a tale of three ladies

hi all

a tale of three ladies :

one lost it – yet got everything – got the stars – on cloud nine – now celebrating – it’s a big-big moment for her – coming of age of her – a huge accomplishment – a great personal feat – so let’s congratulate her & do not dare to underestimate her by any means.

another got victory – waited for her turn – nothing happened – now silent – hiding all her emotions – probably feeling disappointed – i hope the last part proves unfounded – after all – she is too good to get depressed – suppressed & repressed and will eventually get what she truly deserves in the end – and then surely – she will sparkle again like a bright diamond and will be seen all over the place fire-fighting – all guns blazing & counter-attacking all the adversaries of our country.

third one – the most interesting one – started with all the facts – figures & details – worked very hard for it – faught her way to get it – did remarkably well all along – defended someone who was being castigated by every tom – dick & harry – every goon – dalaal & criminal of Indian News Media daily – caught the eye of the nation – but one fine day got confused – desperate or deliberate &  tried to reveal the real face of someone – but surprisingly – she simply got shunned by everyone – and suddenly lost her course just before the final run – now don’t know where to go from it – she continued with her original work – and at last when victory was achieved what she set out for – the mission was completed and the country was in jubilation – she attacked that very person & his choice whom she faught for-all this while – that too when the entire nation was in awe of him & her selection – and now she is at crossroads – being criticised by one & all and cold shouldered by everybody –  in short – did everything what all she could have said – done & thought of  – and now forget about winning or losing – not even being acknowledged for her contribution by anybody – and nobody seems to be bothered about her anymore after the present little storm in the teacup of someone’s qualification – what she objected to so vociferously.

do you know – whom am i talking about – all of you seems to have got quite intelligent – keen observant & politically savvy and guessed it correctly – yes – it’s Smriti – Meenakshi & Madhu – the three most scintillating – aggressive & articulate ladies who played pivotal role in Mr. Narendra Modi’s relentless pursuit of Self-Respect – Truth & Justice – they joined hands together – faught together and defeated all their opponents together – as brilliant spokespersons – for him all through – when everybody was attacking – denigrating & defaming him so abusively and now when everything has been done – success has been achieved and fruits are there for everybody to see – they seems to have got separated from one another in terms of their current elevation – post & position – due to different rewards – patronage & treatment meted out to them probably unintentionally.

thunderous applause for Ms. Smriti Irani :

Date : 26th of May, 2014 – Ms. Smriti Irani being called on the stage in front of thousands of politicians – guests & celebrities taking a solemn oath of office & secrecy under the supervision of the President of India – to remain loyal to the constitution & country – as India’s New ‘Minister of HRD’ – simply surreal – breathtaking & extraordinary.

a word for our Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi – current status : absent from the TV-News Studios – debates & discussions for the past two weeks or so – haven’t made any statement since then & haven’t come out in defence of her party or her prime minister from perennial enemies – I don’t know – how many are aware of this fact that both Ms. Lekhi and Ms. Smriti irani knows each other for quite long even before joining BJP – both share a good rapport with each other & Surprise ! – Surprise ! – both of them have worked together in a Talk Show on TV – Yes – Ms. Lekhi too have done some ‘Television’ and that too along with Ms. Smriti 10 years back – they both featured in a TV – Show – ‘Kuch Dil Se’ which was based on social issues and used to be broadcasted on ‘SAB TV’ where Ms. Irani was the ‘anchor’ of that programme and Ms. Lekhi used to be the main legal expert in this – and they both used to ‘take on’ the other guests – panellists & audiences on matters pertaining to social problems/issues quite effectively and though Ms. Smriti was already a big name at that point of time due to her very successful stint in another TV – Serial – Ms. Lekhi too – in legal circles – during those years – was a name to reckon with.

and after joining BJP – both have done commendable work throughout – both have served the ‘BJP’ admirably – both have defended Modi – BJP & Hindus during numerous interviews – debates & discussions on various news channels very aggressively and have fought tooth & nail with all the goons – dalaals & criminals of these news media – and that means – all the news anchors – journalists – intellectuals – media analysts & historians splendidly and now – Cut to 26th of May, 2014 – Ms. smriti taking a solemn – oath of loyalty to india’s constitution as our new ‘Minister of HRD’ & Ms. Lekhi – the most fierce spokesperson of BJP – infact – a notch above Ms. Smriti because of her vast legal – technical & working experience to deal with different types of people from every walk of life involved in all sorts of activities be it lawful or unlawful – due to her enormous active work in legal fields for many-many years – is not on the dais – nowhere to be seen – probably among many politicians – invitees & celebrities.

