well scripted Infighting – the AAP ishtyle

hi all

how are you ? enjoying mobile shopping, attending some big fat Indian wedding or hanging out with your friends & friendees at some famous food joint or are you doing nothing no invitations, no plans, nobody there at your side and you are one of those who are cursed to watch wolves of Indian media at 9 ? now if you belong to this helpless tribe then welcome to the jungle where there is great free fall & absolutely free for all where there is no news just slander, deception & noise and where there are shouts, screams, abuse, threats & fights and where all the news anchors, journalists & political pundits are there to spew venom, vomit & dirt and no one’s there to wipe….so In this happy Halloween family let’s waste some more time and ask some questions which hogs all the limelight….for starters : let’s start with something which set our tongues wagging, energises our body & light the bulb of our ‘know it all’ mind….no no.. not cricket cricket all the time and certainly not seen it all, envy it all, kiss it all movies, bollywood, superstars and their love lives but something which shapes our country, frames our system & affects our life….well you guessed it right..politics our another favourite pastime..so did you notice some difference in governance since congress bit the dust and one man army modi got the ruling rights..now do you see some changes happening around..feeling better about our country..bit ok with inflation in check, no big time or small time corruption & no major or minor communal riots and quite heartened to see India’s growing stature, reputation & might among neighbouring countries & worldwide….well keep dear pakistan, the terrorist country always aside..eternal enemy..not worth it..am i right..and indians living all across the world brimming with confidence dignity & pride.

or are you basking In the Indian dracula reports errrr media reports of how media ki mata is back with a bang with massive protests against modi government’s land ordinance all across the country garnering huge support from farmers, downtrodden & all sections of the beehive..well, believe it..do we have any choice..you see, true false doesn’t matter..once mataG decides..all media piglets toe the line..or the big breaking news, 24 x 7 of how women are being abused, assaulted & raped by BJP politicians, all politicians, all hindu men of our country every day every news night..jee haa dosto, a new trend in sight..now If a woman accuses someone, to be precise..a man..yaa yaa, I know I know..In today’s times, when woman with woman & man with man are being propagated, encouraged & incentivised by our media mind..you’re angry, why am I leaving these new age equations behind and not discussing It with all Its added spice..rather, Igniting the woman Vs man..the gender fight and even In this, keeping mules & mules only for our special abuses, brickbats & slight..can’t help It..see, that’s the whole point..the great grand media design..strictly male bashing only..destroying the social fabric of our country..creating gender divide..where women accuses men of any age, any kind of commiting rape or sexual assault or sexual abuse or just abuse or staring or even some hand-gesturing anywhere anytime and that’s It..yes, that’s It..after that no Court Ruling, no Police Investigations, no FIR, not even accused male’s view-point..Faisla right away right there, On the spot that too In full public eyes and the supreme court of media declares in no time that Indian men are sexual predators, beasts & criminals of some brutal kind and women words are cent per cent correct, enough & final and women are always right.

so, dear all..got my point and If the accused mule happens to be a hindu and the so-called victim is found out to be non-hindu, then Its god’s gift to them..time of their life..all hell breaks loose & media parties, dances, drinks beer all day all night and the accused hindu, its hindu name, its hindu belongings all are screamed, highlighted & repeated in every news byte and during all of this, no one is spared..hinduism, hindu culture, hindu ancestory, hindu scriptures, hindu teachings all are beaten black & blue, left & right and If the accused males are non-hindus then media goes into deep hibernation and doesn’t talk, discuss or give any airtime and they also make sure that their non-hindus names are not disclosed by any news broker in any of their news-time….so friends, feeling the media might..Hindus we..naa naa..Rapist we..absolutely Inhuman, filthy & disgusting..In short, sick race sick people sick country..bolo media dalal ki jai..or how women are not empowered to wear bikinis or be naked anywhere anytime..having sex with anybody & everybody before marriage & after marriage..hey hey, don’t look at me..not my choice..Its 99 braveheart’s choice or how Indian men are not letting them take drugs, drink, smoke & party till morning night after night..dirty we..naa naa..animals we..hindu bigots..aren’t we….

or how north eastern are being discriminated, attacked & killed in north, west & southern parts of our country in broad daylight..so we have groups all over the country who check Identities before attacking anybody and ask whether they are from north, west, south, south-west, north-west or north-east and If they are from west, north or south then they let them go with smile but the moment they hear north-east..voila ! they ascertain the vaastu defects..deliberate on it & then immediately go for the jugular & strike..oh my God ! racist we..In fact, the most racist country of this planet..media says so & media has to be right..right naa..now say with me with full force in one voice..hail media ! Shaitan Jindabad !

