Victory Of India – Victory Of Indians – Victory of Good Over Evils

Hi All Indians

Victory of India – Victory of Indians – Victory of Good Over Evils

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to 125+ Crores People of Our Great Country India – You Suffered A Lot – You Were Cheated A Lot – You Were Destroyed By All – But Not Anymore – Trust It – After All – When It Mattered Most – You Made The Difference – You Took The Correct Decision – You Selected The Vision of – Development – Good Governance  & Each & Everyone’s Progress  – So Now – Gear Up – Be Ready & Become A Part of This Radiant – Pleasant & Absolutely Necessary ‘Change’ – Which Sooner or Later – Will Reflect In Us – In Our Life & In Our Beloved – Precious & Respected Nation – And For This – You – Me & All of Us Deserve A Big Round of Applause – Loud Cheers & A Huge Celebration.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to The Magician – The Miracle Man – The Real Super Man of Our Country – The ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’. He is ‘A Divine Intervention’ – Let Us All Make This Humble Admission – He Wrote His Own Script – He Defeated The Extremely Powerful – Dangerous & Traitorous Hundreds & Thousands of His Bitter Opponents – Betrayers of The People & Destroyers of Our Nation – He Changed The Entire Course of A Gigantic River – And Now – After All of This – He Is All Set To Redefine The Future – Fortune & Destiny of Our Shattered Kingdom – And Rest Assured – He Will Protect The Environment – Generate Enormous Wealth – Preserve Our Abundant Natural Resources – & Bring Back The Lost Fame – Honour & Power of Our Wonderful Nation.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to BJP – The Most Democratic – The Most People Oriented & The Most Patriotic Party of Our Country – All Your Belief – Hard Work & Perseverance Have Paid Off – Fully & Finally – At Last – People Believed in You – Connected Their Dreams – Hopes & Aspirations With You And Endured – Struggled & Battled Shoulder To Shoulder All Along With You – And Now We Know – You will Take Our ‘India’ to Greater Heights – Light A ‘Diya’ In Our Homes & Eliminate All The Gloom – Doom & Fears From Our Life – And We Can See That In Your Positive Vision – Impressive Roadmap & Strong Commitment To The Nation – We Must Say – You Do Keep Our Confidence – Optimism & Enthusiasm Alive.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to the Most Patriotic Organisation of Our India – RSS – No Words Are Enough For You – What You Have Done – Devoted & Sacrificed for the Welfare – Integrity & Unity of Our Country – All We Will Do Is – We ‘Salute You’ – Offer Our Gratitude to You – Pay Homage to You – For All Your Herculean-Humongous & Monumental Efforts Which You Have Been Putting-In Sincerely – Selflessly & Relentlessly For Countless Years Among Masses – Classes & All Strata of Society Across The Length & Breadth of Our Nation.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to Lacs & Crores of Selfless Workers – Who Relinquished – Surrendered & Renounced Their Pleasures – Their Family & Their Self  for A Greater Cause And Worked For Their Each & Every Breath – Not For Modi – Not For BJP – Not For RSS – But – for the Upliftment – Advancement & Encouragement of The Common People – For Imparting Social – Cultural & Legal Awareness Among Citizens And for The Well-Being – Prosperity & Success of Our Mother Nation – We Have Tears in Our Eyes – Deep Admiration in Our Hearts – Powerful Vibrations in Our Mind – We Will not Say Anything – This is Phenomenal – Transcendental & Gratifying.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to Yog Guru – ‘Baba Ramdev’ – When Nobody In Our Country Had The Courage – Guts & Mettle to Stand Against The ‘Ruling Demons’ – You Were  The First One To Voice Against Them – Ridicule Them & Challenge Them Openly – Publicly & In Full View of This Country – Without Bothering About The Abject Humiliation – Frightful Consequences & Dreadful Repercussions For You – For Your Life – For Your Massive Social – Yogic & Healing Work – From Those Criminals – Plunderers & Bloodsuckers Congress & The Maalkin of All Demons – And – After The Great ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’  If There Is Anyone Who Has Fought Tooth & Nail With Them And Mobilised The Indians Against These Enemies of Our Nation – Then It’s You ‘Sir’ – And We Can’t Express This In Words – What You Have Done For Us-Citizens – Our Communities & Our Homeland –  We Are Indebted To You – We Simply Bow Down To You & We Are Really Lucky To Have You Among Us Like A Mentor – Guide & Shining Light of Our Big Nation.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to ‘Captain’ – Ajit Vadakayil’ – You Didn’t Just Make The Difference – You Completely Revolutionised the Way – We See – We Think – We Percieve – We Percept & We Go About Doing Things – You Educated – Informed & Motivated the Net Savvy – Young – Middle Aged & Old – Men – Women & New Gender of India – You Enlightened Us About Our Dharma – Our Sanatan Dharma – Our Knowledge – Our Wealth – Our Treasure – Our Glorious India – Our Real India – You Exposed All The Wolves – Supari Killers & Anti Nationals of India – You Disclosed The Ugly – Wicked & Horrible Network of Internationals Awardees – Ngo’s – Social Activists – Missionaries – Naxalites & Seditionists And Their Good – Cordial & Warm Relations With Our Country’s Maalkin & Rulers – Kudos To You – Salutes To You & Hats Off To You – You Are Special – You Are Amazing – You Are Simply Exceptional.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to ‘Ravinar’ – You Made Huge-Huge Difference – You Made Us Aware About The Crooked – Paid & Slave Indian Mainstream News Media – You ‘Unmasked’ All The Cheats-Goons & Imposters of These ‘News Broker’ Media   – You Told Us About How Our Country Is Being ‘Destroyed’ By The Corrupt – Dalaals & Poisonous Celebrated News Anchors – Renowned Journalists – So Called Intellectuals & Experienced Media Analysts – day after day – night after night – every day every night – Three Cheers – Standing Ovations & Thumbs Up To You – Dear – Buddy & Bro.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to All The Readers of ‘Captain’ – ‘Ravinar’ & Many Other ‘Truth Exhumers’ – Who Saw The Truth – Understood The Truth  – Stood Solidly Behind This Truth & Then Propagated This Truth – Among Fellow Persons – General Public & Indians of All Cast-Creed & Culture – In The Midst of Unbelievably Difficult & Bad Times – During Fatal Deception & horrendous Deceits – Withstanding All That Acute Depressions & Terrible Frustrations.

