enjoy everybody, it’s just a sweet little tweet

hi all

let’s laugh – let’s have some masti – let’s have some fun – what – you are asking, why ? – i mean, why not – after all – what you do when you hear – something unusual – something out of nature – something out of blue. well, either you get stumped – you get angry or at some point of the time, you leave all your normal expressions behind and simply laugh, do lots of masti & fun – isn’t it – now, without wasting even a single minute – let’s see this piece-sorry-tweet at once – ”terrorist bhatkal friend join BJP, soon accepting dawood” – author – ‘mukhtar abbas naqvi’ – BJP

hey, everybody – now, that the cat is out of the bag – then – as we decided – ‘Laugh’ – just ‘Laugh’ – what – still maintaining a straight face – well, we just discussed about it – didn’t we – oh, common !  don’t be shy – don’t be nervous – don’t be a party pooper – so let’s try again – here, we go – ‘Laugh’ – ha ha …. good – good – ‘Laugh’ Louder – ha ha ha ha …………… very-very good – now, ‘Laugh’ your heart out’ – Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ……………………………………………  – Brilliant.

now, as we had a great laugh – had a great time – so let’s go back to our homes – let’s go back to our ‘routine’ – let’s go back to look after our mundane affairs – lots of stuff to do – and let’s see what will we get to eat in our dinner – and today, we will definitely have some desserts after the dinner – what say – don’t we deserve that – after all – we laughed today a lot – and now, we are really tired and drained out – so we ‘do’ deserve it………………….. bye-bye everybody – have a great time & have a sound sleep and-yes-don’t bring me in your dreams – what – what – don’t – don’t – please don’t do that – stop – stop – for God’s sake – stop – ok – Ok  – i admit – i won’t do it again – i promise – is it Ok with you – Thanks – Thanks a lot – now, let’s start once again – where were we – ya – ya – the tweet – that little tweet – from where it all started – isn’t it – so, here we go :

when was the last time you heard of a creature called – mukhtar abbas naqvi – when was the last time you heard him of saying anything controversial-anything important or for that matter-anything worth mentioning and when was the last time you heard of him being on twitter and not only that but also – tweeting – i mean – since the beginning of twitter in india or since the ‘craze’ & ‘rage’ of twitter in india – when was the last time you heard of – even a single news – in any national or local-news channel, prints mediums like newspaper or magazines – of any of his tweet – absolutely wonderful – isn’t it. i mean – BJP person/spokesperson calling someone – terrorist – ‘very unusual’ because BJP spokespersons are considered cows in indian media – who never dares to call even a terrorist a terrorist. Then ‘The Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’ issuing an outrageous statement like this & not only that but horribly-linking his own party to underworld & terrorists – ‘completely out of nature’ and literally ‘shocking’ – as he has never done this in the past even once and then tweeting something like this – on the eve of general elections-2014 – I mean – ‘out of the blue’ – absolute ‘dreadful’.

and here lies the catch – in his entire political career – he has never uttered – forget about a sentence – even a single word of this magnitude – even for his bête-noire-Congress-the current ruling party-whom he & his party BJP is fighting – for the last 10 long years – that Congress – who is the most corrupt – most communal – most criminal party of this world – that Congress – who is sole & lone responsible for destroying India & its more than 125 crores of people – that Congress – who is criminally guilty of dividing our entire country on the basis of region – caste and religion that too on monstrous proportions – that Congress – who has engineered hundreds of massacres – thousands of hindu-muslim riots and lacs & lacs of killing all across the country over all these years and who hates BJP to the hilt and who has tried every trick of the trade & even out of the trade to destroy BJP (whom he is integral & important part of) and its most precious, most cherished, most revered person – narendra damodardas modi for years – for so-so many years and not only that he has never spoken a single abusive word, forget about abusive word – even a relatively bad word against so many of BJP hardcore haters & opponents – almost everybody -aam aadmi party, bsp, sp, jdu, dmk, ncp, bjd, cpi, cpi-m, naxalites – even for once.