or how fascist modi, communal BJP, extremist RSS, terrorist Fringe Hindus & Hindus are terrorising peaceful muslims.. committing atrocities on them using money, muscle, majority in parliament & state might or how Innocent christians are under siege..being targeted..their churches being attacked..nuns are being raped ‘here again’ by Hindus, Fringe Hindus, RSS, BJP & Modi Govt….yes, nuns are being raped by Hindus..a new one..first of its kind..superb kite flying..isn’t it..so you see now criminals first introspect..look within themselves..whether they are hindu or humans and the moment they arrive at a decision that they are not humans they are Hindus..then they commit rape, murder & other crimes but before doing that they check whether the victim is pristine christian or pious muslim or some hindu low life and If It happens to be jesus’s kid or allah ka bachcha only then they smack their lips..go berserk & strike and do you know why..because their master is modi..who is a hindu nationalist..has its silent approval for all of this & is on their side..what..do you have any doubts..media says so..told you naa..FIR, police Investigations, courts don’t matter..don’t you know..media decides..oh hell ! what to do evil hindus everywhere..there is no respite..well definitely, hindus the most dangerous race of our times..hey bhagwan sorry hey Allah Jesus..hey Saudi US..help us from kafirs..save us from pagans or how every bjp member, every RSS member, everybody affiliated to RSS & everyone who happens to be a hindu is a pervert, wicked & sub human commenting against women, their clothes & homosexuality all the time..so sick..aren’t we..everybody should be a gay or a lesbian only then humanity will survive..oh no..tears tears in my eyes..doctor doctor please check..who am I..where do I align..am I straight or some Luul Type….

and now the talk of the town the latest lovable & beautiful scenes of how AAP breaking up, their senior most members & founding fathers feeling the heat, facing the brunt of their messiah Ak420..how Ak420 proving out to be the dictator we always believed he is & how he is stifling all noises of dissent & ruthlessly crushing out every criticism, questioning & apprehensions raised against his style of functioning with an Iron hand showing no heart, no mercy & no regret of any kind..how entire senior hierarchy of AAP fighting among themselves, abusing each other & throwing muck at one another.. how sting operations of Ak420 coming out in the open & stinging him every day or the other and all of this in full public glare that too so early so fast within few days of them being in the power & limelight.

oh dear ! shocking, terrible, unbelievable..isn’t it or entertaining, expected, prophesied..something like..we told you so..didn’t we..or some normal power struggle which takes place in every other party..so just routine stuff, chapter closed move on, get a life..so what say guys..are we done with it..and now there is no need to look into it beyond a certain point or further analyse rather, we should celebrate it as goons are bickering, fighting & destroying each other by their own weapons, strategies & criminal mind or are we missing a point and there is more than meets the eye..something seems to be slipping away from our sight and aren’t we committing harakiri & cardinal sin of seeing the entire story unfolding from the prism of media’s eyes..the same media which is a master of deception, distortions & big time lies..now what say..did you get my point..the narrative is certainly not that simple as it looks like..so shall we dissect it right away..get to the bottom of it.. exposing one more AAP’s sham..one more media orchestrated white lie..now let’s peel the onion and dispel all the mystery around though it would be smelly as it should be..but In the end, I hope we get to the root of it and see what lies Inside..a sweet heart or a rotten core..so let’s start with what happened..when it happened..how it happened..why it happened and why these two..what’s the motive behind & why now and not some other time….

