the birth of devil & baby dracularism

hi all

this write up is a prequel to my post : ‘Devils & Dracularism both madly in love with each other’ :

well guys : what ? – what are you thinking ? what is going on in your mind – what is that which seems a bit disturbing – would you like to share with us anything – what did you say – nothing – nothing different in your mind only the usual stuff – nothing special at all and certainly nothing to be perturbed about for one thing or the other thing – simply nothing – well – then don’t read this post – leave it as it is – sit at home or be at your office and be at complete peace – with yourself – with your loved ones – with your near & dear ones & with all your colleagues and don’t waste your precious time on this – because if you are not thinking at this moment – then that means you haven’t read my above-mentioned post yet and that will mean – you will not understand the gravity of this latest ‘piece’ – you will not get the idea behind this effort and you will not feel the deep pain – profound hurt & extreme anger caused by the horror that was unleashed by the ‘beast’ on our country – our people – our freedom & our little Peace – because had you read the ‘post’ then you must have been thinking something at least  – you would have been filled with outrage – disgust & anguish – after knowing what have we been subjected to all these years – absolute trash – dirt & filth – so it wouldn’t be a bad thought – if you go through that dreadful reality mentioned in the previous ‘writing’ and then come back to have a look at this – or – you can ignore it and continue to read this – after all – it’s your life – it’s your choice – it’s your right – absolutely no issues from my side – just be at ease – and now let’s start with full speed :

but one small suggestion before we proceed – if you are an Indian – then  for the sake of  you – your family & your future generations – for once – don’t think – what profession you are into – what work you are into – what lifestyle you are into or whatever you are into and wherever you are stationed – employed or work-ing – be it in your own land or foreign country and irrespective of your status – position or education – you may be super rich – rich – middle class – poor – old – middle aged – young – teenager – a minister – diplomat – any govt. official – a ‘ceo’ of a company or a peon of a company – phd degree holder – simple graduate or just senior secondary – doesn’t matter – doesn’t make any difference to anybody – you are all required – you are all invited – nation building is a huge task – so everyone is needed – so all of you – take a pledge – right here right now – with your full conscience – that no matter what –  before you are deported to some other life form as per your ‘Karma’ or Deeds – you all will do something good for your country – for the common people – for the underprivileged ones without bothering about your time – your ideology and your life journey and do remember at all times – nation comes first then follows rest of the things – so if need be – then never be afraid to even die for your country – and now as we are done with the most important thing – then wait no more – get ready – be my guest and read this thing and meet the devils and its baby – then prodigy – then fast friend – then passionate lover – then obsession – then madness – then disease – then epidemic – then terror  – the natural progression of any poisonous weed – and that is – dracularism for you – let’s face it and expose it :-

where it all started : a brief description : when india got independence in 1947 – Britishers – ie. – the evils – the demons – the devils handed over the entire country to their child – Congress – who used to agitate against them – who used to shout against them – who used to argue against them and yet used to sit with them – used to ‘negotiate’ with them and even used to attend ‘get-togethers’ with them and after all of that – used to be at peace with them – so we should be absolutely clear – whom are we dealing here – Britisher’s child – Congress & this kid – like a good one – inherited all the sins – all the tricks – all the scheming from its evil supreme-being and hence – no surprises that this kid now a adult – is ruling the roost since then – as it learnt the first and the most basic rule to ‘rule’ in the womb and that was ‘Divide & Rule’ and then it liberally used this rule – it violently followed this ‘rule’ and no points for guessing – we are still being ruled by this ‘rule ’- we are being managed by this ‘rule’ and we are in fact – being destroyed by this very ‘rule’.

British & Congress along with Muslim league – in agreement – with each other divided india on religious lines and hence – by default – the religion became the most fundamental principle to define both the countries – india & pakistan then onwards – didn’t get it – well – simple – pakistan decided to go unashamedly as a religious country – a muslim country and india – as a counter to it – decided to go – as non-religious country – a secular country – just because pakistan adopted a religion – indian leaders in retaliation went for non-religion – I mean – no sense – no logic – no reason – just pure – plain & straight counter punch – and in the process – completely discarded the ‘hindu religion’ – at that time – the religion of almost 90% of the Indians and even the rest had previous hindu impressions – belongings & at some point of time had hindus as ancestors.

it means even after the independence and even after the break-up – sadly – the top congress leaders – the decision making congress leaders at that point of time like ‘nehru’ or ambedkar – the foreign lover – the foreign educated & foreign returned indians – who ultimately went on to become the heads of india – one as prime-minister of india and the other – the constitution expert – the so called God or Creator of Indian Constitution – right after independence were completely ignorant about ‘hinduism’ – infact – they & many other close to them – had a foreign vision regarding hindus & eternal-hindu religion and due to – some of their mentors – some of their half-baked understanding & some of the influences – they specially – chacha nehrujiiii – had an inclination towards ‘islam religion’ and had absolutely ‘nil’ know-how of ‘hindu-ism’ and hence – after independence – he & many other like him didn’t give a damn to hindus – hindus beliefs & hinduism – as they understood this – as some other religion – one more religion – and shockingly – even inferior to islam religion.

whereas the fact was & fact is that – unlike islam – which has a set of beliefs – set of instructions – set of orders – hinduism doesn’t have any one set of beliefs or any instructions or orders for anyone – rather it incorporates each & every human being on this earth of every faith – belief or religion be it hindu – muslim – sikh or christian and with no boundations – it exposes you to the absolute knowledge – the absolute truth & the absolute freedom – yes – ‘Nirvana’ – the complete mukti even from the complete bliss and also enlightens you to different – different paths – ways & directions to reach your ‘goal’ – reach your ‘destination’ or that ‘Truth’ and then leave absolutely onto you to follow any of those methods to attain your aim – your desires & your purpose.

for your information : hinduism or shall we say – in purity – ‘sanatan dharma’ is not any religion – any scripture or any literature – rather – it’s a complete science – complete knowledge  – complete darshan of this Srishti – this BrahmAn – this Universe and it is not meant for any one individual or a group of individuals but it was for each & everyone – all the living being – including plants – animals – birds & insects and even-non-living being – yes – you read it right – even non living being of this planet – of this galaxy – of this universe and in context of our country india – it is meant equally for hindus – for muslims – for sikhs & for christians & for everybody & everyone living in this part of the world and so discarding ‘hinduism’ was like turning a blind eye to the ‘truth’ of this entire universe -ie.- oceans & oceans of true knowledge – complete disregard to vibrant life of india and absolute indifference to the ‘DNA’ – the ‘Soul’ – the ‘Dharma’ of us – all of us – all the Indians.

