travel or don’t travel = smile please

hi all

what to think – what not to think – what to say – what not to say – what to do – what not to do – what to feel – what not to feel – what to write – what not to write – whether to travel – whether not to travel – oh gosh ! this is going nowhere – the more you try to think the more it gets difficult to ‘sink in’ – i mean – it infact, reaches to a point that you can not even move a bit – so much so that you fall into this vicious trap – you end up being in this perennial dilemma – you are doomed forever to remain in suffering – in short – you sit idle – you do nothing – you can’t do anything – now-what should we do – we are at a critical juncture – shall we stop it right here or shall we proceed – so – to break this deadlock – to come out of this mental agony – to put an end to this jinx – let’s do something – let’s do something different – let’s do something unique –  and so – to give words to this idea – let’s pick the bull from its horns – without looking here-there-anywhere – take this challenge head on – fearing from none and not worrying about the outcome – let’s try to take it somewhere or you never know it might lead us to everywhere – so – what say guys – are we ok with it – are we fine – are we ‘cool’ – so here we go : as we are in psychological journey – so – we will start with travelling :

one ‘observation’ before we proceed : though this ‘write up’ is meant only for ‘captain’ but it’s also for all those individuals – who wants to live their life to the fullest – who enjoys little moments in their life and do not rely upon big things-big events & big dates for their happiness – who cares for their family-friends & their near & dear ones – who never shies away from their responsibilities & who are never afraid of taking on uncharted routes-paths-ways to reach their destination – who are always ready for new challenges & who takes every stone-every pitfall-every obstacle coming their way in their stride as a gift of nature to become better-bolder and bigger – who not only works for their betterment but for everybody’s advancement and educates-inspires & motivates others-everyone-all in this world to go faster-higher & stronger – who not only thinks for themselves but for all the people-for their environment-for their nation-for their mother earth – who not only observes-discovers & highlights about anything & everything that is happening ‘wrong’ around us but also take on the mettle of changing all of that with their courage-words & actions – who believes in their abilities-capabilities & potentialities and fears from none-don’t get rattled by anyone in pursuit of their work-passion & love – so if you are one of those ‘who’ then go on reading – enjoy the ride and have fun-no-lots of fun………………………………

do travel for yourself = to keep yourself updated – to keep yourself informed – to explore new destinations – to know the real world – to share the sorrow-pain & grief of someone – to be part of the joy-happiness & celebrations of the others – to see the marvels and ruins of the past – to view the wonders & craft of the present class – to unearth their history & unravel their mystery – to have a closer look at their present & appreciate their new efforts – to report the killings-bloodshed & massacres happening in any part-any place of any country – to witness the construction-progress & technological advancements taking place in many parts-many places of many countries – to see the evil faces-evil designs-evil ways of the people of the world – to catch sight of beauty of trees-birds-animals-wildlife-rivers-lakes-waterfalls-mountains-snow-deserts-sea-oceans of the world.

to behold the beauty of people & mingle with the locals – to participate in their parties-festivals & carnivals – to know-respect & learn various languages-various customs-various traditions of various countries – to taste various drinks-various cuisines & various delicacies of every part-every place of every country – to do bungee jumping-river rafting-wave surfing-rock climbing-mountaineering-ice skating-sky diving to boost your adrenaline & feel the extreme thrill-rush-pain & high – to foresee the good & bad of the people-of the country-of the world in coming times (good – if we are awake – bad – if we refuse to be awakened) and sometimes or rather most of times – forget all of this & all of that-and-to do lots of masti & lots of fun leaving all pretence behind.

do travel for your family =  if you are blessed with family – then it’s not-you & family but it’s you-the family – you family all becomes ‘one’ and the ‘one’ remains with ‘one’ – be at home – be at work – whether travelling or at complete rest – in short – live together – grow together – be happy together – conquer the world together – physically-mentally-socially & even spiritually – so travel with your family to unravel the world – to make them see the world through your eyes – to see the world through their vision – to experience ‘the bliss’ of living together-travelling together-enjoying together with your loved-ones.

do travel for us = to keep us educated-sophisticated-judicious-philosophical-enlightened-motivated – to keep us well read-well informed-well rounded-well grounded with what all you thought-what all you saw-what all you observed-what all you listened-what all you understood & what all you covered with your vision-with your perception-with your intuition & with some divine intervention.

don’t travel for yourself = to absorb whatever you thought-saw-understood & observed – to pen down anything & everything you felt-grasped & tackled – to enlighten your near & dear ones-all of us-our world-our future generations – to create knowledgeable warriors in every street-corner-apartment-building-home-bunglows of this world – and now – let’s talk personal – so enough of world dishes & food – how about eating ‘ghar di roti te daal makhni da combination’ – to feel the love-care-respect & gratitude of your close-ones – to see the happiness-satisfaction & content in the eyes of your loved ones – to inhale the smell of your land-your soil-your mother earth – to get immersed in that virgin-pure & sacred early morning sunshine and then doing some exercise followed by divine pranayama & yoga for your body-mind & intellect – to visit your diety-god-BrahMan to take blessings and to have a heart to heart q&a-conversations & discussions and exchanging messages with that ‘one’ who is all round us-everywhere and in all of us – to water those little plants & flowers that have got overshadowed by trees & bigger plants in your garden.

to meet all those good ol’ friends of yours who were there with you all the time when you were kid-teen or young with the same old simplicity-honesty & frankness – to take that bath/ holy dip in your favourite river-lake or pond which you must have been planning for long – to have that ‘chaat-pakkori’ or some local flavour or some sweet dish-which you might have been craving for some time or for many years – to stroll on the beach-taking in-the sea air & see the waves getting merged with one another or simply watch the kids playing with innocence-energy & enthusiasm – to share that another thought-another buried secret-another gem with all of us – or – to go for that memory upgrade-cleaning & servicing of that little tab/laptop/desktop of yours-which has become the ‘The Biggest Tool’ in changing-shaping and redefining our knowledge-our country-our world – or – for once-just leave aside everyone-everything & all of these things and have a hearty laugh and go for that sweet-simple-sound sleep which you badly needing after a day long hard work.