and now the most stunning thing among all – for everybody’s kind information- mr. naqvi himself has faced mr. sabir ali – ”terrorist bhatkal-friend” fame – on hundreds of news channels debates thousand of times but not once – read very-very carefully – not even once he dared to call him terrorist or anybody close to terrorist – leave alone the word terrorist – he didn’t murmur even a single-single bad word against him even when his party & mr. modi were thrashed-slammed & lambasted by him in all those tv-news debates every time-all the time-unlimited no. of times. then-how come – how on earth – he wrote such a language – how come-he went on to call someone-a friend of terrorist and on top of it – how the hell – he went on to ridicule his own party along with it that too in such a brutal manner and to the extent that it left the entire BJP – shell shocked-speechless & humiliated in front of – entire hostile print & electronic media-all the opposition & enemies of BJP – even its own hard-core & ardent supporters and 125+ crores of people of this nation.

well – guys – got baffled – got confused – got completely puzzled.

don’t be – please don’t be – rather get ready to know the ugly-nasty & dangerous truth behind it because that sweet little tweet – which started it all was nothing but a shocking piece of admission-evidence & confirmation – yes – confirmation – of what’s wrong with the BJP – what’s going on with the BJP and the most important of all – the games being played out with the BJP – do you want to know this – do you really want to know this-i hope we all do-so-let’s start :

but before we proceed further – first of all – let’s know our man a bit – the man in question – the fall guy – the so called ‘victim’ in all of this – ‘sabir ali’ – well – to be very honest – there is nothing to write home about him – infact, whatever bad can be said about a person – it all seems to be associated with him – sample this : his name had figured as one of the accused in brutal murder of music moghul & t-series founder – gulshan kumar, it is said that ‘terrorist-yasin bhatkal’ who, at present – is in police custody was once arrested from sabir ali’s residence in mumbai & like many other hypocrites – he too has been found justifying muslim extremism many a times in the past on one pretext or the another and just to remind one & all – that he is a serial party hopper as well – he keeps changing his party as per the conveniences – before seeking an entry into BJP he was with JD(U) & before that – interestingly – he has been with RJD & LJP as well – all regional parties of bihar – so you can safely say – he is a serial political turncoat, a swindler & a rank opportunist and now – last but not least – he was a top of the chart – modi-hater – since march, last year ie. year 2013 – few months before the official break-up of JD(U) coalition with BJP – he started being seen all over the news channels be it hindi or English – as a spokesperson of JD(U) every day – every hour with only agenda & one official brief and that is – modi-bashing and he did this to the hilt and he did it so well that he became every news channel’s darling – so guys, that’s sabir ali – his great achievements and skills.

however, having said all of that & all of this – it must be noted that before sabir’s induction into BJP – our ‘metal-detector’-mr. naqvi had no issues with ‘all of this’ & never raised his voice – opinion & concern against any of this but the moment sabir-bhai jaan put his first leg in – he beeped-screamed & screeched and created tremors in his own building. so you see not all is ‘hunky-dory’ with him. well-the fact is-it’s a clear cut case of personal-jealousy, fear of competition & feeling of insecurity – getting better of him and-and someone’s orders – that’s why he didn’t allow ‘sabir in. for your information – he is one of the most prominent-notable & respected muslim person in BJP along with ‘shahnawaz hussain’ and he is – not only an official spokesperson of the party but someone who commands considerable clout, influence & pull in the party – infact-he is a key member in many of the BJP’s decision making committees and plays key role in many important decisions of the party and why not – after all – get ready to get the ‘jolt’ of your life – he is national vice president of BJP – how’s that ! and all of this – even though – he is a muslim – well, the fact of the life is – he along with shahnawaz – enjoys these privileges & honour – like any-any other senior ‘hindu’ – called as brahmins or from upper castes – for a long-long periods of time – without any bias-without any discrimination & without any prejudices.

well – the emphasize – on him ‘being muslim’ is because BJP has been branded-has been tagged & has been declared as a ‘hindus only’ party – hence – ‘communal’ party – opposed to muslims – since its inception – permanently – by whom – well – obviously-by the ruling party of this country – the most corrupt-most communal & most criminal-ie.-‘triple-c’ – Congress who ruled us for more than 60 years out of 67 years since independance and still ruling us and with the active connivance-collusion & complicity of congress funded-congress managed & congress controlled – entire electronic & print news media and through hundreds & thousands of congress paid journalists, so called- intellectuals, thinkers, writers, media celebrities & political analysts – and for what – the horrible truth is – to keep our country divided on hindu-muslim lines – to create fear, hatred & anger among muslims for BJP & for hindus & to detach-disconnect & alienate muslims from BJP & from hindus forever & ever – and all of this conspiracy – all of this criminality – all of this fraud – for what – for what – for one & only one purpose – to rule india – to rule Indians – to remain the master of entire country’s destiny-wealth & reserves – forever & ever & ever.