and thereby – unfortunately – they reduced the ‘hinduism’ to just ‘religion of some’ and understood as – some matter of faith – matter of strictures – matter of rituals & matter of superstitions rather than ‘sampoorn – gyaan’ for all the indians and rejection of  this ‘gyaan’ was nothing but endorsing ‘complete agyaan’ -ie.- ‘ignorance’ and adoption of this ‘ignorance’  needed some cover and hence they devised – a new term – get ready, everybody – here, we go – ‘secularism’ and it was the birth of ‘baby dracularism’ and it literally meant – equal treatment to all religions – but in actual practice – it was the strategy – a tool  – very much part of all invincible – all divisive & all destructive – ‘Divide & Rule’ – to separate one from the another – to sow the seeds of enmity for each other and to drive a wedge between people of this nation –  and weren’t they found successful in this – well – they were proved out simply brilliant in all of this – i mean – unbelievable –isn’t it ? – does ‘Sun’ tell anybody that it gives light – energy & life and equally to each & everyone – similarly – does india – ie. – Hinduism – ie – knowledge needs to say this to anyone that it is for everyone & in equal measure – i mean – for God’s sake – it’s what they are – it’s what they are made up of – it’s in-built in them – so – had indian govt. embraced hinduism at that time – then they wouldn’t have had to speak of – ‘equal treatment’ but as they dubbed it as any other religion so they had to speak in this ridiculous fashion – I mean – where on earth – hinduism or even the reduced hindu religion had any conflict with any of the prevalent religions – be it islam – christianity – judaism – zoroastrianism – sikhism or budhism – rather – it embraced each & everyone – it was at complete peace with all these religions – living happily with all these religions & even encouraged them to grow – prosper & flourish with each other.

however, it was just the muslim religion who was at war – at conflict – at dispute with hindu religion & with all these religions – infact – muslim religion was created against all of these religions and it eventually decided to go violently against hinduism and went for a separate country – pakistan and islam as their one & only religion and now – be ready to get the ‘jolt’ of your life – though we stated earlier that pakistan went for religion & indian govt. in counter of it – went for non-religion but the bitter – dirty & shocking truth is that as pakistan rejected hinduism – even our founding fathers – our great leaders – our beloved Congress also rejected Hinduism – but – very cunningly – very dishonestly & very deceitfully – under the mask of ‘secularism’ – and all of this ‘fraud’ to ‘please’ their parents – Britishers – in ‘adherence’ to their foreign education of communism & under the deep influence of islam religion and dumping hinduism meant conceding to muslims and bow down to the sword of muslim religion and – no surprises afterwards – the meaning of ‘secularism’ became ‘islamism’ & india became ‘pro-Islamic’ country and hence all the muslims – supporters of muslims – all the religions who were ‘working-friends’ with muslims like christian religion – hindus but communists – hindus subservient to muslims – they all were declared ‘secular’ – ie. – ’good ones’ – those who go by the law – who go by the constitution & who go by the society’s morals & and the other than ‘all of those good-ones’ – ie. – the hindus were declared ‘communals’ – ie. – ‘bad-ones’ – who do not follow any law – any constitution & any society morals and as they were ‘bad-ones’ – so – they were subjected to ridicule – insult & humiliation from the state – ruling dispensation & intelligentsia forever & ever.

and – as expected – straightaway, the cruel – horrible & violent good ol’ rule of ‘divide & rule’ came into action and consequently – as hindus being in majority – so – suppression of hindus – hindu beliefs – customs & culture – creating fissures among hindus on the basis of different caste – sub-caste & sections and conversion of hindus started in a big manner – in a massive manner and conversely – as muslims & christians being in minority – so – appeasement of them – special treatment – favours & freebies to them – special legal rules for them – and all of this too in a big – big manner and subsequently all this criminality resulted in – as it was perceived – hundreds & thousands of hindu – muslim riots all across the nation – bloodshed – killings – massacres of lacs & lacs of innocent Indians – destruction of millions & billions of dollars worth of wealth – property & infrastructure and huge mistrust – fear & hatred among religions – among crores & crores of Indians for each other – in short – it can be safely said that we were slaves of Britishers before independence and we became slaves of Britisher’s Congress after independence and this devil’s rule & ‘Rule’ continued uninterrupted – unrepentantly & shamelessly and continued…………………………

till brilliant strategy – excellent planning – precise execution & sheer hard work of one man – one super human – one extraordinary human being – ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ changed everything – turned the whole world upside down and neutralized – defeated & decimated this devil on May 16th, 2014 and paved the way for a new beginning – ‘Modi Government’ at the centre – can you believe it – well – you will have to – this is seriously ‘real’ stuff but the war with the devil is not yet over – it continues as ever – as the devil’s poison has gone down deep among all sections – the virus – disease & malignancy of secularism has spread far & wide among many societies – communities & regions and has damaged the complete psyche of each & everyone – the evil tentacles has not spared anyone & caused massive destruction all over the nation – and now it will take some exceptional thinking – massive efforts & tons of hard work to change all of this – reverse this deterioration and correct what all has gone wrong with our great nation – so an uphill task from now onwards :-

but before this very recent break – this triumph over evil – the Modi phenomenon and hopefully – a permanent one for the welfare of our people – our country & our battered –  poisoned & destroyed Hinduism – what all had happened & still going on without any speed-breaker – read this with clear vision : as the entire government had been of Congress – entire administration had been of Congress and the entire system had been of Congress for more than 60 years out of 67 years since independence – so – very maliciously – crookedly & roguishly – it had been made an unwritten rule that if you are ‘Congress’ – or – happens to be associated with Congress – or – created by Congress – or – supported by Congress – or – liked by Congress – or – you support Congress – or – have some understanding with congress – or – never-ever go against Congress – or – remain silent against Congress – or – fights with Congress but have a secret pact with Congress – or – criticise everyone including ‘little-bit’ of Congress – well – if you happens to be any one of these – then you will be called ‘Seculars’ – ie. – the good-ones – the noble people – the true Indians and will be considered part of their ever expanding ‘secular’ family – who can be controlled at all times & who are manageable – or else – if you belong to those few-ones – who criticise everyone – everyone including Congress with equal force – passion & aggression – In that case – be very clear – either you will not be heard at all – means – whether you exist or not – will not be known by anybody – will not be mentioned by anybody – will not make any difference to anybody and if your presence becomes unbearable for them then you may get eliminated as well as per the instructions.

or – if you are being heard even then – you are being facilitated hugely even then & you are being talked about everywhere even then – in the electronic media – in the print media & during different – different sponsored literary fests – seminars & discussions all across the nation – then it would mean – you are an extension of congress – you are on payrolls of congress & you are in extremely good books of Congress – what ? – did you sniff something – well – you have become very smart & are bang on – yes – the new entrant – traitor – naxalite & communist AK-49 & Its entire pack of wolves – ie. – ‘AAP’ and it also proves quite brutally – that all that agitation – criticism & shouting against congress was done – is being done & will be done as part of some strategy – some planning & in a deliberate manner – due to some unfavourable conditions – unfriendly atmosphere or simply bad times – but will come out in support – will come out in favour – will come out in defence & will join hands with them quite smartly – cunningly & deceitfully – at the slightest opportunity – or – bit better conditions – or – as per the orders – then – my dear all – then as well – you are labelled as ‘Seculars’ – the Instruments of change – the new beginners – who will take the baton of dracularism forward with full duplicity – depravity & shamelessness in all weathers.

or – or – or if you are against Congress – genuinely against Congress & wants to expose Congress and that would mean you are against corruption – against criminals & against this fraud of secularism vs communalism – then – you are in trouble – you are in big trouble – the entire Congress – the entire establishment – the entire congress paid – slave & criminal print & electronic media and the entire gang of journalists – news anchors – great thinkers – writers – historians – academicians – economists – intellectuals – world media – world leaders – everybody – yes – everybody will work overtime – will work day & night – will work all the time to go after you – to harass you – to humiliate you – to crush you forever and if nothing is gained – nothing is achieved or they remain completely unsuccessful then as a last – ditch effort – you will be straightaway jacketed as ‘Communal’ be it a party or the person – and then – well – the moment it is said – you are gone – you are absolutely gone because then you will be thrown out of the mix – out of the lot – out of the crowd and you will be boycotted and you will be ostracized for years – all your life & even beyond life period.

