well scripted Infighting – the AAP ishtyle

hi all

how are you ? enjoying mobile shopping, attending some big fat Indian wedding or hanging out with your friends & friendees at some famous food joint or are you doing nothing no invitations, no plans, nobody there at your side and you are one of those who are cursed to watch wolves of Indian media at 9 ? now if you belong to this helpless tribe then welcome to the jungle where there is great free fall & absolutely free for all where there is no news just slander, deception & noise and where there are shouts, screams, abuse, threats & fights and where all the news anchors, journalists & political pundits are there to spew venom, vomit & dirt and no one’s there to wipe….so In this happy Halloween family let’s waste some more time and ask some questions which hogs all the limelight….for starters : let’s start with something which set our tongues wagging, energises our body & light the bulb of our ‘know it all’ mind….no no.. not cricket cricket all the time and certainly not seen it all, envy it all, kiss it all movies, bollywood, superstars and their love lives but something which shapes our country, frames our system & affects our life….well you guessed it right..politics our another favourite pastime..so did you notice some difference in governance since congress bit the dust and one man army modi got the ruling rights..now do you see some changes happening around..feeling better about our country..bit ok with inflation in check, no big time or small time corruption & no major or minor communal riots and quite heartened to see India’s growing stature, reputation & might among neighbouring countries & worldwide….well keep dear pakistan, the terrorist country always aside..eternal enemy..not worth it..am i right..and indians living all across the world brimming with confidence dignity & pride.

or are you basking In the Indian dracula reports errrr media reports of how media ki mata is back with a bang with massive protests against modi government’s land ordinance all across the country garnering huge support from farmers, downtrodden & all sections of the beehive..well, believe it..do we have any choice..you see, true false doesn’t matter..once mataG decides..all media piglets toe the line..or the big breaking news, 24 x 7 of how women are being abused, assaulted & raped by BJP politicians, all politicians, all hindu men of our country every day every news night..jee haa dosto, a new trend in sight..now If a woman accuses someone, to be precise..a man..yaa yaa, I know I know..In today’s times, when woman with woman & man with man are being propagated, encouraged & incentivised by our media mind..you’re angry, why am I leaving these new age equations behind and not discussing It with all Its added spice..rather, Igniting the woman Vs man..the gender fight and even In this, keeping mules & mules only for our special abuses, brickbats & slight..can’t help It..see, that’s the whole point..the great grand media design..strictly male bashing only..destroying the social fabric of our country..creating gender divide..where women accuses men of any age, any kind of commiting rape or sexual assault or sexual abuse or just abuse or staring or even some hand-gesturing anywhere anytime and that’s It..yes, that’s It..after that no Court Ruling, no Police Investigations, no FIR, not even accused male’s view-point..Faisla right away right there, On the spot that too In full public eyes and the supreme court of media declares in no time that Indian men are sexual predators, beasts & criminals of some brutal kind and women words are cent per cent correct, enough & final and women are always right.

so, dear all..got my point and If the accused mule happens to be a hindu and the so-called victim is found out to be non-hindu, then Its god’s gift to them..time of their life..all hell breaks loose & media parties, dances, drinks beer all day all night and the accused hindu, its hindu name, its hindu belongings all are screamed, highlighted & repeated in every news byte and during all of this, no one is spared..hinduism, hindu culture, hindu ancestory, hindu scriptures, hindu teachings all are beaten black & blue, left & right and If the accused males are non-hindus then media goes into deep hibernation and doesn’t talk, discuss or give any airtime and they also make sure that their non-hindus names are not disclosed by any news broker in any of their news-time….so friends, feeling the media might..Hindus we..naa naa..Rapist we..absolutely Inhuman, filthy & disgusting..In short, sick race sick people sick country..bolo media dalal ki jai..or how women are not empowered to wear bikinis or be naked anywhere anytime..having sex with anybody & everybody before marriage & after marriage..hey hey, don’t look at me..not my choice..Its 99 braveheart’s choice or how Indian men are not letting them take drugs, drink, smoke & party till morning night after night..dirty we..naa naa..animals we..hindu bigots..aren’t we….

or how north eastern are being discriminated, attacked & killed in north, west & southern parts of our country in broad daylight..so we have groups all over the country who check Identities before attacking anybody and ask whether they are from north, west, south, south-west, north-west or north-east and If they are from west, north or south then they let them go with smile but the moment they hear north-east..voila ! they ascertain the vaastu defects..deliberate on it & then immediately go for the jugular & strike..oh my God ! racist we..In fact, the most racist country of this planet..media says so & media has to be right..right naa..now say with me with full force in one voice..hail media ! Shaitan Jindabad !

or how fascist modi, communal BJP, extremist RSS, terrorist Fringe Hindus & Hindus are terrorising peaceful muslims.. committing atrocities on them using money, muscle, majority in parliament & state might or how Innocent christians are under siege..being targeted..their churches being attacked..nuns are being raped ‘here again’ by Hindus, Fringe Hindus, RSS, BJP & Modi Govt….yes, nuns are being raped by Hindus..a new one..first of its kind..superb kite flying..isn’t it..so you see now criminals first introspect..look within themselves..whether they are hindu or humans and the moment they arrive at a decision that they are not humans they are Hindus..then they commit rape, murder & other crimes but before doing that they check whether the victim is pristine christian or pious muslim or some hindu low life and If It happens to be jesus’s kid or allah ka bachcha only then they smack their lips..go berserk & strike and do you know why..because their master is modi..who is a hindu nationalist..has its silent approval for all of this & is on their side..what..do you have any doubts..media says so..told you naa..FIR, police Investigations, courts don’t matter..don’t you know..media decides..oh hell ! what to do evil hindus everywhere..there is no respite..well definitely, hindus the most dangerous race of our times..hey bhagwan sorry hey Allah Jesus..hey Saudi US..help us from kafirs..save us from pagans or how every bjp member, every RSS member, everybody affiliated to RSS & everyone who happens to be a hindu is a pervert, wicked & sub human commenting against women, their clothes & homosexuality all the time..so sick..aren’t we..everybody should be a gay or a lesbian only then humanity will survive..oh no..tears tears in my eyes..doctor doctor please check..who am I..where do I align..am I straight or some Luul Type….

and now the talk of the town the latest lovable & beautiful scenes of how AAP breaking up, their senior most members & founding fathers feeling the heat, facing the brunt of their messiah Ak420..how Ak420 proving out to be the dictator we always believed he is & how he is stifling all noises of dissent & ruthlessly crushing out every criticism, questioning & apprehensions raised against his style of functioning with an Iron hand showing no heart, no mercy & no regret of any kind..how entire senior hierarchy of AAP fighting among themselves, abusing each other & throwing muck at one another.. how sting operations of Ak420 coming out in the open & stinging him every day or the other and all of this in full public glare that too so early so fast within few days of them being in the power & limelight.

oh dear ! shocking, terrible, unbelievable..isn’t it or entertaining, expected, prophesied..something like..we told you so..didn’t we..or some normal power struggle which takes place in every other party..so just routine stuff, chapter closed move on, get a life..so what say guys..are we done with it..and now there is no need to look into it beyond a certain point or further analyse rather, we should celebrate it as goons are bickering, fighting & destroying each other by their own weapons, strategies & criminal mind or are we missing a point and there is more than meets the eye..something seems to be slipping away from our sight and aren’t we committing harakiri & cardinal sin of seeing the entire story unfolding from the prism of media’s eyes..the same media which is a master of deception, distortions & big time lies..now what say..did you get my point..the narrative is certainly not that simple as it looks like..so shall we dissect it right away..get to the bottom of it.. exposing one more AAP’s sham..one more media orchestrated white lie..now let’s peel the onion and dispel all the mystery around though it would be smelly as it should be..but In the end, I hope we get to the root of it and see what lies Inside..a sweet heart or a rotten core..so let’s start with what happened..when it happened..how it happened..why it happened and why these two..what’s the motive behind & why now and not some other time….

as it happened :-

we all know what happened..don’t we..after all this play was performed live to us throughout with daily doses of accusations & counter accusations peppered with press confrences & retaliatory press confrences from both warring sides and was telecasted on news channels during food hours of the day hence spoiling our lunch everytime followed by usual high heated debates & discussions and thus ensuring complete poisoning of even our dinner at night and thereby keeping us hungry & angry all this while and In due course snake duo of yogendra yadav & prashant bhushan were accused abused & maligned and then thrown out from all decision making bodies of the gang called AAP in the meantime and now they remain at the verge of being expelled from that very party which was their brainchild..just for info, this play got started In the very first month of coming into power in delhi & now It’s being going on for the last one month reaching its crescendo & rapidly moving towards Its high point and being played out the same way as It happens in family based parties where the dictator demands total submission from its slaves & In the process few fell by the wayside and to make It democratic age old tactics are applied ie. defaming your opponents first & removing them later..so both YY & PB were first accused of being Involved in anti-party activities during delhi elections and then kicked out from their governing bodies PAC & NAC..so sad naa..let’s all cry..hey allah hey jesus..where are you..your oldie children are in pain..please come to their side..what did you say..playing snakes & ladder with bhagwan..oh no ! what have you done alljes..don’t you know..bhagwan is an out & out communal being..he will destroy your secular bonafides..so get rid of him as soon as both of you get right place & right time..now let’s get back to our ishtory AAP’s mohhabatein..I mean..Fighting – the AAP ishtyle..now tell me..why there is so much hue & cry..why our heart bleeding for perrenial snakes when we know wherever they are, whatever they do & at whatever time they will eventually bite..that’s their nature they can’t hide.

well before we proceed further, let me break a bombshell..give some heartbreaks..expose the ugly truth which nobody wants us to know & everybody wants to keep out of sight..hey, are you ready for this..then let’s waste no more time..just fasten your seat belt..grab your popcorn & be ready..Its showtime ! and that is there is no war / battle / fight among AAP goons..they are as united as ever..they are as criminal as they ever were and they remain as naxalite, anti-social & anti-national as they always were and what we are witnessing right now is not some PB & YY deliberate attempts to dethrone Ak420 & sabotage AAP prospects before delhi elections or after delhi elections as Ak420 & his slaves are vomiting in public & want us to taste It..or some clash of Ideology good Vs evil, honesty, transparency, accountability Vs dubious dealings, corrupt practices & wrongdoings as Helpless, Bhole, Victim PB & YY are spitting and want everybody to lick and neither It is some sort of ego battle between Individuals or fight for supremacy or Ak420’s absolute dictatorship which media wants us to see, smell & eat but Its a cool calculated & well scripted deception which is being executed right in front of our eyes being talked about..round the clock 24×7 with all Its drama, dadagiri & old spice and Isn’t It shaping up absolutely fine one more time..though I must say whatever charges levelled against Ak420 of him being a dictator, fraud, double dealer, corrupt & dishonest are absolutely right..but not In context of PB & YY as they are all Bhai-Bhai-Bhai and what we are witnessing is a stage managed fight.

what..why are you surprised..don’t you remember what happened when AAP was devised..weren’t the same antics theatrics & cries were performed at that time all that time..yes, the same stuffed burger which was served to us that time the very same stale, stinking & acidic bug is being presented to us even this time..still didn’t get it..then let me spill the Ingredients which were used to cook AAP that time & now being used again to produce PaapY this time..what PaapY..what the hell is this..staggered confused surprised..well don’t be..If all the foreign funded social workers, journalists, media made & paid Intellectuals, celebrities & activists..In short, political pimps joined hands together to form AAP that time..then PaapY will be the same with all of these hustlers minus just the Ak420 this time..and the great Indian lollypops like transparency accountability swaraj lokpal iska paap uska bhrasht-achaar AAP maaibaap which were freely distributed that time will again be manufactured, sugar coated & gifted but In a new wrapper and that is PaapY with Prashant & Yogendra as Its two tubelights this time..and If It was Ak420 & his gang who were singing Lokpal Anti-Corruption Accountability Transparency ( LAAT ) sprinkled with Item lyrics of ‘Insaan ka Insaan Se Bhaichara’ against all powerful ruling Congress and Its might all that time..It will be PaapY & same sort of gang who will be hammering all of us with the same LAAT and with the same Itch, greed & lust of power as exhibited earlier by AAP..but with a different song ‘Itni Shakti Hameh De Na Data’ against the original LAAT Expert & now all powerful ruling don Ak420 & Its private gang AAP this time.

