hi everybody – did you receive your ‘secular’ certificate ?

hi all

knock knock……….. ring ring………….. knock knock…………….. who’s there – who’s knocking – coming – coming – can’t you just wait for a minute – what’s the hurry – oh God ! – I’m just fed-up of all this – I mean – neither you live yourself nor you let others live – anywhy – who are you – what brought you here and tell me – what’s the deal – well ma’am – well sir – sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to check – ”are you ……………….”

are you jews – then I would say ‘sorry sir’ before I proceed – you control the earth – you rule this world – you enjoys all the money-wealth & resources of almost every nation – so – nobody can dare to say a word against you & your fellow-beings and i sincerely hope you will not ‘sue’ us for saying all of this – through your’s ‘anti defamation league’ – have a great day – sir and keep having fun with the lives of millions & billions of human beings – are you christian – sir – you are brother in arms with jews – you are at par with them – so – how can you be far behind – you too keep a tight rein on all the nations – you too derive immense pleasure in all the privileges-rewards & honour that are bestowed upon you by every developing country living under your directions and you too get a huge kick out of the will – authority & freedom of doing anything & everything as per your wishes – desires & choices – you are never asked a question rather you asks questions to each & everyone – you dictate the terms – discussions and outcomes – you are highest in number and biggest in power – you wrote the history and controlling the present – you tell everybody what is good and what is bad for this planet and only your jesus can deliver the salvation to the mankind and non-followers are doomed to burn in the ‘hell-fire’ forever – so sir – no words to say – i say just this – time please & please allow us to leave.

are you muslim – oh God ! – sorry sir – oh Allah ! you are world’s best race-world’s best religion & world’s most rightful and only humans and rest are kafirs-devils & non humans – and as per you-there is no God-no Bhagwan-no Waheguru – only Allah and you are Allah’s own – Allah’s chosen ones – Allah’s near & dear ones – so – life starts with you & ends with you and you & only you decides who should be allowed to live & who deserves to be killed – so – going by your theory-practice & execution-one would be well advised to bow down to you & do not think of any other ‘religion-culture or belief system’ even in dreams – or – be ready-to get cut into thousand of pieces – after this revelation of ‘Khuda’ – sir – i can’t say anything – i’m simply running – i know – you are after me – and for this – i am speeding.

are you hindu – sir – what happened – why are you shivering – why are you so nervous – why are you getting panicked – I haven’t abused you – I haven’t said anything bad to you then why on earth you are behaving so strangely – what – sir – what did you say – come again – I didn’t listen to you properly – I will request you to speak bit louder-bit clearer – I mean – why are you so afraid of me or for that matter of fact from anybody – what – I don’t believe it – can you repeat – ok – ok – got it – got it – don’t repeat – oh my God – oh my Allah – oh my Jesus – it can’t be – it can’t be true – it’s quite shocking – aren’t you ashamed of yourself – aren’t you scared for your family – aren’t you feeling guilty – well – as you have disclosed your identity – come out with the reality – dared to confess this guilt – though there is no redemption from this – still – I have some suggestions for you – explore it immediately – or – if you don’t do it – then get ready for any eventuality – now – before I get myself tangled up in all this and face the dire consequences – I’m leaving with this checklist – just see it-read it & tick it and if you do not have it then-try to get ‘this’:-

are you online – then check your email inbox – your twitter notification – your facebook friend request – your whats app space – your own blog’s comment section and any & every account that you ever had or you presently have in the cyber world – are you at home – then check with your newspaper vendor – check all the pamphlets-brochures & stickers inside your newspaper – check with your ‘doodhwala-not about how much milk is there in the water but is there something else for you alongwith that watered milk – check with your laundryman – check all the labels-size tags & price tags of all your washed apparels – check your post box – check all your letters – check all your electricity bills – check all your mobile bills – check all your credit card statements – check all your insurance reminders – looking to soothe your taste buds & ordering a yummy pizza & fatty burger for your dear tummy then check the bill before taking that ‘pizza’ or ‘burg’ in – are you planning to go for a walk or visit your local market – then check with your grocery store-what is written on that scratch card which is being offered with every soap-underwear or potato-chips you are buy-ing  – check with your paan-wala before chewing that ‘gulkand-wala-paan’ in – withdrew lot of money now-be ready to get a jolt or relief and for that check your atm transaction slip – check all the bills of all your purchase from shopping malls-small time shops or roadside hawkers-who are shouting-calling & luring you to come-in.

