the birth of devil & baby dracularism

hi all

this write up is a prequel to my post : ‘Devils & Dracularism both madly in love with each other’ :

well guys : what ? – what are you thinking ? what is going on in your mind – what is that which seems a bit disturbing – would you like to share with us anything – what did you say – nothing – nothing different in your mind only the usual stuff – nothing special at all and certainly nothing to be perturbed about for one thing or the other thing – simply nothing – well – then don’t read this post – leave it as it is – sit at home or be at your office and be at complete peace – with yourself – with your loved ones – with your near & dear ones & with all your colleagues and don’t waste your precious time on this – because if you are not thinking at this moment – then that means you haven’t read my above-mentioned post yet and that will mean – you will not understand the gravity of this latest ‘piece’ – you will not get the idea behind this effort and you will not feel the deep pain – profound hurt & extreme anger caused by the horror that was unleashed by the ‘beast’ on our country – our people – our freedom & our little Peace – because had you read the ‘post’ then you must have been thinking something at least  – you would have been filled with outrage – disgust & anguish – after knowing what have we been subjected to all these years – absolute trash – dirt & filth – so it wouldn’t be a bad thought – if you go through that dreadful reality mentioned in the previous ‘writing’ and then come back to have a look at this – or – you can ignore it and continue to read this – after all – it’s your life – it’s your choice – it’s your right – absolutely no issues from my side – just be at ease – and now let’s start with full speed :

but one small suggestion before we proceed – if you are an Indian – then  for the sake of  you – your family & your future generations – for once – don’t think – what profession you are into – what work you are into – what lifestyle you are into or whatever you are into and wherever you are stationed – employed or work-ing – be it in your own land or foreign country and irrespective of your status – position or education – you may be super rich – rich – middle class – poor – old – middle aged – young – teenager – a minister – diplomat – any govt. official – a ‘ceo’ of a company or a peon of a company – phd degree holder – simple graduate or just senior secondary – doesn’t matter – doesn’t make any difference to anybody – you are all required – you are all invited – nation building is a huge task – so everyone is needed – so all of you – take a pledge – right here right now – with your full conscience – that no matter what –  before you are deported to some other life form as per your ‘Karma’ or Deeds – you all will do something good for your country – for the common people – for the underprivileged ones without bothering about your time – your ideology and your life journey and do remember at all times – nation comes first then follows rest of the things – so if need be – then never be afraid to even die for your country – and now as we are done with the most important thing – then wait no more – get ready – be my guest and read this thing and meet the devils and its baby – then prodigy – then fast friend – then passionate lover – then obsession – then madness – then disease – then epidemic – then terror  – the natural progression of any poisonous weed – and that is – dracularism for you – let’s face it and expose it :-

where it all started : a brief description : when india got independence in 1947 – Britishers – ie. – the evils – the demons – the devils handed over the entire country to their child – Congress – who used to agitate against them – who used to shout against them – who used to argue against them and yet used to sit with them – used to ‘negotiate’ with them and even used to attend ‘get-togethers’ with them and after all of that – used to be at peace with them – so we should be absolutely clear – whom are we dealing here – Britisher’s child – Congress & this kid – like a good one – inherited all the sins – all the tricks – all the scheming from its evil supreme-being and hence – no surprises that this kid now a adult – is ruling the roost since then – as it learnt the first and the most basic rule to ‘rule’ in the womb and that was ‘Divide & Rule’ and then it liberally used this rule – it violently followed this ‘rule’ and no points for guessing – we are still being ruled by this ‘rule ’- we are being managed by this ‘rule’ and we are in fact – being destroyed by this very ‘rule’.

British & Congress along with Muslim league – in agreement – with each other divided india on religious lines and hence – by default – the religion became the most fundamental principle to define both the countries – india & pakistan then onwards – didn’t get it – well – simple – pakistan decided to go unashamedly as a religious country – a muslim country and india – as a counter to it – decided to go – as non-religious country – a secular country – just because pakistan adopted a religion – indian leaders in retaliation went for non-religion – I mean – no sense – no logic – no reason – just pure – plain & straight counter punch – and in the process – completely discarded the ‘hindu religion’ – at that time – the religion of almost 90% of the Indians and even the rest had previous hindu impressions – belongings & at some point of time had hindus as ancestors.

