hey pakistan, enjoy – india too is a ‘muslim’ nation

hi all

it’s good to be in pakistan today – there is celebration-jubilation & ovation all around – people are having party-having masti-having lots of fun – and – I have just heard – the entire pakistan is on cloud nine – they never felt so good – not even when javed miandad had hit chetan sharma for a six on the last ball of the match to win that epic contest – that final – that trophy at sharjah in 1986 which created a frenzy, hysteria & literally madness in the entire pakistan that they started wondering that – ‘alas’ – had that been the battle-field rather than a cricket-field – then they would have had the entire kashmir and then the azaan at jama-masjid, delhi would have reverberated all across their country-however that not to be-but something better-bigger & bolder has happened this time around which has created this euphoria-elation & excitement which has never been witnessed before and infact, it is being said quite candidly by one & all including the present establishment & the ‘all supreme army’ that there is no need to crib about kashmir-kashmir all the time-and-pakistan might not even require to fight with india militarily after a while.

after all – there is an age old consensus among muslims that muslim brothers never fights with muslim brothers and muslim countries should not confront muslim countries on any matter – so that pretty much settles the matter-settles the argument and settles the ‘reason’ for all this extreme happiness on part of this great nation – what did you say – what did you just say – I mean – I didn’t get it – did I listen it correctly – did I understand it correctly or you have completely gone out of your mind – for God’s sake-oh sorry-for Allah’s sake – I mean – muslim country not fighting with muslim country – what do you mean by that – pakistan is a muslim country-that we all know about-but india being a muslim country – have you gone nuts – have you lost all you senses – how dare you – how dare you call India-a muslim country-you should be beaten-you should be punished-you should be prosecuted – what say – would you like to say sorry for this – hey-hey – wait-wait – don’t be in haste – don’t be judgmental & please-please – don’t get rattled – just let me share this piece with you and then you can go hammer & tongs against me-anyone & everyone.

syed ahmed bukhari – the shahi imam of jama masjid, delhi – the hard-core muslim cleric – who is appointed by muslims & only muslims – who is appointed for muslims & only muslims – who works for muslims & only muslims – who spends his entire life for muslims & only muslims and who holds considerable clout-impact & control over lacs & crores of muslims & only muslims – in short – ‘of muslim-for muslim-by muslim’ – and who once famously praised ‘the most dreaded terrorist-osama bin laden for his great work of killing-so many kafirs-ie.-non-muslims and who has justified muslim terrorism in india-many a times in the past – as a fallout of so called-hindu atrocities on muslims-which he keeps dreaming-imagining & preaching every other day & every other night and who incidentally – is also a ‘wanted’ in a criminal case of assaulting ‘on duty-police officers & civic agencies officials’ & has many ‘non-bailable warrants’-issued against him by courts of law in that particular case since year 2001-to his credit.

recently, this great muslim person of immaculate image did something ‘superb’  for our country – he met the ‘maalkin’ of this country to discuss the welfare-well being & wellness of this country – in other words – how to keep all the ‘seculars’ in this country-united and thereby, keep the country safe-sound & secure from all the ‘communals’ of this country who are slowly & steadily getting united and then they both scratched one-another’s back and afterwards – maalkin was declared – a ‘secular’ person by him and this ‘secular’ person was declared – a ‘secular’ by maalkin and then this great ‘secular’ issued an statement to all the ‘seculars’-all the ‘seculars’ of this country to remain united and vote only & only for ‘secular’ party-ie.-congress party of maalkin because then & only then india will continue to remain a great country-a ‘secular’ country-full of ‘secularists’ and then straightaway – maalkin’s gang of servants at congress and maalkin’s gang of criminals – of journalists, intellectuals & political analysts acknowledged that india is a ‘secular’ country and will continue to remain ‘secular’ as long as ‘seculars’ remains united and ‘communals’ remains divided.