simple – the biggest minority – all the muslims – now almost 25% – will hate you and the biggest majority – the hindus – being completely divided on the lines of different castes – sub-caste & sections will not relate with you – will not care for you – will not even think about you – and that means – a cursed life – a hateful life – a wretched life and mind you – if ordered – then it becomes that much easier to even ‘kill’ that life – in nutshell – it pays to be with the Congress – or – or – sooner or later – be ready to die – after all – devil never leaves you – devil never abandons you – devil never pardons you – rather – it chases you – it hunts you & at its right time & place – simply kills you – so – that’s the end of this story – that’s the end of this dreadful life and that’s also the end of our time – isn’t it – so let’s go back to work – let’s go back to our same mundane life & let’s take all this terror in our stride and do nothing about it at any point of time.

what say ? alright ? happy to remain slaves forever – is this running in your mind ? – Or – Or – a slight shift from this horrifying narrative – a simple change – a simple break – a simple surprise ! – and that is – read very-very carefully – and that is – enough of all this pain – enough of all this fear & enough of being terrorized all the time and now – it’s time – to unleash all your wisdom – all your courage & all your power and unmask – lay bare & expose – this devil and its secularism sorry baby dracularism sorry full blown adult dracularism and hit back – hit hard & completely destroy – this satan & its satanic tools – beliefs & stratagems from this country – from this world – for rest of the life – for coming thousands & thousands of years and then & only then – we will have life – we will have peace & we will have real freedom – so guys – stand-up – stand tall & rise – riSE & RISE above all – after all – it’s your country – it’s your motherland – it’s your ‘Maa-Bharat’ – do everything for your nation.

lots & lots of regards – respects and grand salute to all those civilians – soldiers & patriots – who worked – fought & sacrificed their life – for us – for our soil – for our great nation.



devil & dracularism – both madly in love with each other

hi all

have you ever wondered what is this – secularism – secularism – secularism – that you keep hearing in – day in day out – day after day – night after night – every day every night – 24×7 – non stop – I mean – you start your day in the morning going through the pages of newspaper and the most prominent headline you will notice is – secularism is in danger – you switch on the news channels of your beloved Television and you will hear every news anchor of all the news networks be it english – hindi or regional at any time of the day – at every time of the day – morning – afternoon – evening or even late at night and everyday of the year – screaming their heart out – jumping up & down on their chair – ferociously moving their body from one direction to another direction – with one topic – one matter and only one problem and that is – there is some serious threat to secularism – you attend any seminar – book launch or literary festival anywhere in the nation and the agenda – debate & discussion everywhere would be and with full seriousness : how to save secularism – now as we have warmed up enough – done the needful – so let’s get on with our rigorous workout – squats  – deadlifts & bench press.

here we go :  you talk about prices of pulses – vegetables or items of daily needs going completely out of range – out of control – out of hand of the common people – daily labourers & slum dwellers – you will be told – it’s alright – let’s talk about secularism – you agitate against the monstrous lootmaar of our wealth – unprecedented theft of resources – complete destruction of commerce – industries & economy – sinking value of our rupee against pound – dollars – euro & even ruble – you will be informed – these are normal things – we will talk about them some other day – let’s first resolve this issue of secularism – you bring into light the closing down of thousands & lacs of factories – small scale units – small time businesses because of falling domestic comsumption – nil exports initiatives – wrong policies – tedious – complicated & gruelling clearance processes and no new innovations on the technological front – you will be reprimanded – it’s all crap – let’s not waste our time – discuss the more important thing – the secularism – you present the plight – pain & suffering of lacs  & crores of educated – semi educated and uneducated youths sitting at home – doing nothing because of – non-employment – nil-opportunities & no-work – you will be ridiculed – shamed & scoffed at and will be harshly asked – have you forgotten about secularism.

you remind about lacs & crores of people dying from diseases – wrong diagnosis – due to the usage of adulterated – expired  & counterfeit medicines and no proper care – you will be bad-mouthed for long & will be told – to hell with that – where is our secularism – lacs & lacs of newly born babies – kids – children dying due to infection – shabby treatment – wrong medication & unhygienic conditions they are subjected to – at all government hospitals – clinics & dispensaries across the nation and other than this – kids – children – adults – aged – old  dying from hunger – from malnutrition – from water-borne diseases in cold blood – because of no food – toxic fungi infested food or contaminated drinking water – you will be educated – these are routine things – let’s not get too much involved into it – and why are you not concentrating on secularism – you bring to the fore the destruction of crops – paddy fields – agricultural lands – houses – business places & public infrastructure – hundreds & thousands of deaths – displacements & separations of old – young men – women & children – during floods – cyclones & other natural disasters and then govt. organised poor disaster management – delayed rescue operations & no proper relief – safety & rehabilitation arrangements for the hapless victims – you will be mocked – derided & made fun of and will be firmly told not to look here – there or anywhere for excuses – trivial issues & diversions – and keep the focus only & only on secularism.

you alert – apprise  & discuss about massive infiltration of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in our country – horrendous attacks – bomb blasts & terrorism being perpetrated by pakistan on our soil and regular cease-fire violations – killings & beheadings of our soldiers at our borders – at difficult mountainous terrains & in dense jungles – by terrorists – naxalites & foreign funded killers – you will be given a tongue-lashing – you will be questioned about your intentions – you will be lampooned for spoiling the friendly relations with our neighbouring nations – and will be warned strictly to talk only about secularism – you mention about hundreds & thousands of violent attacks – brutal murders – massive riots resulting in bloodshed – massacres and killings of thousands & lacs of innocent people all across the nation and yet no punitive actions against real culprits – masterminds & chief conspirators – you won’t believe it – you will be castigated – insulted & humiliated and will be told to refresh memory and raise questions only related to secularism.

every tom – dick & harry neighbouring country staring you – daring you – threatening you & even voting against you on bilateral issues – on environment issues – on matters pertaining to international crisis and on each & every issue under the sun – on domestic & international platforms – on world forums & in United Nations – now you won’t be spared at all & will be threatened not to meddle in international affairs and keep yourself involved with the most important – pertinent & burning subject – the history – present & future of secularism – you talk about large scale mass religious conversions being carried out by christian fathers – ngo’s and missionaries at many places & in every state of our country – which has become a matter of huge concern for indian society – for our great – amazing & scientific culture and for national security reasons – for your kind information – almost all the naxalites – maoists & communists have either converted to christianity or atheism with ulterior intentions – then you will be told – no you will never be told because this is never discussed – this is never talked about – this is not even mentioned and whosoever try to raise even a meek voice against it – then that person is banned – shunned & banished from the public – socity & media forever – and that’s the price you pay for deviating from the deliberations on our sacred secularism.

