devil & dracularism – both madly in love with each other

hi all

have you ever wondered what is this – secularism – secularism – secularism – that you keep hearing in – day in day out – day after day – night after night – every day every night – 24×7 – non stop – I mean – you start your day in the morning going through the pages of newspaper and the most prominent headline you will notice is – secularism is in danger – you switch on the news channels of your beloved Television and you will hear every news anchor of all the news networks be it english – hindi or regional at any time of the day – at every time of the day – morning – afternoon – evening or even late at night and everyday of the year – screaming their heart out – jumping up & down on their chair – ferociously moving their body from one direction to another direction – with one topic – one matter and only one problem and that is – there is some serious threat to secularism – you attend any seminar – book launch or literary festival anywhere in the nation and the agenda – debate & discussion everywhere would be and with full seriousness : how to save secularism – now as we have warmed up enough – done the needful – so let’s get on with our rigorous workout – squats  – deadlifts & bench press.

here we go :  you talk about prices of pulses – vegetables or items of daily needs going completely out of range – out of control – out of hand of the common people – daily labourers & slum dwellers – you will be told – it’s alright – let’s talk about secularism – you agitate against the monstrous lootmaar of our wealth – unprecedented theft of resources – complete destruction of commerce – industries & economy – sinking value of our rupee against pound – dollars – euro & even ruble – you will be informed – these are normal things – we will talk about them some other day – let’s first resolve this issue of secularism – you bring into light the closing down of thousands & lacs of factories – small scale units – small time businesses because of falling domestic comsumption – nil exports initiatives – wrong policies – tedious – complicated & gruelling clearance processes and no new innovations on the technological front – you will be reprimanded – it’s all crap – let’s not waste our time – discuss the more important thing – the secularism – you present the plight – pain & suffering of lacs  & crores of educated – semi educated and uneducated youths sitting at home – doing nothing because of – non-employment – nil-opportunities & no-work – you will be ridiculed – shamed & scoffed at and will be harshly asked – have you forgotten about secularism.

you remind about lacs & crores of people dying from diseases – wrong diagnosis – due to the usage of adulterated – expired  & counterfeit medicines and no proper care – you will be bad-mouthed for long & will be told – to hell with that – where is our secularism – lacs & lacs of newly born babies – kids – children dying due to infection – shabby treatment – wrong medication & unhygienic conditions they are subjected to – at all government hospitals – clinics & dispensaries across the nation and other than this – kids – children – adults – aged – old  dying from hunger – from malnutrition – from water-borne diseases in cold blood – because of no food – toxic fungi infested food or contaminated drinking water – you will be educated – these are routine things – let’s not get too much involved into it – and why are you not concentrating on secularism – you bring to the fore the destruction of crops – paddy fields – agricultural lands – houses – business places & public infrastructure – hundreds & thousands of deaths – displacements & separations of old – young men – women & children – during floods – cyclones & other natural disasters and then govt. organised poor disaster management – delayed rescue operations & no proper relief – safety & rehabilitation arrangements for the hapless victims – you will be mocked – derided & made fun of and will be firmly told not to look here – there or anywhere for excuses – trivial issues & diversions – and keep the focus only & only on secularism.

you alert – apprise  & discuss about massive infiltration of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in our country – horrendous attacks – bomb blasts & terrorism being perpetrated by pakistan on our soil and regular cease-fire violations – killings & beheadings of our soldiers at our borders – at difficult mountainous terrains & in dense jungles – by terrorists – naxalites & foreign funded killers – you will be given a tongue-lashing – you will be questioned about your intentions – you will be lampooned for spoiling the friendly relations with our neighbouring nations – and will be warned strictly to talk only about secularism – you mention about hundreds & thousands of violent attacks – brutal murders – massive riots resulting in bloodshed – massacres and killings of thousands & lacs of innocent people all across the nation and yet no punitive actions against real culprits – masterminds & chief conspirators – you won’t believe it – you will be castigated – insulted & humiliated and will be told to refresh memory and raise questions only related to secularism.