hi guys – keep your ear – nose – mouth and eyes wide-wide open and read this ‘para’ one more time :

recently, this great ‘muslim’ person of immaculate image did something ‘superb’  for our country – he met the ‘maalkin’ of this country to discuss the welfare-well being & wellness of this country – in other words – how to keep all the ‘muslims’ in this country-united and thereby, keep the country safe-sound & secure from all the ‘hindus’ of this country who are slowly & steadily getting united and then they both scratched one-another’s back and afterwards – maalkin was declared – a ‘muslim’ person by him and this ‘muslim’ person was declared – a ‘muslim’ by maalkin and then this great ‘muslim’ issued an statement to all the ‘muslims’-all the ‘muslims’ of this country to remain united and vote only & only for ‘muslim’ party-ie.-congress party of maalkin because then & only then india will continue to remain a great country-a ‘muslim’ country-full of ‘islamists’ and then straightaway – maalkin’s gang of servants at congress and maalkin’s gang of criminals – of journalists, intellectuals & political analysts acknowledged that india is a ‘muslim’ country and will continue to remain ‘muslim’ as long as ‘muslims’ remains united and ‘hindus’ remains divided.

how’s that ! – had fun – ‘secular = muslim and communal = hindus’ – now – what say – still angry with me – still staring at me – finding it difficult to digest this stark ‘muslim’ reality of this country-our country – now tell me – does pakistan need to fight with india – does pakistan need to keep talking about kashmir-kashmir – the answer is  ‘No’ – ‘Big No’ – as long as this congress party sorry secular party sorry muslim party of ‘maalkin’ remains in power – they don’t need – they absolutely don’t need to do any of this – after all ‘muslim brothers’ will sort out their matter with ‘muslim brothers’ amicably and it’s just a matter of right plan, right time & right circumstances – and what dear ‘pakistan’ will wait for – and for what – to get kashmir – no – to get large-large parts of india along with kashmir and till then – destroy india continues but with one difference and that is-destroy india internally – engineering hindu-muslim riots and massacres of monstrous proportions – conversion of hindus into muslims & christians at massive scale – further dividing hindus on the basis of different-different castes through quota-reservation & special favours to one community or one caste over other caste or community – throwing lots of smut-filth & dirt at hinduism & hindus so much so that making word ‘hinduism’ literally a synonym for ‘sin’ and ‘hindus’-as some threat to the nation and representing evils – and in between of all of this – pakistan will be allowed to  keep the beneficial ‘terrorism’ going – where they do not suffer a zilch but bleed many-many innocent indians to death – kill many-many innocent children-women-young & old-ones-at will through bomb-blasts-through suicide bombings-through hurling grenades & gun-firing-on the lines of ’26/11′ terrorist attack in mumbai-at crowded places & markets – hindus only & hindus dominated -of course-as a pre-requisite.

and – now – last but not the least – do remember – when nothing succeeds then – a friend in need is a friend indeed – didn’t get it – well-well – how did you forget ‘china’ in all of this – don’t they deserve a mention – a word or ‘a look-in’ – in this. after all – they are offering billions of dollors worth of ‘infrastructure-ports-arms & ammunition to every-every neighbouring country of india-almost-as freebies-not for nothing – isn’t it – they have encircled the entire india from all directions-for what-to play kho-kho – kabaddi or ‘fixer-men’s great game-Cricket – and when pakistan will cry-shout & scream – wouldn’t they jump to help – wouldn’t they form a team – wouldn’t they proceed to fulfill-all ‘it’s’ wishes-demands & needs – remember – a friend in …………………. – so-so – joint ‘paak-cheen’ military effort towards india in future-mind you all-is not-a figment of imagination-an illusion or a dream.