Huge & Heariest Congratulations to the World – You Know Why – ‘World Will Never Be The Same Again’ – After This Huge Victory of Our Country – Just Wait – Watch & Get Ready For It……………………………………………

All My Friends – Now – I’m Touching the Feet Of My Parents & Our Revered – Preserver & Protector ‘Maa Bharat’ – Let Me Tell You Our Maa – We Are Privileged – Blessed & Honoured To Be The Smallest Particle of Your  Sacred Soil – Truly Fortunate to be Growing-Up In Your Lap And Immensely Grateful for Getting Your Continuous Love – Care & Blessings And We Assure You – Come What May – We Will Always Be Standing Firm For Your Dignity All Our Life – And – We Will Respond With Our Full Force – Energy & Might To Fight – Retaliate & Destroy All The Evils – Beasts & Fiends – Who Dare To Stare At You – Harbour Any Wild Thought for You Or Try to Act Devious With You & We Would Never Hesitate to Even ‘Die’ To Save Your Prestige-Glory & Pride – We Take A Vow – We Swear & We Promise – Come Rain or Shine.

All Hindus – Muslims – Sikhs – Christians – Jains – Buddhists – Sc/St’s – Tribals – Dalits – Mahadalits – No – You Are None of These – You Are ‘INDIANS FIRST & INDIANS LAST’ – Believe In You – Believe In Your Motherland – Believe In Your ‘Bharat-Maa’ – My – Brothers – Friends & Colleagues – Love To All of You – Respects To All of You  – Regards To All of You – A Time To Smile – A Time To Laugh – A Time To Enjoy- Jubilate & Celebrate – A New ‘Bharat’ Has Just Arrived…………………… – See It – Understand It  – And Yes – Feel It……………………..…………..


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  1. praful babu (@PrafulpB)
    May 19, 2014 @ 03:36:16

    A good epilogue for a great saga and a good prologue for a great beginning – for India, ie., Bharat


    • ashley1888
      May 19, 2014 @ 06:24:32

      hi praful babu

      now – it’s up to us to take this mission forward – better our skills – plan it well – execute it precisely and conquer the hearts & minds of the world.