are you on road – travelling by car-bike or scooter – then check with the traffic constable and its challan copy after-breaking that red light signal or zebra crossing – are you commuting by train/metro/bus then check your tickets before settling or sitting – are you in service and for quite long then check with your HR – why you didn’t get your due or never got promoted and now have a look at your TDS return acknowledgement receipt – are you in business – so is this the reason that you got raided so many times & never got any bank loan approved & overdraft facility and now read properly the challan copy of your sales tax & service tax deposits – are you boarding a flight then be prepared to be stopped-grilled and strip-searched during check-outs & check-ins and during all of this – never forget to see you boarding pass issued by your chosen airline – hey – hey – stop – stop – let me catch my ‘breath’ – you have said – so many things – I’m getting confused – I’m getting rattled – I can’t make up of all of this – for God’s sake – why should i take so many precautions – why should i keep checking each & everything and last but not the least – why should I do all of this – after all – for what – hey – hey – are you ok – you are asking me – you are arguing with me – you are cross-questioning me – for what is this all about – how dare you ! – don’t you know this – are you a fool- have you gone nuts – have you lost all your senses – that if you do not have it then you are not heard – you are nothing – you do not exist – this is the most sacred thing – this is of paramount importance and this is absolutely mandatory – to take birth – to survive & to live – but what – for God’s-Jesus’s & Allah’s sake – what – what – so you still don’t know – I’m clapping – goodness me – you shameless person – you idiot – you creep – take this slap – and take it very hard from me – ‘The Secular Certificate’ – ‘The Secular Tag’ – ‘The Secular Slip’ or just ‘The Word Secular’ written on any bill-any document-any paper & on anything – you damned !

now tell me bluntly – do i need to say anything more – anything else to you on ‘this’ or is it enough for you to ponder over-act upon & do something – what happened – got stunned – got silent – has the cat got your tongue – please – please – I’m sorry – I’m so-so sorry – i didn’t mean to question you – i never casted aspersions on you – i never challenged your reasoning and i never turned my back on these dark-tragic & frightful realities bu buu…………uut  ca ca.. ca….n aa..i aask – why – why i need ‘it’ – this is unbelievable – this is simply stunning – i mean – you are still wondering – you still didn’t get it – you are still living in your ridiculous dreams – you mental – you moron – you ‘gone case’ – now read this 100 times and very-very carefully – you need it – because – you are ‘Communal’ – you are a ‘Curse’ – you are ‘Against’ the social fabric of this country – you are a ‘Disaster’ to the nation – you are ‘Against’ all the humans & humanity – you are a ‘Hindrance’ for the peace-progress & prosperity of this nation – You Are A ‘HINDU’The Most Oppressed-Persecuted & Exterminated Human On this Planet Earth – Don’t You Know This……………………?

