beware bjp – massive Infiltration is On

hi all

the rules are very simple – if you can not beat them – befriend them. if you can not defeat them – join them and if you can not eliminate them – Infilterate them. however, in all the probabilities – the goal still remains the same – yes – to beat – to defeat – to eliminate – to kill. only the tactics becomes different – and the modus operandi becomes to come close to them – to be good to them – to be loyal to them – in a nutshell – somehow, to remain near to them and then waiting for your turn – waiting for your opportunity – waiting for your moment and when that somebody has lowered his guard – has stopped bothering about you – has stopped being worried about you – rather started taking care of you – then – yes – then strike – then stab – then kill.

do remember, everybody – infiltration is always engineered – infiltration is always designed and infiltration is always done at the ‘Orders’ and orders are issued in this country by ‘One’ – one & only ‘One’ and the ‘Order’ goes to : satpal maharaj, jagdambika pal, mj akbar, aijaj llmi, nk singh, udit raj – all ‘modi-haters’ of the best quality and all servants of ‘Maalkin’ of the top order.

let’s start with Satpal Maharaj :

just for information :Satpal Maharaj’s loyal & obedient wife’s name is Amrita Rawat and she is state tourism and child welfare minister in current Congress govt. in uttrakhand and she has ‘Vowed’ to continue with the great Congress govt. and party and even ‘Mr. Harish Rawat’ – chief minister, uttrakhand – has reposed absolute faith in her. just think -can a long serving loyal congressman & now a turncoat-satpal maharaj leave his wife at the mercy of Congress without the full consent of ‘Maalkin’. for the record-BJP just couple of months back wanted amrita rawat to be removed from the cabinet and infact, agitated against her & satpal maharaj for a CBI probe in a huge scam – where amrita rawat as a head of horticulture deptt. provided heavy subsidies to nurseries owned by her husband & son. how’s that – felt good at this very little piece of information.

Jagdambika Pal – one-who has served his entire life – more than 20 years with Congress through thick & thin. to be precise – has been a very-very loyal servant of Congress sorry Gandhi family. I guess-that’s sum it up.

MJ Akbar – was a pet of gandhi family – is a pet of gandhi family & will remain a pet of gandhi family. In his entire career he has been like a ‘loyal servant’ to gandhi family – can a ‘servant’ – can a ‘doormat’ – can a slave – ever dare to ditch their masters. entire life – he has peddled lies, lies & lies against Modi – against BJP – against RSS not out of some facts or figures but out of ‘Sheer Orders’ from their masters. so how can he even think of going against his masters at the fag end of his career. the fact is – MJ Akbar has joined bjp because he has been told to join bjp.

similarly with Aijaj llmi – those who do not know will be glad to know that he is real brother of ‘shajia llmi’  of AAP. for the past one year-he was all over the news channels in the guise of ‘independent journalist’ and was speaking in favour of rahul gandhi & Congress and barking against modi -against BJP every time – all the time. so brother’s soul is with congress – sister is also with Congress -don’t frown – well, who are still living in wonder-dreams – just for them – ‘AAP’ is nothing but a gangster wing of Congress. so aijaj llmi joining BJP-is like another order to him from his masters nay ‘Maalkin’.

Udit Raj – the so called ‘dalit’ leader of this country – the fact is – one of the most dangerous characters of this country – his main achievements are – that he has worked all his life trashing-crushing & destroying hindus, hindu beliefs and hindu religion. he has been directly responsible for converting lacs & lacs of hindus into budhists, christians and muslims. he is the one – who is guilty of sowing seeds of poison and enmity among various hindus caste & communities and he has been doing this & all of this for many-many years. one more great piece about him-he is friends with all the enemies of our country like John Dayal, ambrose pinto of foreign funded-christian organisations – whose sole & lone aim is to convert all hindus into naxalites & christians and he has worked tirelessly with all of them all these years – not forgetting his deep relations with many fundamentalist muslim organisations as well and to top it all – he enjoys absolute support, encouragement & blessings of -well-who-who else-our ‘Maalkin’. so, such a india-hater is now with BJP and has been rewarded & awarded a loksabha ticket right away from north-west delhi. so be ready guys, riding on the modi wave – if at all-he manages to win – he will work for his sworn-enemies – only hindus, please – what happened – are you hitting you head to the wall – don’t do that – there is lot more in store for you.