In a nutshell, we will keep receiving LAAT..LAAT will remain in business and LAAT will never leave our SAATH and why not..after all, the thrills of LAAT just delivered them delhi, the crown jewel of our nation and made the life of all goons of AAP..so why will they not use LAAT one more time, every time and Its precisely for this very reason..to capture more & more jewels of our nation..they choreographed accusations, engineered abuses, this facade of resignations, expulsions & brawls just to beat us with LAAT..and this LAAT can remain effective, attractive & potent when It is used by whosoever not in power, can be more fruitful If never in power and can be turned lethal If this LAAT is used by someone whose claim to fame is sacrifice of power, not obeying the dictats of one mighty ruler and not compromising on Its principles, ethics & morals and that means the production of PaapY – younger sibling of AAP and Its a very small act which they carried out..lots more to come and don’t forget..what are they craving for..what are they dreaming for..what are they dying for..the most prized scalp of all..their extreme orgy..their ultimate showdown..The Throne of India..their final WAAR.. how’s that..stunned dumbfounded shell shocked..so dear buddies..got my point or still scratching your head, want some more, still not satisfied..then don’t worry, we won’t leave it here..we won’t just make the soundbites rather, we will take it to its logical end & we will see what’s behind this drive..so let’s call a spade a spade and bring out the truth which is as clear as daylight.. yes, what we are watching is a foul deceit of the highest order..the Infighting is an orchestrated one, well scripted & well rehearsed through & through..In short, a well cooked dish made for media to be served hot to Indian public woh bhi tadka maar ke..which they had planned it well in advance and now they are just dishing it out in their absolute delight.

surprised, don’t be..that’s what it always meant to be.. see, It makes lots of sense to make the most of It while sun shines or do whatever you like till its honeymoon time or face brickbats early so that nobody thinks about them after some time as people gets involved with the nitty gritties of their life..didn’t get it..simple, Ak420 has won delhi hands down..he has won everything in delhi with massive majority for the next 5 years and now the only thing left for him is mundane governance..so what else, what’s new & what’s next for his vast gang of goons which boasts of some very senior, experienced and widely recognised journalists cum lawyers cum activists cum political observers cum social scientists..In short, quacks imposters paid workers of all types, sizes & kind..now how will they keep themselves noticed, relevant & motivated for coming days months & years or won’t they end up being one more regional party..one more set of power brokers..a flash in the pan..Is that what they want..Is that what they set out for..Is that what they started for..or something else is there in their mind and that is..to be a major player in politics..a pan India party..India’s Rulers with all Its wealth, resources & might..Isn’t it what they fantasizing for every moment of their life.

and to make It real, what they need is..to move ahead with their expansion plans..fight elections wherever the elections held next & whenever these opportunities arise..but will they be able to achieve what they achieved in delhi in their stride or will they be considered any other party in arena..one more party in contention..one more power greedy in sight and will bite the dust If they try and will not enjoy that novelty factor ie. being new, different, not fully tested & tried which benefited them during delhi elections time..as they too will carry the baggage of being in power all this while..so how to overcome this element If they want to play tricks, fool people again & fly high..and hence this drama of Internal fight..to make a new party free from all ills of power and absolutely exempt from all questions on governance, committments & delivery..just like a sweet little butterfly with lots of colour & no bite..and then jump in the election fray with same LAAT, formula, strategy & design which worked wonders for them and delivered delhi on their side..so why not repeat these lies, write fiction & practice deception one more time all the time after all It pays them every time.

now let’s dig deeper & see what’s buried Inside..prashant bhushan, yogendra yadav, anand kumar, medha patkar and many other..had they remained in the AAP what would they have done for the next 5 years..just for Info, they are all at par with arvind kejriwal In terms of hoodwinking people, spreading canards & vomiting in public..In fact, they are the original brokers..experts in the art of chicanery..to put it briefly, they are extremely good con artists..then how can they work under him with some state minister level portfolio or as a head of some sub-committee as that’s the best they can get in delhi..so how they gonna pass their time for the next 5 years if they remain with AAP all this while when the only work they would have been left with is..to wash dirty linen of AAP In public as eminent spokespersons of It and they would have been seen all over the media offering the same kind of excuses, statements & lame defences as spoken by other age old parties every now & then for not fulfilling numerous promises & their shortcomings on matters of governance & committments to the people they represent in their constituencies..they would have got entangled with the accusations & counter accusations of their opponents on one issue or the other almost on daily basis and they would have been forced to answer about AAP’s non performances frequently.

and because of all of this, their media created Image, credibility & posturing of being honest, sincere and different from the rest of the politicians would have taken a severe beating and they would have rendered ineffective against their main enemy or enemy no.1 – BJP and their election campaigns or forays in other poll bound states like Bihar UP Punjab Uttrakhand & West Bengal would have found no takers..as they too would have been viewed as one more party who is not functioning properly, making false promises and fooling the public..so to counter all of this, they devised this strategy..Ak420 is not going to get troubled for the next 5 years in any which way and he will be tested in electoral battle only after that and till then Its party time all night all time..so it won’t make any difference if he faces flak, abuses or bad publicity initially because they understand people’s pyshe that after few days everything will be forgotton and people will again judge him on what he manages to deliver on the ground and not on what’s happening in his party and now after grabbing power though they can preach differently..they don’t need to act differently and now they have the luxury to practice the conventional politics as other political parties do and can easily survive with tried & tested weapons of money power, muscle power & policies of dividing socities and most powerful of all..the media power which they enjoy Immensly by which they can destroy anybody & hide all their crimes.

and now the crux of the matter is..they want to stop BJP In poll bound states at any cost either by hook or crook..which seems to be marching ahead in those states & gaining ground substantially and they themselves want to win those states so their concern is how will they fight anti-incumbancy of delhi once they will hit the election campaigning and most importantly, at present AAP except delhi and with an exception of Punjab is inconsequential in rest of India..so whether they fight election under the banner of AAP or PAAP ( hey Keep Y silent for a while though Its lean sweet big mouthed but just hide it temporarily to expose the real motives, Its necessary this time ) won’t make any difference to their life because for those states..both will be considered new parties..both will have to work from the scratch and both will have to make their presence felt in the heart, mind and fingers of the public..but AAP will face difficult questions of non performance in delhi whereas PAAP will have no such bearings or baggages and not only that PAAP would present Itself as the same as AAP positioned Itself in the battle of delhi and that is..It’s a party that has formed after a nationwide revolution against corruption to eradicate the ills of our society..a party which is different from the other political parties..a party which would do no wrong, would never compromise..a party which is not after power but after reforms, welfare and well-being of the public..and which has such honest leaders that they sacrificed the riches of delhi even after coming to power on matters of principles, morals, ethics & collective decision making without any fright and to give tight LAAT to the people of our country to make us bright..oh God ! help..after having drum full of synthetic ghee, makkhan & sweets many of us will die out of diabeties or some other disease..but don’t you worry..just go green & try bitter gourd, aloe vera & fig leaves and rest assured It will take care of some of the PaapYees who are growing in our surroundings.

after some herbal tips..let’s come back to our Ishtory..so by using these tricks they will not only retain their present volunteers base who will get shifted from their bhai AAP to them but also attract new volunteers who would be dischanted with other political parties like Congress BJP SP BSP and as they would be carrying no sins, no black spots, no burdens of the past, no question marks over Integrity, no negative publicity so they will be all over the media crucifying everybody all the time and as with AAP, so with PAAP..its a party of the media by the media so the entire media would be on their side and they will be portrayed as the cleanest without any iota of suspicion & clear of any wrongdoing in their life and then media will use their spotless Image as a cover, excuse & reason to defend them, support them, promote them regularly amidst everything and this is not some short sightedness but a very long term design and that is..to defeat, decimate & destroy their target no.1 headache no.1 & enemy no.1..well, no points for guessing..It’s only & only BJP and to make it absolutely Irrelevant in our country at a future time..now either advanced, aggressive & deceptive AAP wins by practicing conventional politics or PAAP wins by preaching different politics as Its tagline..they will eat the whole cake..they will sit on both sides of the fences means whichever way..they will rule, they will govern, they will decide and they will be the one who’ll cry hoarse from the rooftops, will make harshest noises & oppose anything & everything fiercely everytime.

so the Infighting or the outrage over Ak420’s high handedness or the repeated assertions of principles by one or the other is all fake, master minded & manufactured one exclusively made for public consumption and just an excuse to form another party and to give it huge publicity, credibility & sympathy..like how they are being abused, targeted & badly treated..how they are being maligned, threatened & even being assaulted and also being thrown out from the party with no fault of theirs, for no rhyme or reason, without committing any vice..and how they have been so generous, large hearted & magnanimous enough that they didn’t say anything bad to the party all this while rather showed respect, civility & courtesy even to Ak420 & Its chandaal coterie, their nemesis that too after suffering so much of Insult, humiliation & slandering from him and on top of It, they offered him good wishes..so how they are exhibiting grace, maturity and uprightness even in the atmosphere of sticks, stones & adversity and how they will do anything and everything to give LAAT to the people effectively.

so all of this drama, suspense, thrill, emotion & action just to make one more Zabardast movie..and to make It Superhit they need to catch attention, capture our imagination & draw audience en masse from all corners of the country and for that..they have to be in news all over the place, deliver one liners, taglines, punchlines, lot of noise & being talked about by all & sundry..so that’s what they did and voila ! hasn’t it come out beautifully..the trailors are out..generated lot of Interest in twitter, facebook, whatsapp & other social communities & even their videos have garnered millions of hit..there’s lot of buzz among youth about it..even the housewives & oldies are talking with curiosity and a feel good factor seems to be there for everybody..damn sure, PAAP – part 2 would be one hell of a blockbuster..you see producer is same, director is same, even most of the actors are same but to give double mazza..this time there are two protagonist..compare to previous part, which had one..so what are you waiting for..just book your seat..keep yourself free & be ready with your favourite pizza, pasta & cold drink..Its releasing at a TV near you, where AAP – the part 1 released for all of us to see.

ps : Indian media is one big happy family and AAP is their political wing part 1 and PAAP will be part 2 and we all know who is the Baap oh sorry Maa of Indian media so that controls AAP and that will be in control of PAAP..bye for now, but will meet you soon at our adda..where ? jantar manter..in delhi..where else ? why..don’t you know..PAAP will be agitating against AAP for betraying poor people of our country..that time we supported AAP but this time we will support PAAP..why..you nuthead ! don’t you want to get LAAT from them and this time to ease your pain at the backside..don’t forget to use multani mitti and on red swollen areas place some green & white cabbage leaves..again asking why..you aam aadmi ! remember, herbal tips ?


sorry Modi ji – not done & BJP – you disappoints

hi all

Part – I :

this is my question to all those hard core BJP strategists – members & supporters who are advising us to put the blinkers on – not to get perturbed by anything and keep waiting – waiting & waiting for the sunshine – advent of better things and strong enforcement of legal actions against crooks – traitors & culprits – which – as per their view are in the pipeline :-

what’s happening – what’s going on – what’s occurring in front of our eyes – nothing seems to have changed – nothing seems to be going right and nothing seems to be moving on desired lines – everything looks the same – everything appears lacklustre & everything is turning out to be uninspiring and no cure – no relief – no respite seems to be in sight even after the Modi Government at the centre with such an overwhelming support – huge mandate & legal might.

Hindus – BJP & Modi are being abused – ridiculed & lampooned day in day out – every day every night – day after day – night after night – for no rhyme or reason – without any provocation – with no real explaination by every dalaal – crook & criminal news anchor – journalist & intellectual of anti-national Indian news media with manufactured lies – fake allegations & sinister designs and BJP spokespersons letting it happen – arguing their case pathetically – becoming the punching bag of every tom – dick & harry and taking all of this crap with greetings & smile – and yet you want us to keep watching it normally from the sidelines – ‘They’ are all being rebuked – reprimanded & humiliated without any wrongdoing – without uttering even a single word – without committing any crime and BJP representatives accepting every false charge merrily – not challenging the real motive of it and remaining defensive about it all the time and still coming on all the news channels shamelessly without applying any mind and yet you want us to keep our heads cool & not getting angry about this absolute tripe.

BJP state unit leaders – members & workers are being attacked – beaten & brutally killed on regular basis in every non-BJP ruled state – yet no news channel has held debates on it – discussed about it – not even reported for a single killing – and no outrage – no displeasure – no resentment is being exhibited by any BJP person on any news channel – no protests are being registered on ground levels & nothing substantial is being done at any level and yet you want us to keep our eyes – ears & brains closed on all of this – do not criticise for their indifferent behaviour on this and do not raise our voice – so you tell us – what you want us to do – what you want us to try – be their cheerleaders – do lot of clapping for this – write a love song for them & then live happily ever after in our dreams – is that what you are expecting us to do – keep accepting the status quo – keep tolerating the asininity – keep receiving the dirt repeatedly – not asking questions – not seeking improvements – not underlining the utter frustration – exasperation & annoyance of lacs & crores of BJP well wishers all across the nation because of this amateurish – ineffective & deplorable handling of news media by the BJP think tank on habitual basis.

no sir this is not done – we won’t do It – we won’t keep quiet about it – traitors of news media have not only tried to destroy modi all these years – they have also tried to destroy our knowledge – our hinduism – our Maa Bharat all this while – and by the way – what are we demanding – what issues are we highlighting – what are we pleading for the last 10 years – some very simple – short & basic things – employing fiery spokespersons – adopting better media strategy and demonstrating loads of aggression – not taking any idiocy lying down – when they are on the right side most of the times and now taking exemplary punitive actions against the bloodsuckers of news mediums to send shivers down their spine – is it such a big thing – is it too much for an asking – is expecting higher standards – valour – excellence & rule of law such a big vice – you enlighten us – can we allow wolves of news media to have a free run – dictating their terms & conditions – creating havoc in our nation – doing everything as per their evil whims & fancies and not being questioned – investigated – tried – imprisoned & punished legally for all their horrendous sins at any point of time.