it means even after the independence and even after the break-up – sadly – the top congress leaders – the decision making congress leaders at that point of time like ‘nehru’ or ambedkar – the foreign lover – the foreign educated & foreign returned indians – who ultimately went on to become the heads of india – one as prime-minister of india and the other – the constitution expert – the so called God or Creator of Indian Constitution – right after independence were completely ignorant about ‘hinduism’ – infact – they & many other close to them – had a foreign vision regarding hindus & eternal-hindu religion and due to – some of their mentors – some of their half-baked understanding & some of the influences – they specially – chacha nehrujiiii – had an inclination towards ‘islam religion’ and had absolutely ‘nil’ know-how of ‘hindu-ism’ and hence – after independence – he & many other like him didn’t give a damn to hindus – hindus beliefs & hinduism – as they understood this – as some other religion – one more religion – and shockingly – even inferior to islam religion.

whereas the fact was & fact is that – unlike islam – which has a set of beliefs – set of instructions – set of orders – hinduism doesn’t have any one set of beliefs or any instructions or orders for anyone – rather it incorporates each & every human being on this earth of every faith – belief or religion be it hindu – muslim – sikh or christian and with no boundations – it exposes you to the absolute knowledge – the absolute truth & the absolute freedom – yes – ‘Nirvana’ – the complete mukti even from the complete bliss and also enlightens you to different – different paths – ways & directions to reach your ‘goal’ – reach your ‘destination’ or that ‘Truth’ and then leave absolutely onto you to follow any of those methods to attain your aim – your desires & your purpose.

for your information : hinduism or shall we say – in purity – ‘sanatan dharma’ is not any religion – any scripture or any literature – rather – it’s a complete science – complete knowledge  – complete darshan of this Srishti – this BrahmAn – this Universe and it is not meant for any one individual or a group of individuals but it was for each & everyone – all the living being – including plants – animals – birds & insects and even-non-living being – yes – you read it right – even non living being of this planet – of this galaxy – of this universe and in context of our country india – it is meant equally for hindus – for muslims – for sikhs & for christians & for everybody & everyone living in this part of the world and so discarding ‘hinduism’ was like turning a blind eye to the ‘truth’ of this entire universe -ie.- oceans & oceans of true knowledge – complete disregard to vibrant life of india and absolute indifference to the ‘DNA’ – the ‘Soul’ – the ‘Dharma’ of us – all of us – all the Indians.

and thereby – unfortunately – they reduced the ‘hinduism’ to just ‘religion of some’ and understood as – some matter of faith – matter of strictures – matter of rituals & matter of superstitions rather than ‘sampoorn – gyaan’ for all the indians and rejection of  this ‘gyaan’ was nothing but endorsing ‘complete agyaan’ -ie.- ‘ignorance’ and adoption of this ‘ignorance’  needed some cover and hence they devised – a new term – get ready, everybody – here, we go – ‘secularism’ and it was the birth of ‘baby dracularism’ and it literally meant – equal treatment to all religions – but in actual practice – it was the strategy – a tool  – very much part of all invincible – all divisive & all destructive – ‘Divide & Rule’ – to separate one from the another – to sow the seeds of enmity for each other and to drive a wedge between people of this nation –  and weren’t they found successful in this – well – they were proved out simply brilliant in all of this – i mean – unbelievable –isn’t it ? – does ‘Sun’ tell anybody that it gives light – energy & life and equally to each & everyone – similarly – does india – ie. – Hinduism – ie – knowledge needs to say this to anyone that it is for everyone & in equal measure – i mean – for God’s sake – it’s what they are – it’s what they are made up of – it’s in-built in them – so – had indian govt. embraced hinduism at that time – then they wouldn’t have had to speak of – ‘equal treatment’ but as they dubbed it as any other religion so they had to speak in this ridiculous fashion – I mean – where on earth – hinduism or even the reduced hindu religion had any conflict with any of the prevalent religions – be it islam – christianity – judaism – zoroastrianism – sikhism or budhism – rather – it embraced each & everyone – it was at complete peace with all these religions – living happily with all these religions & even encouraged them to grow – prosper & flourish with each other.

