – live in present – live in present.

    but i would say – do not forget your past, rather – dig deep into ‘our past’ and you will have your answers.

    food for thought : have you ever wondered – when britishers left, whom they handed over all their assests to :



  11. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:29:01

    hi all

    if anybody still thinks that ‘dalal-kejriwal’ is not a creation of the most corrupt-the most communal and the most criminal party-the congress party of india – then they badly need brain surgery with an immediate effect.

    this is what i wrote on 3rd of march,2014 – before ‘dalal-kejriwal’ proceeded to create havoc in ‘gujrat’ : you may read : congress & it cronies ready to hit modi big time, this time, their weapon – who else, but kejriwal.



  12. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:30:41

    hi aap-bhakts

    the virus – kejriwal has really gone deep into you & has affected the most important organ of the body – your brain and before it gets too late – you seriously need a brain surgery that too with an immediate effect.

    lots & lots of regard to highly educated & knowledgeable aap-bhakts. take very good care of yourself.


  13. ashley1888
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 22:33:18

    hi all

    my heart goes out for this guy – he is fighting all alone literally all alone. he is working round the clock all around the country for his party – for us – for Bharat Maa & yet, he is being destroyed by his own senior partymen very cunningly-very shrewdly.

    extremely sorry to say, but it will be nothing less than a miracle if bjp, delhi manages to win more than 2 to 3 seats out of the available 7 seats. they have completely screwed up in delhi and their campaign in delhi can only be termed as absolute abysmal and all the credit goes to bjp, delhi incharge and if & if, at all they manages to win even those 2 or 3 seats – even then it will be – not because of bjp – but because of bjp loyal voters and because of – ‘A Man Of Mettle – Narendra Modi’.

    so, for the first time i pray to god and appeal to all the voters in delhi and all over india to ‘Vote For Modi – ‘Vote For BJP – Win All 7 Seats Of Delhi – Win All Seats Of India’ – this is a do or die election for all of us because – if not this time then forget any other time.

    hey, everybody – though bjp too has some shortcomings but still, it is the only ‘Patriotic Party’ left in this country and don’t forget it has our country’s most honest-most dedicated & most dependable – braveheart – Modi – who is out there – to actually change our india – to make a self-reliant india – powerful india – united india.

    regards to all 125+ crores of people and – yes – Vote For Modi – Vote For India


  14. ashley1888
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 11:55:08

    hi all

    snakes sheds their skins many a times but they never changes – their tact – their taste – their food – it remains as it is.

    and you can not ward them off by offering them milk – if you want to survive then – their fangs & venom needs to be removed and if it is not done then – extremely sorry to say – but then – they need to be crushed – they need to be ……………..



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