oh God ! this is going nowhere – this is sheer madness –  I’m getting breathless – and I’m about to fall unconscious and now before i go into deep coma because of this continuous – countless & endless talk of secularism – secularism & only secularism – now let’s try to find out who was behind this acute trauma – unbearable pain &  extreme terror – yes – the terror of secularism – and that is if you are called secular or if you have been declared secular or if you plan to be secular – then nothing else matters – nothing is required & nothing is remembered – you can be a terrorist – anti national – dacoit – killer – fraudster – criminal – you will be compensated adequately – rehabilitated well and will be allowed to have a great life in this world and will be allowed to do anything & everything  on this planet earth – good – bad – worse – just doesn’t matter to anybody – to anyone & to no-one but if you haven’t earned – bought or applied for secularism and you are not called a secular and you don’t even plan to be a secular then get ready to face the chin music – get ready for the controversy – doubts & assaults on your identity – character & education – get ready to face the worst of slander – ignominy & contempt – you will be slammed – thrashed & trashed left – right & centre and – you will be defamed – mortified & tortured for your entire life – you will simply have no place in this world and you will be literally cursed – doomed & destroyed forever.

because this is not secularism – this is secularism X secularism X secularism X …………………………………………………………………….. X ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… X infinity and that means = ‘Dracularism’ and we are under the spell of ‘Dracularism’ and the entire country has been deceived – trapped & imprisoned into this ‘Dracularism’ and who is that ? who carried out this bloodbath ? who unleashed this reign of horror and who dared to cast this hoodoo – necromancy & witchcraft  – who else then the demons – satans & devils of our nation – so Devils created this Dracularism – Devils first flirted – played & enjoyed with secularism and to their surprise – as per their trickery – duplicity & skulduggery – reaped huge dividends – precious rewards & enormous benefits from this secularism and then nurtured – fed & pursued this secularism very aggressively – treacherously & violently to reach every nook & corner of this nation & did everything – created confusion – suspicion – deception and applied all illegal means to force this on each & every individual of this nation and then got obsessed with this secularism and fell in love with this secularism and ultimately converted it into ‘Dracularism’.

and then Devils proliferated this ‘Dracularism’ – compelled everybody to embrace this ‘Dracularism’ & made it constitutionally mandatory for only ‘Dracularism’ to rule this nation – but why ? why this havoc ? why this disorder – chaos & disruption ? why let loose this dangerous weapon of mass destruction on your own people ? do you still need an answer – are you still looking for some clarification – isn’t it amply clear to all of us – it was all done – to subjugate our nation – to keep us slaves – to become masters of our life – messiah of our destiny & Gods of our future – now Devils & ‘Dracularism’ both are madly in love with each other – they live – eat – sleep & dream together – they are inseparable and they can’t do without one another and that’s precisely – why our country is in great danger – there is serious threat to the unity of our nation – the dreadful fear of complete destruction looming large on our nation and to save our motherland from these devils & its partner in crime – its love – infact its soul – ‘Dracularism’ – we will have to be extremely alert & active – very vigilant & totally ruthless with every wrongdoing which takes place in the guise of this ‘Dracularism’.

so from now onwards – wherever & whenever – whosoever is seen talking about secularism – get alerted right away – attune your mental antenna to receive these strong signals and be absolutely clear on this front that it’s Devil which is there along with its Dear Dracularism planning to destroy our country – dividing the people on the lines of religion – injecting poison – hatred & anger into the impressionable minds of common people – and which needs to be challenged – fought – defeated & completely finished from our nation –  well guys – did you see – how Devil & Dracularism repeats itself – so you too have to keep fighting it out with them continuously till they are completely uprooted from our nation.

P.S : hey guys – food for thought :

1). there are power cuts of 6 to 8 hours daily for the past 10 years  in the Residential Apartments located in the middle of a Urban City Complex and we are not even mentioning about hundreds & thousands of Villages of our Country – which still have ‘Nil’ electricity for ‘Zero’ second since the Independence of our Nation – I just wanted to know – is it because of some Danger to our Secularism.    2). there is a water supply only for 2 hours daily – 1 hour early morning and 1 hour in the evening in most of the households for the past 20 years and we don’t want to talk about those thousands of our Villages – where we doesn’t have Any Drinking Water Available since Year 1947 and women of these places are still forced to walk many kilometres barefoot to bring Unsafe Drinking Water from Wells – Ponds or Rivers for their daily chores – for cooking food and for their children – is it also happening because there is a Threat to Secularism.

3). house tax – sales tax – service tax – income tax – road tax – toll tax – commercial tax – all taxes have gone up drastically – and not enough Income to pay those taxes – Hey ! Cheers Everybody – Secularism is here.    4). just completed Phd – is there any higher degree than that – yet – no Govt. Jobs are forthcoming and as per private companies – it is not market oriented – industry driven & simply not good enough for recruitment – what do we do – whom to blame ? – forget everything – just get enrolled in the Govt. Funded University of Secularism ? – anyone ?     5). lacs & lacs of people getting killed on road while travelling by Trains – by Buses – by their own Cars – Bikes & Scooters and on foot ever Year – Year after Year and for Years – Don’t look here & there – we have to save Secularism – Right Everyone ?

6). lacs & lacs of Pregnant Mother & their yet to be born Babies dies at the time of delivery at the operation table – due to sheer Negligence – no Proper Care – Wrong Treatment – Counterfeit Medicines & Unhygienic Conditions Inside the Govt. Run Hospitals every Year – Well Guys – Don’t Ask – Our Secularism at Work.    7). lacs & lacs of Grain producing Farmers committing Suicides because of ever mounting Debt – not enough money to purchase new Seeds and due to Hunger – Nothing to Eat for their Parents – Wives and for their little Children – Do you know why – Hey – Secularism – Remember ?

8). anyway – enough for the day – let’s go back to our sweet little home – hey what’s there – Oh Vegetables ! – Chalo – let’s buy some – Bhaiyaa – Give us one kg. of Tomato – 2 kg. of Potato and one kg of Onion – What ? – abe pagal ho gaya hai kya ? – have you gone mad ? – Tomato – Rs.100/- per kg. – Potato – Rs. 90/- per kg. & Onion – Rs. 120 per kg. – My God ! have I come to purchase my basic Food or some Gold – Silver or Pearls and to remind you all one more thing – I have yet to visit the Grocery Store for Rice – Pulses & Cereals and – just wait a minute – look at there – there is this middle aged guy in his late 40’s standing nearby probably along with his family – his ‘burqa’ clad wife and his three children – staring at those vegetables – hesitating to ask the price of them from that Vegetable-Seller – he looks like one of those lacs of guys – who serves in the lower ranks of private organisations and earns anywhere between Rs. 5000/- to 8000/- every month – and – we will not talk about the crores and crores of contract workers – daily wage labourers & unemployed Indians of all religions – all regions and all caste – creed & colour – and yet – party everybody – even after all of this distress – deprivation & impoverishment – you all will be glad to know – one thing is growing – growing & growing on exponential basis in our great nation – guesses anybody ? – well – no need – everyone is well aware – our one & only – Dear  & Deadly Secularism – sorry – Dracularism.



hi everybody – did you receive your ‘secular’ certificate ?

hi all

knock knock……….. ring ring………….. knock knock…………….. who’s there – who’s knocking – coming – coming – can’t you just wait for a minute – what’s the hurry – oh God ! – I’m just fed-up of all this – I mean – neither you live yourself nor you let others live – anywhy – who are you – what brought you here and tell me – what’s the deal – well ma’am – well sir – sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to check – ”are you ……………….”