every tom – dick & harry neighbouring country staring you – daring you – threatening you & even voting against you on bilateral issues – on environment issues – on matters pertaining to international crisis and on each & every issue under the sun – on domestic & international platforms – on world forums & in United Nations – now you won’t be spared at all & will be threatened not to meddle in international affairs and keep yourself involved with the most important – pertinent & burning subject – the history – present & future of secularism – you talk about large scale mass religious conversions being carried out by christian fathers – ngo’s and missionaries at many places & in every state of our country – which has become a matter of huge concern for indian society – for our great – amazing & scientific culture and for national security reasons – for your kind information – almost all the naxalites – maoists & communists have either converted to christianity or atheism with ulterior intentions – then you will be told – no you will never be told because this is never discussed – this is never talked about – this is not even mentioned and whosoever try to raise even a meek voice against it – then that person is banned – shunned & banished from the public – socity & media forever – and that’s the price you pay for deviating from the deliberations on our sacred secularism.

oh God ! this is going nowhere – this is sheer madness –  I’m getting breathless – and I’m about to fall unconscious and now before i go into deep coma because of this continuous – countless & endless talk of secularism – secularism & only secularism – now let’s try to find out who was behind this acute trauma – unbearable pain &  extreme terror – yes – the terror of secularism – and that is if you are called secular or if you have been declared secular or if you plan to be secular – then nothing else matters – nothing is required & nothing is remembered – you can be a terrorist – anti national – dacoit – killer – fraudster – criminal – you will be compensated adequately – rehabilitated well and will be allowed to have a great life in this world and will be allowed to do anything & everything  on this planet earth – good – bad – worse – just doesn’t matter to anybody – to anyone & to no-one but if you haven’t earned – bought or applied for secularism and you are not called a secular and you don’t even plan to be a secular then get ready to face the chin music – get ready for the controversy – doubts & assaults on your identity – character & education – get ready to face the worst of slander – ignominy & contempt – you will be slammed – thrashed & trashed left – right & centre and – you will be defamed – mortified & tortured for your entire life – you will simply have no place in this world and you will be literally cursed – doomed & destroyed forever.

because this is not secularism – this is secularism X secularism X secularism X …………………………………………………………………….. X ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… X infinity and that means = ‘Dracularism’ and we are under the spell of ‘Dracularism’ and the entire country has been deceived – trapped & imprisoned into this ‘Dracularism’ and who is that ? who carried out this bloodbath ? who unleashed this reign of horror and who dared to cast this hoodoo – necromancy & witchcraft  – who else then the demons – satans & devils of our nation – so Devils created this Dracularism – Devils first flirted – played & enjoyed with secularism and to their surprise – as per their trickery – duplicity & skulduggery – reaped huge dividends – precious rewards & enormous benefits from this secularism and then nurtured – fed & pursued this secularism very aggressively – treacherously & violently to reach every nook & corner of this nation & did everything – created confusion – suspicion – deception and applied all illegal means to force this on each & every individual of this nation and then got obsessed with this secularism and fell in love with this secularism and ultimately converted it into ‘Dracularism’.

and then Devils proliferated this ‘Dracularism’ – compelled everybody to embrace this ‘Dracularism’ & made it constitutionally mandatory for only ‘Dracularism’ to rule this nation – but why ? why this havoc ? why this disorder – chaos & disruption ? why let loose this dangerous weapon of mass destruction on your own people ? do you still need an answer – are you still looking for some clarification – isn’t it amply clear to all of us – it was all done – to subjugate our nation – to keep us slaves – to become masters of our life – messiah of our destiny & Gods of our future – now Devils & ‘Dracularism’ both are madly in love with each other – they live – eat – sleep & dream together – they are inseparable and they can’t do without one another and that’s precisely – why our country is in great danger – there is serious threat to the unity of our nation – the dreadful fear of complete destruction looming large on our nation and to save our motherland from these devils & its partner in crime – its love – infact its soul – ‘Dracularism’ – we will have to be extremely alert & active – very vigilant & totally ruthless with every wrongdoing which takes place in the guise of this ‘Dracularism’.

so from now onwards – wherever & whenever – whosoever is seen talking about secularism – get alerted right away – attune your mental antenna to receive these strong signals and be absolutely clear on this front that it’s Devil which is there along with its Dear Dracularism planning to destroy our country – dividing the people on the lines of religion – injecting poison – hatred & anger into the impressionable minds of common people – and which needs to be challenged – fought – defeated & completely finished from our nation –  well guys – did you see – how Devil & Dracularism repeats itself – so you too have to keep fighting it out with them continuously till they are completely uprooted from our nation.