however, it was just the muslim religion who was at war – at conflict – at dispute with hindu religion & with all these religions – infact – muslim religion was created against all of these religions and it eventually decided to go violently against hinduism and went for a separate country – pakistan and islam as their one & only religion and now – be ready to get the ‘jolt’ of your life – though we stated earlier that pakistan went for religion & indian govt. in counter of it – went for non-religion but the bitter – dirty & shocking truth is that as pakistan rejected hinduism – even our founding fathers – our great leaders – our beloved Congress also rejected Hinduism – but – very cunningly – very dishonestly & very deceitfully – under the mask of ‘secularism’ – and all of this ‘fraud’ to ‘please’ their parents – Britishers – in ‘adherence’ to their foreign education of communism & under the deep influence of islam religion and dumping hinduism meant conceding to muslims and bow down to the sword of muslim religion and – no surprises afterwards – the meaning of ‘secularism’ became ‘islamism’ & india became ‘pro-Islamic’ country and hence all the muslims – supporters of muslims – all the religions who were ‘working-friends’ with muslims like christian religion – hindus but communists – hindus subservient to muslims – they all were declared ‘secular’ – ie. – ’good ones’ – those who go by the law – who go by the constitution & who go by the society’s morals & and the other than ‘all of those good-ones’ – ie. – the hindus were declared ‘communals’ – ie. – ‘bad-ones’ – who do not follow any law – any constitution & any society morals and as they were ‘bad-ones’ – so – they were subjected to ridicule – insult & humiliation from the state – ruling dispensation & intelligentsia forever & ever.

and – as expected – straightaway, the cruel – horrible & violent good ol’ rule of ‘divide & rule’ came into action and consequently – as hindus being in majority – so – suppression of hindus – hindu beliefs – customs & culture – creating fissures among hindus on the basis of different caste – sub-caste & sections and conversion of hindus started in a big manner – in a massive manner and conversely – as muslims & christians being in minority – so – appeasement of them – special treatment – favours & freebies to them – special legal rules for them – and all of this too in a big – big manner and subsequently all this criminality resulted in – as it was perceived – hundreds & thousands of hindu – muslim riots all across the nation – bloodshed – killings – massacres of lacs & lacs of innocent Indians – destruction of millions & billions of dollars worth of wealth – property & infrastructure and huge mistrust – fear & hatred among religions – among crores & crores of Indians for each other – in short – it can be safely said that we were slaves of Britishers before independence and we became slaves of Britisher’s Congress after independence and this devil’s rule & ‘Rule’ continued uninterrupted – unrepentantly & shamelessly and continued…………………………

till brilliant strategy – excellent planning – precise execution & sheer hard work of one man – one super human – one extraordinary human being – ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ changed everything – turned the whole world upside down and neutralized – defeated & decimated this devil on May 16th, 2014 and paved the way for a new beginning – ‘Modi Government’ at the centre – can you believe it – well – you will have to – this is seriously ‘real’ stuff but the war with the devil is not yet over – it continues as ever – as the devil’s poison has gone down deep among all sections – the virus – disease & malignancy of secularism has spread far & wide among many societies – communities & regions and has damaged the complete psyche of each & everyone – the evil tentacles has not spared anyone & caused massive destruction all over the nation – and now it will take some exceptional thinking – massive efforts & tons of hard work to change all of this – reverse this deterioration and correct what all has gone wrong with our great nation – so an uphill task from now onwards :-

but before this very recent break – this triumph over evil – the Modi phenomenon and hopefully – a permanent one for the welfare of our people – our country & our battered –  poisoned & destroyed Hinduism – what all had happened & still going on without any speed-breaker – read this with clear vision : as the entire government had been of Congress – entire administration had been of Congress and the entire system had been of Congress for more than 60 years out of 67 years since independence – so – very maliciously – crookedly & roguishly – it had been made an unwritten rule that if you are ‘Congress’ – or – happens to be associated with Congress – or – created by Congress – or – supported by Congress – or – liked by Congress – or – you support Congress – or – have some understanding with congress – or – never-ever go against Congress – or – remain silent against Congress – or – fights with Congress but have a secret pact with Congress – or – criticise everyone including ‘little-bit’ of Congress – well – if you happens to be any one of these – then you will be called ‘Seculars’ – ie. – the good-ones – the noble people – the true Indians and will be considered part of their ever expanding ‘secular’ family – who can be controlled at all times & who are manageable – or else – if you belong to those few-ones – who criticise everyone – everyone including Congress with equal force – passion & aggression – In that case – be very clear – either you will not be heard at all – means – whether you exist or not – will not be known by anybody – will not be mentioned by anybody – will not make any difference to anybody and if your presence becomes unbearable for them then you may get eliminated as well as per the instructions.