so be alert-be cautious & be careful as you are-at the rock-bottom of the human structure – and hence – always be ready to get insulted-humiliated & completely devastated – and not only that – infact – always be prepared to get arrested-get tortured & even get killed for no rhyme or reason and for nothing – or-or-or – if you are terrified of all this – if you don’t want anything of this – if you don’t feel comfortable with this and if you want to live – if you want to survive – if you want peace – if you want progress – if you want to go places – if you want to achieve new heights – then – one way – one solution – one remedy and that is – get yourself converted into Jesus’s child or Allah’s pupil – and – then you don’t need to worry about anything – you will be in their good books – you will get everything – what say all of you – are you up for it – are you ready for this – has this ‘horrendous truth’ sunk-in – if yes – then – what are you waiting for – it’s available at a church or a masjid near you – Go – Get It – and – have God – have Allah – have loads of fun with it and now is the time to sing – jingle bell-jingle bell – jingle all the way – missionaries will make every human being christian – that’s what pope prays and allahu akbar – allahu akbar – allah is only for muslims – that’s what all the mullahs says…….. so fathers are happy – maulanas are delighted – after all – world is dancing to their tunes – enough reason to get excited and that’s why-they are chanting – bhai aah – bhai wah – bhai gao – bhai bajao – balle o balle o balle – balle – balle – burr….rrah……………………………….

and my dear sikhs-jains-buddhists-dalits-sc/st-tribals-obc’s – sorry sir- whatever good you all do – howsoever hard you all try- and even get yourself registered as separate religion-separate belief system-separate people – still for the world – for the pope & for the maulvis and rightfully so – you all are considered the integral parts of grand hindu parivar – the hindu religion – hinduism – so you too suffers the same fate – same suffering & same ending – as any other hindu on this planet till the time you too get converted into God’s own – christianity or Allah’s only – Islamism and if-if & if at all you don’t do this & fails to take benefit of this artificial-manufactured & man made conversion proceedings – then don’t blame us-them or anybody – if you get caught in the crossfire – fall prey to this centuries-old tried & tested-super effective-most dreadful-‘destroy hindus’-system & ends up losing your freedom-your rights-your life-just everything – after all – we told you so – we told you about the repercussions – didn’t we – Or – to save yourself from this perennial pain-plight & problem – try out the last option – do not call yourself as hindus – rather bash hindus as much as you can – heap scorn on hindus – throw smut-filth & dirt at hindus & voila ! you will see – you will be everybody’s favourite – toast of the town – eye of the nation and then complete the formality – get your ‘Secular Certificate’ issued-affixed & laminated immediately for you-for your family & for your future generations – what say – isn’t it great – isn’t is easy – isn’t it cool and then i’m sure you all will manage somehow to live – to survive – to keep the life boat afloat even during strong wind & high tides – kudos to you – three cheers – live happily ever after – you bros – dears & buddies.

and – as far as – jews & christians are concerned – well – they are lords of this world – they do not get into this – they are way above of all these third class-third grade-third world antics and they literally scoffs at it – and – our other milord – muslims – what can i say about them – less said, the better – they are champions of this – experts in this – headmasters of all of this – they are born greats – they are born Seculars – they don’t need it – rather they distribute it to the world-to the countries-to the people-to the kids – they ‘attest’ everybody’s certificate and they decide whether to give it – renew it & keep it going or cancel it – for psychological-numerical-social & political gains-purposes & witch-hunting – hey ‘Hindus’ – where are you – are you still there or left the scene – what happened – keeping mum – not saying anything – what – what did you say – you are tired – you are thirsty – you are getting frustrated – oh God ! – what am i seeing – I can’t believe this – this is superb – this is amazing – you are standing in a long-long queue to prove your secular credentials-to christians-to muslims-to present day ruling dispensation – well – don’t worry – you are on right path-right place-right direction – now all you need to do – say some crap-throw mud & hurl abuses at hindus-hindu religion & hinduism – and that’s it – you will have it – what you need it – and not only that – there are many more ways to demean them – so shall we start – are you game for it – then let’s hit it :