NK Singh – another modi-hater to the core – otherwise, a well known ‘sarkari babu’ – former ‘IAS’ of our country-worked well under the supervision of Congress – enjoys good relations with almost all senior congress ministers and he too-like many feels privileged to be a loyal servant of the first family-the ‘Gandhi’s’ but when the chance of him joining politics came-he didn’t join his Masters nay Maalkin – Congress – he didn’t join BJP – though his younger brother ‘uday singh was in BJP (currently a sitting MP from purnia, Bihar) – he joined JD(U)-a regional party in year 2008 and since then he was with JD(U) and now-all of a sudden at the time of general election-2014 – he has joined ‘BJP’ & for what? it is informed to one & all that he was one of many hustlers – who was heard in radia tapes pimping for ‘reliance industries’ and one more thing that should be highlighted is-recently, when he was being interviewed on CNN-IBN by Congress paid journalist-‘rajdeep-sardard-desai just a day before joining BJP-he was asked his current position on modi for 2002 riots-whom he has criticised scathingly many a times in the past- though, avoided to comment on that this time around however, refused to absolve him from the direct complicity in 2002 riots – even now. so why the hell is he joining BJP-if not-for the ‘Orders’.

and there is one more ‘rogue’ who is itching to join BJP, nowdays – ‘Shahid Siddique’ – well – less said, the better because dalaals like him will be the first one to ‘Stab You in the Back’ at the slightest opportunity available to them.

how’s that !

but, don’t worry – our good old BJP seems oblivious to all. they are happy in their own wonderland and accepting them from all their heart. let me remind everybody that ‘Evil’ succeeds when the ‘Good’ do nothing or simply go to sleep. In these precarious, menacing & treacherous environments – extremely sorry to say but no hope seem to be emanating from ‘RSS’- though, the only trustworthy-nationalistic & patriotic organisation in our country but seems to have got stuck in some time warp & have completely lost pace with time and neither from ‘BJP’ the only political party with some vision-with some ideas & with some credibility but seems to have gone dead – totally dead on the ground in most parts of our country and have stopped working – with the people-in their territory-in the fields-in the streets long-long back and the stark examples are the results of general election-2004, general election-2009.

now, who are we left with – yes – who – who else but ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’-the honest-dedicated-braveheart – who is fighting against all odds – against all adversaries – against all enemies of our country – congress & the gang and its entirely-purely & solely modi & his personal team’s gigantic-mammoth & colossol efforts – which are the main reasons that at last if at all we managed to see some relief-some hope-some light of the day and one little example of that was – witnessing the huge win of BJP in three assembly elections of madhya pradesh, rajasthan & chhattisgarh in nov.-dec.,2013 – where BJP not only defeated the congress but completely decimated them and hence I sincerely hope he will see through these deceptions-these designs-these frauds – after all, time & again – he has proved out to be the master strategist-brilliant planner & outstanding executor – in short – the ‘Baap’ of them all.

so beware, congress-servants – you have been tracked – you have been identified & you are being watched.




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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 19:04:37

    hi all

    since its establishment in 1885 – Congress never changed its face even once. it was given birth by the Britishers – run chiefly by the indian fronts of Britishers and then continued to look after the interests of Britishers

    and Congress continues to do that till date and whenever some nationalist or patriot managed to reach at the top of it – they were made to resign or they were suppressed like ‘Subhash Chandra Bose’ and ‘Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’.

    Just think of it – Britishers had full control over all mediums of communication and infact – they were the ones who were running it. they used to decide what is to be published and what not – who is to be made ‘Hero’ or who is to be made ‘Villain’. so Congress becoming the ‘talk of the nation’ was absolutely their brainchild and Gandhiji the ‘Hero’ was their handiwork.

    yes, India needs to get rid of Congress because then only India can remain in one piece and Indians can live in peace – but work has increased bit more now as lot of Congress leftovers have spread all across India – so they need to be decimated as well.

    well – no problems at all – we are ready even for this.



  2. ashley1888
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 14:51:39

    hi all

    the ‘greed of power’ can break anybody but the ‘madness for power’ can completely destroy that somebody – and – unfortunetly that’s what seems to have gone wrong with ‘Jayalalitha.

    the conversion of nitish kumar, bihar c.m. to ‘Mulla’-nitish kumar is one such example of that.

    the fact that the likes of udaykumar & his gang have been allowed to be nourished & flourished in tamilnadu reflects poor on her and don’t forget that in the last one year itself – 5 prominent active workers of BJP & its affiliates including BJP state general secretery – v.ramesh have been brutally murdered in full broad daylight in jayalalitha’s tamilnadu by those very fundamentalist muslim & christian organisations which have already spread their bloody tentacles all over india under the direct support & patronage of most corrupt-most communal & most criminal party of the world – congress.

    remember, the huge escalation of ‘vishwaroopam’ issue was not just the fallout of AIADMK & DMK rivalry or that movie-rights issue for her party’s channel-jaya but was a demonstration of tacit support to those fundamentalist muslim forces & their causes and concern.

    to be very honest with you – now – we are left with ‘narendra damodardas modi’ only.