Hinduism is the soul of our country – Mr. Modi is our prime minister & Modi led BJP is a party of all the Indians – and now we won’t bear any trash against ‘Them’ from ‘Anybody’ – howsoever dangerous – treacherous and high & mighty that be – enough of swallowing pain – insult & humiliation previously – but full stop to it – not anymore – we have achieved this massive relief – registered this splendid victory & got this liberation from the slavery of crass – corrupt & communal Congress after years & years of shedding blood – sweat & tears – and this time we won’t let it slipped – we won’t fritter it away – we won’t let it go so easily without any fight and we will not allow this to anybody – not even to our own BJP’s top hierarchy and we will keep reminding Modi & the BJP stoutly till they get their act together – do the needful and see the dark light but if they continue to repeat the old mistakes – do not correct the wrong’uns – do not pay heed to our viewpoints and fails to utilise this golden opportunity which comes once in a lifetime then extremely sorry to say – don’t blame us if we get aggressive with them leaving all our niceties behind & go completely against them and turn the tide because when the matter of pride – honour & integrity of our country comes to the forefront – we can’t be bystanders – we can’t sit idle – we can not remain blind and we will never compromise even if there are grave dangers to our lives.

Part – II :

something is terribly wrong somewhere

way before the general elections – 2014 – all through the campaigning just before the elections & even during the bitter – no holds barred – hard fought election – there was one set of dalaals – one gang of goons – one big band of criminals – who were fearful for their lives – horrified for their past & present crimes – petrified for all their devilish designs and were literally pissing in their pants – shivering & crying at the very thought of retribution – mortification & retaliation from one brave – one honest & one nationalist who was taking centre stage – neutralising all its opponents & coming to the light whom they abused – ridiculed & humiliated every time – well – you all guessed it right – Narendra Damodardas Modi – the patriot – whom they were frightful of – all this while.

cut to present times – it has been more than a month since Modi took charge of our nation and yet – forget about being punished – tried or investigated – they are all working to destroy India – Hindus – BJP & Modi with same criminality – wickedness & depravity as they were doing earlier – day after day – night after night – every day every night without feeling any stress – discomfort or difficulty from anybody in sight – rather they seems to have become more ludicrous – attacking & fraudulent in their debates – discussions – reporting & news bytes – by the way – who are these great animals – whom no one wants to take on – meddle with or fight – any guesses – well – we all know it – right ! – the Anti-National – Foreign Funded & Congress Managed news anchors – journalists – intellectuals & owners of Indian News Media – who seems to have become more powerful than the Modi Govt. at the centre – judiciary – parliament & public and all of their collective might.

but why is this happening – why are we subjected to this pain – insult & humiliation from these creeps without being clarified and why are we forced to tolerate all these horrendous things all the time ? they are fanning communal tensions – creating religious divides – setting the agenda – imposing their policies – diktats & evil designs – spreading rumours – confusion – deception – fears – false informations & outright lies – manipulating the facts – figures – govt. data – documents & files – fabricating stories – theories – evidences – falsehood – conspiracies – false witnesses – crisis – controversies & even cries – painting an atmosphere of gloom – doom & despair to fuel anger – hatred – agitations – street brawls – fights and riots – ridiculing Hindus – Hinduism & Hindus customs – beliefs & rituals day in day out without any fright – setting a court room every night and acting like a judge – jury & God – all in one and then as per their master’s directions – orders & desires pronouncing judgements overnight without any investigation – proof & trial – destroying many of the individual’s honour – reputation & life without allowing them to put their points and defend their pride – irrespective of whether they are wrong or right – and yet no punitive actions against them – no warnings to them – infact no one is standing up to them – calling their bluff and raising its voice from the ruling BJP’s side – who now commands all the authority – power & constitutional rights – why ?

any fears – pressures or compulsions ? or plain incompetency – complacency & lack of understanding of the medium or is it that they don’t have it in them – do not have the guts – stomach & appetite to take on this dangerous tribe or have we been taken for a ride and they are not that different – strong or great which we were expecting them to be rather they are quite average minds – same old fools – sorry same old stooools working – crawling – whimpering & buying their time and we being the perennial hopefooools hoping against hope – banging our heads to the walls – screaming our heart out just to make them see the dark real life but as usual they don’t act – they don’t react – they don’t follow any facts – as we go along & find and they simply don’t know what to do – how to do or whether to do anything or not – against the beasts of news media seems to be their dilemma which is getting reflected at every point or have they become haughty and feeling superior – elated & satisfied by being ahead in the social media from the rest of the political parties and thereby making the absolute sin of dismissing the reach – impact & importance of mainstream electronic news media in their stride or is there some other force – rationale or hidden agenda behind it which is slipping away from our eyesight but is the main cause of all these news broker’s shouting – snivelling and hue & cry.

and that is there are some traitors – crooks & moles at a very senior – influential & decision making level in the supreme cabinet of Modi government who have nothing to do with the nation – have already been compromised – sold their loyalties to the ‘maalkin’ – and destroying the Modi led BJP from Inside – are they the ones who are not letting Modi work as per his style – keeping him down – have encircled him from all sides and allowing all the dirty abuses – false accusations & sham allegations against the incumbent govt. fly – and who have done business with the previous ‘devil’ regime – enjoys fruitful relations with them and have become their absolute servile – knows ins & outs of news media play – pattern & behaviour and have also lent a helping hand to many scoundrel owners – journalists & media celebrities in their difficult times – be it any financial irregularity – big time fraud or getting caught red handed in some crime – are they the ones who have blessed these dastards – pumped them up with aggression – have taken away all their worries – apprehensions & disquiet and have given the go-ahead signal to keep doing whatever they were doing earlier – ie. ‘Annihilate India’ without feeling the heat – any legal hammer or fear of reprisal from the Govt. side.

whatever is the reason but these are all matters of deep concern & pointing towards dangers signs – ie. – trouble ahead & that means it is not safe to move forward & drive until you make special arrangements to overcome all the barriers – obstructions  & stumbling blocks in your flight and if they do not take some remedial actions immediately & continue in this old fashion without deliberating on it wisely then sorry to say but it can actually cost them dearly and they run a dreadful risk of losing everything whatever they have gained this time and don’t get shocked if they happens to lose next time – all I mean to say is – do they realise the gravity of this or have they stopped thinking on these lines and are not bothered about this bomb ticking in front of their eyes – will anybody enlighten me in kind ? – because if these news media evils are not legally challenged – controlled & destroyed then there will be no rest – relief & respite and forget about having good times – we will be witnessing the worst of times and they would not be able to make any major changes – implement any tough decisions – bring forth any model of development and enforce the real rule of law against the fiends – anybody listening ? – taking note of all these things or it’s just waste of time ?

Mr. Modi Ji – do something urgently – leave ten other good things to get implemented for some other time but Initiate one major – critical & the most – most important thing – ‘Clean MSNM’ drive – right away right now and that too on a war-footing – come what may – whether you face brickbats – slander or gripe and that means – nationwide crackdown on supari killers of Indian news media – cancelling the licenses of traitorous – poisonous & hindu bashing channels and paving the way for the opening up of patriotic news channels who will be committed to the true ethics – standards & practices of journalism at all times – there is enough material against news media’s traitors to prosecute them – arrest them & severely punish them – ask RAW – IB & CBI – they have all the proof – information & documents – you just need to put it in public light and for God’s sake – please take this drive as seriously as an anti – terrorism drive which Indian Govt. undertakes against terrorists – killers & enemy soldiers during emergency – catastrophe or trying times – but do it fast – do it now – before it gets too late – too difficult & too complicated and our country is thrown into some dangerous socio – politico & economic strife – gets engulfed in serious turmoil & comes under some huge militarily threat from enemy sides and mind it – these are not figment of imagination but hard – cold – ugly facts – have trust in the vicious – brutish & bloodthirsty abilities of Congress & Its allies – which are ready to strike just waiting for right opportunity – right place  & right time – remember this time – it’s not only your hard earned reputation which is in line but our ‘Bharat Maa’ is bleeding – looking at us for help and calling us to get rid of all the parasites of our soil – don’t leave her alone – don’t keep her wounded and please don’t let her die.


the birth of devil & baby dracularism

hi all

this write up is a prequel to my post : ‘Devils & Dracularism both madly in love with each other’ :

well guys : what ? – what are you thinking ? what is going on in your mind – what is that which seems a bit disturbing – would you like to share with us anything – what did you say – nothing – nothing different in your mind only the usual stuff – nothing special at all and certainly nothing to be perturbed about for one thing or the other thing – simply nothing – well – then don’t read this post – leave it as it is – sit at home or be at your office and be at complete peace – with yourself – with your loved ones – with your near & dear ones & with all your colleagues and don’t waste your precious time on this – because if you are not thinking at this moment – then that means you haven’t read my above-mentioned post yet and that will mean – you will not understand the gravity of this latest ‘piece’ – you will not get the idea behind this effort and you will not feel the deep pain – profound hurt & extreme anger caused by the horror that was unleashed by the ‘beast’ on our country – our people – our freedom & our little Peace – because had you read the ‘post’ then you must have been thinking something at least  – you would have been filled with outrage – disgust & anguish – after knowing what have we been subjected to all these years – absolute trash – dirt & filth – so it wouldn’t be a bad thought – if you go through that dreadful reality mentioned in the previous ‘writing’ and then come back to have a look at this – or – you can ignore it and continue to read this – after all – it’s your life – it’s your choice – it’s your right – absolutely no issues from my side – just be at ease – and now let’s start with full speed :

but one small suggestion before we proceed – if you are an Indian – then  for the sake of  you – your family & your future generations – for once – don’t think – what profession you are into – what work you are into – what lifestyle you are into or whatever you are into and wherever you are stationed – employed or work-ing – be it in your own land or foreign country and irrespective of your status – position or education – you may be super rich – rich – middle class – poor – old – middle aged – young – teenager – a minister – diplomat – any govt. official – a ‘ceo’ of a company or a peon of a company – phd degree holder – simple graduate or just senior secondary – doesn’t matter – doesn’t make any difference to anybody – you are all required – you are all invited – nation building is a huge task – so everyone is needed – so all of you – take a pledge – right here right now – with your full conscience – that no matter what –  before you are deported to some other life form as per your ‘Karma’ or Deeds – you all will do something good for your country – for the common people – for the underprivileged ones without bothering about your time – your ideology and your life journey and do remember at all times – nation comes first then follows rest of the things – so if need be – then never be afraid to even die for your country – and now as we are done with the most important thing – then wait no more – get ready – be my guest and read this thing and meet the devils and its baby – then prodigy – then fast friend – then passionate lover – then obsession – then madness – then disease – then epidemic – then terror  – the natural progression of any poisonous weed – and that is – dracularism for you – let’s face it and expose it :-

where it all started : a brief description : when india got independence in 1947 – Britishers – ie. – the evils – the demons – the devils handed over the entire country to their child – Congress – who used to agitate against them – who used to shout against them – who used to argue against them and yet used to sit with them – used to ‘negotiate’ with them and even used to attend ‘get-togethers’ with them and after all of that – used to be at peace with them – so we should be absolutely clear – whom are we dealing here – Britisher’s child – Congress & this kid – like a good one – inherited all the sins – all the tricks – all the scheming from its evil supreme-being and hence – no surprises that this kid now a adult – is ruling the roost since then – as it learnt the first and the most basic rule to ‘rule’ in the womb and that was ‘Divide & Rule’ and then it liberally used this rule – it violently followed this ‘rule’ and no points for guessing – we are still being ruled by this ‘rule ’- we are being managed by this ‘rule’ and we are in fact – being destroyed by this very ‘rule’.