don’t travel for your family = they need your company-they need your nurturing-they need your mentoring-they need your love – to spend quality time with your loved-ones – to play with the little-ones-kids & children of your near & dear ones-relatives & neighbours – to visit a market to check out on some latest electronic toys or ‘cool’ gazettes which you would like to give to those children – to walk to your nearby local store & buy some routine stuff for your daily chores – to have a look-in at a vegetable seller to know what is he charging today for the same carrots-potatoes & tomatoes – to go out for a dinner with your family to a food-joint or some fine dining restrau – by the way, when did you last see any film with your family members at a theatre near you – so – what are you waiting for – now’s the time to do it – go watch it – the latest mollywood or bollywood movie at a multiplex cinema – or – just be there at home because for your close-ones-even your presence would be enough – having a family is the greatest gift – so preserve this ‘bliss’ forever.

hi all : this is strictly for ‘captain’ :

don’t travel for us = we need your information-we need your vision-we need your guidance-we need your perception – to know our ‘real’ gods-greats-spiritual leaders-writers-literature-holy books-sacred scriptures-religions-values-belief systems & people – to uncover our history-country’s history-country’s culture-country’s long independence struggle-world history-world religions-world rituals & cultures – to bring into light our glorious ancient past – our mammoth-prosperous & flourishing kingdoms – our learned-cultured & just kings-leaders-warriors & fighters – our huge temples-monumental infrastructures-our science based religious-cultural & educational centres and then the massive plunder-humongous loot & monstrous destruction-of our kingdoms-our territories-our wealth-our resources-our nation – the slaughter-carnage & extermination of crores & crores of indians – forced-coerced-unnatural conversions of millions & millions of our people – rapes-abductions & molestation of lacs & lacs of our women by inhuman-barbaric-wolfish Islamic invaders & later on by frauds-criminals & bloodsuckers britishers and the innumerable defeats-countless deceits-numerous stabs in the back from foes-from friends-even from own men.

to expose our present times-our present enemies within and outside of our nation – rampant religious conversions still being carried out by christians all over the country in the name of welfare-help & care – to bring into focus the extreme terrorism being perpetrated by pakistan & its proxy islamists all over the country in the name of religion – dreadful pillage of natural resources by the ruling scamsters-goons & criminals – to unmask the poisonous-brutal & beastly face of ruling party & its maalkin and their entire gang of hypocritical-devious & gangster regional parties & players – to lay bare the devil faces-the foreign faces-the dalaals-the anti nationals roaming around in the guise of journalists-news anchors-intellectuals-political analysts-academicians-thinkers-media celebrities & so called great social activists & workers.

we need your skills to go inside every person-every religion-every literature-every incident and dissect them into pieces to identify what is good and what is bad for the world – we need your hunger to search-dig deep & unearth the facts-the reality-the truth and expose it to the world without any fright-fear or jitters – we need your bluntness to speak our mind-call a spade a spade -without mincing words even at the cost of upsetting the world-the people-even our own companions – we need your thoughts for eliminating our own evil thoughts-habits-behaviour-lifestyle and becoming a good human – we need your extraordinary expertise to diagnose our physical-mental-social & spiritual issues just by going through some words and then actually offering their holistic-ayurvedic & natural remedies & solutions – we need your reminders of keep living in this world yet keeping ourselves detached from this world – we need your attitude of believing in ourselves and fearing from none – we  need your courage of taking on the enemies of our country – taking on the enemies of our world.

we need your fighting skills to give the demons enough chances and choices to mend their ways and become good humans but if they don’t change – then act against them – fight against them and not only defeat them but crush them to dust – we need your ‘darshan’ to see the nature-to feel the nature-to absorb the nature-to enjoy the nature-to preserve the nature-to enrich the nature -to live in sync with the nature-to get completely immersed in nature-to be the ‘nature’-to be the ‘one’ – we need your ‘gyaan’ to know our true science – our true knowledge – hinduism – sanatan dharma – eternal dharma – the science – the ‘gyaan’ – the knowledge – the knowledge of each & ever living being – the knowledge of each & every non-living being – the knowledge of each & every human being – the knowledge of each & every non-human being-ie.-plant-insect-bird & animal – the knowledge of anything & everything that exists in this world – the knowledge of our planet earth – the knowledge of our Universe – the knowledge of our ‘Srishti’ – our ‘BrahMan’.

so when you travel-it’s a ‘pleasure’ for us and when you don’t travel-it’s a ‘treasure’ for us  – in a nutshell – all I would say is – happy travelling & welcome home – say cheese ! – I mean – smile please…………………………….



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  1. ashley1888
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 10:43:46

    hi captain

    during mid-april – when we didn’t notice any activity getting recorded in your blog and then later on – were informed by you that it was because you were away from all this and were travelling then this is what came to my mind :-

    this is an small act of gratitude-respect & admiration – to you – to your ‘gyaan’ & to your gigantic efforts which you have been putting in day in day out – day after day – night after night – with one focus – one aim & one point and that is – to open our eyes – to open our mind – to open our real self – towards the enormous knowledge – massive wealth & huge power of our motherland – our planet earth – our Universe.

    so here’s presenting : ”travel or don’t travel – smile please” – just for you.

    as this is bit long – therefore, i’m posting only a small excerpt from it and for the rest – i will request you to pay a visit to my little home @



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