are you jews – then I would say ‘sorry sir’ before I proceed – you control the earth – you rule this world – you enjoys all the money-wealth & resources of almost every nation – so – nobody can dare to say a word against you & your fellow-beings and i sincerely hope you will not ‘sue’ us for saying all of this – through your’s ‘anti defamation league’ – have a great day – sir and keep having fun with the lives of millions & billions of human beings – are you christian – sir – you are brother in arms with jews – you are at par with them – so – how can you be far behind – you too keep a tight rein on all the nations – you too derive immense pleasure in all the privileges-rewards & honour that are bestowed upon you by every developing country living under your directions and you too get a huge kick out of the will – authority & freedom of doing anything & everything as per your wishes – desires & choices – you are never asked a question rather you asks questions to each & everyone – you dictate the terms – discussions and outcomes – you are highest in number and biggest in power – you wrote the history and controlling the present – you tell everybody what is good and what is bad for this planet and only your jesus can deliver the salvation to the mankind and non-followers are doomed to burn in the ‘hell-fire’ forever – so sir – no words to say – i say just this – time please & please allow us to leave.

are you muslim – oh God ! – sorry sir – oh Allah ! you are world’s best race-world’s best religion & world’s most rightful and only humans and rest are kafirs-devils & non humans – and as per you-there is no God-no Bhagwan-no Waheguru – only Allah and you are Allah’s own – Allah’s chosen ones – Allah’s near & dear ones – so – life starts with you & ends with you and you & only you decides who should be allowed to live & who deserves to be killed – so – going by your theory-practice & execution-one would be well advised to bow down to you & do not think of any other ‘religion-culture or belief system’ even in dreams – or – be ready-to get cut into thousand of pieces – after this revelation of ‘Khuda’ – sir – i can’t say anything – i’m simply running – i know – you are after me – and for this – i am speeding.

are you hindu – sir – what happened – why are you shivering – why are you so nervous – why are you getting panicked – I haven’t abused you – I haven’t said anything bad to you then why on earth you are behaving so strangely – what – sir – what did you say – come again – I didn’t listen to you properly – I will request you to speak bit louder-bit clearer – I mean – why are you so afraid of me or for that matter of fact from anybody – what – I don’t believe it – can you repeat – ok – ok – got it – got it – don’t repeat – oh my God – oh my Allah – oh my Jesus – it can’t be – it can’t be true – it’s quite shocking – aren’t you ashamed of yourself – aren’t you scared for your family – aren’t you feeling guilty – well – as you have disclosed your identity – come out with the reality – dared to confess this guilt – though there is no redemption from this – still – I have some suggestions for you – explore it immediately – or – if you don’t do it – then get ready for any eventuality – now – before I get myself tangled up in all this and face the dire consequences – I’m leaving with this checklist – just see it-read it & tick it and if you do not have it then-try to get ‘this’:-

are you online – then check your email inbox – your twitter notification – your facebook friend request – your whats app space – your own blog’s comment section and any & every account that you ever had or you presently have in the cyber world – are you at home – then check with your newspaper vendor – check all the pamphlets-brochures & stickers inside your newspaper – check with your ‘doodhwala-not about how much milk is there in the water but is there something else for you alongwith that watered milk – check with your laundryman – check all the labels-size tags & price tags of all your washed apparels – check your post box – check all your letters – check all your electricity bills – check all your mobile bills – check all your credit card statements – check all your insurance reminders – looking to soothe your taste buds & ordering a yummy pizza & fatty burger for your dear tummy then check the bill before taking that ‘pizza’ or ‘burg’ in – are you planning to go for a walk or visit your local market – then check with your grocery store-what is written on that scratch card which is being offered with every soap-underwear or potato-chips you are buy-ing  – check with your paan-wala before chewing that ‘gulkand-wala-paan’ in – withdrew lot of money now-be ready to get a jolt or relief and for that check your atm transaction slip – check all the bills of all your purchase from shopping malls-small time shops or roadside hawkers-who are shouting-calling & luring you to come-in.

are you on road – travelling by car-bike or scooter – then check with the traffic constable and its challan copy after-breaking that red light signal or zebra crossing – are you commuting by train/metro/bus then check your tickets before settling or sitting – are you in service and for quite long then check with your HR – why you didn’t get your due or never got promoted and now have a look at your TDS return acknowledgement receipt – are you in business – so is this the reason that you got raided so many times & never got any bank loan approved & overdraft facility and now read properly the challan copy of your sales tax & service tax deposits – are you boarding a flight then be prepared to be stopped-grilled and strip-searched during check-outs & check-ins and during all of this – never forget to see you boarding pass issued by your chosen airline – hey – hey – stop – stop – let me catch my ‘breath’ – you have said – so many things – I’m getting confused – I’m getting rattled – I can’t make up of all of this – for God’s sake – why should i take so many precautions – why should i keep checking each & everything and last but not the least – why should I do all of this – after all – for what – hey – hey – are you ok – you are asking me – you are arguing with me – you are cross-questioning me – for what is this all about – how dare you ! – don’t you know this – are you a fool- have you gone nuts – have you lost all your senses – that if you do not have it then you are not heard – you are nothing – you do not exist – this is the most sacred thing – this is of paramount importance and this is absolutely mandatory – to take birth – to survive & to live – but what – for God’s-Jesus’s & Allah’s sake – what – what – so you still don’t know – I’m clapping – goodness me – you shameless person – you idiot – you creep – take this slap – and take it very hard from me – ‘The Secular Certificate’ – ‘The Secular Tag’ – ‘The Secular Slip’ or just ‘The Word Secular’ written on any bill-any document-any paper & on anything – you damned !

now tell me bluntly – do i need to say anything more – anything else to you on ‘this’ or is it enough for you to ponder over-act upon & do something – what happened – got stunned – got silent – has the cat got your tongue – please – please – I’m sorry – I’m so-so sorry – i didn’t mean to question you – i never casted aspersions on you – i never challenged your reasoning and i never turned my back on these dark-tragic & frightful realities bu buu…………uut  ca ca.. ca….n aa..i aask – why – why i need ‘it’ – this is unbelievable – this is simply stunning – i mean – you are still wondering – you still didn’t get it – you are still living in your ridiculous dreams – you mental – you moron – you ‘gone case’ – now read this 100 times and very-very carefully – you need it – because – you are ‘Communal’ – you are a ‘Curse’ – you are ‘Against’ the social fabric of this country – you are a ‘Disaster’ to the nation – you are ‘Against’ all the humans & humanity – you are a ‘Hindrance’ for the peace-progress & prosperity of this nation – You Are A ‘HINDU’The Most Oppressed-Persecuted & Exterminated Human On this Planet Earth – Don’t You Know This……………………?

so be alert-be cautious & be careful as you are-at the rock-bottom of the human structure – and hence – always be ready to get insulted-humiliated & completely devastated – and not only that – infact – always be prepared to get arrested-get tortured & even get killed for no rhyme or reason and for nothing – or-or-or – if you are terrified of all this – if you don’t want anything of this – if you don’t feel comfortable with this and if you want to live – if you want to survive – if you want peace – if you want progress – if you want to go places – if you want to achieve new heights – then – one way – one solution – one remedy and that is – get yourself converted into Jesus’s child or Allah’s pupil – and – then you don’t need to worry about anything – you will be in their good books – you will get everything – what say all of you – are you up for it – are you ready for this – has this ‘horrendous truth’ sunk-in – if yes – then – what are you waiting for – it’s available at a church or a masjid near you – Go – Get It – and – have God – have Allah – have loads of fun with it and now is the time to sing – jingle bell-jingle bell – jingle all the way – missionaries will make every human being christian – that’s what pope prays and allahu akbar – allahu akbar – allah is only for muslims – that’s what all the mullahs says…….. so fathers are happy – maulanas are delighted – after all – world is dancing to their tunes – enough reason to get excited and that’s why-they are chanting – bhai aah – bhai wah – bhai gao – bhai bajao – balle o balle o balle – balle – balle – burr….rrah……………………………….