as it happened :-

we all know what happened..don’t we..after all this play was performed live to us throughout with daily doses of accusations & counter accusations peppered with press confrences & retaliatory press confrences from both warring sides and was telecasted on news channels during food hours of the day hence spoiling our lunch everytime followed by usual high heated debates & discussions and thus ensuring complete poisoning of even our dinner at night and thereby keeping us hungry & angry all this while and In due course snake duo of yogendra yadav & prashant bhushan were accused abused & maligned and then thrown out from all decision making bodies of the gang called AAP in the meantime and now they remain at the verge of being expelled from that very party which was their brainchild..just for info, this play got started In the very first month of coming into power in delhi & now It’s being going on for the last one month reaching its crescendo & rapidly moving towards Its high point and being played out the same way as It happens in family based parties where the dictator demands total submission from its slaves & In the process few fell by the wayside and to make It democratic age old tactics are applied ie. defaming your opponents first & removing them later..so both YY & PB were first accused of being Involved in anti-party activities during delhi elections and then kicked out from their governing bodies PAC & NAC..so sad naa..let’s all cry..hey allah hey jesus..where are you..your oldie children are in pain..please come to their side..what did you say..playing snakes & ladder with bhagwan..oh no ! what have you done alljes..don’t you know..bhagwan is an out & out communal being..he will destroy your secular bonafides..so get rid of him as soon as both of you get right place & right time..now let’s get back to our ishtory AAP’s mohhabatein..I mean..Fighting – the AAP ishtyle..now tell me..why there is so much hue & cry..why our heart bleeding for perrenial snakes when we know wherever they are, whatever they do & at whatever time they will eventually bite..that’s their nature they can’t hide.

well before we proceed further, let me break a bombshell..give some heartbreaks..expose the ugly truth which nobody wants us to know & everybody wants to keep out of sight..hey, are you ready for this..then let’s waste no more time..just fasten your seat belt..grab your popcorn & be ready..Its showtime ! and that is there is no war / battle / fight among AAP goons..they are as united as ever..they are as criminal as they ever were and they remain as naxalite, anti-social & anti-national as they always were and what we are witnessing right now is not some PB & YY deliberate attempts to dethrone Ak420 & sabotage AAP prospects before delhi elections or after delhi elections as Ak420 & his slaves are vomiting in public & want us to taste It..or some clash of Ideology good Vs evil, honesty, transparency, accountability Vs dubious dealings, corrupt practices & wrongdoings as Helpless, Bhole, Victim PB & YY are spitting and want everybody to lick and neither It is some sort of ego battle between Individuals or fight for supremacy or Ak420’s absolute dictatorship which media wants us to see, smell & eat but Its a cool calculated & well scripted deception which is being executed right in front of our eyes being talked about..round the clock 24×7 with all Its drama, dadagiri & old spice and Isn’t It shaping up absolutely fine one more time..though I must say whatever charges levelled against Ak420 of him being a dictator, fraud, double dealer, corrupt & dishonest are absolutely right..but not In context of PB & YY as they are all Bhai-Bhai-Bhai and what we are witnessing is a stage managed fight.

what..why are you surprised..don’t you remember what happened when AAP was devised..weren’t the same antics theatrics & cries were performed at that time all that time..yes, the same stuffed burger which was served to us that time the very same stale, stinking & acidic bug is being presented to us even this time..still didn’t get it..then let me spill the Ingredients which were used to cook AAP that time & now being used again to produce PaapY this time..what PaapY..what the hell is this..staggered confused surprised..well don’t be..If all the foreign funded social workers, journalists, media made & paid Intellectuals, celebrities & activists..In short, political pimps joined hands together to form AAP that time..then PaapY will be the same with all of these hustlers minus just the Ak420 this time..and the great Indian lollypops like transparency accountability swaraj lokpal iska paap uska bhrasht-achaar AAP maaibaap which were freely distributed that time will again be manufactured, sugar coated & gifted but In a new wrapper and that is PaapY with Prashant & Yogendra as Its two tubelights this time..and If It was Ak420 & his gang who were singing Lokpal Anti-Corruption Accountability Transparency ( LAAT ) sprinkled with Item lyrics of ‘Insaan ka Insaan Se Bhaichara’ against all powerful ruling Congress and Its might all that time..It will be PaapY & same sort of gang who will be hammering all of us with the same LAAT and with the same Itch, greed & lust of power as exhibited earlier by AAP..but with a different song ‘Itni Shakti Hameh De Na Data’ against the original LAAT Expert & now all powerful ruling don Ak420 & Its private gang AAP this time.