hey-hey – stop-stop – in the midst of all this – an important announcement – a flight from pakistan is just about to land at indian airport and a huge delegation of pakistani – muslim parliamentarians-muslim intellectuals-muslim writers-muslim historians-muslim media celebrities & muslim journalists are on board-readying to get-off from it and there we go-they are entering into ‘welcome lounge’ and there-they all see a big placard right at the entrance-which read ”india is a secular country, welcome home” – well- they couldn’t have asked for more – all their jet lag-fatigue & misplaced doubts goes for a toss and they all jump in joy-they all yell in glee-they all give one another-a high five and then-they are greeted by lots of claps-applause & cheers by their indian-counterparts-means-secular parliamentarians-secular intellectuals-secular writers- secular d-secular g-secular f & secular-X- infinity………………………………………………………………….and it is learnt that a grand dinner has been organised-in their honour – where they will be served with the best of ‘non-veg’ food of all the continents – must say – brothers in arms-lost souls-a secular gang of thugs-goons & criminals.

far – far away from all this fun-fair & frolic – i see a huge gathering of people there – I don’t know – why – for what – they are there for – but – one thing is for sure – something quite sad-quite disturbing & quite tragic seems to have happened out here – oh my God – I’m sorry – I’m so-so sorry – let’s not go there – let’s leave it as it is – i can’t take this – i won’t be able to explain to you anything anymore – people out here are weeping-they are sobbing-they are crying – not only aged-not only youngsters but even small-small children are – in sorrow-in pain & in tears – what I’m going to tell you now is – i don’t know – how to say this – ok – let me try – no-no – it’s not working – I’m at loss of words – I’m literally speechless – and to be honest with you all – I’m almost at the verge of breaking down – my whole body seems to have gone ‘numb’ – here is lying-in front of me-the mutilated dead bodies of two of our bravehearts-our real heroes-our indian soldiers covered in the national tricolour – who got martyred – for their country-for their fellow countrymen-for all of us – while fighting with pakistani soldiers-pakistani terrorists-pakistani cowards and sitting beside ‘them’ are their fathers-their mothers-their wives-their little-little children and thousands & thousands of people from hundreds of villages of that region.

and for once i along with all of them got mad-enraged & outraged seeing the horrendous-barbaric & brutal torture meted out to our soldiers whose only fault was-that they happened to be -‘indian’ soldiers – i never dreamt even in my wildest dreams that one human would ever treat the other human in so inhuman-beastly & ghastly manner but one thing-it made everybody sure of – and that is – the hateful-rotten & awful upbringing-educations & influences of those pakistani soldiers -sorry- dirts-rats & dastards and it also exposed the entire pakistan army and pakistan’s bogus government-of being-full of beasts-vampires & monsters. suddenly – i heard a thunderous sound of ‘slap’ by an old lady to some senior minister of that state’s government – and then everybody went quiet – i realised – something unbelievable has happened – somebody so senior-infact-one of the senior-most minister – a slight correction – ‘muslim’ minister got slapped and yet everybody-everybody stood firm not for that ‘muslim’ minister but for that old woman and they forced that ‘muslim’ minister to leave that place at that same moment.

would you like to know-what happened between that lady and the minister – do you really want to know this – then equip yourself to hear this shocking answer which will blow your mind and will urge you to stand up-take charge & do everything to destroy the evil designs of all those demons-who cunningly-deceitfully & roguishly – have become masters of our destiny-our wealth & our nation – now – let’s hear this peace from that ‘muslim’ minister – he asked that lady – out of those two died soldiers-was anyone of them – a ‘secular’ soldier – read very-very carefully & one more time – was anyone of them a ‘secular’ soldier -and for what – so that his secular govt. could shower special awards-privileges & favours to that secular soldier – can you believe this – have you ever heard anything worse than this – can you still hold your anger and then i saw – it had changed everything – it had completely changed everything – just few moments back – everybody was crying but now nobody had any tears – they all had hatred-rage & seething anger for that ‘muslim’ minister-for his horrible crime & for their ‘sham’-secular state-govt.’s shameless support to that minister and they were really proud of that old woman and were brimming with pride-praise & salutes to our soldiers-our martyrs-our patriots who slayed their present for our better future – faught for the lives of 125+ crores of their fellow countrymen – sacrificed their life for their motherland.