or – if you are being heard even then – you are being facilitated hugely even then & you are being talked about everywhere even then – in the electronic media – in the print media & during different – different sponsored literary fests – seminars & discussions all across the nation – then it would mean – you are an extension of congress – you are on payrolls of congress & you are in extremely good books of Congress – what ? – did you sniff something – well – you have become very smart & are bang on – yes – the new entrant – traitor – naxalite & communist AK-49 & Its entire pack of wolves – ie. – ‘AAP’ and it also proves quite brutally – that all that agitation – criticism & shouting against congress was done – is being done & will be done as part of some strategy – some planning & in a deliberate manner – due to some unfavourable conditions – unfriendly atmosphere or simply bad times – but will come out in support – will come out in favour – will come out in defence & will join hands with them quite smartly – cunningly & deceitfully – at the slightest opportunity – or – bit better conditions – or – as per the orders – then – my dear all – then as well – you are labelled as ‘Seculars’ – the Instruments of change – the new beginners – who will take the baton of dracularism forward with full duplicity – depravity & shamelessness in all weathers.

or – or – or if you are against Congress – genuinely against Congress & wants to expose Congress and that would mean you are against corruption – against criminals & against this fraud of secularism vs communalism – then – you are in trouble – you are in big trouble – the entire Congress – the entire establishment – the entire congress paid – slave & criminal print & electronic media and the entire gang of journalists – news anchors – great thinkers – writers – historians – academicians – economists – intellectuals – world media – world leaders – everybody – yes – everybody will work overtime – will work day & night – will work all the time to go after you – to harass you – to humiliate you – to crush you forever and if nothing is gained – nothing is achieved or they remain completely unsuccessful then as a last – ditch effort – you will be straightaway jacketed as ‘Communal’ be it a party or the person – and then – well – the moment it is said – you are gone – you are absolutely gone because then you will be thrown out of the mix – out of the lot – out of the crowd and you will be boycotted and you will be ostracized for years – all your life & even beyond life period.

simple – the biggest minority – all the muslims – now almost 25% – will hate you and the biggest majority – the hindus – being completely divided on the lines of different castes – sub-caste & sections will not relate with you – will not care for you – will not even think about you – and that means – a cursed life – a hateful life – a wretched life and mind you – if ordered – then it becomes that much easier to even ‘kill’ that life – in nutshell – it pays to be with the Congress – or – or – sooner or later – be ready to die – after all – devil never leaves you – devil never abandons you – devil never pardons you – rather – it chases you – it hunts you & at its right time & place – simply kills you – so – that’s the end of this story – that’s the end of this dreadful life and that’s also the end of our time – isn’t it – so let’s go back to work – let’s go back to our same mundane life & let’s take all this terror in our stride and do nothing about it at any point of time.

what say ? alright ? happy to remain slaves forever – is this running in your mind ? – Or – Or – a slight shift from this horrifying narrative – a simple change – a simple break – a simple surprise ! – and that is – read very-very carefully – and that is – enough of all this pain – enough of all this fear & enough of being terrorized all the time and now – it’s time – to unleash all your wisdom – all your courage & all your power and unmask – lay bare & expose – this devil and its secularism sorry baby dracularism sorry full blown adult dracularism and hit back – hit hard & completely destroy – this satan & its satanic tools – beliefs & stratagems from this country – from this world – for rest of the life – for coming thousands & thousands of years and then & only then – we will have life – we will have peace & we will have real freedom – so guys – stand-up – stand tall & rise – riSE & RISE above all – after all – it’s your country – it’s your motherland – it’s your ‘Maa-Bharat’ – do everything for your nation.

lots & lots of regards – respects and grand salute to all those civilians – soldiers & patriots – who worked – fought & sacrificed their life – for us – for our soil – for our great nation.



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  1. ashley1888
    Jun 15, 2014 @ 14:46:22

    hi all

    the most interesting aspect is that Maalkin and her Gang of Servants – ie. – Congress too supports – promotes & facilitates all these foreign funded ‘Criminals’ – ie. – NGOs of India to destroy India in all respects.