In a nutshell, we will keep receiving LAAT..LAAT will remain in business and LAAT will never leave our SAATH and why not..after all, the thrills of LAAT just delivered them delhi, the crown jewel of our nation and made the life of all goons of AAP..so why will they not use LAAT one more time, every time and Its precisely for this very reason..to capture more & more jewels of our nation..they choreographed accusations, engineered abuses, this facade of resignations, expulsions & brawls just to beat us with LAAT..and this LAAT can remain effective, attractive & potent when It is used by whosoever not in power, can be more fruitful If never in power and can be turned lethal If this LAAT is used by someone whose claim to fame is sacrifice of power, not obeying the dictats of one mighty ruler and not compromising on Its principles, ethics & morals and that means the production of PaapY – younger sibling of AAP and Its a very small act which they carried out..lots more to come and don’t forget..what are they craving for..what are they dreaming for..what are they dying for..the most prized scalp of all..their extreme orgy..their ultimate showdown..The Throne of India..their final WAAR.. how’s that..stunned dumbfounded shell shocked..so dear buddies..got my point or still scratching your head, want some more, still not satisfied..then don’t worry, we won’t leave it here..we won’t just make the soundbites rather, we will take it to its logical end & we will see what’s behind this drive..so let’s call a spade a spade and bring out the truth which is as clear as daylight.. yes, what we are watching is a foul deceit of the highest order..the Infighting is an orchestrated one, well scripted & well rehearsed through & through..In short, a well cooked dish made for media to be served hot to Indian public woh bhi tadka maar ke..which they had planned it well in advance and now they are just dishing it out in their absolute delight.

surprised, don’t be..that’s what it always meant to be.. see, It makes lots of sense to make the most of It while sun shines or do whatever you like till its honeymoon time or face brickbats early so that nobody thinks about them after some time as people gets involved with the nitty gritties of their life..didn’t get it..simple, Ak420 has won delhi hands down..he has won everything in delhi with massive majority for the next 5 years and now the only thing left for him is mundane governance..so what else, what’s new & what’s next for his vast gang of goons which boasts of some very senior, experienced and widely recognised journalists cum lawyers cum activists cum political observers cum social scientists..In short, quacks imposters paid workers of all types, sizes & kind..now how will they keep themselves noticed, relevant & motivated for coming days months & years or won’t they end up being one more regional party..one more set of power brokers..a flash in the pan..Is that what they want..Is that what they set out for..Is that what they started for..or something else is there in their mind and that is..to be a major player in politics..a pan India party..India’s Rulers with all Its wealth, resources & might..Isn’t it what they fantasizing for every moment of their life.

and to make It real, what they need is..to move ahead with their expansion plans..fight elections wherever the elections held next & whenever these opportunities arise..but will they be able to achieve what they achieved in delhi in their stride or will they be considered any other party in arena..one more party in contention..one more power greedy in sight and will bite the dust If they try and will not enjoy that novelty factor ie. being new, different, not fully tested & tried which benefited them during delhi elections time..as they too will carry the baggage of being in power all this while..so how to overcome this element If they want to play tricks, fool people again & fly high..and hence this drama of Internal fight..to make a new party free from all ills of power and absolutely exempt from all questions on governance, committments & delivery..just like a sweet little butterfly with lots of colour & no bite..and then jump in the election fray with same LAAT, formula, strategy & design which worked wonders for them and delivered delhi on their side..so why not repeat these lies, write fiction & practice deception one more time all the time after all It pays them every time.

now let’s dig deeper & see what’s buried Inside..prashant bhushan, yogendra yadav, anand kumar, medha patkar and many other..had they remained in the AAP what would they have done for the next 5 years..just for Info, they are all at par with arvind kejriwal In terms of hoodwinking people, spreading canards & vomiting in public..In fact, they are the original brokers..experts in the art of chicanery..to put it briefly, they are extremely good con artists..then how can they work under him with some state minister level portfolio or as a head of some sub-committee as that’s the best they can get in delhi..so how they gonna pass their time for the next 5 years if they remain with AAP all this while when the only work they would have been left with is..to wash dirty linen of AAP In public as eminent spokespersons of It and they would have been seen all over the media offering the same kind of excuses, statements & lame defences as spoken by other age old parties every now & then for not fulfilling numerous promises & their shortcomings on matters of governance & committments to the people they represent in their constituencies..they would have got entangled with the accusations & counter accusations of their opponents on one issue or the other almost on daily basis and they would have been forced to answer about AAP’s non performances frequently.