  2. ashley1888
    May 20, 2014 @ 15:08:34

    hi all

    Mr. Arun Shourie is no ‘Saint’ – rather – he is simply ‘Great’.

    He was a ‘minister of disinvestment’ in the previous ‘NDA’ govt. and his two important disinvestments decisions – among many – needs to be looked at very carefully :-

    1. Govt. owned Airport Centaur Hotel Mumbai Deal – property sold to one Mr. Batra on a single bid at Rs. 83 Crores and then Mr. Batra re-sold that hotel to some other group within four months at Rs. 115 Crores – A Cool Profit of 32 Crores in Flat 4 Months – not enough – isn’t it.

    2. Sale of Communication Giant – VSNL to lovable ‘Tatas’ – Sold at Rs.1,439 Crores – the most interesting part is – that the lowest valuation of VSNL’s own plush – premium & polished several real estate assets -ie.- some 60 properties in 27 cities/towns itself was around Rs. 1,300 Crores – So Tatas got a Govt. Beauty by paying a sweet duty of meagre Rs.100 + Crores Only – that’s getting better – doesn’t it.

    so that is our ‘Dear’ – so ‘Near’ – whom no-one ‘Hears’- Mr. Arun Shourie – Available – for the benefit of our nation – how’s that ! – now can we enjoy it.



  3. ashley1888
    May 24, 2014 @ 12:21:24

    hi all

    this is in response to all those hundreds & thousands of articles which keep getting published every day every night – day after day – all days all nights with ulterior motives – cruel intentions & sinister designs in all the leading national newspapers – online news portals & acclaimed international print mediums against Narendra Modi – BJP – RSS – Hindus – Hinduism & Hindustan…………….

    the writers of these article seems to be living in their own wonderland. whom they are referring as liberals are actually the most corrupt – communal & criminals of our nation. writers and the entire gang of congress paid intellectuals keeps talking about hindus – hindutva & majoritarianism – but quite cunningly hides the fact that that this majoritarianism has never done any harm to the muslims – minorities & minoritarianism.

    they don’t tell the world even once that hundreds of hindus too got killed – murdered & massacred by the pure hands of muslims during the riots of gujrat 2002. they never share the truth to the world that muslims started the riots by attacking – burning & roasting alive 59 hindus in Sabarmati Express Train compartments at godhra railway station, gujrat which includes 25 hindu women & 15 innocent hindu children leave alone hundreds of seriously injured middle aged & old people and for no rhyme or reason without any provocation. they never bring into light one important fact that hindus are not some dirt – insects or animals but also human beings like other muslims people.

    they never emphasize upon this major achievement that modi robusted the internal security apparatus to the extent that not even a single hindu-muslim riot occurred in his state of gujrat in the last 12 years whereas the secular congress ruled assam & the most secular mullah mulayam & his dear son led uttar pradesh kept churning out thousand & thousands of dead bodies of hindus & muslims people during this very time period.

    so we humbly request to these paid writers and the other goons in news media network that do not spread the poison among people – regions & religions of our country – all your ill-earned money will not come to the rescue of you – your family & your near & dear ones once the wheels of justice comes into motion – you are ‘Indian First & Indian Last’ – do not divide the nation.

    beware – all of you – once & for all……………………..



  4. ashley1888
    May 24, 2014 @ 16:05:00

    this is in response to one great secular indian – who doesn’t care about hindus – atrocities committed on hindus and massive humiliation & annihilation of hindus.

    hi dinosaur brother

    what happened ? got bored – don’t be

    you want hindus to be killed – murdered & massacred but don’t want to talk about it – why – because it is a routine thing – a normal affair.

    ok – no problems – just for you and for the entire gang of hindu haters – AAP lovers & anti nationals :- I hope – you all – will love it :- a complete dose of entertainment :-

    jingle bell-jingle bell – jingle all the way – missionaries will make every human being christian – that’s what pope prays………………

    and allahu akbar – allahu akbar – allah is only for muslims – that’s what all the mullahs says………………….

    keep singing – have fun – pretty soon – we will achieve salvation


  5. ashley1888
    May 24, 2014 @ 16:20:40

    this is in response to one secular intellectual – who thinks – secularism is in great danger – because ‘narendra modi’ has been chosen by the indian people to be the ruler :-

    hi dear secular

    Eureka !

    you have just won yourself an internationally acclaimed ‘Magsaysay Award’.

    and it will be presented to you by one of its previous recipient – our dear naxalite – a great traitor and hired henchmen of congress – Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

    Hip Hip Hurray !