  2. ashley1888
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 02:03:35

    hi all

    this is being addressed to all the children – adults & human brains who have fears – nervousness & anxieties of Monsters – Ghosts or Spirits around them – under their bed – at some distance or close by and watching them all the time :-

    If God is part of life
    so is the Monster that lives alongside
    if God tells you to smile
    you know what – Monster dies for your smile
    its not you who can’t see the Monster with straight eyes
    its the Monster who is terrified of your fearful eyes

    its not you who hides behind the curtains – under the bed or in some corner at night
    its the Monster who doesn’t know where to go – searches for a safer place
    and ends up by your side – your behind or your nearby
    its not you who gets troubled by his presence or him being there all this while
    its the Monster who gets panicked while seeing some stranger
    seeing his space being encroached and someone coming close to his sight

    its not you who feel all alone without light
    its the Monster surviving on its own waiting for someone to see him in new light
    Monster roams around in the dark without any friend and only foes & foes on its side
    looks here – there – everywhere for someone whom he could share his pain – grief & slight
    and yet everybody complaints about him – abuse him and curse him to burn in the hell fire – deep fried
    and read the sacred texts – sprinkle holy water on him and sing tantric hymns
    to get rid of its existence – its shadow and every bit of its satanic profile

    after all of this – you must be thinking why am I batting for monster
    why am I taking his side
    why am I highlighting his suffering – sorrow & plight
    well – no points for guessing – because its in me – its in you – its a thought – residing in our mind
    and fighting with us all the time – only for one thing – one point
    accept him the way it is – no questions asked – and don’t try to change its style

    and voila ! we will see – it will be working with us – helping us all the time
    after all – he is the other side of the coin – why would he like to be left behind
    he too wants to meet the God – he too wants to get blessed
    he too wants to soak up the sunshine

    but he will wait for this turn – he will wait for his time
    he will wait for the Earth to go around the other side
    he will do everything to change the perception about him from wrong to right
    but the problem is – the age old issue is – the bone of contention is
    will we allow him to do all of this
    will we grant him – its fundamental ‘Right’

    like me – like you – he too is living on this great Planet
    under the same Sun – under the same Sky
    then why this discrimination – why this intolerance – why this divide
    he too commands equal treatment
    he too demands its slice of the pie
    and he too deserves to live its own life
    without any difficulty – distress or fright
    come rain or shine – deep darkness or bright light

    lots of regards to you and to your ‘M’ from my side
    come up & see me & my ‘M’ sometime………………………………………………….


  3. ashley1888
    Jun 17, 2014 @ 15:43:35

    hi all

    this is my question to all those hard core BJP strategists – members & supporters who are advising us to put the blinkers on – not to get perturbed by anything and keep waiting – waiting & waiting for the sunshine – better things and strong actions against crooks – traitors & culprits – which – as per their view are in the pipeline :-

    what’s happening – what’s going on – what’s occurring in front of our eyes – nothing seems to have changed – nothing seems to be going right and nothing seems to be moving on desired lines – everything looks the same – everything appears lacklustre & everything is turning out to be uninspiring and no cure – no relief – no respite seems to be in sight even after the Modi Government at the centre with such an overwhelming support – huge mandate & legal might.

    Hindus – BJP & Modi are being abused – ridiculed & lampooned day in day out – every day every night – day after day – night after night – for no rhyme or reason – without any provocation – with no real explaination by every dalaal – crook & criminal news anchor – journalist & intellectual of anti-national Indian news media with manufactured lies – fake allegations & sinister designs and BJP spokespersons letting it happen – arguing their case pathetically – becoming the punching bag of every tom – dick & harry and taking all of this crap with greetings & smile – and yet you want us to keep watching it normally from the sidelines – ‘They’ are all being rebuked – reprimanded & humiliated without any wrongdoing – without uttering even a single word – without committing any crime and BJP representatives accepting every false charge merrily – not challenging the real motive of it and remaining defensive about it all the time and still coming on all the news channels shamelessly without applying any mind and yet you want us to keep our heads cool & not getting angry about this absolute tripe.