and that’s exactly what happened in this short ‘tweet’ story – the moment sabir ali was brought in – mr. naqvi got restless-got nervous-got panicked as he saw an imminent danger-lurking threat & tensed future – to his chair-to his position-to his absolute rule in BJP of the last 15 years in ‘him’ and for the first time-he got frightened at this very thought of – an aggressive speaker-effective communicator-fierce competitor and most important among all-a young muslim-taking on-all the opponents of BJP in various live news channel’s debates all across every day every night – energetically-effectively & decisively – because whatever we say about sabir ali’s shortcomings – opportunism-chequered past-dubious activities or alleged terrorist links but one thing we can be sure of – and that is – that he is an excellent rhetorician and has quite an hold and impact over lots of muslims especially young muslims in the state of bihar – his main action field.

and with his – loud speaking-logic & convincing skills – let me assure you that he would have influenced-convinced & brought lots and lots of muslim – not only from his state bihar but from all over the country in favour of modi-in favour of BJP –  in which – unfortunetly-sadly & distressingly – mr. naqvi and even ‘shahnawaz’ failed miserably for all these years – for so-so many years and even being ‘muslim themselves’ and being so ‘senior’ & holding so many responsible and decision making positions – they could never-ever convince the muslims regarding BJP’s indigenous view-official view & practised view of equal – read one more time – equal respect-equal admiration & equal freedom for all religions-yes-for all religions which exist in this universe and forget about that-they could never put ‘BJP’s arguments’ on any topic-matter & issue – in front of muslims with any logic or reason-and-to their satisfaction-whereas sabir ali would have done exactly the opposite and would have solved the riddle of non muslim connect of BJP to some extent – which is their main cause of worry-main cause of concern and depriving them on crores and crores of muslim votes all across the states-all across the nation and thereby, keeping them away from the eventual tally or magic tally of  272 seats ie. the halfway mark in electoral calculations – which is necessary to come to power again on its own or with its staunch allies to ‘serve’ this nation.

and so it was this very fear of losing his power, position and grip on its party which forced him to do what he did – which was otherwise unthinkable – even in the wildest dreams but here is something very interesting as well – though we all know that mr. naqvi is a mediocre-average & pedestrian speaker or spokesperson of BJP and he has proved this time & again with great conviction in hunreds and thousands of debates & discussion of news channels he has participated – in the last so many years-but-even in terms of ground work or field work he has been completely pathetic – otherwise – how will you explain that he could never hold any rally of substantial gathering of muslim persons -where he would have tried to dispel this anti-muslim image – this false notion and why-why couldn’t he convince the media-public & the entire country that BJP is not anti-muslim rather it is a ‘victim’ of false accusations-absolute lies & wilful propaganda of corrupt-communal Congress & its huge gang of criminals in the guise of journalists-political analysts & decorated news anchors and here-in lies the answer-the shocking answer-he didn’t do all of this or any of this till date and now-he didn’t allow someone else-to do this-as well because-because – he was told to do this-yes-he was told to do this -well guys- the sheer contempt-humiliation & brutality for BJP in his tweet exposed that fully that-unfortunetly-he has been compromised and he worked as per the ‘orders’-strict orders and do remember-there is only ‘one’ in this country who gives orders-who offers sweets.

and for what-well-the same good ol’ reason- they want to keep the BJP’s anti-muslim image going-they do not want BJP to gain any muslim vote-even a single muslim vote-and they don’t want any positive signal emanating from BJP towards muslims-to reach muslims – that – now, muslims have also started joining BJP and they are no more ‘untouchables’ and all of this-on the eve of general election-2014 – so – keeping muslims away from BJP is not coincidental but a deliberate ploy-well planned strategy and as mentioned earlier- as per the orders because if this myth of ‘BJP being-anti muslim’ gets busted then Congress will never come to power neither at any state nor at the centre at any time to come as it’s only the muslim votes that they strategise to garner ‘en-masse’ from muslims at any election and every election but the most worrisome aspect is that it keeps the entire muslim vote away from BJP and the ‘rest of the communties’ votes get split among Congress-BJP and n-no. of regional parties or players and this very calculation is the source of all evils-getting votes based on caste-community & religion and this very evil keeps demon-Congress & its entire gang of almost all regional parties of india – in power and that’s exactly what they want and that’s exactly what they have been doing and that’s exactly what they will contine to do so in times to come – because they very well know that BJP is the most patriotic party and scores way above Congress on all parameters of governance and perform much-much better than anybody else & everybody else – for agriculture-for industries-for healthcare-for social welfare-for infrastructure-for women-for labourers-for farmers-for servicemen-for businessmen-for our ‘People’-for our ‘Motherland’-for our ‘Maa Bharat’.