now if Mr. Modi has any plans for Ms. Lekhi with respect to delhi – as Mr. Harsh Vardhan – Delhi Chief Minister Designate has gone to Centre as a ‘Health Minister’ – then it will be good for Delhi as well as for Ms. Lekhi – but even that doesn’t seem happening – with all that talk of Ms. Kiran bedi for Chief-Ministership directly – or – if he has some other plan to induct her in the cabinet later on during another round of expansion and use her skills – knowledge & abilities extensively – otherwise – psychologically very difficult time for her – and I sincerely hope – she doesn’t lose focus – she doesn’t feel ignored – she doesn’t feel disenchanted – and take this thing in her stride as a part & parcel of life and get on with her job – whatever she is into or whatever is assigned to her with same zeal – passion & vigour – which has always been a hallmark of Ms. Lekhi.

and I would also expect Mr. Modi to invite her personally and have a heart to heart talk with her – confide in her – make her understand all the realities and clear all her doubts – disillusionment & discontentment – if any – or else – we may lose a gem – who may go astray or get disheartened – which won’t be good for our country – after all – haven’t we seen many bright people – careers & futures getting destroyed because they took someone else’s progress – elevation & success personally and nobody wise enough was there to guide them – enlighten them & get them out from those difficulties and bring some sanity.

the curious case of Ms. Madhu Kishwar

Madhu kishwar – right now out of favour – out of flavour – out of any sympathy – almost like a sore eye – a centre of distraction – a target of nation’s fury – but wait – take a breath – get relaxed and now go back in time – search something – listen this thing – take one – rolling camera & action – a lady taking on everybody all alone – a biased anchor – two dalaal independent political analysts – one in house-paid journalist – along with corrupt ruling party’s representative – and one congress party’s hidden ally -ie.- JDU – Mr. Modi’s fiercest critic –  all crying hoarse – shouting from the rooftops – throwing choicest abuses against Mr. Modi & calling him – a danger to democracy – the nemesis of entire nation – the nightmare of muslims – and that too repeatedly and so it was one Vs all and in that one sided scenario – that lady like a true fighter  – matching noise with more noise – rhetoric with better logic & mud-slinging with fierce aggression – destroying everybody and in the end coming out with flying colours – and then doing this many – many times on various news channels quite bravely – effectively & regularly – as & when she got the opportunity till the very end – till India achieved victory – which was very much needed – who was that lady – that solid supporter – a fan of Mr. Modi – that lady was Ms. Madhu Kishwar – a bad-mouthed person – a staunch critic and inventor of scandalous allegations against Mr. Modi till a year back with no real content or substance and due to some ulterior motives – but now a complete opposite of it – ‘In Protection of Mr. Modi’ – Defending Mr. Modi – Supporting Mr. Modi – ferociously – No – This is not any Filmi Story but a Damn Real thing.

almost a year back – when even the hardcore proponents of Modi in the BJP were not supporting Modi internally – forget about getting any support externally – then she came out of nowhere – like a revelation – like a rain-water in a desert – as an unbelievably strong modi backer – pardon me to say this – but she stood right on top in terms of making loud sounds – putting persuasive arguments & showing belligerence in shielding Modi – even when the entire media – all her peer social activists – NGO sponsors – journalists – media bigwigs – one & all condemned her – insulted her – humiliated her publically – but – she didn’t budge – she didn’t relent – she didn’t give in – and many will be surprised to know that after Mr. Subramanian Swamy – if there is anyone who has spoken anything against our Chinese Gandhis without bothering about the consequences– then it’s this lady – but like a good old Masala Movie – this Tale too deserved some twists & turns – so – suddenly something happened – which stunned everybody – she either in a great haste or going solely by her heart or quite deliberately – during the heated election campaign dared to name Mr. Jaitley – one of the senior most person – decision maker & very important part of Modi’s Inner Ring – as one of the chief architect of ‘Club 160’- so she attacked one of the closest aide of Mr. Modi – indicated huge rift in the party and demonstrated sabotage of ‘Mission 272+’ from within the BJP.