    BJP supporters – members & workers are being attacked – beaten & brutally killed on daily basis in every non-BJP ruled state – yet no outrage – no displeasure – no resentment being exhibited by any BJP person on any news channel – no protests are being registered on ground levels & nothing substantial is being done at any level and yet you want us to keep our eyes – ears & brains closed on all of this – do not criticise for their indifferent behaviour on this and do not raise our voice – so you tell us – what you want us to do – what you want us to try – be their cheerleaders – do lot of clapping for this – write a love song for them & then live happily ever after in our dreams – is that what you are expecting us to do – keep accepting the status quo – keep tolerating the asininity – keep receiving the dirt repeatedly – not asking questions – not seeking improvements – not underlining the utter frustration – exasperation & annoyance of lacs & crores of BJP well wishers all across the nation because of this amateurish – ineffective & deplorable handling of news media by the BJP think tank on habitual basis.

    no sir this is not done – we won’t do It – we won’t keep quiet about it – traitors of news media have not only tried to destroy modi all these years – they have also tried to destroy our knowledge – our hinduism – our Maa Bharat all this while – and by the way – what are we demanding – what issues are we highlighting – what are we pleading for the last 10 years – some very simple – short & basic things – employing fiery spokespersons – adopting better media strategy and demonstrating loads of aggression – not taking any idiocy lying down – when they are on the right side most of the times and now taking exemplary punitive actions against the bloodsuckers of news mediums to send shivers down their spine – is it such a big thing – is it too much for an asking – is expecting higher standards – valour – excellence & rule of law such a big vice – you enlighten us – can we allow wolves of news media to have a free run – dictating their terms & conditions – creating havoc in our nation – doing everything as per their evil whims & fancies and not being questioned – investigated – tried – imprisoned & punished legally for all their horrendous sins at any point of time.

    Hinduism is the soul of our country – Mr. Modi is our prime minister & Modi led BJP is a party of all the Indians – and now we won’t bear any trash against ‘Them’ from ‘Anybody’ – howsoever dangerous – treacherous and high & mighty that be – enough of swallowing pain – insult & humiliation previously – but full stop to it – not anymore – we have achieved this massive relief – registered this splendid victory & got this liberation from the slavery of corrupt – communal & crass Congress after years & years of shedding blood – sweat & tears – and this time we won’t let it slipped – we won’t fritter it away – we won’t let it go so easily without any fight and we will not allow this to anybody – not even to our own BJP’s top hierarchy and we will keep reminding Modi & the BJP stoutly till they get their act together – do the needful and see the dark light but if they continue to repeat the old mistakes – do not correct the wrong’uns – do not pay heed to our viewpoints and fails to utilise this golden opportunity which comes once in a lifetime then extremely sorry to say – don’t blame us if we get aggressive with them leaving all our niceties behind & go completely against them and turn the tide because when the matter of our country comes to the forefront – we can’t be bystanders – we can’t sit idle – we can not remain blind and we will never compromise even if there are grave dangers to our lives.



  4. Sharath S H
    Jun 20, 2014 @ 13:31:53

    Was going through Capt Ajith Vadakayil Blogs and comment , there I saw your comment and planed to visit it , It nice to read ur article , God Bless You .
    Try to add some pictures in b/w.


  5. ashley1888
    Jun 20, 2014 @ 23:04:48

    hi sharath

    thanks a lot.



  6. ashley1888
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 06:40:56

    hi all

    something is terribly wrong somewhere

    way before the general elections – 2014 – all through the campaigning just before the elections & even during the bitter – no holds barred – hard fought elections – there was one set of dalaals – one gang of goons – one big band of criminals – who were fearful for their lives – horrified for their past & present crimes – petrified for all their devilish designs and were literally pissing in their pants – shivering & crying at the very thought of retribution – mortification & retaliation from one brave – one honest & one nationalist who was taking centre stage – neutralising all its opponents & coming to the light whom they abused – ridiculed & humiliated every time – well – you all guessed it right – Narendra Damodardas Modi – the patriot – whom they were frightful of – all this while.