British & Congress along with Muslim league – in agreement – with each other divided india on religious lines and hence – by default – the religion became the most fundamental principle to define both the countries – india & pakistan then onwards – didn’t get it – well – simple – pakistan decided to go unashamedly as a religious country – a muslim country and india – as a counter to it – decided to go – as non-religious country – a secular country – just because pakistan adopted a religion – indian leaders in retaliation went for non-religion – I mean – no sense – no logic – no reason – just pure – plain & straight counter punch – and in the process – completely discarded the ‘hindu religion’ – at that time – the religion of almost 90% of the Indians and even the rest had previous hindu impressions – belongings & at some point of time had hindus as ancestors.

it means even after the independence and even after the break-up – sadly – the top congress leaders – the decision making congress leaders at that point of time like ‘nehru’ or ambedkar – the foreign lover – the foreign educated & foreign returned indians – who ultimately went on to become the heads of india – one as prime-minister of india and the other – the constitution expert – the so called God or Creator of Indian Constitution – right after independence were completely ignorant about ‘hinduism’ – infact – they & many other close to them – had a foreign vision regarding hindus & eternal-hindu religion and due to – some of their mentors – some of their half-baked understanding & some of the influences – they specially – chacha nehrujiiii – had an inclination towards ‘islam religion’ and had absolutely ‘nil’ know-how of ‘hindu-ism’ and hence – after independence – he & many other like him didn’t give a damn to hindus – hindus beliefs & hinduism – as they understood this – as some other religion – one more religion – and shockingly – even inferior to islam religion.

whereas the fact was & fact is that – unlike islam – which has a set of beliefs – set of instructions – set of orders – hinduism doesn’t have any one set of beliefs or any instructions or orders for anyone – rather it incorporates each & every human being on this earth of every faith – belief or religion be it hindu – muslim – sikh or christian and with no boundations – it exposes you to the absolute knowledge – the absolute truth & the absolute freedom – yes – ‘Nirvana’ – the complete mukti even from the complete bliss and also enlightens you to different – different paths – ways & directions to reach your ‘goal’ – reach your ‘destination’ or that ‘Truth’ and then leave absolutely onto you to follow any of those methods to attain your aim – your desires & your purpose.

for your information : hinduism or shall we say – in purity – ‘sanatan dharma’ is not any religion – any scripture or any literature – rather – it’s a complete science – complete knowledge  – complete darshan of this Srishti – this BrahmAn – this Universe and it is not meant for any one individual or a group of individuals but it was for each & everyone – all the living being – including plants – animals – birds & insects and even-non-living being – yes – you read it right – even non living being of this planet – of this galaxy – of this universe and in context of our country india – it is meant equally for hindus – for muslims – for sikhs & for christians & for everybody & everyone living in this part of the world and so discarding ‘hinduism’ was like turning a blind eye to the ‘truth’ of this entire universe -ie.- oceans & oceans of true knowledge – complete disregard to vibrant life of india and absolute indifference to the ‘DNA’ – the ‘Soul’ – the ‘Dharma’ of us – all of us – all the Indians.

and thereby – unfortunately – they reduced the ‘hinduism’ to just ‘religion of some’ and understood as – some matter of faith – matter of strictures – matter of rituals & matter of superstitions rather than ‘sampoorn – gyaan’ for all the indians and rejection of  this ‘gyaan’ was nothing but endorsing ‘complete agyaan’ -ie.- ‘ignorance’ and adoption of this ‘ignorance’  needed some cover and hence they devised – a new term – get ready, everybody – here, we go – ‘secularism’ and it was the birth of ‘baby dracularism’ and it literally meant – equal treatment to all religions – but in actual practice – it was the strategy – a tool  – very much part of all invincible – all divisive & all destructive – ‘Divide & Rule’ – to separate one from the another – to sow the seeds of enmity for each other and to drive a wedge between people of this nation –  and weren’t they found successful in this – well – they were proved out simply brilliant in all of this – i mean – unbelievable –isn’t it ? – does ‘Sun’ tell anybody that it gives light – energy & life and equally to each & everyone – similarly – does india – ie. – Hinduism – ie – knowledge needs to say this to anyone that it is for everyone & in equal measure – i mean – for God’s sake – it’s what they are – it’s what they are made up of – it’s in-built in them – so – had indian govt. embraced hinduism at that time – then they wouldn’t have had to speak of – ‘equal treatment’ but as they dubbed it as any other religion so they had to speak in this ridiculous fashion – I mean – where on earth – hinduism or even the reduced hindu religion had any conflict with any of the prevalent religions – be it islam – christianity – judaism – zoroastrianism – sikhism or budhism – rather – it embraced each & everyone – it was at complete peace with all these religions – living happily with all these religions & even encouraged them to grow – prosper & flourish with each other.

however, it was just the muslim religion who was at war – at conflict – at dispute with hindu religion & with all these religions – infact – muslim religion was created against all of these religions and it eventually decided to go violently against hinduism and went for a separate country – pakistan and islam as their one & only religion and now – be ready to get the ‘jolt’ of your life – though we stated earlier that pakistan went for religion & indian govt. in counter of it – went for non-religion but the bitter – dirty & shocking truth is that as pakistan rejected hinduism – even our founding fathers – our great leaders – our beloved Congress also rejected Hinduism – but – very cunningly – very dishonestly & very deceitfully – under the mask of ‘secularism’ – and all of this ‘fraud’ to ‘please’ their parents – Britishers – in ‘adherence’ to their foreign education of communism & under the deep influence of islam religion and dumping hinduism meant conceding to muslims and bow down to the sword of muslim religion and – no surprises afterwards – the meaning of ‘secularism’ became ‘islamism’ & india became ‘pro-Islamic’ country and hence all the muslims – supporters of muslims – all the religions who were ‘working-friends’ with muslims like christian religion – hindus but communists – hindus subservient to muslims – they all were declared ‘secular’ – ie. – ’good ones’ – those who go by the law – who go by the constitution & who go by the society’s morals & and the other than ‘all of those good-ones’ – ie. – the hindus were declared ‘communals’ – ie. – ‘bad-ones’ – who do not follow any law – any constitution & any society morals and as they were ‘bad-ones’ – so – they were subjected to ridicule – insult & humiliation from the state – ruling dispensation & intelligentsia forever & ever.

and – as expected – straightaway, the cruel – horrible & violent good ol’ rule of ‘divide & rule’ came into action and consequently – as hindus being in majority – so – suppression of hindus – hindu beliefs – customs & culture – creating fissures among hindus on the basis of different caste – sub-caste & sections and conversion of hindus started in a big manner – in a massive manner and conversely – as muslims & christians being in minority – so – appeasement of them – special treatment – favours & freebies to them – special legal rules for them – and all of this too in a big – big manner and subsequently all this criminality resulted in – as it was perceived – hundreds & thousands of hindu – muslim riots all across the nation – bloodshed – killings – massacres of lacs & lacs of innocent Indians – destruction of millions & billions of dollars worth of wealth – property & infrastructure and huge mistrust – fear & hatred among religions – among crores & crores of Indians for each other – in short – it can be safely said that we were slaves of Britishers before independence and we became slaves of Britisher’s Congress after independence and this devil’s rule & ‘Rule’ continued uninterrupted – unrepentantly & shamelessly and continued…………………………

till brilliant strategy – excellent planning – precise execution & sheer hard work of one man – one super human – one extraordinary human being – ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ changed everything – turned the whole world upside down and neutralized – defeated & decimated this devil on May 16th, 2014 and paved the way for a new beginning – ‘Modi Government’ at the centre – can you believe it – well – you will have to – this is seriously ‘real’ stuff but the war with the devil is not yet over – it continues as ever – as the devil’s poison has gone down deep among all sections – the virus – disease & malignancy of secularism has spread far & wide among many societies – communities & regions and has damaged the complete psyche of each & everyone – the evil tentacles has not spared anyone & caused massive destruction all over the nation – and now it will take some exceptional thinking – massive efforts & tons of hard work to change all of this – reverse this deterioration and correct what all has gone wrong with our great nation – so an uphill task from now onwards :-

but before this very recent break – this triumph over evil – the Modi phenomenon and hopefully – a permanent one for the welfare of our people – our country & our battered –  poisoned & destroyed Hinduism – what all had happened & still going on without any speed-breaker – read this with clear vision : as the entire government had been of Congress – entire administration had been of Congress and the entire system had been of Congress for more than 60 years out of 67 years since independence – so – very maliciously – crookedly & roguishly – it had been made an unwritten rule that if you are ‘Congress’ – or – happens to be associated with Congress – or – created by Congress – or – supported by Congress – or – liked by Congress – or – you support Congress – or – have some understanding with congress – or – never-ever go against Congress – or – remain silent against Congress – or – fights with Congress but have a secret pact with Congress – or – criticise everyone including ‘little-bit’ of Congress – well – if you happens to be any one of these – then you will be called ‘Seculars’ – ie. – the good-ones – the noble people – the true Indians and will be considered part of their ever expanding ‘secular’ family – who can be controlled at all times & who are manageable – or else – if you belong to those few-ones – who criticise everyone – everyone including Congress with equal force – passion & aggression – In that case – be very clear – either you will not be heard at all – means – whether you exist or not – will not be known by anybody – will not be mentioned by anybody – will not make any difference to anybody and if your presence becomes unbearable for them then you may get eliminated as well as per the instructions.

or – if you are being heard even then – you are being facilitated hugely even then & you are being talked about everywhere even then – in the electronic media – in the print media & during different – different sponsored literary fests – seminars & discussions all across the nation – then it would mean – you are an extension of congress – you are on payrolls of congress & you are in extremely good books of Congress – what ? – did you sniff something – well – you have become very smart & are bang on – yes – the new entrant – traitor – naxalite & communist AK-49 & Its entire pack of wolves – ie. – ‘AAP’ and it also proves quite brutally – that all that agitation – criticism & shouting against congress was done – is being done & will be done as part of some strategy – some planning & in a deliberate manner – due to some unfavourable conditions – unfriendly atmosphere or simply bad times – but will come out in support – will come out in favour – will come out in defence & will join hands with them quite smartly – cunningly & deceitfully – at the slightest opportunity – or – bit better conditions – or – as per the orders – then – my dear all – then as well – you are labelled as ‘Seculars’ – the Instruments of change – the new beginners – who will take the baton of dracularism forward with full duplicity – depravity & shamelessness in all weathers.

or – or – or if you are against Congress – genuinely against Congress & wants to expose Congress and that would mean you are against corruption – against criminals & against this fraud of secularism vs communalism – then – you are in trouble – you are in big trouble – the entire Congress – the entire establishment – the entire congress paid – slave & criminal print & electronic media and the entire gang of journalists – news anchors – great thinkers – writers – historians – academicians – economists – intellectuals – world media – world leaders – everybody – yes – everybody will work overtime – will work day & night – will work all the time to go after you – to harass you – to humiliate you – to crush you forever and if nothing is gained – nothing is achieved or they remain completely unsuccessful then as a last – ditch effort – you will be straightaway jacketed as ‘Communal’ be it a party or the person – and then – well – the moment it is said – you are gone – you are absolutely gone because then you will be thrown out of the mix – out of the lot – out of the crowd and you will be boycotted and you will be ostracized for years – all your life & even beyond life period.

simple – the biggest minority – all the muslims – now almost 25% – will hate you and the biggest majority – the hindus – being completely divided on the lines of different castes – sub-caste & sections will not relate with you – will not care for you – will not even think about you – and that means – a cursed life – a hateful life – a wretched life and mind you – if ordered – then it becomes that much easier to even ‘kill’ that life – in nutshell – it pays to be with the Congress – or – or – sooner or later – be ready to die – after all – devil never leaves you – devil never abandons you – devil never pardons you – rather – it chases you – it hunts you & at its right time & place – simply kills you – so – that’s the end of this story – that’s the end of this dreadful life and that’s also the end of our time – isn’t it – so let’s go back to work – let’s go back to our same mundane life & let’s take all this terror in our stride and do nothing about it at any point of time.

what say ? alright ? happy to remain slaves forever – is this running in your mind ? – Or – Or – a slight shift from this horrifying narrative – a simple change – a simple break – a simple surprise ! – and that is – read very-very carefully – and that is – enough of all this pain – enough of all this fear & enough of being terrorized all the time and now – it’s time – to unleash all your wisdom – all your courage & all your power and unmask – lay bare & expose – this devil and its secularism sorry baby dracularism sorry full blown adult dracularism and hit back – hit hard & completely destroy – this satan & its satanic tools – beliefs & stratagems from this country – from this world – for rest of the life – for coming thousands & thousands of years and then & only then – we will have life – we will have peace & we will have real freedom – so guys – stand-up – stand tall & rise – riSE & RISE above all – after all – it’s your country – it’s your motherland – it’s your ‘Maa-Bharat’ – do everything for your nation.

lots & lots of regards – respects and grand salute to all those civilians – soldiers & patriots – who worked – fought & sacrificed their life – for us – for our soil – for our great nation.