and now a little word about our ‘two gentle-men’ – well- all i would say is that – they are pawns-but mind you- very important pawns-in this big-bad gameplan of Congress. mr. naqvi has got exposed and now he will be under the radar of suspicion and mr. ali – well-don’t worry-it’s just a miniscule setback for him-after all-we shouldn’t forget that-other than many qualities – he possesses one more skill and that is-he is a muslim and muslim with good vocal chords-clout over his community & not being in BJP – makes him a great ‘secular’ and you know, what – seculars never sits idle in this country or for that matter of fact-in any country and remains evergreen-everybody’s attraction & all time favourites – had he joined BJP-he would have been a ‘boon’ for ‘it’ but as he couldn’t get in – no probs – he will be a ‘boon’ for-whosoever is against ‘it’ and almost everybody is against ‘it’ & infact-there is total consensus among everybody atleast on ‘it’ – so – so – pretty soon-he will be seen – speaking-shouting & abusing his main-opponent – BJP – as he used to do earlier very effectively-very cunningly-very treacherously – on behalf of Congress & its criminal gang of regional parties or with new bogus entrant-on behalf of Congress gangster wing-AAP and if nothing works out accordingly then – tried & tested method of – as an congress paid-independent analyst – after all – destroy BJP-destroy hindus-destroy country – is very much ‘ON’ – & – in full swing and this noble work needs many-many more like him – so – our good luck – good wishes & good bye to him.

hey guys, what happened – something seems wrong – something seems amiss – something seems different – hey-hey – stop-stop – why are you looking at me – why are you staring at me – why are you getting angry at me – hey – i warned you – i warned you in the beginning itself – didn’t I – then what this fuss is all about then – didn’t i tell you – we will discuss a sweet little tweet – sweet  – ok, i agree – it wasn’t – but – little – well – a ‘little bit’ more than little – don’t you think so – what – ok-ok – i concede – even little – it wasn’t – happy now – but one thing – i’m 100% sure about it and that is – that we enjoyed it thoroughly – we had one hell of a time – we all had a blast – didn’t we – so, what say – maAn ! – are we Ok – are we cooool – hey-hey – no-no – this is not right – this is not done – aabe – ‘Bachaao’ – ‘Bachaao’ – ‘Bhaaaago’ – ‘Bhaaaago’ – aare bhaiyaa – i am running – sorry – hha – i can’t say even ‘regards to you all’ – phir milenge – thud aaaahhhh………………. somebody hhhhelp, pleaseeee…………………………..


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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 07:50:33

    hi all – the truth seekers

    there are hundreds of cereals which you can have for your health – they are found in different-different shapes – sizes & functions under the same sunlight – under the same sun.

    does that make any one cereal less important than the other or the rest of them – at the end of the day – they all contribute to the health.

    they are all meant to benefit us – try all of them



  2. ashley1888
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 08:02:44

    hi prasanth – the Christian Preacher

    who killed 84 year old – hindu saint – swami laxmananda saraswati – you know who – ‘Your Angels’ – go & seek blessings from them.



  3. ashley1888
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 07:26:01

    hi all – the truth seeker

    it seems you are getting drowned in your own intellect. don’t worry-we are all here to save you.

    pretty soon – you will come out of it with all your light & radiance.



  4. ashley1888
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 16:09:02

    hi all – the enjoy seeker

    we need you – we will always remain with you – we have lots of hopes attached with you – so keep reminding us about you

    lots of regards to you


  5. ashley1888
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 07:03:56

    hi all

    there is one ‘gentleman’ who is educating all the Indians about secularism & communalism in all his tv-debates for the past 15 days – non-stop.

    and his name is ‘Arnab – Dalaal’.



  6. ashley1888
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 07:21:13

    hi all

    it is ‘You’ – ‘Me’ & ‘All of Us’ – who will have to stand up-take charge & rise – riSE & RISE above all – then & only then we can save ourselves-save our fellow countrymen and save our ‘Bharat-Maa’.

    we all have remember one thing in life : ‘Evil’ succeeds when ‘good-ones’ do nothing or simply go to sleep.



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