but – quite strangely – rather becoming the ‘talk of the town’ – as she being someone  – who was fuelling speculations against BJP – talking about in-fighting within BJP – embarrassing the top hierarchy of BJP that too during the peak of election campaigning – so – would have been good for the News Media – very good for the Congress & very bad for the BJP and she should have been highlighted all across the news channels by all the enemies of Mr. Modi quite extensively – she became pariah – declared untouchable & got isolated – with the exception of one or two appearances here & there – since then – she got disappeared from the media coverage completely – and then suddenly – out of the blue – from the wilderness – surfaced all across the news channels – a couple of days after the swearing-in ceremony of Mr.  Modi & his cabinet colleagues – and that too with very unfortunate – avoidable & blunt attack on Ms. Smriti and included Mr. Modi also in it – as she questioned the very intelligence of him for picking Ms. Smriti – that too when she knows that it’s not such a big issue that should be spoken about so forcefully and it will only vitiate the atmosphere which has become in favour of Mr. Modi & he is going to be here for the next 5 years constitutionally – so why attack modi – just after a day of his swearing-in ceremony – when the entire Nation is engulfed in Modi’s stupendous victory – showering praises and offering blessings to him and icing on the cake – the amazing presence of all ‘SARC’ Nation Heads Including Arch-Rival Pakistan’s PM – Nawaz Sharif on India’s Territory for that ceremony & congratulating Modi – then why such a stupidity from that lady – a complete role reversal from ‘Yes’ Mr. Modi to ‘No’ Mr. Modi and that too when Modi is in complete charge – what she set out for – a year back – leaving behind all her previous powerful – influential & rewarding contacts – equations & chemistry.

then what caused madhu’s sudden anger – outburst & screaming – that she didn’t weigh her options – didn’t think twice – sacrificed all that she achieved during this time – the goodwill – the faith – the love of Indian Masses all across the country – the only answer could be – she is feeling let down – probably feeling lost out on some opportunity– and now hugely disappointed – not getting any answers from anywhere – as if left in the lurch – so couldn’t take it kindly – went awry – and fell out with Mr. Modi.

we all know that Mr. Modi is very good in man-management – very good in making friends – and top of it all – getting the best out of anybody – but he has one more unique ability which differentiates him from everybody and that is that he can turn even his strongest critics – foes & enemies into his fan – supporter & close-aide – Sample this : Mr. Zafar Sareshwala – once a strong critic of Mr. Modi – who actually led an international campaign against Mr. Modi after the gujrat riots 2002 – but now seen everywhere with Modi or without Modi but supporting only & only Modi – breaking Modi’s wrong – distorted & hateful image being made by anti-nationals – criminal Congress & corrupt media among all Muslims of the country – bringing few prominent Muslims in tacit – support of Mr. Modi  and  trying to make Muslims understand Mr. Modi’s side of the story – as & when getting the chance to express his views – opinions & arguments on various news channels all across the country.

Mr. Yatin Oza :  abused Mr. Modi – said all sorts of things to Modi – infact faught against Modi electorally from maninagar  constituency during Gujrat Assembly Elections 2002 after Gujrat riots-2002 – though lost it and now he has become staunch supporter of Modi – became an important part of Modi and now is a legal advisor of Mr Modi.

and the most glaring – publicised and stunning example of this is ‘Ms. Smriti Irani’ – what she did – nobody could dare to do it – she not only accused Modi of being complicit in gujrat 2002 riots – she held him responsible for it – accountable for it and even threatened to sit on fast – unto death till Modi accepts responsibility and resigns from all his duties and all of this when she was very much part of BJP so she tried to destroy his reputation massively that too when during those times every opponent of Modi was already pouncing upon him – maligning him and demolishing his image – stature & standing immensely and look at now – if there is any one who can be called  the most vocal – logical & hardcore supporter of Mr. Modi then do I need to say this – who is that – it is Ms. Smriti Irani – and is it a co-incidence that she has been doing this now for many – many years quite competently and she is seen on all the  news channel’s debates quite regularly defending Modi remarkably   and now – look at her meteoric – phenomenal and unbelievable rise that culminated in her being sworn-in along with Mr. Modi as a trusted companion of Mr. Modi as our new Minister of HRD.

and how about bulldozing his way so astutely – side lining all his senior competitors not one two but many who had an iron grip on the party – decimating all the opposing – highly critical & negative voices in the party and bringing in – the thrown out – discarded and neglected many strong – dedicated & hard working BJP regional players like inducting B.S. Yeddyurappa in the party again in Karnataka – appointing Vasundhara Raje back as president of BJP Unit in Rajasthan – nominating Dr. Harsh Vardhan as Chief-Minister Designate in Delhi replacing Mr. Vijay Goel – and even forging alliances with many critical regional parties who had withered away from BJP with no intention of coming back again like LJP of Mr. Ramvilas Paswan & TDP of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu and then inclusion of all time Hindus – BJP & Modi Hater – Dalit leader Udit Raj in the party and aligning with another prominent Dalit Personality – Ramdas Athawale of RPI – showcasing BJP’s strong commitment towards Dalits & their difficulties – in short – he kept adding friend – friends & friends in his kitty leaving no room for enemy.