devil & dracularism – both madly in love with each other

hi all

have you ever wondered what is this – secularism – secularism – secularism – that you keep hearing in – day in day out – day after day – night after night – every day every night – 24×7 – non stop – I mean – you start your day in the morning going through the pages of newspaper and the most prominent headline you will notice is – secularism is in danger – you switch on the news channels of your beloved Television and you will hear every news anchor of all the news networks be it english – hindi or regional at any time of the day – at every time of the day – morning – afternoon – evening or even late at night and everyday of the year – screaming their heart out – jumping up & down on their chair – ferociously moving their body from one direction to another direction – with one topic – one matter and only one problem and that is – there is some serious threat to secularism – you attend any seminar – book launch or literary festival anywhere in the nation and the agenda – debate & discussion everywhere would be and with full seriousness : how to save secularism – now as we have warmed up enough – done the needful – so let’s get on with our rigorous workout – squats  – deadlifts & bench press.

here we go :  you talk about prices of pulses – vegetables or items of daily needs going completely out of range – out of control – out of hand of the common people – daily labourers & slum dwellers – you will be told – it’s alright – let’s talk about secularism – you agitate against the monstrous lootmaar of our wealth – unprecedented theft of resources – complete destruction of commerce – industries & economy – sinking value of our rupee against pound – dollars – euro & even ruble – you will be informed – these are normal things – we will talk about them some other day – let’s first resolve this issue of secularism – you bring into light the closing down of thousands & lacs of factories – small scale units – small time businesses because of falling domestic comsumption – nil exports initiatives – wrong policies – tedious – complicated & gruelling clearance processes and no new innovations on the technological front – you will be reprimanded – it’s all crap – let’s not waste our time – discuss the more important thing – the secularism – you present the plight – pain & suffering of lacs  & crores of educated – semi educated and uneducated youths sitting at home – doing nothing because of – non-employment – nil-opportunities & no-work – you will be ridiculed – shamed & scoffed at and will be harshly asked – have you forgotten about secularism.

you remind about lacs & crores of people dying from diseases – wrong diagnosis – due to the usage of adulterated – expired  & counterfeit medicines and no proper care – you will be bad-mouthed for long & will be told – to hell with that – where is our secularism – lacs & lacs of newly born babies – kids – children dying due to infection – shabby treatment – wrong medication & unhygienic conditions they are subjected to – at all government hospitals – clinics & dispensaries across the nation and other than this – kids – children – adults – aged – old  dying from hunger – from malnutrition – from water-borne diseases in cold blood – because of no food – toxic fungi infested food or contaminated drinking water – you will be educated – these are routine things – let’s not get too much involved into it – and why are you not concentrating on secularism – you bring to the fore the destruction of crops – paddy fields – agricultural lands – houses – business places & public infrastructure – hundreds & thousands of deaths – displacements & separations of old – young men – women & children – during floods – cyclones & other natural disasters and then govt. organised poor disaster management – delayed rescue operations & no proper relief – safety & rehabilitation arrangements for the hapless victims – you will be mocked – derided & made fun of and will be firmly told not to look here – there or anywhere for excuses – trivial issues & diversions – and keep the focus only & only on secularism.

you alert – apprise  & discuss about massive infiltration of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in our country – horrendous attacks – bomb blasts & terrorism being perpetrated by pakistan on our soil and regular cease-fire violations – killings & beheadings of our soldiers at our borders – at difficult mountainous terrains & in dense jungles – by terrorists – naxalites & foreign funded killers – you will be given a tongue-lashing – you will be questioned about your intentions – you will be lampooned for spoiling the friendly relations with our neighbouring nations – and will be warned strictly to talk only about secularism – you mention about hundreds & thousands of violent attacks – brutal murders – massive riots resulting in bloodshed – massacres and killings of thousands & lacs of innocent people all across the nation and yet no punitive actions against real culprits – masterminds & chief conspirators – you won’t believe it – you will be castigated – insulted & humiliated and will be told to refresh memory and raise questions only related to secularism.

every tom – dick & harry neighbouring country staring you – daring you – threatening you & even voting against you on bilateral issues – on environment issues – on matters pertaining to international crisis and on each & every issue under the sun – on domestic & international platforms – on world forums & in United Nations – now you won’t be spared at all & will be threatened not to meddle in international affairs and keep yourself involved with the most important – pertinent & burning subject – the history – present & future of secularism – you talk about large scale mass religious conversions being carried out by christian fathers – ngo’s and missionaries at many places & in every state of our country – which has become a matter of huge concern for indian society – for our great – amazing & scientific culture and for national security reasons – for your kind information – almost all the naxalites – maoists & communists have either converted to christianity or atheism with ulterior intentions – then you will be told – no you will never be told because this is never discussed – this is never talked about – this is not even mentioned and whosoever try to raise even a meek voice against it – then that person is banned – shunned & banished from the public – socity & media forever – and that’s the price you pay for deviating from the deliberations on our sacred secularism.

oh God ! this is going nowhere – this is sheer madness –  I’m getting breathless – and I’m about to fall unconscious and now before i go into deep coma because of this continuous – countless & endless talk of secularism – secularism & only secularism – now let’s try to find out who was behind this acute trauma – unbearable pain &  extreme terror – yes – the terror of secularism – and that is if you are called secular or if you have been declared secular or if you plan to be secular – then nothing else matters – nothing is required & nothing is remembered – you can be a terrorist – anti national – dacoit – killer – fraudster – criminal – you will be compensated adequately – rehabilitated well and will be allowed to have a great life in this world and will be allowed to do anything & everything  on this planet earth – good – bad – worse – just doesn’t matter to anybody – to anyone & to no-one but if you haven’t earned – bought or applied for secularism and you are not called a secular and you don’t even plan to be a secular then get ready to face the chin music – get ready for the controversy – doubts & assaults on your identity – character & education – get ready to face the worst of slander – ignominy & contempt – you will be slammed – thrashed & trashed left – right & centre and – you will be defamed – mortified & tortured for your entire life – you will simply have no place in this world and you will be literally cursed – doomed & destroyed forever.

because this is not secularism – this is secularism X secularism X secularism X …………………………………………………………………….. X ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… X infinity and that means = ‘Dracularism’ and we are under the spell of ‘Dracularism’ and the entire country has been deceived – trapped & imprisoned into this ‘Dracularism’ and who is that ? who carried out this bloodbath ? who unleashed this reign of horror and who dared to cast this hoodoo – necromancy & witchcraft  – who else then the demons – satans & devils of our nation – so Devils created this Dracularism – Devils first flirted – played & enjoyed with secularism and to their surprise – as per their trickery – duplicity & skulduggery – reaped huge dividends – precious rewards & enormous benefits from this secularism and then nurtured – fed & pursued this secularism very aggressively – treacherously & violently to reach every nook & corner of this nation & did everything – created confusion – suspicion – deception and applied all illegal means to force this on each & every individual of this nation and then got obsessed with this secularism and fell in love with this secularism and ultimately converted it into ‘Dracularism’.

and then Devils proliferated this ‘Dracularism’ – compelled everybody to embrace this ‘Dracularism’ & made it constitutionally mandatory for only ‘Dracularism’ to rule this nation – but why ? why this havoc ? why this disorder – chaos & disruption ? why let loose this dangerous weapon of mass destruction on your own people ? do you still need an answer – are you still looking for some clarification – isn’t it amply clear to all of us – it was all done – to subjugate our nation – to keep us slaves – to become masters of our life – messiah of our destiny & Gods of our future – now Devils & ‘Dracularism’ both are madly in love with each other – they live – eat – sleep & dream together – they are inseparable and they can’t do without one another and that’s precisely – why our country is in great danger – there is serious threat to the unity of our nation – the dreadful fear of complete destruction looming large on our nation and to save our motherland from these devils & its partner in crime – its love – infact its soul – ‘Dracularism’ – we will have to be extremely alert & active – very vigilant & totally ruthless with every wrongdoing which takes place in the guise of this ‘Dracularism’.

so from now onwards – wherever & whenever – whosoever is seen talking about secularism – get alerted right away – attune your mental antenna to receive these strong signals and be absolutely clear on this front that it’s Devil which is there along with its Dear Dracularism planning to destroy our country – dividing the people on the lines of religion – injecting poison – hatred & anger into the impressionable minds of common people – and which needs to be challenged – fought – defeated & completely finished from our nation –  well guys – did you see – how Devil & Dracularism repeats itself – so you too have to keep fighting it out with them continuously till they are completely uprooted from our nation.

P.S : hey guys – food for thought :

1). there are power cuts of 6 to 8 hours daily for the past 10 years  in the Residential Apartments located in the middle of a Urban City Complex and we are not even mentioning about hundreds & thousands of Villages of our Country – which still have ‘Nil’ electricity for ‘Zero’ second since the Independence of our Nation – I just wanted to know – is it because of some Danger to our Secularism.    2). there is a water supply only for 2 hours daily – 1 hour early morning and 1 hour in the evening in most of the households for the past 20 years and we don’t want to talk about those thousands of our Villages – where we doesn’t have Any Drinking Water Available since Year 1947 and women of these places are still forced to walk many kilometres barefoot to bring Unsafe Drinking Water from Wells – Ponds or Rivers for their daily chores – for cooking food and for their children – is it also happening because there is a Threat to Secularism.

3). house tax – sales tax – service tax – income tax – road tax – toll tax – commercial tax – all taxes have gone up drastically – and not enough Income to pay those taxes – Hey ! Cheers Everybody – Secularism is here.    4). just completed Phd – is there any higher degree than that – yet – no Govt. Jobs are forthcoming and as per private companies – it is not market oriented – industry driven & simply not good enough for recruitment – what do we do – whom to blame ? – forget everything – just get enrolled in the Govt. Funded University of Secularism ? – anyone ?     5). lacs & lacs of people getting killed on road while travelling by Trains – by Buses – by their own Cars – Bikes & Scooters and on foot ever Year – Year after Year and for Years – Don’t look here & there – we have to save Secularism – Right Everyone ?

6). lacs & lacs of Pregnant Mother & their yet to be born Babies dies at the time of delivery at the operation table – due to sheer Negligence – no Proper Care – Wrong Treatment – Counterfeit Medicines & Unhygienic Conditions Inside the Govt. Run Hospitals every Year – Well Guys – Don’t Ask – Our Secularism at Work.    7). lacs & lacs of Grain producing Farmers committing Suicides because of ever mounting Debt – not enough money to purchase new Seeds and due to Hunger – Nothing to Eat for their Parents – Wives and for their little Children – Do you know why – Hey – Secularism – Remember ?

8). anyway – enough for the day – let’s go back to our sweet little home – hey what’s there – Oh Vegetables ! – Chalo – let’s buy some – Bhaiyaa – Give us one kg. of Tomato – 2 kg. of Potato and one kg of Onion – What ? – abe pagal ho gaya hai kya ? – have you gone mad ? – Tomato – Rs.100/- per kg. – Potato – Rs. 90/- per kg. & Onion – Rs. 120 per kg. – My God ! have I come to purchase my basic Food or some Gold – Silver or Pearls and to remind you all one more thing – I have yet to visit the Grocery Store for Rice – Pulses & Cereals and – just wait a minute – look at there – there is this middle aged guy in his late 40’s standing nearby probably along with his family – his ‘burqa’ clad wife and his three children – staring at those vegetables – hesitating to ask the price of them from that Vegetable-Seller – he looks like one of those lacs of guys – who serves in the lower ranks of private organisations and earns anywhere between Rs. 5000/- to 8000/- every month – and – we will not talk about the crores and crores of contract workers – daily wage labourers & unemployed Indians of all religions – all regions and all caste – creed & colour – and yet – party everybody – even after all of this distress – deprivation & impoverishment – you all will be glad to know – one thing is growing – growing & growing on exponential basis in our great nation – guesses anybody ? – well – no need – everyone is well aware – our one & only – Dear  & Deadly Secularism – sorry – Dracularism.



a tale of three ladies

hi all

a tale of three ladies :

one lost it – yet got everything – got the stars – on cloud nine – now celebrating – it’s a big-big moment for her – coming of age of her – a huge accomplishment – a great personal feat – so let’s congratulate her & do not dare to underestimate her by any means.

another got victory – waited for her turn – nothing happened – now silent – hiding all her emotions – probably feeling disappointed – i hope the last part proves unfounded – after all – she is too good to get depressed – suppressed & repressed and will eventually get what she truly deserves in the end – and then surely – she will sparkle again like a bright diamond and will be seen all over the place fire-fighting – all guns blazing & counter-attacking all the adversaries of our country.

