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  1. Rashmi Singhania
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 16:53:41

    //Isn’t it a proud moment for all of us that your husband is very supportive of you being partying, dancing and swimming around with your ‘ex’s’ in bikni, offcourse at the beach or a swimming-pool near you. but isn’t it shameful that he doesn’t support you to do all of that without bikni. I mean, why even bikni, why that pressure, why that burden of clothes and why not with your natural glory only – is he insecure about you or is he just conservative like so many other dirty indian fellows out there.

    and as you party, dance and swim around with your ex’s in front of your in-laws then pardon me for asking – do you shit and pee also in front of them. If not, why – does it smell bad or some constipation issues and what about ‘making out’ with your husband in front of them. If not, why – isn’t it such a natural thing – why hide behind closed doors – after all they might advise both of you a thing or two on that or you find their advice on that matter quite old, orthodox or shall we say, quite indian – not updated with great western methods at all.//

    It seems that your don’t understand the difference between behavior in private and public. Being in a bikini by a pool or on the beach is perfectly acceptable in public and if it offends a few narrow-minded people, then it isn’t my problem.
    My decision of not being in a bikini, stark nude – that’s what you said in your comment is my decision alone and NOT, my husband’s and he understands it because he is a liberal minded guy who knows of my right over my body.

    Public nudity is not allowed by law in India while in some other countries, it is allowed legally.
    So, if there’s a law which supports it in India, I may consider that option, depending on my comfort, mood and taste at that point of time. Personally, I think public nudity is a matter of one’s personal choice but I am a law-abiding citizen of India.
    And, even if there is a Indian law in future, I may not/ may go clothes-free at appropriate venues designed for that purpose.

    Toiletry habits are not meant for public view but I understand where this is coming from. Many Indian men including you (I am sure) must be peeing openly on Indian roads but that is acceptable for you. Right?

    It has nothing to do with liberal/conservative mindset and east/west but everything to do with public vs private behavior.,

    Good you brought it up 🙂
    As a feminist, I strongly feel for topless equality because men can go bare chested but women have cover up their breasts as if they are sexual organs. It is not right.


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