and my dear sikhs-jains-buddhists-dalits-sc/st-tribals-obc’s – sorry sir- whatever good you all do – howsoever hard you all try- and even get yourself registered as separate religion-separate belief system-separate people – still for the world – for the pope & for the maulvis and rightfully so – you all are considered the integral parts of grand hindu parivar – the hindu religion – hinduism – so you too suffers the same fate – same suffering & same ending – as any other hindu on this planet till the time you too get converted into God’s own – christianity or Allah’s only – Islamism and if-if & if at all you don’t do this & fails to take benefit of this artificial-manufactured & man made conversion proceedings – then don’t blame us-them or anybody – if you get caught in the crossfire – fall prey to this centuries-old tried & tested-super effective-most dreadful-‘destroy hindus’-system & ends up losing your freedom-your rights-your life-just everything – after all – we told you so – we told you about the repercussions – didn’t we – Or – to save yourself from this perennial pain-plight & problem – try out the last option – do not call yourself as hindus – rather bash hindus as much as you can – heap scorn on hindus – throw smut-filth & dirt at hindus & voila ! you will see – you will be everybody’s favourite – toast of the town – eye of the nation and then complete the formality – get your ‘Secular Certificate’ issued-affixed & laminated immediately for you-for your family & for your future generations – what say – isn’t it great – isn’t is easy – isn’t it cool and then i’m sure you all will manage somehow to live – to survive – to keep the life boat afloat even during strong wind & high tides – kudos to you – three cheers – live happily ever after – you bros – dears & buddies.

and – as far as – jews & christians are concerned – well – they are lords of this world – they do not get into this – they are way above of all these third class-third grade-third world antics and they literally scoffs at it – and – our other milord – muslims – what can i say about them – less said, the better – they are champions of this – experts in this – headmasters of all of this – they are born greats – they are born Seculars – they don’t need it – rather they distribute it to the world-to the countries-to the people-to the kids – they ‘attest’ everybody’s certificate and they decide whether to give it – renew it & keep it going or cancel it – for psychological-numerical-social & political gains-purposes & witch-hunting – hey ‘Hindus’ – where are you – are you still there or left the scene – what happened – keeping mum – not saying anything – what – what did you say – you are tired – you are thirsty – you are getting frustrated – oh God ! – what am i seeing – I can’t believe this – this is superb – this is amazing – you are standing in a long-long queue to prove your secular credentials-to christians-to muslims-to present day ruling dispensation – well – don’t worry – you are on right path-right place-right direction – now all you need to do – say some crap-throw mud & hurl abuses at hindus-hindu religion & hinduism – and that’s it – you will have it – what you need it – and not only that – there are many more ways to demean them – so shall we start – are you game for it – then let’s hit it :

well – ok – fine – i have made up my mind – surrendered to the might of the rulers – detached myself from all my roots-knowledge & truth and now I’m ready for it – please sample this – ”it’s a pity – that i’m a hindu – but I can’t help it – I was born into it – but i assure everybody that at a suitable time-suitable point & suitable moment – i’ll join some other religion – and till such time – I won’t make known my hindu origins to anyone” – how’s that ! – sir – is it sufficient or shall i create-manipulate & fabricate – some more for your kind consideration – oh please ! – be our guest – we don’t mind it – if it is possible to ridicule them more to boost-increase & encourage the religious conversion business of muslims & christians – so here it is – some more artificial creation-ridiculous invention & stinky production – to satisfy your hunger – ”hindus are casteist – they are terrible – they don’t respect their women – they believe in superstitions – their religion is inferior compare to other religions – their religion is based on false gods-bad values & wrong principles – they treat other religions-other castes & other communities as second or third class citizens – their religion is full of lies-fraud & deception – they are danger to the society – they never care for the welfare of people – they should be destroyed completely – and rest assured-pretty soon-they will feature in the list of ‘extinct species’ of this nation”.

stop-stop – oh my god – oh my allah – look at this – just look at this – this can’t be – this is unimaginable – this is extraordinary – I mean – just look around here-there-everywhere – thunderous applause – standing ovation & huge cheers for you – christians-muslims-dalit leaders-great thinkers-writers-historians-academicians-economists-intellectuals-journalists-news anchors-news channels-ruling congress-world media-world leaders-everybody-yes-everybody – they all are in complete awe of you – absolutely mesmerized by you – full of praise for you – and what’s this – oh God – this is surreal – they all are chanting – one slogan-one phrase-one word – and that is – Secular – Secular – Secular – heartiest congratulations to you ! – you have just been declared Secular – and soon – you will be formally awarded with this badge of honour – this golden certificate – ‘The Secular Certificate’ – the dream of everyone – truly-an outstanding achievement-remarkable feat & unprecedented accomplishment and now as you become integral part of this great-grand-glorious & growing  family of Seculars spread all across the country-all across the continents-all across the world.

so-from now onwards – you will be invited in all the ring cutting ceremonies-awards nights-functions-seminars-debates-gala dinners – as a chief guest – guest lecturer or noted speaker – you will be showered with lots of awards-gifts & favours and you will have the ‘First Right’ on all the capital-assets & stocks of this nation – so guys – how’s that ! – did you see ? – just one word – and how it changes everyone – it changes everything – being ‘Secular’ means everything and not knowing other more important things doesn’t make any difference to any living or non living being – and it also means – Communal means bad ones means only Hindus and Secular means good ones means ‘Everybody-means-muslims-christians-all their working friends-associates & paid workers’ excluding ‘Hindus Only’ – so My Dear Hindus – did you receive Your ‘Secular Certificate’ ? – what did you say – not yet – then what you are waiting for – before it gets too late – before you are branded communal – before you are banished from the society and before the ‘Demons’ introduce-enact & implement the ‘communal violence bill’  – act now – go – join that queue – grab this offer & receive money-benefits & a new identification – ‘The Certified Secular’  for your own good-for your loved ones-for your ‘yet to be born’ – baby boy or baby girl – Hurry !…………………….or else ‘Everybody’ including new ‘Seculars’ are baying for the blood of you & your little kids.

hey hindusjust one little remark :  don’t get provoked – don’t get angry – don’t get mad & don’t lose all your wisdom – though you are at a ‘do or die’ position – you are at a critical juncture – you are at the worst possible situation – but you can still make the difference – you can still shape your destiny – you can still get back your lost freedom – you can still redeem your pride-dignity & honour – the decision still lies with you – just stand up- gather courage-increase your skills-plan well and then rise-riSE & RISE and Fight – Yes – Fight – Fight them All – and Defeat them All – And Not Only Defeat them but Crush them to Dust – however-always remember that – you do not have to fight with christians – muslims or any other person of any religion-faith & belief system – after all – they are human beings like you – they are as good as you & they are your brothers-friends & colleagues – but – you have to fight with those criminals-anti nationals & enemies of our nation – who are injecting anger-hatred & poison in the hearts of all those people who are following those religions – making brothers fights with brothers – dividing the entire country on the lines of religion and pushing our great nation into complete destruction and now-in the backdrop of these deadly-disastrous & dangerous environments – let me remind one & all – high & mighty – dictative & fanatic that even world acknowledges – that you have the knowledge-potential & power to change the entire world if you want to ………………. but you need to ask just one simple question to yourself – do you want to……………………. ?