third one – the most interesting one – started with all the facts – figures & details – worked very hard for it – faught her way to get it – did remarkably well all along – defended someone who was being castigated by every tom – dick & harry – every goon – dalaal & criminal of Indian News Media daily – caught the eye of the nation – but one fine day got confused – desperate or deliberate &  tried to reveal the real face of someone – but surprisingly – she simply got shunned by everyone – and suddenly lost her course just before the final run – now don’t know where to go from it – she continued with her original work – and at last when victory was achieved what she set out for – the mission was completed and the country was in jubilation – she attacked that very person & his choice whom she faught for-all this while – that too when the entire nation was in awe of him & her selection – and now she is at crossroads – being criticised by one & all and cold shouldered by everybody –  in short – did everything what all she could have said – done & thought of  – and now forget about winning or losing – not even being acknowledged for her contribution by anybody – and nobody seems to be bothered about her anymore after the present little storm in the teacup of someone’s qualification – what she objected to so vociferously.

do you know – whom am i talking about – all of you seems to have got quite intelligent – keen observant & politically savvy and guessed it correctly – yes – it’s Smriti – Meenakshi & Madhu – the three most scintillating – aggressive & articulate ladies who played pivotal role in Mr. Narendra Modi’s relentless pursuit of Self-Respect – Truth & Justice – they joined hands together – faught together and defeated all their opponents together – as brilliant spokespersons – for him all through – when everybody was attacking – denigrating & defaming him so abusively and now when everything has been done – success has been achieved and fruits are there for everybody to see – they seems to have got separated from one another in terms of their current elevation – post & position – due to different rewards – patronage & treatment meted out to them probably unintentionally.

thunderous applause for Ms. Smriti Irani :

Date : 26th of May, 2014 – Ms. Smriti Irani being called on the stage in front of thousands of politicians – guests & celebrities taking a solemn oath of office & secrecy under the supervision of the President of India – to remain loyal to the constitution & country – as India’s New ‘Minister of HRD’ – simply surreal – breathtaking & extraordinary.

a word for our Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi

Meenakshi Lekhi – current status : absent from the TV-News Studios – debates & discussions for the past two weeks or so – haven’t made any statement since then & haven’t come out in defence of her party or her prime minister from perennial enemies – I don’t know – how many are aware of this fact that both Ms. Lekhi and Ms. Smriti irani knows each other for quite long even before joining BJP – both share a good rapport with each other & Surprise ! – Surprise ! – both of them have worked together in a Talk Show on TV – Yes – Ms. Lekhi too have done some ‘Television’ and that too along with Ms. Smriti 10 years back – they both featured in a TV – Show – ‘Kuch Dil Se’ which was based on social issues and used to be broadcasted on ‘SAB TV’ where Ms. Irani was the ‘anchor’ of that programme and Ms. Lekhi used to be the main legal expert in this – and they both used to ‘take on’ the other guests – panellists & audiences on matters pertaining to social problems/issues quite effectively and though Ms. Smriti was already a big name at that point of time due to her very successful stint in another TV – Serial – Ms. Lekhi too – in legal circles – during those years – was a name to reckon with.

and after joining BJP – both have done commendable work throughout – both have served the ‘BJP’ admirably – both have defended Modi – BJP & Hindus during numerous interviews – debates & discussions on various news channels very aggressively and have fought tooth & nail with all the goons – dalaals & criminals of these news media – and that means – all the news anchors – journalists – intellectuals – media analysts & historians splendidly and now – Cut to 26th of May, 2014 – Ms. smriti taking a solemn – oath of loyalty to india’s constitution as our new ‘Minister of HRD’ & Ms. Lekhi – the most fierce spokesperson of BJP – infact – a notch above Ms. Smriti because of her vast legal – technical & working experience to deal with different types of people from every walk of life involved in all sorts of activities be it lawful or unlawful – due to her enormous active work in legal fields for many-many years – is not on the dais – nowhere to be seen – probably among many politicians – invitees & celebrities.

now if Mr. Modi has any plans for Ms. Lekhi with respect to delhi – as Mr. Harsh Vardhan – Delhi Chief Minister Designate has gone to Centre as a ‘Health Minister’ – then it will be good for Delhi as well as for Ms. Lekhi – but even that doesn’t seem happening – with all that talk of Ms. Kiran bedi for Chief-Ministership directly – or – if he has some other plan to induct her in the cabinet later on during another round of expansion and use her skills – knowledge & abilities extensively – otherwise – psychologically very difficult time for her – and I sincerely hope – she doesn’t lose focus – she doesn’t feel ignored – she doesn’t feel disenchanted – and take this thing in her stride as a part & parcel of life and get on with her job – whatever she is into or whatever is assigned to her with same zeal – passion & vigour – which has always been a hallmark of Ms. Lekhi.

and I would also expect Mr. Modi to invite her personally and have a heart to heart talk with her – confide in her – make her understand all the realities and clear all her doubts – disillusionment & discontentment – if any – or else – we may lose a gem – who may go astray or get disheartened – which won’t be good for our country – after all – haven’t we seen many bright people – careers & futures getting destroyed because they took someone else’s progress – elevation & success personally and nobody wise enough was there to guide them – enlighten them & get them out from those difficulties and bring some sanity.

the curious case of Ms. Madhu Kishwar

Madhu kishwar – right now out of favour – out of flavour – out of any sympathy – almost like a sore eye – a centre of distraction – a target of nation’s fury – but wait – take a breath – get relaxed and now go back in time – search something – listen this thing – take one – rolling camera & action – a lady taking on everybody all alone – a biased anchor – two dalaal independent political analysts – one in house-paid journalist – along with corrupt ruling party’s representative – and one congress party’s hidden ally -ie.- JDU – Mr. Modi’s fiercest critic –  all crying hoarse – shouting from the rooftops – throwing choicest abuses against Mr. Modi & calling him – a danger to democracy – the nemesis of entire nation – the nightmare of muslims – and that too repeatedly and so it was one Vs all and in that one sided scenario – that lady like a true fighter  – matching noise with more noise – rhetoric with better logic & mud-slinging with fierce aggression – destroying everybody and in the end coming out with flying colours – and then doing this many – many times on various news channels quite bravely – effectively & regularly – as & when she got the opportunity till the very end – till India achieved victory – which was very much needed – who was that lady – that solid supporter – a fan of Mr. Modi – that lady was Ms. Madhu Kishwar – a bad-mouthed person – a staunch critic and inventor of scandalous allegations against Mr. Modi till a year back with no real content or substance and due to some ulterior motives – but now a complete opposite of it – ‘In Protection of Mr. Modi’ – Defending Mr. Modi – Supporting Mr. Modi – ferociously – No – This is not any Filmi Story but a Damn Real thing.

almost a year back – when even the hardcore proponents of Modi in the BJP were not supporting Modi internally – forget about getting any support externally – then she came out of nowhere – like a revelation – like a rain-water in a desert – as an unbelievably strong modi backer – pardon me to say this – but she stood right on top in terms of making loud sounds – putting persuasive arguments & showing belligerence in shielding Modi – even when the entire media – all her peer social activists – NGO sponsors – journalists – media bigwigs – one & all condemned her – insulted her – humiliated her publically – but – she didn’t budge – she didn’t relent – she didn’t give in – and many will be surprised to know that after Mr. Subramanian Swamy – if there is anyone who has spoken anything against our Chinese Gandhis without bothering about the consequences– then it’s this lady – but like a good old Masala Movie – this Tale too deserved some twists & turns – so – suddenly something happened – which stunned everybody – she either in a great haste or going solely by her heart or quite deliberately – during the heated election campaign dared to name Mr. Jaitley – one of the senior most person – decision maker & very important part of Modi’s Inner Ring – as one of the chief architect of ‘Club 160’- so she attacked one of the closest aide of Mr. Modi – indicated huge rift in the party and demonstrated sabotage of ‘Mission 272+’ from within the BJP.

but – quite strangely – rather becoming the ‘talk of the town’ – as she being someone  – who was fuelling speculations against BJP – talking about in-fighting within BJP – embarrassing the top hierarchy of BJP that too during the peak of election campaigning – so – would have been good for the News Media – very good for the Congress & very bad for the BJP and she should have been highlighted all across the news channels by all the enemies of Mr. Modi quite extensively – she became pariah – declared untouchable & got isolated – with the exception of one or two appearances here & there – since then – she got disappeared from the media coverage completely – and then suddenly – out of the blue – from the wilderness – surfaced all across the news channels – a couple of days after the swearing-in ceremony of Mr.  Modi & his cabinet colleagues – and that too with very unfortunate – avoidable & blunt attack on Ms. Smriti and included Mr. Modi also in it – as she questioned the very intelligence of him for picking Ms. Smriti – that too when she knows that it’s not such a big issue that should be spoken about so forcefully and it will only vitiate the atmosphere which has become in favour of Mr. Modi & he is going to be here for the next 5 years constitutionally – so why attack modi – just after a day of his swearing-in ceremony – when the entire Nation is engulfed in Modi’s stupendous victory – showering praises and offering blessings to him and icing on the cake – the amazing presence of all ‘SARC’ Nation Heads Including Arch-Rival Pakistan’s PM – Nawaz Sharif on India’s Territory for that ceremony & congratulating Modi – then why such a stupidity from that lady – a complete role reversal from ‘Yes’ Mr. Modi to ‘No’ Mr. Modi and that too when Modi is in complete charge – what she set out for – a year back – leaving behind all her previous powerful – influential & rewarding contacts – equations & chemistry.

then what caused madhu’s sudden anger – outburst & screaming – that she didn’t weigh her options – didn’t think twice – sacrificed all that she achieved during this time – the goodwill – the faith – the love of Indian Masses all across the country – the only answer could be – she is feeling let down – probably feeling lost out on some opportunity– and now hugely disappointed – not getting any answers from anywhere – as if left in the lurch – so couldn’t take it kindly – went awry – and fell out with Mr. Modi.

we all know that Mr. Modi is very good in man-management – very good in making friends – and top of it all – getting the best out of anybody – but he has one more unique ability which differentiates him from everybody and that is that he can turn even his strongest critics – foes & enemies into his fan – supporter & close-aide – Sample this : Mr. Zafar Sareshwala – once a strong critic of Mr. Modi – who actually led an international campaign against Mr. Modi after the gujrat riots 2002 – but now seen everywhere with Modi or without Modi but supporting only & only Modi – breaking Modi’s wrong – distorted & hateful image being made by anti-nationals – criminal Congress & corrupt media among all Muslims of the country – bringing few prominent Muslims in tacit – support of Mr. Modi  and  trying to make Muslims understand Mr. Modi’s side of the story – as & when getting the chance to express his views – opinions & arguments on various news channels all across the country.

Mr. Yatin Oza :  abused Mr. Modi – said all sorts of things to Modi – infact faught against Modi electorally from maninagar  constituency during Gujrat Assembly Elections 2002 after Gujrat riots-2002 – though lost it and now he has become staunch supporter of Modi – became an important part of Modi and now is a legal advisor of Mr Modi.

and the most glaring – publicised and stunning example of this is ‘Ms. Smriti Irani’ – what she did – nobody could dare to do it – she not only accused Modi of being complicit in gujrat 2002 riots – she held him responsible for it – accountable for it and even threatened to sit on fast – unto death till Modi accepts responsibility and resigns from all his duties and all of this when she was very much part of BJP so she tried to destroy his reputation massively that too when during those times every opponent of Modi was already pouncing upon him – maligning him and demolishing his image – stature & standing immensely and look at now – if there is any one who can be called  the most vocal – logical & hardcore supporter of Mr. Modi then do I need to say this – who is that – it is Ms. Smriti Irani – and is it a co-incidence that she has been doing this now for many – many years quite competently and she is seen on all the  news channel’s debates quite regularly defending Modi remarkably   and now – look at her meteoric – phenomenal and unbelievable rise that culminated in her being sworn-in along with Mr. Modi as a trusted companion of Mr. Modi as our new Minister of HRD.

and how about bulldozing his way so astutely – side lining all his senior competitors not one two but many who had an iron grip on the party – decimating all the opposing – highly critical & negative voices in the party and bringing in – the thrown out – discarded and neglected many strong – dedicated & hard working BJP regional players like inducting B.S. Yeddyurappa in the party again in Karnataka – appointing Vasundhara Raje back as president of BJP Unit in Rajasthan – nominating Dr. Harsh Vardhan as Chief-Minister Designate in Delhi replacing Mr. Vijay Goel – and even forging alliances with many critical regional parties who had withered away from BJP with no intention of coming back again like LJP of Mr. Ramvilas Paswan & TDP of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu and then inclusion of all time Hindus – BJP & Modi Hater – Dalit leader Udit Raj in the party and aligning with another prominent Dalit Personality – Ramdas Athawale of RPI – showcasing BJP’s strong commitment towards Dalits & their difficulties – in short – he kept adding friend – friends & friends in his kitty leaving no room for enemy.

with all these stunning – exceptional & exhilarating stories – the incident of Ms. Madhu Kishwar comes as a huge shock – setback & surprise because it doesn’t gel with any of its qualities – Mr. Subramanian Swamy is another sad chapter in it – though fortunately – he hasn’t said anything and shown remarkable restrain – grace & control up till now but for how long –  after all – everybody has his/her limits – but – why for the first time – extremely sorry to say – a feeling is emanating – with heavy heart – and i sincerely hope it comes out untrue – that many staunch Modi supporters are being sidelined – ignored & alienated and the reason of this anxiety is because answers are not forthcoming.