well – ok – fine – i have made up my mind – surrendered to the might of the rulers – detached myself from all my roots-knowledge & truth and now I’m ready for it – please sample this – ”it’s a pity – that i’m a hindu – but I can’t help it – I was born into it – but i assure everybody that at a suitable time-suitable point & suitable moment – i’ll join some other religion – and till such time – I won’t make known my hindu origins to anyone” – how’s that ! – sir – is it sufficient or shall i create-manipulate & fabricate – some more for your kind consideration – oh please ! – be our guest – we don’t mind it – if it is possible to ridicule them more to boost-increase & encourage the religious conversion business of muslims & christians – so here it is – some more artificial creation-ridiculous invention & stinky production – to satisfy your hunger – ”hindus are casteist – they are terrible – they don’t respect their women – they believe in superstitions – their religion is inferior compare to other religions – their religion is based on false gods-bad values & wrong principles – they treat other religions-other castes & other communities as second or third class citizens – their religion is full of lies-fraud & deception – they are danger to the society – they never care for the welfare of people – they should be destroyed completely – and rest assured-pretty soon-they will feature in the list of ‘extinct species’ of this nation”.

stop-stop – oh my god – oh my allah – look at this – just look at this – this can’t be – this is unimaginable – this is extraordinary – I mean – just look around here-there-everywhere – thunderous applause – standing ovation & huge cheers for you – christians-muslims-dalit leaders-great thinkers-writers-historians-academicians-economists-intellectuals-journalists-news anchors-news channels-ruling congress-world media-world leaders-everybody-yes-everybody – they all are in complete awe of you – absolutely mesmerized by you – full of praise for you – and what’s this – oh God – this is surreal – they all are chanting – one slogan-one phrase-one word – and that is – Secular – Secular – Secular – heartiest congratulations to you ! – you have just been declared Secular – and soon – you will be formally awarded with this badge of honour – this golden certificate – ‘The Secular Certificate’ – the dream of everyone – truly-an outstanding achievement-remarkable feat & unprecedented accomplishment and now as you become integral part of this great-grand-glorious & growing  family of Seculars spread all across the country-all across the continents-all across the world.

so-from now onwards – you will be invited in all the ring cutting ceremonies-awards nights-functions-seminars-debates-gala dinners – as a chief guest – guest lecturer or noted speaker – you will be showered with lots of awards-gifts & favours and you will have the ‘First Right’ on all the capital-assets & stocks of this nation – so guys – how’s that ! – did you see ? – just one word – and how it changes everyone – it changes everything – being ‘Secular’ means everything and not knowing other more important things doesn’t make any difference to any living or non living being – and it also means – Communal means bad ones means only Hindus and Secular means good ones means ‘Everybody-means-muslims-christians-all their working friends-associates & paid workers’ excluding ‘Hindus Only’ – so My Dear Hindus – did you receive Your ‘Secular Certificate’ ? – what did you say – not yet – then what you are waiting for – before it gets too late – before you are branded communal – before you are banished from the society and before the ‘Demons’ introduce-enact & implement the ‘communal violence bill’  – act now – go – join that queue – grab this offer & receive money-benefits & a new identification – ‘The Certified Secular’  for your own good-for your loved ones-for your ‘yet to be born’ – baby boy or baby girl – Hurry !…………………….or else ‘Everybody’ including new ‘Seculars’ are baying for the blood of you & your little kids.

hey hindusjust one little remark :  don’t get provoked – don’t get angry – don’t get mad & don’t lose all your wisdom – though you are at a ‘do or die’ position – you are at a critical juncture – you are at the worst possible situation – but you can still make the difference – you can still shape your destiny – you can still get back your lost freedom – you can still redeem your pride-dignity & honour – the decision still lies with you – just stand up- gather courage-increase your skills-plan well and then rise-riSE & RISE and Fight – Yes – Fight – Fight them All – and Defeat them All – And Not Only Defeat them but Crush them to Dust – however-always remember that – you do not have to fight with christians – muslims or any other person of any religion-faith & belief system – after all – they are human beings like you – they are as good as you & they are your brothers-friends & colleagues – but – you have to fight with those criminals-anti nationals & enemies of our nation – who are injecting anger-hatred & poison in the hearts of all those people who are following those religions – making brothers fights with brothers – dividing the entire country on the lines of religion and pushing our great nation into complete destruction and now-in the backdrop of these deadly-disastrous & dangerous environments – let me remind one & all – high & mighty – dictative & fanatic that even world acknowledges – that you have the knowledge-potential & power to change the entire world if you want to ………………. but you need to ask just one simple question to yourself – do you want to……………………. ?