by the way-do you want to know the name of that old woman – i’m sure-we all do – but does it matter – yes – for once-it does – her name was ‘abeedah’ ………………. – did you feel anything – no – well – i did – it meant-‘a tight slap from a proud indian & only indian to a ‘criminal’ minister & only ‘criminal’ minister- who wanted to divide the indian army-destroy the brotherhood among indians and create hatred-fear & suspicion among indians for one another – on the basis of religion. when i was about to leave – i heard another sound – one woman thundered that i will send my another child also to the indian army to serve this great nation and you all will be stunned to know this – you know what – that woman was the mother of one of those two brave soldiers. right now-i can’t tell you-how am i feeling – what is running inside me – what all emotions-i’m going through – these courageous indian women reinforced my belief in our knowledge-in our people & in our nation and i felt proud-i felt great-i felt honoured to be born in this country – to be a smallest particle of this great soil – to be a son of my Maa-Bharat.

regards to all Indians-who will not let this country down in the name of religion at the behest of crooks-criminals & anti-nationals and will make our india – the strongest nation of our planet earth – vande-mataram.


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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 03:50:08

    hi all

    you must be enjoying lots of interviews of narender modi-being given to many news agencies & news media recently and then being telecasted all across those news channels all over the country – well – good for channels-good for people-good for nation.

    however, something very interesting seems to be happening along with it and that is – interviews-interviews & interviews of angry young man – raj thackeray of MNS and criminal-communal & corrupt – azam khan of SP and that toooo being broadcasted on each & every news channel. you all must be thinking – what’s the big deal in it – they both speak well – they both commands considerable clout-impact & authority & they both deserve this opportunity – isn’t it – so what all the fuss is about – why are we discussing about it – ok – very well

    now tell me – when was the last time anyone of you saw any of the interview of ‘arnab-goswami’ of english news channel – times now – even with the top-most political personality being shown in any hindi news channel – read one more time – any hindi news channel ever before – the answer is ‘never before this’ – so here’s presenting this great interview at ‘news 24’ & ‘news express’ and that too – without any cuts-ditto-as it is.

    so what has happened so suddenly that ‘raj-bhaiyaa’s’ long-long interviews are being conducted by every news channel simultaneously – ‘india tv’ – ‘cnn ibn’ – ‘aaj tak’ – ‘ibnlive’ – ‘headlines today’ – you name it – he will be seen on it – has he done anything great-of late that he is getting so much footage-focus & attention – for your kind information – next phase of voting for Maharashtra is scheduled on 24th April – so all of it makes sense – isn’t it.

    now the interview part : ‘raj thackeray’ showing his inclination-his admiration-his support for modi-modi & only modi – is nothing but a farce-a fraud-a cunning political move. do remember that he has shown utter contempt for modi’s party-BJP in the past and even now-he hasn’t changed his colours – don’t forget that – this time around – he was cajoled by BJP & even by modi’s personal representative for – not to contest – not to field his candidates against BJP-Shiv Sena coalition and to withdraw from these elections – which is a do or die election for BJP – for people – for country – to stop the splitting of votes between MNS & Shiv Sena as both enjoys the same voter base – same electorate & same ideology and yet all the efforts drew absolute blank – he didn’t budge – he didn’t relent – even when it was apparent that – it is BJP – who in all likelihood will form the next national government.

    then why this love-pyaar & mohabbat only for modi – well, the answer is – there is big modi wave across the most parts of india and it is very strong-clear & visible in raj’s own maharashtra & this time – all the people out there are showing great leanings towards modi. so-it is this very reason that he is highlighting his fondness for modi to make voter aware – that – as voters want to go for modi – he too is with modi – so they shouldn’t be worried for modi – if they vote for raj’s MNS party as it will eventually go to modi.