    cut to present times – it has been more than a month since Modi took charge of our nation and yet – forget about being punished – tried or investigated – they are all working to destroy India – Hindus – BJP & Modi with same criminality – wickedness & depravity as they were doing earlier – day after day – night after night – every day every night without feeling any stress – discomfort or difficulty from anybody in sight – rather they seems to have become more ludicrous – attacking & fraudulent in their debates – discussions – reporting & news bytes – by the way – who are these great animals – whom no one wants to take on – meddle with or fight – any guesses – well – we all know it – right ! – the Anti-National – Foreign Funded & Congress Managed news anchors – journalists – intellectuals & owners of Indian News Media – who seems to have become more powerful than the Modi Govt. at the centre – judiciary – executive – public and all their collective legal might.

    but why is this happening – why are we subjected to this pain – insult & humiliation from these creeps without being clarified and why are we forced to tolerate all these horrendous things all the time ? they are fanning communal tensions – creating religious divides – setting the agenda – imposing their policies – diktats & evil designs – spreading rumours – confusion – deception – fears – false informations & outright lies – manipulating the facts – figures – govt. data – documents & files – fabricating stories – theories – evidences – falsehood – conspiracies – false witnesses – crisis – controversies & even cries – painting an atmosphere of gloom – doom & despair to fuel anger – hatred – agitations – street brawls – fights and riots – ridiculing Hindus – Hinduism & Hindus customs – beliefs & rituals day in day out without any fright – setting a court room every night and acting like a judge – jury & God – all in one and then as per their master’s directions – orders & desires pronouncing judgements overnight without any investigation – proof & trial – destroying many of the individual’s honour – reputation & life without allowing them to put their points and defend their pride – irrespective of whether they are wrong or right – and yet no punitive actions against them – no warnings to them – infact no one is standing up to them – calling their bluff and raising its voice from the ruling BJP’s side – who now commands all the authority – power & constitutional rights – why ?

    any fears – pressures or compulsions ? or plain incompetency – complacency & lack of understanding of the medium or is it that they don’t have it in them – do not have the guts – stomach & appetite to take on this dangerous tribe or have we been taken for a ride and they are not that strong – great or extraordinary which we were expecting them to be rather they are very weak in mind – same old fools – sorry same old stooools & we are being unnecessarily hopefooools and they simply don’t know what to do – how to do or whether to do anything or not – against the beasts of news media seems to be their dilemma which is getting reflected at every point or have they become haughty and feeling superior – elated & satisfied by being ahead in the social media from the rest of the political parties and thereby making the absolute sin of dismissing the reach – impact & importance of mainstream electronic news media in their stride or there is some other force – rationale or assertion behind it which is slipping away from our eyesight but is the main cause of all these news broker’s screaming – snivelling and hue & cry

    and that is there are some traitors – crooks & moles who have nothing to do with the nation – have already been compromised – sold their loyalties to the enemies – and destroying the BJP from Inside – are they the ones who are not letting Modi work as per his style – keeping him down and have encircled him from all sides – who have done business with the previous ‘devil’ regime – enjoys fruitful relations with them and have become their absolute servile – knows ins & outs of news media play – pattern & behaviour and have also helped many scoundrel owners – journalists & media celebrities in their difficult times – be it any financial irregularity – big time fraud or getting caught red handed in some crime – are they the ones who have blessed these dastards – pumped them with aggression – have taken away all their worries – apprehensions & disquiet and have given the go-ahead signal to keep doing whatever they were doing earlier – ie. ‘Annihilate India’ without feeling the heat – any legal action or fear of reprisal from the Govt. side.

    whatever is the reason but they are all pointing towards dangers signs – trouble ahead & that means it is not safe to drive and if continued in this fashion then sorry to say but it can actually cost them dearly and they run a dreadful risk of losing everything whatever they have gained this time and don’t get shocked if they happens to lose next time – all I mean to say is – do they realise the gravity of this or have they stopped thinking on these lines and are not bothered about this bomb ticking in front of their eyes – will anybody enlighten me in kind ? – because if these evils are not legally challenged – controlled & destroyed then there will be no rest – relief & respite and forget about having good times – we will be witnessing the worst of times and we would not be able to make any major changes – implement any tough decisions – bring forth any model of development and enforce the real rule of law against the fiends – anybody listening ? – taking note of all these things or it’s all waste of time ?

    Mr. Modi Ji – do something urgently – it’s not your hard-earned reputation which is in line but our ‘Bharat Maa’ is bleeding – looking at us for help and calling us to get rid of all the parasites of our soil – don’t leave it alone – don’t keep it wounded and please don’t let it die.



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