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  1. ashley1888
    May 06, 2014 @ 12:26:51

    hi all-awing all-awing

    priyanka jab bhi apna muhh khulawing khulawing
    daadi mammi ke kisse hi yaadawing yaadawing
    daddy dear aur challis choro ki kahaniyaa hee sunawing sunawing
    no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    vadra ji ko priyanka pe bahut gussa-awing gussa-awing
    priyanka patidev ji ke mahaan karnaame nahi bataawing bataawing
    zameenoh se woh bhi mohabbat kartee hain yeh chhupawing chhupawing
    no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    priyanka ji bahut hi hasaawing hasaawing
    baat baat pe woh toh giggle-awing giggle-awing
    yeh dard hai yaa bimaari naa bataawing bataawing
    no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    pappu dear aajkal sub ko yehi batawing batawing
    main pyaar aap sab ko karta hoon ye hi sunawing sunawing
    bhago bhago yeh sun darr ke mare sub hi bhagjawing bhagjawing
    no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    sonia ji ko bachcho ki chintah satawing satawing
    dono bachcho ki pol khul gayee isse ghabrawing ghabrawing
    ab kon unko kaam degaa ye soch soch pareshan hojawing hojawing
    no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    congress ki lutiya duub gayee ye nazar-awing nazar-awing
    phir bhi sibbu khurshu aur chiddu bhokne se naa baaz-awing baaz-awing
    bujhne se pehle diya pharphadaa-awing pharphadaa-awing
    no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    ab tak bahut hi ullu banawing banawing
    lekin ek bande ne sara paasa palat diyawing diyawing
    achche din aane wale hai sabko pataa chalawing chalawing
    yani abki bar modi Sarkar banawing banawing
    kanoon apna kaam karega yeh sochkar desh ke dushman ghabrawing ghabrawing
    bharat shaktishaali banne wala hain yeh duniya ko pataa chalawing chalawing
    ek bharat shreshth bharat ko sach kar ke dikhawing dikhawing
    ji haa yehi hai sach – ab – no ullu banawing no ullu banawing

    lots of regard-awing lots of regard-awing


  2. ashley1888
    May 12, 2014 @ 14:26:42

    hi all

    enough of sitting at home – doing nothing – just complaining – complaining all the time and waiting for ‘Someone Else’ – ‘Somebody Different’ – the ‘Chosen One’ to do the job for all of us – Now it’s our time to act – to become responsible – to face the challenges – to increase our skills – to plan well & then take the bull from its horns – and fight them – expose them completely – reduce them to dust & destroy these ‘Evils’ for once and for all.

    and you should never forget at all – that if you are all alone in this battle – doesn’t matter – even one single guy can create the difference – can send shivers down the spine of ‘demons’ – can change the entire world.

    don’t you know this – that even a small pebble can create enough disturbances in the water – so we should never underestimate the strength of even that small pebble.

    Undoubtedly, these ‘Animals’ enjoyed a great run and managed to create quite a mayhem-havoc & terror among us for far-far-far too long but not anymore – now it’s time to halt their bloody run and talk to them in the language that they speak-that they understand-that they preach and they definitely don’t speak-understand or preach the language of love-knowledge-tolerance or freedom.

    so if pebble is enough for them then ‘be that pebble’
    if that is not paying dividends then ‘be a rock’
    and if even that proves insufficient then ‘be a storm’
    and if even that doesn’t give you desired results then be a ‘destroyer’ – The ‘Mahakaal’.

    and we do not need to look around here there or anywhere to be that ‘one’ – it’s ‘me’ ‘you’ and ‘each & everybody’ who has been given everything by this ‘BrahMan’ and it’s we & only we who have to see this great gift – realise our enormous potential – channelise our humongous energy and awaken the ‘Giant’ which sleeps in all of us.