  6. ashley1888
    May 25, 2014 @ 00:16:58

    this is in response to an article published on a news portal ‘Ibn-Live’ highlighting indian muslims as a different entity from rest of the indian public and being ‘very happy’ at Narendra Modi’s invitation to a Muslim country – Pakistan’s ‘PM’ – Nawaz Sharif’ for swearing-in ceremony :-

    hi liberal writer

    amazing article.

    indian Muslims are happy – as if they are in some sort of captivity and the invitation has been sent to their masters who will be coming to see them – bless them & give assurances to all the indian Muslim population and will eradicate all the illiteracy – unemployment – poverty & extremism that is prevalent among them and will save them from the clutches of rest of evil indian people – I mean – simply terrific – isn’t it.

    what about indian Hindus – are they shedding tears ? and what about indian Sikhs – indian Christians – indian Jains – indian Buddhists – indian Sc / St’s – indian Dalits – indian Mahadalits – indian Tribals – are they creating any roadblocks for this event ? will their pain – plight & sufferings also be addressed by him ? why don’t you talk about them – are they aliens – don’t they deserve to be discussed about as well ?

    May God bless this ‘writer’ & its publishers – ‘CNN IBN’ for this wonderful work : you literally made our day – till the time you are enjoying here – we are damn sure – you will never let us live in peace – you will do our many pieces – you will shatter the social fabric of our nation – you will keep our country divided on the lines of religion – you will always help in engineering hindu – muslims massacres – you will shamelessly justify indian naxalites – separatists and dreadful muslim terrorism.

    well – dear news network – keep breaking india – keep provoking muslims against hindus and keep projecting deliberately the hindus as the aggressors and muslims as their helpless victims – after all – it pays well to do all of this – isn’t it – so keep doing it – you are a true enemy – bloodsucker & traitor of our country – so three cheers – standing ovations & a big round of applause to you – we trust you – you would leave no stones unturned to leave India In tatters.



  7. ashley1888
    May 25, 2014 @ 14:02:33

    hi all

    you may read : ” hi everybody – did you receive your secular certificate ”

    this is my little take on – how someone responds when he meets a Jew – Christian & Muslim person and what happens when that someone accidentally meets a ‘Hindu’ and asks him ‘Are You Hindu’ :-



  8. Vijayraghav Rao
    May 26, 2014 @ 22:38:32

    thanks for your interesting articles. You seem to be well read and well informed and write with a lot of passion.
    a few suggestions i would like to share
    organise this website well , give it a catchy label, monitor page views per article, allow likes/dislikes to be marked, incorporate discus/google plus for,comments/replies

    classify the articles into a few categories, be regular in writing one article every week at the very least.

    all the best. Good wishes for the success of this initiative


  9. ashley1888
    May 27, 2014 @ 04:45:29

    hi vijayraghav rao

    thanks a lot.



  10. ashley1888
    May 28, 2014 @ 01:47:51

    this is in response to one of the poisonous article published in the ‘First Post’ – an online news portal with a purpose of defaming Modi – vilify Hindus & creating rift among People of our nation by taking the shelter of age-old – tried & tested – super effective – ‘divide & rule’ composition :-

    hi secular-liberal & eternal hindu hater – dear lakshmi chaudhry

    what happened – why have you got rattled – why so much of hatred – anger & fear –– I mean – what’s wrong with Najma Heptullah – newly appointed Minister for Minority Affairs in NDA’s Govt. 2014 at the centre – any personal problems or issues with her – did she ever bad mouth you in the past for no rhyme or reason or did she ever slap you hard without any provocation or the worst of all – did she ever beat you with her ‘chappals’ – for you being from the great gang of criminals – sorry – seculars – tell us lakshmi – tell all – don’t hide – speak all – it’s your secular country – so don’t be afraid of her at all or – or – or – if none of it has taken place – then – why don’t you like her – why are you doubting her talent – why do you want to shatter her reputation at any cost – you very well know that she is a Muslim – after all – that’s what you check first – before meeting anyone – before formulating your opinion on anyone – and before passing judgement against everyone – like – is he/she of this religion or that religion – is he/she of backward caste or the most bactward caste & the most classic – the most terrific & the most effective among all – is he/she of Indian DNA or European DNA – ie. – a Dravidian or an Aryan – how’s that ! – don’t you ?– don’t you keep digging that ? – don’t you keep dividing the people on the basis of that ?