  3. ashley1888
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 20:08:41

    hi all

    jayalalitha going ahead with kudankulam plant is no big deal – very high commercial stakes were involved – supreme court also decided in favour of nuclear plant – she had no choice & she conveniently cut a deal with the corrupt centre govt. of congress.

    for your kind information : vishwaroopam issue was raised by muslim fanatics not by any hindu organisations and those very muslim extremists protested against it all across as they feared that muslim maniacs ie. taliban’s real face was getting exposed in that film and very cunningly – sensing this as an opportunity to establish her muslims soooorry secular credentials – jaya jiiiii allowed all of this to happen.

    and as far as conversions are concerned – the very fact that she has allowed thousands and lacs of conversions to take place under her nose tells you a lot that she started off well but she is not the same person anymore.

    and mind you – if she has allowed some hindu temples to flourish then she has also allowed so many prominent BJP workers and members to get attacked & get killed.

    and how about her recent behaviour which exposes her completely – with just one state in her pocket – she wants to become PM and rule the entire Bharat – i mean – if she is so interested – why don’t she work for that all across ‘Bharat’ as Mr. Modi is doing it – day in day out – every day every night – non stop – 24×7 and precisely for this ‘madness for power’ ie. this ‘madness to become PM’ that has made her compromise on her hindu values & hindu beliefs.

    well, having said all of this – let me admit that even with all this – at present, at least in tamilnadu – she is the best option among all thieves as rest are big-time hindu haters – traitors and-and sorry to say – terrorists.



  4. ashley1888
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 22:08:32

    hi all

    one bad fish spoils the whole pond and here corrupt-communal-criminal-congress-created thousands and lacs of blood-thirsty sharks have swallowed up lacs & lacs of indians – trillions & trillions dollars worth of our wealth-resources & reserves – priceless pride & glory of all of us-indians and still roaming around all across and trying-trying & trying to kill ‘modi’ all for a cause – ‘destroy india – break india – kill india’ – of course.

    and narendra damodardas modi has managed to thwart them for long – but – with our country at stake – now – it’s no longer a ‘one man’ job & it’s time to stand up & do our bit & rise above all and save him and save our ‘Bharat Maa’ from these enemies-from these traitors-from these wolves for once & for all.

    and all we need is master strategy – excellent planning – brilliant execution and military like precision and that’s all – yes – that’s all.

    Jai Maa Bharat


  5. ashley1888
    Apr 06, 2014 @ 06:05:48

    hi all

    have you ever given a thought to it that why n.k singh & pavan varma – both former-bureaucrats – one an IAS officer & other an IFS officer respectively and both extremely loyal servants of corrupt-communal-criminal-congress govt.- when decided to plunge into politics joined JD(U)-a regional party and not their masters-the national party-congress – when they could have easily joined one and they too would have been welcomed there gladly and where they could have had far-better opportunities & lucrative positions – then why on earth – a JD(U).

    now, be ready to get the shock of your life – they did so – because they were told to do so – they were ‘Congress Plant’ – they were planted in JD(U) to brainwash their top-hierarchy – to convert its head-nitish kumar, bihar c.m. into a muslim soooorry secular nitish – the mulla-nitish kumar and to make him dream big – dream ‘PM’ with the help of ever lasting – long lasting & very elastic – the default ‘God’ of india – Congress.

    and voila – didn’t they do their job well – infact, more than that they ever imagined – not only nitish broke off from BJP but along the way destroyed himself completely and for your kind information – after all of this – ‘nk singh’ has kicked him and recently joined BJP – well-again as per the wishes – as per the orders and ‘pavanu’ – well, don’t worry – pretty soon – he too will be seen in his next assignment – you see – once a loyal servant – always a loyal servant nay secular servant.

    hey guys – here’s more – have you ever wondered why ‘pavan varma’ though belonging to a regional party JD(U) is seen in almost every debate or discussion of all the leading news channels every day every night – well – he specializes in two things – first is modi bashing & second – modi bashing to unlimited length and no points for guessing – who loves modi to its death – our corrupt-communal-criminal – congress – who else and who controls all the news channels in india – again our ‘triple-c’ – congresss. so isn’t it safe to say that ‘congress ka haath – pavan varma ke saath’.

    lots of regards to both of them.


  6. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:03:35

    hi all

    can we crib about people choosing crap. the issue is did bjp do enough or for that matter of fact – did we do enough to make them aware about that crap-aap

    and the answer of that is – Big – ‘No’.


  7. ashley1888
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:06:40

    hi aap bhakt – saksham kumar

    it seems you have gone complete blind in aap-bhakti. get your eyes checked or rather get you mind checked immediately at some reputed hospital near you.

    and just do not – read carefully – just do not forget to take some aap-minister along with you – one more reminder – media persons along with camera – must – why ?

    don’t you know lot of corruption in hospitals as well – you can have great pictures & videos of your ministers shouting at those ‘ corrupt – doctors’.

    sorry, but one more reminder – do it ‘late at night as late as possible’ – after all – aap-ministers are freely available only ‘late at night’ and naturally – it will have more impact and then as a ‘fundamental right’ the entire ‘aap-govt.’ along with ‘God – Kejriwal’ can sit at ‘dharna’ along with you – for you – as always.

    great going – aap-bhakts

    special regards to you


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