  3. ashley1888
    May 13, 2014 @ 10:24:10

    hi all

    do read : ”hi everybody-did you receive your secular certificate”

    this is my little take on the massive conversion-humiliation & annihilation of ‘Hindus’ by the combined efforts of missionaries-mullahs & their pet-servile-hindu hater & Corrupt-Communal-Criminal Congress in ‘Hindus Own Country – Hindustan.



  4. ajit vadakayil
    May 13, 2014 @ 12:10:30

    In a cage there are 75 white rabbits and 25 black mambas.

    The rabbits huddling together in one corner for comfort , are totally communal.

    The SECULAR snakes are in minority, weaker section of the cage and a persecuted lot.

    Akkal Ka Dushman has complained to US ambassador Timothy Roemer in July 2009, about wanton WHITE terror going on in the cage.

    capt ajit vadakayil


    • ashley1888
      May 22, 2014 @ 11:29:50

      hi captain

      lightning struck me ten days back but it occurred to me only one day back and it shook me out of my deep slumber.

      thank you very much for making your first comment on my blog. – you have made my blogsite ‘special’ – i am touched-elated & honoured and truly wish to receive more & more ‘Gems’ from your vast ocean.



  5. ashley1888
    May 14, 2014 @ 09:35:01

    hi all

    virus-kejriwal is not an ordinary person with some average skills or any normal thinking – he is not the ‘run of the mill’ stuff – your regular person – another activist – one more politician of great indian politics – rather – he is someone who considers everybody ignorant – dizzard & inferior to him and possesses loads of filthy-smutty & roguish tricks – dreadful ‘anti-national’ leanings and some really solid media clamour – promotion & backing and he has been groomed – motivated & equipped to do his job quite systematically – decietfully & shamelessly and that’s what he has been doing repeatedly – disorderly & chaotically for 24 hours x 7 days x 365 days x 3 good years since April 2011 in our country.

    and for you information – he has got nothing to do with this country – the people of this country or any issues/problems related to this country – he has sold his loyalties – his physical self & his soul long back to someone very powerful – someone very inhuman – someone very anti india & anti Indians – ie. – our dear ‘Maalkin’ – and now – he is like a ‘BhBhaade Ka Tattu – A hired henchman – A Supari Killer and he & his entire gang of goons – naxalites & traitors and that means ‘AAP’ has just one goal – one mission & one itch.

    and before anybody jumps to the conclusion – and say – Modi – then let me say this – No – not only Modi -‘Destroy’ Modi’ was definitely one part of his plan – but his main plan is the complete destruction of our india – our motherland – our country and that’s what he has been told to do – that’s what he has been planning to do and that’s what he has been working for since long wickedly – maliciously & atrociously and spreading anger – hatred & poison among poor – youth & common people for our democracy – for our institutions & for all our existing systems and he will keep doing this until he is stopped-questioned-investigated-tried & imprisoned legally for all his shady-hidden & seditionist activities.

    and mind you everybody – supari killers have one peculiar trait which differentiates them from everyone and that is – they are ‘criminals at work’ forever and whatever they say – do or pretend – be it perpetrating terror – issuing threats or creating confusion – they do it under their master’s – nay – maalkin’s evil will – cruel choices & strict orders – so if at all – they regret – shows remorse or feels guilty for any of their sins – crimes or misdeeds at any moment then do not make the mistake of believing them even for once and get alerted right away because they will be doing it as per the strategy – bad circumstances & on direct instructions and not out of some goodwill – sorrow or contrition and hence they can never be trusted – corrected & rehabilitated – they can only be exposed – bared & caught red handed and then must be dealt with firmly – promptly & severely enforcing the ruthless judicial powers of the country.