P.S : hey guys – food for thought :

1). there are power cuts of 6 to 8 hours daily for the past 10 years  in the Residential Apartments located in the middle of a Urban City Complex and we are not even mentioning about hundreds & thousands of Villages of our Country – which still have ‘Nil’ electricity for ‘Zero’ second since the Independence of our Nation – I just wanted to know – is it because of some Danger to our Secularism.    2). there is a water supply only for 2 hours daily – 1 hour early morning and 1 hour in the evening in most of the households for the past 20 years and we don’t want to talk about those thousands of our Villages – where we doesn’t have Any Drinking Water Available since Year 1947 and women of these places are still forced to walk many kilometres barefoot to bring Unsafe Drinking Water from Wells – Ponds or Rivers for their daily chores – for cooking food and for their children – is it also happening because there is a Threat to Secularism.

3). house tax – sales tax – service tax – income tax – road tax – toll tax – commercial tax – all taxes have gone up drastically – and not enough Income to pay those taxes – Hey ! Cheers Everybody – Secularism is here.    4). just completed Phd – is there any higher degree than that – yet – no Govt. Jobs are forthcoming and as per private companies – it is not market oriented – industry driven & simply not good enough for recruitment – what do we do – whom to blame ? – forget everything – just get enrolled in the Govt. Funded University of Secularism ? – anyone ?     5). lacs & lacs of people getting killed on road while travelling by Trains – by Buses – by their own Cars – Bikes & Scooters and on foot ever Year – Year after Year and for Years – Don’t look here & there – we have to save Secularism – Right Everyone ?

6). lacs & lacs of Pregnant Mother & their yet to be born Babies dies at the time of delivery at the operation table – due to sheer Negligence – no Proper Care – Wrong Treatment – Counterfeit Medicines & Unhygienic Conditions Inside the Govt. Run Hospitals every Year – Well Guys – Don’t Ask – Our Secularism at Work.    7). lacs & lacs of Grain producing Farmers committing Suicides because of ever mounting Debt – not enough money to purchase new Seeds and due to Hunger – Nothing to Eat for their Parents – Wives and for their little Children – Do you know why – Hey – Secularism – Remember ?

8). anyway – enough for the day – let’s go back to our sweet little home – hey what’s there – Oh Vegetables ! – Chalo – let’s buy some – Bhaiyaa – Give us one kg. of Tomato – 2 kg. of Potato and one kg of Onion – What ? – abe pagal ho gaya hai kya ? – have you gone mad ? – Tomato – Rs.100/- per kg. – Potato – Rs. 90/- per kg. & Onion – Rs. 120 per kg. – My God ! have I come to purchase my basic Food or some Gold – Silver or Pearls and to remind you all one more thing – I have yet to visit the Grocery Store for Rice – Pulses & Cereals and – just wait a minute – look at there – there is this middle aged guy in his late 40’s standing nearby probably along with his family – his ‘burqa’ clad wife and his three children – staring at those vegetables – hesitating to ask the price of them from that Vegetable-Seller – he looks like one of those lacs of guys – who serves in the lower ranks of private organisations and earns anywhere between Rs. 5000/- to 8000/- every month – and – we will not talk about the crores and crores of contract workers – daily wage labourers & unemployed Indians of all religions – all regions and all caste – creed & colour – and yet – party everybody – even after all of this distress – deprivation & impoverishment – you all will be glad to know – one thing is growing – growing & growing on exponential basis in our great nation – guesses anybody ? – well – no need – everyone is well aware – our one & only – Dear  & Deadly Secularism – sorry – Dracularism.