and because of all of this, their media created Image, credibility & posturing of being honest, sincere and different from the rest of the politicians would have taken a severe beating and they would have rendered ineffective against their main enemy or enemy no.1 – BJP and their election campaigns or forays in other poll bound states like Bihar UP Punjab Uttrakhand & West Bengal would have found no takers..as they too would have been viewed as one more party who is not functioning properly, making false promises and fooling the public..so to counter all of this, they devised this strategy..Ak420 is not going to get troubled for the next 5 years in any which way and he will be tested in electoral battle only after that and till then Its party time all night all time..so it won’t make any difference if he faces flak, abuses or bad publicity initially because they understand people’s pyshe that after few days everything will be forgotton and people will again judge him on what he manages to deliver on the ground and not on what’s happening in his party and now after grabbing power though they can preach differently..they don’t need to act differently and now they have the luxury to practice the conventional politics as other political parties do and can easily survive with tried & tested weapons of money power, muscle power & policies of dividing socities and most powerful of all..the media power which they enjoy Immensly by which they can destroy anybody & hide all their crimes.

and now the crux of the matter is..they want to stop BJP In poll bound states at any cost either by hook or crook..which seems to be marching ahead in those states & gaining ground substantially and they themselves want to win those states so their concern is how will they fight anti-incumbancy of delhi once they will hit the election campaigning and most importantly, at present AAP except delhi and with an exception of Punjab is inconsequential in rest of India..so whether they fight election under the banner of AAP or PAAP ( hey Keep Y silent for a while though Its lean sweet big mouthed but just hide it temporarily to expose the real motives, Its necessary this time ) won’t make any difference to their life because for those states..both will be considered new parties..both will have to work from the scratch and both will have to make their presence felt in the heart, mind and fingers of the public..but AAP will face difficult questions of non performance in delhi whereas PAAP will have no such bearings or baggages and not only that PAAP would present Itself as the same as AAP positioned Itself in the battle of delhi and that is..It’s a party that has formed after a nationwide revolution against corruption to eradicate the ills of our society..a party which is different from the other political parties..a party which would do no wrong, would never compromise..a party which is not after power but after reforms, welfare and well-being of the public..and which has such honest leaders that they sacrificed the riches of delhi even after coming to power on matters of principles, morals, ethics & collective decision making without any fright and to give tight LAAT to the people of our country to make us bright..oh God ! help..after having drum full of synthetic ghee, makkhan & sweets many of us will die out of diabeties or some other disease..but don’t you worry..just go green & try bitter gourd, aloe vera & fig leaves and rest assured It will take care of some of the PaapYees who are growing in our surroundings.

after some herbal tips..let’s come back to our Ishtory..so by using these tricks they will not only retain their present volunteers base who will get shifted from their bhai AAP to them but also attract new volunteers who would be dischanted with other political parties like Congress BJP SP BSP and as they would be carrying no sins, no black spots, no burdens of the past, no question marks over Integrity, no negative publicity so they will be all over the media crucifying everybody all the time and as with AAP, so with PAAP..its a party of the media by the media so the entire media would be on their side and they will be portrayed as the cleanest without any iota of suspicion & clear of any wrongdoing in their life and then media will use their spotless Image as a cover, excuse & reason to defend them, support them, promote them regularly amidst everything and this is not some short sightedness but a very long term design and that is..to defeat, decimate & destroy their target no.1 headache no.1 & enemy no.1..well, no points for guessing..It’s only & only BJP and to make it absolutely Irrelevant in our country at a future time..now either advanced, aggressive & deceptive AAP wins by practicing conventional politics or PAAP wins by preaching different politics as Its tagline..they will eat the whole cake..they will sit on both sides of the fences means whichever way..they will rule, they will govern, they will decide and they will be the one who’ll cry hoarse from the rooftops, will make harshest noises & oppose anything & everything fiercely everytime.

so the Infighting or the outrage over Ak420’s high handedness or the repeated assertions of principles by one or the other is all fake, master minded & manufactured one exclusively made for public consumption and just an excuse to form another party and to give it huge publicity, credibility & sympathy..like how they are being abused, targeted & badly treated..how they are being maligned, threatened & even being assaulted and also being thrown out from the party with no fault of theirs, for no rhyme or reason, without committing any vice..and how they have been so generous, large hearted & magnanimous enough that they didn’t say anything bad to the party all this while rather showed respect, civility & courtesy even to Ak420 & Its chandaal coterie, their nemesis that too after suffering so much of Insult, humiliation & slandering from him and on top of It, they offered him good wishes..so how they are exhibiting grace, maturity and uprightness even in the atmosphere of sticks, stones & adversity and how they will do anything and everything to give LAAT to the people effectively.