    so what’s the matter – she being a Muslim and on top of that – a Woman – you should have been the Happiest – as she is born Secular – automatically Liberal & the most Special – so you can’t complain on any of your great parameters of being a Human – and that means – Muslim – Secular & Liberal & icing on the cake – as mentioned – a Woman – as she fulfills all of that – and – that pretty much solves most of the problems – then – what’s the fuss – what’s the mystery – why do you want to prove that she is not the right choice for the given Assignment – Ok ! – for your sake – let’s go deeper – let’s unearth some other material – let’s ask some more dangerous questions and see if can come come up with something to quench your thirst – to satisfy your hunger – to keep your blood pressure normal – so here we go – let’s start :- Is she an illiterate Woman – Is she not Intelligent enough – Is she not a pure Muslim – Is she not offering her Namaaz – or – Is it because she doesn’t wear Burqa- Hijab or Naqab as prescribed by Holy Hadith – Sunnah or Kuran – is she an major obstacle in the complete Islamization of our Nation – Is she not liked by Deoband – the ‘Maalik’ of all the Indian Muslim groups – units & associations – Is she not appreciated by SIMI – HUJI & Indian Mujahideen – the Pakistan’s supported-funded & managed Indian Muslim Social Service-Terrorist corporations – or – Is she not in the good books of Lashkar – e – Taiba – Lashkar – e – Janghvi & Tehreek – e – Taliban – the most Peaceful ISI’s Militant branches in Pakistan – or – Is she someone who is most hated by Haqqani Network of Taliban on the other side of Pakistan – ie. – Afghanistan – or – the University of Terrorism – Al – Queda having operations all across the World or the new entrant Boko Haram of Nigeria – all Human friendly – Islam Centric – Mass Murderers Terrorist Organisations of the World.

    now what will you say – nothing of this stands true – then what’s left – the last refuge of crooks – the dissection of religion further – so let’s touch this as well – so that – after this – you are left with nothing to pounce upon – you don’t utter a single word – you do not lift your finger – Is she a Sunni Muslim or a Shia Muslim – Ahmadiyya Muslim or follows Mystical-Sufi Islam – caught you on that na – if she happens to be ‘Sunni’ then you will have no place to hide – as ‘Sunni Muslims’ are considered the most powerful – influential & dominant among all Muslims clans according to Sunni Mullahs own definitions – directions & records – after all of this – now you don’t merit any mention – you have been thoroughly exposed and you have been found guilty with all your sick – dirty & stinking excuses to demean – denigrate & insult Ms. Nazma & BJP’s National Government – so dear – now leave all your pretence – come out with your evil face in the open – face the ugly truth & accept the falsehood – deceit & crime you committed against your own mother nation – and that – you have got nothing to do with anybody – anyone & no-one – your sole – lone & only target is Narendra damodardas Modi and you are living only to bash Modi – ridicule Modi & abuse Modi at one pretext or the another under strict orders from your Masters sorry Maalkin of Congress – so that’s the reason – that’s why this article and that’s why this much of hard work on – Ms. Najma Heptullah – Modi’s Cabinet Companion – well – for all this misleading – dishonest & fraudulent job – you deserve lots of whistles – claps & cheers from your secular mafia of writers – journalists & intellectuals.