vultures out there, beware everybody

hi all

it’s unbelievable – it is really unbelievable. what all these news channels want – what on earth all these news channels really want :

do they want all north eastern people to get hurt, to get angry or to get outraged with all north indian people. do they want all north eastern people to hate, to get hostile or to take revenge with all north indian people. do they want all north Indians residing, staying or working in north-eastern states to be attacked, to be beaten or if possible- to be killed by north-eastern local people – will only then all these news channels feel good, feel great, feel satisfied. is this what they want, is this what they really want or should we say isn’t this what all these news channels really want.

there are hundreds of childrens, youngsters and even senior citizens of delhi, bihar, u.p., madhya pradesh, rajasthan gets killed or gets seriously injured during street brawls, street fights or street scuffles in delhi and around delhi every year. do they ever get discussed in any mainstream news channels – the answer is ‘no’. do they ever get reported in any mainstream news channels – the answer is ‘big no’. do they ever get mentioned even a bit in any mainstream news channels – the answer is ‘big-big no’.

no, you are wrong – you are absolutely wrong. they get reported, they do get reported and even discussed also in detail but with some conditions, some very specific conditions and the conditions are – if and only if – it is found that the person killed happens to be a ‘rich person’ Or if and only if – it is found that the person killed happens to be a ‘muslim’ and its aggressors happens to be ‘hindus’ Or if and only if – it is found that the person killed happens to be a ‘ kashmiri-muslim’ and its aggressors happens to be ‘hindus Or if and only if – it is found that the person killed happens to be a ‘dalit’ and its aggressors happens to be ‘hindus’.

and if and only if – none of the above is found applicable then even then they don’t worry, they don’t stop, they don’t budge, rather they dig deep and then they pit the entire one state against the other or if possible, they pit the entire one part of india against the other part of india. and so this time around-that’s what they did – they dug deep and the moment they found that the person killed is from arunachal pradesh ie. a north-eastern state and its aggressors are from delhi ie. a state from north india. they pitted all the north-eastern people against the north-Indian people.

a perfect recipe for disaster well served and now all they need to do is keep shouting about it, keep shouting about if from the rooftop as some hate crime, as some racist attack – day in day out, all day all night and that’s exactly what they are doing right now and will continue to do so over coming days as well and not only that – now, they will convert every fight, every altercation, every argument involving north-eastern people & locals from delhi as a crime directed specifically at north eastern people by delhiites or by north indian people.

and one perfect example of that is the latest incident involving two women from manipur and some locals from delhi and where these two women were beaten by them and as we just-just discussed above, straightaway this incident too got declared into a crime directed against north-eastern people without bothering to go into the details of the incident or the circumstances pertaining to that. irrespective of the fact that had these girls been locals ie. pure delhiites even then the incident would have remained the same. after all – criminals or people with criminal bent of mind or people intoxicated with money,power or fame or people not afraid of any law & order – just – do it – they simply do it – they don’t bother about other’s caste, creed, colour or culture – isn’t delhi witness to hundreds & hundreds of rapes of its own daughters from the same delhi-wallas or from people belonging to every other state – as delhi being the cosmopolitan state – so what reasons do we accord then. then we simple say them as crimes against women. then one is forced to ask –  why different yardstick in this incident of manipuri women.

well, the answer is when the aim is to destabilise india, to divide india, to break india – then these sorts of sick, shameful and criminal  manipulations are done and indian news channels are like vultures whose breakfast, lunch or dinner is – feeding on the dead and they never fails in that – all they need is the smell and sight of it.

so beware everybody, criminal indian news channels out there – ready to pounce on you.



bjp never learns, never, never or will they, this time, at last

hi all

those who learn from mistakes can overpower any obstacle but those who refuses to learn from their mistakes, rather keep repeating them day in day out, day & night, all day all night, day after day, day after day are doomed – are simply-simply doomed. there are no two ways about it that they are headed for one single direction and that direction is – the direction of total disaster, total destruction and total annihilation. can anybody guess whom i am talking about. anybody ?

well, well, well, what is happening, everybody guessed it right. yes,yes it’s our very own – ‘B J P’. are we amazed – no, are we surprised – definitely not. wasn’t it quite obvious – yes, absolutely, yes.

It is widely said that ‘change is the only constant’. but, in the case of bjp, bjp getting thrashed, trashed and smashed left, right and centre , black & blue, day in and day out, all day all night by one & all, by anybody & everbody is the only constant. they used to get smacked, whacked and slapped earlier, they are getting smacked, whacked and slapped now. so, what has changed – nothing, except earlier it was from ‘100 years old party – congress’ and now, it is from ‘one year old party – aap’. they didn’t learn then and no prize for guessing, they haven’t learned now – after all, it is no surprise that when you walk into wolves’ den, you will not be showered with flowers, rather you will be stared, you will be attacked and you will be ripped apart. It is so,so elementary, yet it is happening day in day out, day after day, day after day.

when you want to spread your information, your opinions, your point of views, your side of the story or for that matter of fact, nothing but plain, simple truth then what are your options :-

1). printing pamphlets and distributing it all across, so that it reaches to maximum number of people.  2). printing books regularly and making them available to maximum no. of people.  3). printing magazines monthly, fortnightly or weekly and again making them reach to maximum no. of people.  4). the most important media – print media – printing newspapers daily and circulating it to every nook and corner of – if not world, then atleast of our country india.  5). the most-most important media – electronic media – having your own news channel – streaming images, audios, videos, content all across non-stop, 24×7. the impact – enormous, mind boggling, soul-stirring – aren’t we witnessing its reach, its results, its consequences every day, every minute, every second.

can anyone, anyone on earth dare to say that bjp masters all of these mediums (must – not only for taking you forward but even for your survival) or if not all then atleast masters one of these mediums. the answer is – No, yes you read it correctly – ‘BIG NO’. bjp, even after so many years of being in political system, ruling many states from many-many years, infact, even managed to be in power at the centre-once has Nil presence, absolutely Nil presence in all of these mediums, rather, they are at a position that they are being destroyed by these very mediums.

6. and now, the latest medium – Internet – social media : it is said quite often that at last -if at all – bjp has managed to read, understand or execute it right – then it is this very medium and due to this – they have not only managed to survive but have also managed to re-capture some of their lost sheen. However, the fact is – as with all other mediums they have been pathetic in this medium as well.

If at all they are mentioned in this medium then it’s not because of their efforts – which are shabby, half-hearted & below than average to say the least but because of ‘all-others’  earlier did not take enough notice of it or kept pace with it and also because of the gigantic efforts of lacs and lacs and lacs of Indians – who individually through their little-little tweets, through small to medium scale social groups or through unabashed, unashamed & unadulterated blogs or websites vented their anger, their frustration, their wrath towards ‘ these others’ and bjp by default – being only and lonely out there took some advantage of it and even that advantage was not due to bjp but because of one bjp-person’s singular effort – yes, we all know this name – even ‘all-others’ know this name – it is – narender damodardas modi. And now, with the advent of ‘aap’ – forget about capturing the enormous, monumental and massive untapped space ( almost 90-95% ) of this medium – even the little space or little advantage they earlier had – now seems to be frittering away.