    but the fact is that he is fighting against shiv sena in every constituency so it’s a clear cut strategy of splitting the votes of modi in the name of modi and ultimately benefitting Congress & NCP and that’s the reason he is getting enormous coverage on every news channel and that’s exactly what congress wants and that’s why congress ordered all the news channels to take his interview to send message to all the voters that they can safely vote for MNS – as vote for MNS – is vote for modi. so by wearing the mask of modi – he is planning to defeat modi.

    well the fact of the life is – if you surrender to a criminal once then you are doomed to be with that criminal for-ever and when that criminal has been so huge – so powerful and so evil that it managed to rule the entire country-india for more than 60 years and who holds all the keys of all the powers – parliamentary-administrative-police-investigative-judiciary-media & surveillance – then there is no escape-route – absolutely no looking back – so – mr. ‘raj’ with congress is a life long commitment and mind you – no merger of MNS with Shiv Sena is gonna take place neither in near future nor in far-far away – distant future and certainly not till ‘raj’ is at the helm of the affairs.

    but why criminal – azam khan – why is he being promoted – well – congress knows that modi’s innovative – extensive & aggressive campaign has blunted even wanted-shahi imam’s appeal to all the muslims – to vote only & only for Congress – and they have accepted that – if at all – there is anybody who can stop modi’s juggernaut in uttar pradesh & in india then it is only & only azam khan of SP because he is not only an excellent speaker – accuser & abuser but a top-notch modi-hater – who spews venom on modi every minute – every second and who on earth doesn’t know that he is master in creating imaginary fear – hatred & anger among muslims for modi & for BJP -so- as a last resort – they are now trying to consolidate all the muslims under him and that’s why – project azam khan took-off and hence his one-on-one interviews on each & every news channel – abp news – cnn ibn – aaj tak – cnn – ndtv – headlines today – with one & only one objective – to malign modi – to denigrate modi – to destroy modi.

    always remember, everybody that almost all the news channels in india are funded-managed & controlled by triple c – congress party of maalkin.

    regards to all the evils – all the devils & all the modi haters – keep trying – – keep working hard – keep throwing muck-filth & dirt – pretty soon – people of india will take you to the cleaners and this nation will erase you from its hardware.


  2. ashley1888
    Apr 20, 2014 @ 11:35:31

    hi all

    that’s exactly what Congress is trying to do – to split the votes between Shiv Sena and MNS and remember – defeat of Shiv Sena is defeat of Modi-defeat of BJP.

    and that’s why Congress organised these interviews for Mr. Raj – just before the next phase of voting for Maharashtra which is scheduled on 24th April.

    Or else how will you explain the telecast of ‘Arnab’s Interview with Raj Thackeray’ on ‘Hindi News Channels – New24 & News Express. I hope you must be aware of the Owners of these news channels.



  3. ashley1888
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 11:29:46

    hi all

    don’t forget – even a small pebble can create enough disturbances in the water – so we should never underestimate the strength of even that small pebble.

    Undoubtedly, these animals enjoyed a great run and managed to create quite an havoc & terror among us for far-far-far too long but not anymore – now it’s time to halt their bloody run and talk to them in the language that they speak-that they understand-that they preach and they definitely don’t speak-understand or preach the language of love-knowledge-tolerance or freedom.

    so if pebble is enough for them then ‘be that pebble’ – if that is not paying dividends then ‘be a rock’ and if even that proves insufficient then ‘be a storm’ and if even that doesn’t give you desired results then be a ‘destroyer’ – The ‘Mahakaal’.

    and we do not need to look around here there or anywhere to be that ‘one’ – it’s ‘me’ ‘you’ and ‘each & everybody’ who has been given everything by this ‘BrahMan’ and it’s we & only we who have to see this great gift – realise our enormous potential – channelise our humongous energy and awaken the ‘giant’ which sleeps in all of us.



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    Jun 27, 2014 @ 07:45:42

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