    now do you main job along with ‘Operation Degrade – Discredit & Crush Modi’ and that is – Inject Poison more – Divide People more – Destroy India more – after all – that’s what you have been recruited for – that’s what you have been ordered for & that’s what you have been paid for & that’s what you are supposed to do till death do us part – so when you have to do this at all costs – then do it properly – do it better – do it with lot more aggression- otherwise – how will you show your devil face to your Maalkin & her slave Congress – so – what say – shall we start again – then tell us – educate us – direct us & order us – who should have been made the ‘Minister of Minority Affairs’ instead of Muslim Ms. Heptullah – an upper caste Hindu or a backward caste Hindu – a Dalit or a Maha dalit – an Sc/St or a Tribal – a Jain or a Buddhist – no – a Digambar Jain or a Svetambar Jain – a Mahayana Buddhist – a Theravada Buddhist – or – a Vajrayana Buddhist – a Sikh or a Christian – no – a Amritdhari Sikh – Non Amritdhari Sikh – Sehajdhari Sikh – or – a Namdhari Sikh – a Catholic Christian – a Protestant Christian – an Ordhodox Christian – or – an Anglican Christian – or Any One from more than 30,000 sect. of Christians.

    a Jew or a Zoroastrian – no – a Sephardic Jew – Ashkenazic Jew – or – a Mizrahi Jews – a Shahenshahi Parsi – a Kadmi Parsi – or – a Fasli Parsi and how about the best among all – India’s favourite – centre of attraction – Eye of the Nation – a Muslim – oh my God ! – sorry – we are talking about superior – great & wonderful Muslims – hence – oh my Allah ! – so – a Pure Muslim – who strictly offers Namaaz five times a day everyday – wears skull cap & sports a full beard without any moustache – but here again – a Sunni Muslim or a Shia Muslim – an Ahmadiyya Muslim or a Sufi Islam Enthusiast – or – for a change – how about an ‘I – Me & Myself’ – a cynic – a disbeliever – an apostate – so – well – enough divisions among people or you still want more – not satisfied with all these denominations – would like to divide them further on the basis of their different sects & do not consider them able – bright & talented people – then how about importing a Chinese or a Japanese – a Russian or an American – a French or a German – a South african or a Nigerian – or – a Pakistani or the Ultimate Muslim – Purest of the Pure – the native Saudi Arabian.

    hey writer – you are on right track – keep Destroying India – – keep sowing the seeds of malice – acrimony & animosity among people and keep vitiating our atmosphere – you will get promoted – you will earn more – you will enjoy many All Paid Holidays Trips to Seychelles – US & Europe and from next time onwards – do tell us about your religion – caste & sub caste as well before proceeding further with any of your write-up and don’t forget to mention the religious identity – the entire ‘caste structure & the belief system of all the seniors – juniors & fellow persons of your organisation.



  11. ashley1888
    May 29, 2014 @ 13:22:11

    hi all

    something is seriously wrong somewhere :-

    who is calling the shots – who is taking decisions – who is spoiling all the riches which have been generated through years & years of blood – sweat & tears.

    extremely sorry to say – but is it – Our Leader of India – Narendra Modi or our Ex – leader of Opposition in Rajyasabha for 5 years who worked under the able – capable & dependable leadership of Mr. Chidu – Mr. Maun & Maalkin.

    Subramanian Swamy – the most ardent – hardcore & staunch supporter of modi – not getting any cabinet post – any greetings – any mention – is not that simple a thing – because till 15th of May – he was one of the main spokesperson of BJP in every English & Hindi news channel for the past one year or so – then what happened so suddenly that after 16th of may – the Victory day – that he has got disappeared from all the news channels – be it English – hindi or regional and it has been 14 days since then – but he has not been seen on any news channel – did not attend such an historical – once in a lifetime – a surreal swearing-in ceremony for which he worked – worked & worked for years to make it real and has not met even once – during this celebration period – whom he worked for – all this while – Mr. Modi.

    and was it a coincidence or an order from the higher ups – the powerfuls – who controls these mediums – that when cabinet portfolios were being discussed – distributed & played around by all the news channels – he was not named – mentioned or discussed even once – yes – not even once for any cabinet post – position or responsibility and as far as age matter is concerned – age is not an issue at all – for him being ignored completely – because he is supremely physically & mentally fit and he was one of those rare workers during election campaigns – who not only visited channels studios but also did lot of hard – tedious & grueling field work activities every day – day after day – in many – many constituencies.