Though Mr. Modi is an Extraordinary person – Miracle Man – A Super Human of our Country but at the end of the day – he too is a person – a man – a human – so – can he too make mistakes inadvertently ?– can he too be influenced by some humans who pretend to be his allies or close –aides ? and can he not pacify at least those of his supporters who are feeling disturbed – frustrated and neglected…………………..? – Or – Mr. Modi is waiting for correct timings –  perhaps he is too busy – not getting enough breathing space – being involved with everything – handling some of the most dubious – imposters & double dealer characters of politics after all – it is easy to identify your enemy who are outside your boundaries but how to recognize those who are moving around inside your own vicinity and there are many including some of the most senior – old members & so called close-aides and then dealing with the most roguish – deceptive & criminal news media almost on daily basis.

I hope just one meeting with Mr. Modi can do wonders – can subside all ‘ill-feeling’ – can clear all their apprehensions & can bring smile back on their faces – is it too much for an asking – if not – then do it early – do it fast – do it now – before it goes out of hand completely – remember – Mr. Modi would feel no effect whatsoever at all in present context with or without anybody but why waste Ms. Madhu & many – after all you can make enemies overnight but it takes years of work to build trust – admiration & bonding – so cherish all your fans – supporters & well-wishers and dispel all their doubts – issues & negativities  – if they have any – and all they need is his call – a pat on their back and a good – healthy & hearty conversation with him and then we will see – hopefully, they will again be on board – ready to fight another battle – taking on new challenges and working with the same energy – intensity & enthusiasm which brought India victory.


Victory Of India – Victory Of Indians – Victory of Good Over Evils

Hi All Indians

Victory of India – Victory of Indians – Victory of Good Over Evils

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to 125+ Crores People of Our Great Country India – You Suffered A Lot – You Were Cheated A Lot – You Were Destroyed By All – But Not Anymore – Trust It – After All – When It Mattered Most – You Made The Difference – You Took The Correct Decision – You Selected The Vision of – Development – Good Governance  & Each & Everyone’s Progress  – So Now – Gear Up – Be Ready & Become A Part of This Radiant – Pleasant & Absolutely Necessary ‘Change’ – Which Sooner or Later – Will Reflect In Us – In Our Life & In Our Beloved – Precious & Respected Nation – And For This – You – Me & All of Us Deserve A Big Round of Applause – Loud Cheers & A Huge Celebration.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to The Magician – The Miracle Man – The Real Super Man of Our Country – The ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’. He is ‘A Divine Intervention’ – Let Us All Make This Humble Admission – He Wrote His Own Script – He Defeated The Extremely Powerful – Dangerous & Traitorous Hundreds & Thousands of His Bitter Opponents – Betrayers of The People & Destroyers of Our Nation – He Changed The Entire Course of A Gigantic River – And Now – After All of This – He Is All Set To Redefine The Future – Fortune & Destiny of Our Shattered Kingdom – And Rest Assured – He Will Protect The Environment – Generate Enormous Wealth – Preserve Our Abundant Natural Resources – & Bring Back The Lost Fame – Honour & Power of Our Wonderful Nation.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to BJP – The Most Democratic – The Most People Oriented & The Most Patriotic Party of Our Country – All Your Belief – Hard Work & Perseverance Have Paid Off – Fully & Finally – At Last – People Believed in You – Connected Their Dreams – Hopes & Aspirations With You And Endured – Struggled & Battled Shoulder To Shoulder All Along With You – And Now We Know – You will Take Our ‘India’ to Greater Heights – Light A ‘Diya’ In Our Homes & Eliminate All The Gloom – Doom & Fears From Our Life – And We Can See That In Your Positive Vision – Impressive Roadmap & Strong Commitment To The Nation – We Must Say – You Do Keep Our Confidence – Optimism & Enthusiasm Alive.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to the Most Patriotic Organisation of Our India – RSS – No Words Are Enough For You – What You Have Done – Devoted & Sacrificed for the Welfare – Integrity & Unity of Our Country – All We Will Do Is – We ‘Salute You’ – Offer Our Gratitude to You – Pay Homage to You – For All Your Herculean-Humongous & Monumental Efforts Which You Have Been Putting-In Sincerely – Selflessly & Relentlessly For Countless Years Among Masses – Classes & All Strata of Society Across The Length & Breadth of Our Nation.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to Lacs & Crores of Selfless Workers – Who Relinquished – Surrendered & Renounced Their Pleasures – Their Family & Their Self  for A Greater Cause And Worked For Their Each & Every Breath – Not For Modi – Not For BJP – Not For RSS – But – for the Upliftment – Advancement & Encouragement of The Common People – For Imparting Social – Cultural & Legal Awareness Among Citizens And for The Well-Being – Prosperity & Success of Our Mother Nation – We Have Tears in Our Eyes – Deep Admiration in Our Hearts – Powerful Vibrations in Our Mind – We Will not Say Anything – This is Phenomenal – Transcendental & Gratifying.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to Yog Guru – ‘Baba Ramdev’ – When Nobody In Our Country Had The Courage – Guts & Mettle to Stand Against The ‘Ruling Demons’ – You Were  The First One To Voice Against Them – Ridicule Them & Challenge Them Openly – Publicly & In Full View of This Country – Without Bothering About The Abject Humiliation – Frightful Consequences & Dreadful Repercussions For You – For Your Life – For Your Massive Social – Yogic & Healing Work – From Those Criminals – Plunderers & Bloodsuckers Congress & The Maalkin of All Demons – And – After The Great ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’  If There Is Anyone Who Has Fought Tooth & Nail With Them And Mobilised The Indians Against These Enemies of Our Nation – Then It’s You ‘Sir’ – And We Can’t Express This In Words – What You Have Done For Us-Citizens – Our Communities & Our Homeland –  We Are Indebted To You – We Simply Bow Down To You & We Are Really Lucky To Have You Among Us Like A Mentor – Guide & Shining Light of Our Big Nation.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to ‘Captain’ – Ajit Vadakayil’ – You Didn’t Just Make The Difference – You Completely Revolutionised the Way – We See – We Think – We Percieve – We Percept & We Go About Doing Things – You Educated – Informed & Motivated the Net Savvy – Young – Middle Aged & Old – Men – Women & New Gender of India – You Enlightened Us About Our Dharma – Our Sanatan Dharma – Our Knowledge – Our Wealth – Our Treasure – Our Glorious India – Our Real India – You Exposed All The Wolves – Supari Killers & Anti Nationals of India – You Disclosed The Ugly – Wicked & Horrible Network of Internationals Awardees – Ngo’s – Social Activists – Missionaries – Naxalites & Seditionists And Their Good – Cordial & Warm Relations With Our Country’s Maalkin & Rulers – Kudos To You – Salutes To You & Hats Off To You – You Are Special – You Are Amazing – You Are Simply Exceptional.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to ‘Ravinar’ – You Made Huge-Huge Difference – You Made Us Aware About The Crooked – Paid & Slave Indian Mainstream News Media – You ‘Unmasked’ All The Cheats-Goons & Imposters of These ‘News Broker’ Media   – You Told Us About How Our Country Is Being ‘Destroyed’ By The Corrupt – Dalaals & Poisonous Celebrated News Anchors – Renowned Journalists – So Called Intellectuals & Experienced Media Analysts – day after day – night after night – every day every night – Three Cheers – Standing Ovations & Thumbs Up To You – Dear – Buddy & Bro.

Huge & Heartiest Congratulations to All The Readers of ‘Captain’ – ‘Ravinar’ & Many Other ‘Truth Exhumers’ – Who Saw The Truth – Understood The Truth  – Stood Solidly Behind This Truth & Then Propagated This Truth – Among Fellow Persons – General Public & Indians of All Cast-Creed & Culture – In The Midst of Unbelievably Difficult & Bad Times – During Fatal Deception & horrendous Deceits – Withstanding All That Acute Depressions & Terrible Frustrations.

Huge & Heariest Congratulations to the World – You Know Why – ‘World Will Never Be The Same Again’ – After This Huge Victory of Our Country – Just Wait – Watch & Get Ready For It……………………………………………

All My Friends – Now – I’m Touching the Feet Of My Parents & Our Revered – Preserver & Protector ‘Maa Bharat’ – Let Me Tell You Our Maa – We Are Privileged – Blessed & Honoured To Be The Smallest Particle of Your  Sacred Soil – Truly Fortunate to be Growing-Up In Your Lap And Immensely Grateful for Getting Your Continuous Love – Care & Blessings And We Assure You – Come What May – We Will Always Be Standing Firm For Your Dignity All Our Life – And – We Will Respond With Our Full Force – Energy & Might To Fight – Retaliate & Destroy All The Evils – Beasts & Fiends – Who Dare To Stare At You – Harbour Any Wild Thought for You Or Try to Act Devious With You & We Would Never Hesitate to Even ‘Die’ To Save Your Prestige-Glory & Pride – We Take A Vow – We Swear & We Promise – Come Rain or Shine.

All Hindus – Muslims – Sikhs – Christians – Jains – Buddhists – Sc/St’s – Tribals – Dalits – Mahadalits – No – You Are None of These – You Are ‘INDIANS FIRST & INDIANS LAST’ – Believe In You – Believe In Your Motherland – Believe In Your ‘Bharat-Maa’ – My – Brothers – Friends & Colleagues – Love To All of You – Respects To All of You  – Regards To All of You – A Time To Smile – A Time To Laugh – A Time To Enjoy- Jubilate & Celebrate – A New ‘Bharat’ Has Just Arrived…………………… – See It – Understand It  – And Yes – Feel It……………………..…………..

hi everybody – did you receive your ‘secular’ certificate ?

hi all

knock knock……….. ring ring………….. knock knock…………….. who’s there – who’s knocking – coming – coming – can’t you just wait for a minute – what’s the hurry – oh God ! – I’m just fed-up of all this – I mean – neither you live yourself nor you let others live – anywhy – who are you – what brought you here and tell me – what’s the deal – well ma’am – well sir – sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to check – ”are you ……………….”

are you jews – then I would say ‘sorry sir’ before I proceed – you control the earth – you rule this world – you enjoys all the money-wealth & resources of almost every nation – so – nobody can dare to say a word against you & your fellow-beings and i sincerely hope you will not ‘sue’ us for saying all of this – through your’s ‘anti defamation league’ – have a great day – sir and keep having fun with the lives of millions & billions of human beings – are you christian – sir – you are brother in arms with jews – you are at par with them – so – how can you be far behind – you too keep a tight rein on all the nations – you too derive immense pleasure in all the privileges-rewards & honour that are bestowed upon you by every developing country living under your directions and you too get a huge kick out of the will – authority & freedom of doing anything & everything as per your wishes – desires & choices – you are never asked a question rather you asks questions to each & everyone – you dictate the terms – discussions and outcomes – you are highest in number and biggest in power – you wrote the history and controlling the present – you tell everybody what is good and what is bad for this planet and only your jesus can deliver the salvation to the mankind and non-followers are doomed to burn in the ‘hell-fire’ forever – so sir – no words to say – i say just this – time please & please allow us to leave.

are you muslim – oh God ! – sorry sir – oh Allah ! you are world’s best race-world’s best religion & world’s most rightful and only humans and rest are kafirs-devils & non humans – and as per you-there is no God-no Bhagwan-no Waheguru – only Allah and you are Allah’s own – Allah’s chosen ones – Allah’s near & dear ones – so – life starts with you & ends with you and you & only you decides who should be allowed to live & who deserves to be killed – so – going by your theory-practice & execution-one would be well advised to bow down to you & do not think of any other ‘religion-culture or belief system’ even in dreams – or – be ready-to get cut into thousand of pieces – after this revelation of ‘Khuda’ – sir – i can’t say anything – i’m simply running – i know – you are after me – and for this – i am speeding.