so all of this drama, suspense, thrill, emotion & action just to make one more Zabardast movie..and to make It Superhit they need to catch attention, capture our imagination & draw audience en masse from all corners of the country and for that..they have to be in news all over the place, deliver one liners, taglines, punchlines, lot of noise & being talked about by all & sundry..so that’s what they did and voila ! hasn’t it come out beautifully..the trailors are out..generated lot of Interest in twitter, facebook, whatsapp & other social communities & even their videos have garnered millions of hit..there’s lot of buzz among youth about it..even the housewives & oldies are talking with curiosity and a feel good factor seems to be there for everybody..damn sure, PAAP – part 2 would be one hell of a blockbuster..you see producer is same, director is same, even most of the actors are same but to give double mazza..this time there are two protagonist..compare to previous part, which had one..so what are you waiting for..just book your seat..keep yourself free & be ready with your favourite pizza, pasta & cold drink..Its releasing at a TV near you, where AAP – the part 1 released for all of us to see.

ps : Indian media is one big happy family and AAP is their political wing part 1 and PAAP will be part 2 and we all know who is the Baap oh sorry Maa of Indian media so that controls AAP and that will be in control of PAAP..bye for now, but will meet you soon at our adda..where ? jantar manter..in delhi..where else ? why..don’t you know..PAAP will be agitating against AAP for betraying poor people of our country..that time we supported AAP but this time we will support PAAP..why..you nuthead ! don’t you want to get LAAT from them and this time to ease your pain at the backside..don’t forget to use multani mitti and on red swollen areas place some green & white cabbage leaves..again asking why..you aam aadmi ! remember, herbal tips ?


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ashley1888
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 13:05:53

    hi all

    lies by Media + deception by AAP = creation of PAAP

    history repeats Itself…how AAP – part 1 was manufactured by fake protests, movements & revolution….PAAP – part 2 is ready to be Invented by fake dissents, abuses & fights.

    War In AAP : a well cooked dish made for media to be served hot to Indian public woh bhi tadka maar ke.

    do read my new article : well scripted Infighting – the AAP ishtyle….at ashley1888.wordpress.com



  2. ajit vadakayil
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 13:21:19

    hi a1888,

    INDEED !




    capt ajit vadakayil


    • SM
      Apr 11, 2015 @ 17:38:32

      Never knew you were into Delhi politics :).
      Have read your blogs!. I am a keralite, but never had a chance to vote (variety of reasons). I don’t know whom you support, but I think Mr.modi is doing a good job!. As per my view, Delhi is going to be a “mini” Venezuela!.


  3. The seeker on a Voyage .
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 17:25:19

    Reblogged this on The Seeker On Voyage ..


  4. ashley1888
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:23:24

    hi all

    when the sting of Ak420 abusing PB & YY was released..do you remember how the lovely couple reacted..Oldie Goldie PB refused to comment and Bada Beard YY completely downplayed it & didn’t take any offence..they remained cool calm composed and demonstrated extreme restrain in this disgraceful matter..whereas any normal person politician or mental would have reacted in some other way..they reacted in a different manner..do you know why ?

    because actors can defy any logic, conventions or reason of the day as they are trained to perform as per the script of the play and that scene was part of the play and it had to be performed in that very way..and the idea behind that scene was to give shock to Its viewers..generating emotions like how could he say that..this is unbelivable..is Ak420 really that sort of person..the design was to make viewers feel..two sides genuinely fighting with each other..how ugly it has become..no room left for agreement and It’s not a play, whatever is happening..Its damn real….

    and once it got established..that’s it..full stop, right there..nothing less nothing more..their purpose was served & now there was no need to take it any further as the main protagonist Ak420 was in spot of bother..his image of being a good human came into question and escalating the matter could have tarred him forever..which was not their intention..so everybody pulled back and then nobody made it a big matter.

    and very smartly, abuses of Ak420 were put in the back burner..by one & all..by rival gang..by Indian media camp the so called neutral observer..how come..well, one play..all part of the play..all played their part to the perfection..and now people are talking about them..puzzled at them..some are even stunned with the sudden turn of events..In short, one hell of a job done by the director..so viewers, how’s that.. isn’t this play, full of masala..full of action..what say..hit or blockbuster ?



  5. Praful
    Apr 24, 2015 @ 12:45:33

    I missed your blog for a long time. Refreshing, you are back, hope you continue to do so, I enjoy reading your blog, and this comment before reading current article 🙂


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