    and now one very important thing to note : all these years when – not a single BJP spokesperson or member – be it the senior or the junior – ever uttered a single word against Fake Gandhis – even when Modi – BJP & Hindus were being slammed – thrashed & trashed almost on daily basis by every tom – dick & harry – by congress – its allies – news anchors – intellectuals & every media analyst – he was the only one who shamed – exposed & ridiculed all the members of Chinese Gandhis for their dreadful deeds and he has been doing all of this – fighting a lone battle – standing against the tides for so many years – when BJP was only dreaming of coming to power again & not even making enough noises – when its leaders of opposition in Rajyasabha & Loksabha were enjoying lunches & dinners with the maalkin & her slave Congress colleagues – he was the one & only one during all those years before modi took the baton few months back only.

    will someone give us an answer for this pathetic – shameful & deplorable treatment being meted out to Mr. Swamy.



  12. ashley1888
    May 29, 2014 @ 16:11:34

    hi all

    evils can never be managed – they need to be crushed and crushed to dust – or else sooner or later – they will destroy you completely – and – now is the time to get rid of all the ‘News Brokers – Criminals & Anti-Nationals In our English – Hindi & Regional News Media – who have wrecked havoc upon India deceitfully – shamelessly & continuously.



  13. ashley1888
    May 29, 2014 @ 19:50:49

    hi all

    A word for our Meenakshi Lekhi

    Meenakshi Lekhi – I don’t know – how many are aware of this fact that both Ms. Lekhi and Ms. Smriti irani knows each other for quite long even before joining BJP – both share a good rapport with each other & Surprise ! – Surprise ! – both of them have worked together in a Talk Show on TV – Yes – Ms. Lekhi too have done some ‘Television’ and that too along with Ms. Smriti 10 years back – they both featured in a TV – Show – ‘Kuch Dil Se’ which was based on social issues and used to be broadcasted on ‘SAB TV’ where Ms. Irani was the ‘anchor’ of that programme and Ms. Lekhi used to be the main legal expert in this – and they both used to ‘take on’ the other guests – panellists & audiences on matters pertaining to social problems/issues quite effectively and though Ms. Smriti was already a big name at that point of time due to her very successful stint in another TV – Serial – Ms. Lekhi too – in legal circles – during those years – was a name to reckon with.

    and after joining BJP – both have done commendable work throughout – both have served the ‘BJP’ admirably – both have defended Modi – BJP & Hindus during numerous interviews – debates & discussions on various news channels very aggressively and have fought tooth & nail with all the goons – dalaals & criminals of these news media – and that means – all the news anchors – journalists – intellectuals – media analysts & historians splendidly and now – Cut to 26th of May, 2014 – Ms. smriti taking a solemn – oath of loyalty to india’s constitution as our new ‘Minister of HRD’ & Ms. Lekhi – the most fierce spokesperson of BJP – infact – a notch above Ms. Smriti because of her vast legal – technical & working experience to deal with different types of people from every walk of life involved in all sorts of activities be it lawful or unlawful – due to her enormous active work in legal fields for many-many years – is not on the dais – nowhere to be seen – probably among many politicians – invitees & celebrities.

    now if Mr. Modi has any plans for Ms. Lekhi with respect to delhi – as Mr. Harsh Vardhan – Delhi Chief Minister Designate has gone to Centre as a ‘Health Minister’ – then it will be good for Delhi as well as for Ms. Lekhi – but even that doesn’t seem happening – with all that talk of Ms. Kiran bedi for Chief-Ministership directly – or – if he has some other plan to induct her in the cabinet later on during another round of expansion and use her skills – knowledge & abilities extensively – otherwise – psychologically very difficult time for her – and I sincerely hope – she doesn’t lose focus – she doesn’t feel ignored – she doesn’t feel disenchanted – and take this thing in her stride as a part & parcel of life and get on with her job – whatever she is into or whatever is assigned to her with same zeal – passion & vigour – which has always been a hallmark of Ms. Lekhi.

    and I would also expect Mr. Modi to invite her personally and have a heart to heart talk with her – confide in her – make her understand all the realities and clear all her doubts – disillusionment & discontentment – if any – or else – we may lose a gem – who may go astray or get disheartened – which won’t be good for our country – after all – haven’t we seen many bright people – careers & futures getting destroyed because they took someone else’s progress – elevation & success personally and nobody wise enough was there to guide them – enlighten them & get them out from those difficulties and bring some sanity.



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