are you hindu – sir – what happened – why are you shivering – why are you so nervous – why are you getting panicked – I haven’t abused you – I haven’t said anything bad to you then why on earth you are behaving so strangely – what – sir – what did you say – come again – I didn’t listen to you properly – I will request you to speak bit louder-bit clearer – I mean – why are you so afraid of me or for that matter of fact from anybody – what – I don’t believe it – can you repeat – ok – ok – got it – got it – don’t repeat – oh my God – oh my Allah – oh my Jesus – it can’t be – it can’t be true – it’s quite shocking – aren’t you ashamed of yourself – aren’t you scared for your family – aren’t you feeling guilty – well – as you have disclosed your identity – come out with the reality – dared to confess this guilt – though there is no redemption from this – still – I have some suggestions for you – explore it immediately – or – if you don’t do it – then get ready for any eventuality – now – before I get myself tangled up in all this and face the dire consequences – I’m leaving with this checklist – just see it-read it & tick it and if you do not have it then-try to get ‘this’:-

are you online – then check your email inbox – your twitter notification – your facebook friend request – your whats app space – your own blog’s comment section and any & every account that you ever had or you presently have in the cyber world – are you at home – then check with your newspaper vendor – check all the pamphlets-brochures & stickers inside your newspaper – check with your ‘doodhwala-not about how much milk is there in the water but is there something else for you alongwith that watered milk – check with your laundryman – check all the labels-size tags & price tags of all your washed apparels – check your post box – check all your letters – check all your electricity bills – check all your mobile bills – check all your credit card statements – check all your insurance reminders – looking to soothe your taste buds & ordering a yummy pizza & fatty burger for your dear tummy then check the bill before taking that ‘pizza’ or ‘burg’ in – are you planning to go for a walk or visit your local market – then check with your grocery store-what is written on that scratch card which is being offered with every soap-underwear or potato-chips you are buy-ing  – check with your paan-wala before chewing that ‘gulkand-wala-paan’ in – withdrew lot of money now-be ready to get a jolt or relief and for that check your atm transaction slip – check all the bills of all your purchase from shopping malls-small time shops or roadside hawkers-who are shouting-calling & luring you to come-in.

are you on road – travelling by car-bike or scooter – then check with the traffic constable and its challan copy after-breaking that red light signal or zebra crossing – are you commuting by train/metro/bus then check your tickets before settling or sitting – are you in service and for quite long then check with your HR – why you didn’t get your due or never got promoted and now have a look at your TDS return acknowledgement receipt – are you in business – so is this the reason that you got raided so many times & never got any bank loan approved & overdraft facility and now read properly the challan copy of your sales tax & service tax deposits – are you boarding a flight then be prepared to be stopped-grilled and strip-searched during check-outs & check-ins and during all of this – never forget to see you boarding pass issued by your chosen airline – hey – hey – stop – stop – let me catch my ‘breath’ – you have said – so many things – I’m getting confused – I’m getting rattled – I can’t make up of all of this – for God’s sake – why should i take so many precautions – why should i keep checking each & everything and last but not the least – why should I do all of this – after all – for what – hey – hey – are you ok – you are asking me – you are arguing with me – you are cross-questioning me – for what is this all about – how dare you ! – don’t you know this – are you a fool- have you gone nuts – have you lost all your senses – that if you do not have it then you are not heard – you are nothing – you do not exist – this is the most sacred thing – this is of paramount importance and this is absolutely mandatory – to take birth – to survive & to live – but what – for God’s-Jesus’s & Allah’s sake – what – what – so you still don’t know – I’m clapping – goodness me – you shameless person – you idiot – you creep – take this slap – and take it very hard from me – ‘The Secular Certificate’ – ‘The Secular Tag’ – ‘The Secular Slip’ or just ‘The Word Secular’ written on any bill-any document-any paper & on anything – you damned !

now tell me bluntly – do i need to say anything more – anything else to you on ‘this’ or is it enough for you to ponder over-act upon & do something – what happened – got stunned – got silent – has the cat got your tongue – please – please – I’m sorry – I’m so-so sorry – i didn’t mean to question you – i never casted aspersions on you – i never challenged your reasoning and i never turned my back on these dark-tragic & frightful realities bu buu…………uut  ca ca.. ca….n aa..i aask – why – why i need ‘it’ – this is unbelievable – this is simply stunning – i mean – you are still wondering – you still didn’t get it – you are still living in your ridiculous dreams – you mental – you moron – you ‘gone case’ – now read this 100 times and very-very carefully – you need it – because – you are ‘Communal’ – you are a ‘Curse’ – you are ‘Against’ the social fabric of this country – you are a ‘Disaster’ to the nation – you are ‘Against’ all the humans & humanity – you are a ‘Hindrance’ for the peace-progress & prosperity of this nation – You Are A ‘HINDU’The Most Oppressed-Persecuted & Exterminated Human On this Planet Earth – Don’t You Know This……………………?

so be alert-be cautious & be careful as you are-at the rock-bottom of the human structure – and hence – always be ready to get insulted-humiliated & completely devastated – and not only that – infact – always be prepared to get arrested-get tortured & even get killed for no rhyme or reason and for nothing – or-or-or – if you are terrified of all this – if you don’t want anything of this – if you don’t feel comfortable with this and if you want to live – if you want to survive – if you want peace – if you want progress – if you want to go places – if you want to achieve new heights – then – one way – one solution – one remedy and that is – get yourself converted into Jesus’s child or Allah’s pupil – and – then you don’t need to worry about anything – you will be in their good books – you will get everything – what say all of you – are you up for it – are you ready for this – has this ‘horrendous truth’ sunk-in – if yes – then – what are you waiting for – it’s available at a church or a masjid near you – Go – Get It – and – have God – have Allah – have loads of fun with it and now is the time to sing – jingle bell-jingle bell – jingle all the way – missionaries will make every human being christian – that’s what pope prays and allahu akbar – allahu akbar – allah is only for muslims – that’s what all the mullahs says…….. so fathers are happy – maulanas are delighted – after all – world is dancing to their tunes – enough reason to get excited and that’s why-they are chanting – bhai aah – bhai wah – bhai gao – bhai bajao – balle o balle o balle – balle – balle – burr….rrah……………………………….

and my dear sikhs-jains-buddhists-dalits-sc/st-tribals-obc’s – sorry sir- whatever good you all do – howsoever hard you all try- and even get yourself registered as separate religion-separate belief system-separate people – still for the world – for the pope & for the maulvis and rightfully so – you all are considered the integral parts of grand hindu parivar – the hindu religion – hinduism – so you too suffers the same fate – same suffering & same ending – as any other hindu on this planet till the time you too get converted into God’s own – christianity or Allah’s only – Islamism and if-if & if at all you don’t do this & fails to take benefit of this artificial-manufactured & man made conversion proceedings – then don’t blame us-them or anybody – if you get caught in the crossfire – fall prey to this centuries-old tried & tested-super effective-most dreadful-‘destroy hindus’-system & ends up losing your freedom-your rights-your life-just everything – after all – we told you so – we told you about the repercussions – didn’t we – Or – to save yourself from this perennial pain-plight & problem – try out the last option – do not call yourself as hindus – rather bash hindus as much as you can – heap scorn on hindus – throw smut-filth & dirt at hindus & voila ! you will see – you will be everybody’s favourite – toast of the town – eye of the nation and then complete the formality – get your ‘Secular Certificate’ issued-affixed & laminated immediately for you-for your family & for your future generations – what say – isn’t it great – isn’t is easy – isn’t it cool and then i’m sure you all will manage somehow to live – to survive – to keep the life boat afloat even during strong wind & high tides – kudos to you – three cheers – live happily ever after – you bros – dears & buddies.

and – as far as – jews & christians are concerned – well – they are lords of this world – they do not get into this – they are way above of all these third class-third grade-third world antics and they literally scoffs at it – and – our other milord – muslims – what can i say about them – less said, the better – they are champions of this – experts in this – headmasters of all of this – they are born greats – they are born Seculars – they don’t need it – rather they distribute it to the world-to the countries-to the people-to the kids – they ‘attest’ everybody’s certificate and they decide whether to give it – renew it & keep it going or cancel it – for psychological-numerical-social & political gains-purposes & witch-hunting – hey ‘Hindus’ – where are you – are you still there or left the scene – what happened – keeping mum – not saying anything – what – what did you say – you are tired – you are thirsty – you are getting frustrated – oh God ! – what am i seeing – I can’t believe this – this is superb – this is amazing – you are standing in a long-long queue to prove your secular credentials-to christians-to muslims-to present day ruling dispensation – well – don’t worry – you are on right path-right place-right direction – now all you need to do – say some crap-throw mud & hurl abuses at hindus-hindu religion & hinduism – and that’s it – you will have it – what you need it – and not only that – there are many more ways to demean them – so shall we start – are you game for it – then let’s hit it :

well – ok – fine – i have made up my mind – surrendered to the might of the rulers – detached myself from all my roots-knowledge & truth and now I’m ready for it – please sample this – ”it’s a pity – that i’m a hindu – but I can’t help it – I was born into it – but i assure everybody that at a suitable time-suitable point & suitable moment – i’ll join some other religion – and till such time – I won’t make known my hindu origins to anyone” – how’s that ! – sir – is it sufficient or shall i create-manipulate & fabricate – some more for your kind consideration – oh please ! – be our guest – we don’t mind it – if it is possible to ridicule them more to boost-increase & encourage the religious conversion business of muslims & christians – so here it is – some more artificial creation-ridiculous invention & stinky production – to satisfy your hunger – ”hindus are casteist – they are terrible – they don’t respect their women – they believe in superstitions – their religion is inferior compare to other religions – their religion is based on false gods-bad values & wrong principles – they treat other religions-other castes & other communities as second or third class citizens – their religion is full of lies-fraud & deception – they are danger to the society – they never care for the welfare of people – they should be destroyed completely – and rest assured-pretty soon-they will feature in the list of ‘extinct species’ of this nation”.

stop-stop – oh my god – oh my allah – look at this – just look at this – this can’t be – this is unimaginable – this is extraordinary – I mean – just look around here-there-everywhere – thunderous applause – standing ovation & huge cheers for you – christians-muslims-dalit leaders-great thinkers-writers-historians-academicians-economists-intellectuals-journalists-news anchors-news channels-ruling congress-world media-world leaders-everybody-yes-everybody – they all are in complete awe of you – absolutely mesmerized by you – full of praise for you – and what’s this – oh God – this is surreal – they all are chanting – one slogan-one phrase-one word – and that is – Secular – Secular – Secular – heartiest congratulations to you ! – you have just been declared Secular – and soon – you will be formally awarded with this badge of honour – this golden certificate – ‘The Secular Certificate’ – the dream of everyone – truly-an outstanding achievement-remarkable feat & unprecedented accomplishment and now as you become integral part of this great-grand-glorious & growing  family of Seculars spread all across the country-all across the continents-all across the world.

so-from now onwards – you will be invited in all the ring cutting ceremonies-awards nights-functions-seminars-debates-gala dinners – as a chief guest – guest lecturer or noted speaker – you will be showered with lots of awards-gifts & favours and you will have the ‘First Right’ on all the capital-assets & stocks of this nation – so guys – how’s that ! – did you see ? – just one word – and how it changes everyone – it changes everything – being ‘Secular’ means everything and not knowing other more important things doesn’t make any difference to any living or non living being – and it also means – Communal means bad ones means only Hindus and Secular means good ones means ‘Everybody-means-muslims-christians-all their working friends-associates & paid workers’ excluding ‘Hindus Only’ – so My Dear Hindus – did you receive Your ‘Secular Certificate’ ? – what did you say – not yet – then what you are waiting for – before it gets too late – before you are branded communal – before you are banished from the society and before the ‘Demons’ introduce-enact & implement the ‘communal violence bill’  – act now – go – join that queue – grab this offer & receive money-benefits & a new identification – ‘The Certified Secular’  for your own good-for your loved ones-for your ‘yet to be born’ – baby boy or baby girl – Hurry !…………………….or else ‘Everybody’ including new ‘Seculars’ are baying for the blood of you & your little kids.

hey hindusjust one little remark :  don’t get provoked – don’t get angry – don’t get mad & don’t lose all your wisdom – though you are at a ‘do or die’ position – you are at a critical juncture – you are at the worst possible situation – but you can still make the difference – you can still shape your destiny – you can still get back your lost freedom – you can still redeem your pride-dignity & honour – the decision still lies with you – just stand up- gather courage-increase your skills-plan well and then rise-riSE & RISE and Fight – Yes – Fight – Fight them All – and Defeat them All – And Not Only Defeat them but Crush them to Dust – however-always remember that – you do not have to fight with christians – muslims or any other person of any religion-faith & belief system – after all – they are human beings like you – they are as good as you & they are your brothers-friends & colleagues – but – you have to fight with those criminals-anti nationals & enemies of our nation – who are injecting anger-hatred & poison in the hearts of all those people who are following those religions – making brothers fights with brothers – dividing the entire country on the lines of religion and pushing our great nation into complete destruction and now-in the backdrop of these deadly-disastrous & dangerous environments – let me remind one & all – high & mighty – dictative & fanatic that even world acknowledges – that you have the knowledge-potential & power to change the entire world if you want to ………………. but you need to ask just one simple question to yourself – do you want to……………………. ?



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