with all these stunning – exceptional & exhilarating stories – the incident of Ms. Madhu Kishwar comes as a huge shock – setback & surprise because it doesn’t gel with any of its qualities – Mr. Subramanian Swamy is another sad chapter in it – though fortunately – he hasn’t said anything and shown remarkable restrain – grace & control up till now but for how long –  after all – everybody has his/her limits – but – why for the first time – extremely sorry to say – a feeling is emanating – with heavy heart – and i sincerely hope it comes out untrue – that many staunch Modi supporters are being sidelined – ignored & alienated and the reason of this anxiety is because answers are not forthcoming.

Though Mr. Modi is an Extraordinary person – Miracle Man – A Super Human of our Country but at the end of the day – he too is a person – a man – a human – so – can he too make mistakes inadvertently ?– can he too be influenced by some humans who pretend to be his allies or close –aides ? and can he not pacify at least those of his supporters who are feeling disturbed – frustrated and neglected…………………..? – Or – Mr. Modi is waiting for correct timings –  perhaps he is too busy – not getting enough breathing space – being involved with everything – handling some of the most dubious – imposters & double dealer characters of politics after all – it is easy to identify your enemy who are outside your boundaries but how to recognize those who are moving around inside your own vicinity and there are many including some of the most senior – old members & so called close-aides and then dealing with the most roguish – deceptive & criminal news media almost on daily basis.

I hope just one meeting with Mr. Modi can do wonders – can subside all ‘ill-feeling’ – can clear all their apprehensions & can bring smile back on their faces – is it too much for an asking – if not – then do it early – do it fast – do it now – before it goes out of hand completely – remember – Mr. Modi would feel no effect whatsoever at all in present context with or without anybody but why waste Ms. Madhu & many – after all you can make enemies overnight but it takes years of work to build trust – admiration & bonding – so cherish all your fans – supporters & well-wishers and dispel all their doubts – issues & negativities  – if they have any – and all they need is his call – a pat on their back and a good – healthy & hearty conversation with him and then we will see – hopefully, they will again be on board – ready to fight another battle – taking on new challenges and working with the same energy – intensity & enthusiasm which brought India victory.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Manish
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 04:23:36

    A very well written article. Slightly long though (I hope you won’t mind). A few observations from me: A true supporter of a cause or of a person, doesn’t get upset when the cause is fulfilled or the person is very successful. If you get so, you are not a good supporter; you are a investor. I hope all those of like Swamy, Madhu, Meenakshi should repose faith in MODI, and should wait for their turn. Modi might have kept some more challenging jobs for them; more rewarding.


    • ashley1888
      Jun 05, 2014 @ 07:10:54

      hi manish

      true and that’s what Mr. Swamy & Ms. Meenakshi are waiting for patiently and Ms. Madhu Impatiently – Nation building is a huge task – everybody is needed – then why deprive your staunchest workers from it – the sooner they are assigned the responsibilities – the better for the country.



  2. ajit vadakayil
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 07:51:32

    hi ash,

    INDEED !

    capt ajit vadakayil


  3. ashley1888
    Jun 07, 2014 @ 02:22:56

    hi all

    the person who was brought up by britishers – who was educated by britishers – who was made famous by britishers and who served all his life for britishers while millions of innocent Indians brutally died at the hands of britishers and yet he is called the greatest Indian after Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi even after 67 years of our independence is a matter of great pride – huge happiness & absolute honour for 125+ crore people of our nation.

    who was a slave of britishers – who followed all the rules – regulations & teachings of britishers – who drove a deep wedge among hindus on the basis of different caste – subcaste & sections as per the instructions of britishers and who enjoyed all the luxuries of life thanks to royal britishers while thousands of young – middle aged & old patriots of all caste – creed & colour from all strata of society were getting severely punished – horrendously tortured & savagely murdered in the cellular jail of Andaman, Port-Blair & numerous death cells all across the nation and all of this at the pure hands of his masters – the great britishers and surprise – surprise – yet – he is called the messiah of dalits – poor & underprivileged Indians.

    I won’t say more – I won’t elaborate the amazing deeds of this great person any further – all I would say is – Demons ie. britishers destroyed India – Demons’s own child ie. Congress continued this destruction with perfection and that’s why Mr. Ambedkar is a ‘Hero’ of all our Indians.

    regards to all the ‘Lovers of Shri-Shri-Shri Ambedkar’


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