13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ashley1888
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 08:42:13

    hi all

    I hope you are all aware of – who are the Devils – so name – shame & expose the devils ie. lovers of Dracularism and in return – get rid of goons – criminals & anti-nationals of our nation – every ‘Act’ of disclosure will show your courage – bravery & strength and whoever demonstrates maximum guts will be declared the winner and will be entitled to be called -‘A Warrior’ of Maa-Bharat – so guys – what are you waiting for – get started now………………………………………………………………………



  2. ashley1888
    Jun 10, 2014 @ 16:53:37

    hi all

    On 16th of May, 2014 – India’s Victory Day – I thought – At last – ‘Secularism’ was dead – buried & finished but Thanks to the Dangerous – Murderous & Breaking India Agenda of Criminal Congress and double thanks to Its Paid – Slave & Anti-National News Media’s relentless efforts and certainly No-Thanks to – Incompetent Spokespersons – Lame Attitude & Non-Serious Approach of BJP against these ‘Wolves’ of India during these two weeks in Power at the centre have evaporated all my hopes in the air and made me realise that Secularism is still alive & kicking – in fact – flourishing.

    and it forced me to write this post : ”Devil & Dracularism both madly in love with each other” @

    this post reflects what we witnessed all these years helplessly and what we will have to tolerate in coming years as well – the horrendous talk of secularism – secularism & secularism & ………………. till BJP get its act together and see the light of day & take ‘News Media’ as seriously as Social Media and Do something concrete about it.



  3. ajit vadakayil
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 04:16:07

    hi a1888,

    most farmers have committed suicide by seeing their growing crops wither away without water.

    it is distressing when ENERVATING hard work evaporates in front of you– this is a psychological condition.

    the maharashtra farmer have suffered due to the SUGAR DADDY for decades.

    sugarcane is water intensive and lowers the ground water level.

    modi says he will do WATER HARVESTING –like amma.

    let us see.!

    capt ajit vadakayil


  4. ashley1888
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 04:40:49

    hi all

    the poisonous – prejudiced & anti-modi extensive media reporting – debates & discussions on ‘the unfortunate murder of pune techie’ on each & every news channel all through the week has made one thing very clear to me – that nothing has changed in anti-national Indian news media at all even after the defeat of their paymasters criminal congress in recently concluded national election 2014 – not even in ‘cnn-ibn’ or ‘ibn-live’ with all that talk of its take-over by reliance.

    after all – don’t we know that – snakes sheds their skins many a times but they never changes – their tact – their taste – their food – that remains the way it is – isn’t it.

    and you can not ward them off by offering them only milk – their fangs & venom needs to be removed – if you want to survive – if you want to live with it and if it is not done then – you are doomed – you are in trouble & be ready to die – or – if you want to keep yourself alive then when attacked – extremely sorry to say – but then – they need to be fought – they need to be crushed & they need to be pulverized.



  5. Anonymous
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 07:50:10

    how can I contact PM Shri Modi and his team if I have a lot of possible suggestions for his team?


  6. ashley1888
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 08:09:26

    hi anonymous

    Mr. Modi & his entire team can be contacted via making personal visits to their offices or by writing letters & e-mails to them – they are also available on social media like twitter & facebook – so you can try out any or all of these options – all the best.



  7. ashley1888
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 09:05:10

    hi vijayraghav rao

    you are bang on : I wrote in January, 2014 – ”bjp never learns, never, never or will they, this time, at last” @ ashley1888.wordpress

    it precisely talks about this – BJP’s pathetic reach over communication mediums of all means and if anybody thinks that it is the social media they have finally breached then that one – sorry to say – is living in his own wonder dreams.



  8. Anonymous
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 13:20:23

    I feel each union minister should be publishing an email id by which they can be contacted by citizens of India. They should also instruct one staff in their ministry to take in the positive suggestions and at least acknowledge an email if its worthy

    Anybody if they know email of PM Shri Modi’s at least one team member, please be kind enough to publish it at this blog*

    * dear webmaster, you are free to edit this post if anything will be seen as offensive


    • ashley1888
      Jun 12, 2014 @ 14:53:50

      hi anonymous

      you may log into website – & write directly to Mr. Modi and on twitter – @PMOIndia – @BJP4India – @narendramodi & there are many more – google it and just go for it and do your bit in nation building and do not get disheartened at any point of time – if you don’t receive immediate responses.



  9. Sushanta Das
    Jun 12, 2014 @ 13:34:06

    Hi ashley1888,
    Good going Keep it Up,I want you to write on the IB information on the Foreign Funded NGOs who are doing Subversion in India. Green Peace is Just One Among those.
    with best wishes

    Sushanta Das


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