  6. ashley1888
    May 14, 2014 @ 10:16:29

    hi aap-bhakt

    you will be glad to know even virus – kejriwal is being financed by modi – forget about virus – even ‘maalkin’ and her dear prince are being funded by modi – and forget about maa & beta – even nawaz sharif is being sponsored by modi – and now forget about this great pakistani – even american president-barack obama is being controlled by our modi.

    how’s that !

    hey aap-bhakto : enjoy it – dream it and keep imagining it after all that’s what naxalites – anti nationals & supari killers in AAP teaches you all every day – every night & every moment of their breath : Isn’t it .

    lots & lots of regards to you – to your Maalik – Kejriwal & to his entire gang of goons-criminals & schizophrenics.


  7. ashley1888
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 14:15:00

    hi all

    people like prannoy roy – raghav bahl – aroon purie – rajdeep sardesai – sagarika ghose – arnab goswami – barkha dutt – karan thapar – nidhi razdan – punya prasun bajpai – deepak chaurasia – ramchandra guha – dileep padgaonkar – arati jeyrath – shankarshan – abhay kumar dubey – kuldeep nayar – vinod dua – pavan varma – arvind kejriwal – ashutosh – yogendra yadav – the entire gang of AAP and many – many more & more & more ……………………………………….. the list is long – the list is endless – in short – they all are like ‘SUPARI KILLERS’ of our Indian News Media.

    and they have got nothing to do with this country – the people of this country or any issues/problems related to this country – they have sold their loyalties – their physical self & their soul long back to someone very powerful – someone very inhuman – someone very anti india & anti Indians – ie. – our dear ‘Maalkin’ – and now – they are like ‘BhBhaade Ke Tattu – hired henchmans – Supari Killers and they all have just one goal – one mission & one itch.

    and before anybody jumps to the conclusion – and say – Modi – then let me say this – No – not only Modi -’Destroy’ Modi’ was definitely one part of their plan – but their main plan is the complete destruction of our India – our motherland – our country and that’s what they have been told to do – that’s what they have been planning to do and that’s what they have been working for since long wickedly – maliciously & atrociously and spreading anger – hatred & poison among poor – youth & common people and will keep doing this until they are stopped-questioned-investigated-tried & imprisoned legally for all their shady-hidden & seditionist activities.

    and mind you everybody – Supari Killers have one peculiar trait which differentiates them from everyone and that is – they are ‘Criminals at Work’ forever and whatever they say – do or pretend – be it perpetrating terror – issuing threats or creating confusion – they do it under their Master’s – nay – Maalkin’s evil will – cruel choices & strict orders – so if at all – they regret – shows remorse or feels guilty for any of their sins – crimes or misdeeds at any moment then do not make the mistake of believing them even for once and get alerted right away because they will be doing it as per the strategy – bad circumstances & on direct instructions and not out of some goodwill – sorrow or contrition and hence they can never be trusted – corrected & rehabilitated – they can only be exposed – bared & caught red handed and then must be dealt with firmly – promptly & severely enforcing the ruthless judicial powers of the country.



    • Ankit Zaveri
      Aug 15, 2016 @ 17:09:54

      How are we going to legally punish these Supari Killers?? ashley1888
      Even our judiciary is leaned towards them and the famous corruption of it.
      Din’t we hear?? The car that salman was driving drunk which killed a few had no driver?? 😛 according to the judge the car drove itself over those poor souls.
      The entire nation has to change, and it has to start at the bottom.
      First rid ourselves of this colonial slave language as the starting point. Changing the entire lying colonial education, then the Judiciary also has to change, and forget this democracy and secular shit, its just a lie to cover more and more lies.
      India has to be a Dharmic country as inclined in the Vedas.

      But the first major step has to be the absolute destruction and annihilation of all the Leftists, Communal the Liberal and the Anti-National elements of Bharat.
      Then burning down the Secular Certificate as you mentioned. Just as Putin said it out loud we have to do it out loudly. India does not need the Minorities, they need india, either they live here by the country’s way or get out of here.


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