And let me clear it to all of you that it is not because of – baggage & burden of past or present – which ‘aap’ didn’t have  and which ‘all-others’ are full of that – but because of same old, very old – bjp’s ineptitude with these very mediums of mass-reach. For the record, let me state that ‘aap’ even before making, during making or after making had loads & loads of that – it’s just that nobody noticed it or ignored it or avoided it – why – nobody knows – except just ‘one-other’ which noticed it, understood it and even smiled at it.

Well – no prizes for guessing : here ‘the-other’ refers to the congress and ‘all-others’ refers to congress along with communists, cpi(m), sp, bsp, ncp, bjd, rjd, jdu, dmk, pmk, tmc and ….and…..’aap’……and many-many more.

And remember, bjp’s incompetence, inefficiency and complete ignorance of these mediums specially electronic medium has not only contributed in destroying bjp immensely but it has contributed in destroying india as well. any doubts on that – then let’ start : continuously, repeatedly, endlessly talking on babri-masjid demolition, Gujrat-2002 riots for days, for months, for years, for many-many years and on and on and on and ……….  And never allowing any bjp person or anybody close to bjp to express their point of views on that. Keep calling bjp – communal, religious, divisive – not hundred times, not thousand times but millions & millions of time,  planting imaginary stories of bjp-sponsored riots & atrocities on muslims all across the country – and creating fear, hatred and terror among muslims – from hindus & from bjp and thereby, alienating crores & crores of indian muslims – approx. 25 crores of people – from hindus & from bjp – forever and ever  and ever and all of this and more and more and more…

and all of this – said & done – not out of chance but out of sheer choice – under the direct investment, direct patronage and direct orders from – the most corrupt, the most communal and the most criminal party of india – ‘congress’. However, everybody will be surprised to know that destroying bjp was only a small assignment given to them , their another assignment was – to destroy – you know – who – well, everybody knows about it – isn’t it very obvious – their sole and lone political adversary, staunch opponent and their most dreaded enemy – ‘narender damodardas modi’. but the most important – full & final assignment given to them was – to destroy our country – yes you read it right – to destroy our country – india.

and so automatically – attacks started on indian constitution,  indian-judiciary, indian- defence forces, attacks on majority – and as they were hindus – so attacks on hindus, attack on anything and everything related to hindus – though it is happening from times – immerorial through various means but this time through electronic media and that is – through audio & visual media. and just how it started – sample this – creating fissures among hindus on the basis of caste – declaring dalits, tribals and other backward classes as different from hindus. creating imaginary stories of hindu atrocities on muslims, on christians, on dalits and on tribals all across the country. declaring every hindu-muslim riots as a result of hindu aggression and showing the plight, pain and sufferings of only muslim victims – read again – only & only muslim victims – and never-ever – never -ever talking about hindu victims as if hindus who got killed in those riots were not humans but animals – so not worth mentioning. and showing hindu-religion, hindu customs and hindu-beliefs in poor light – in extremely poor light as some sort of superstition, some sort of false belief or putting bluntly – as some sort of disease.

complete silence on massacres committed by Kashmiri muslim separatists on Kashmiri pundits-read-hindus – yes, you read it right – they don’t call them terrorists – they call them separatists – great souls – aren’t they. complete silence on massive displacement of not hundreds – not thousands – but lacs and lacs of Kashmiri hindus from their own motherland – not even a single story of their destruction, their sufferings. complete silence on – horrific killings being committed by naxalites and Maoists on local peoples and on indian security personals. complete silence on Pakistan sponsored terrorism, Pakistan sponsored terrorists and Pakistan sponsored terror outfits like indian mujahideen, simi and huji. Complete silence on massive illegal infiltrations of Bangladeshi nationals in our country –though it is estimated of monstrous proportions – anywhere between 25 millions to 30 millions. Complete silence on dangers they pose to our social structure and to our national security. Complete silence on massive conversions being carried out by Christian- organisations all over the country – the entire north-east belt of india is an example of that – another example is the entire tribal belt of odisha, andhra pradesh & maharastra, coastal regions of tamilnadu and how can we forget ‘God’s own country – kerala.

justifying each & every bomb-blasts committed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists and terrorist organisations on indian soil – on Indians as a revenge of some so-called muslim killings by hindus. deliberately, incorrectly and falsely implicating some hindus and hindu – organisations in some bomb-blasts cases though perpetrated by Pakistani sponsored terrorists and thereby, coining a new term of hindu-terror or saffron-terror and keep repeating this term every now & then and thereby,  justifying the muslim terror perpetrated on them.

and in these deadly, dark and disturbing times – when everything seems to be lost – when everything seems to be falling apart and when everything looks so destructive then – then – if there is any silver lining – any little ray of hope – any-any fickle light at the end of this never-ending deep-dark tunnel – then it is the mammoth, vast and huge efforts of narender damodardas modi of bjp. His travelling – all-across the country, covering every nook & corner of the country, connecting directly to the people, addressing massive rallies of unprecedented proportions day in day out, day after day, days after days, non-stop – is something  which is keeping the hopes alive of not one indian – not thousand of indians – but crores & crores of patriotic Indians.

after a long-long time – a man has come – who has re-ignited the hopes of all the men – who work hard all day all night, every day every night – in cities, in mega-cities, in villages, in barren-fields, in far-off places where even after 65 years of independence-forget about electricity even clean drinking water is not accessible  – who still toils, who still grinds, who still sweats and slays their present for better tomorrow – not for themselves – not for their employers – but for their mothers, for their fathers, for their wives, for their children. He has re-ignited hopes of all the women – who also toils as hard as men, who also grinds as hard as men and who also sweats as hard as men – at home, at offices –as homemakers, as office executives, as farmers, as labourers – shoulder to shoulder – in the cities, in the mega-cities, in the villages and in all those far-off places.  He has re-ignited hopes of all the soldiers who fights it out at the borders, at the mountains, in the jungles with enemies, with terrorists, with naxalites and lay their lives not to protect their families, not to protect their friends – but to protect us – yes, us – the crores and crores of strangers whom- they have never met, never saw, never even heard of. He has re-ignited hopes of all 125 crores + Indians who wants to reclaim their lost name, their lost glory, their lost pride, their lost ‘bharat’ – a competitive bharat, a progressive bharat, a powerful bharat – ‘A United Bharat’.

But as in cricket, so in politics – if you want to win – one bowler can’t bowl all five days or one batsmen can’t bat all five days – others will have to chip-in as well and chip-in equally and when you are playing in alien conditions – alien because press is not with you, electronic media is not with you, administration all across the country is not with you, judiciary is not with you ( here – ‘not with you’ means, sorry to say – not neutral enough ), not even a single political party is with you – infact- it is you & you & you and all the other parties are against you and forget about everything else – not even some of your senior-most, influential and decision-making bjp-members are with you and last but not the least – don’t forget to add indian mujahideen, lashkar-e-taiba, and isi in this long-long list. So in these fatal, deadly and devastating conditions – only 70’s or 80’s type orthodox spin won’t do, rather you will have to come up with spin bowling with doosras, teesras and even chauthas. And as far as fast bowling is concerned-forget about all those 120’s, 130’s or 140’s – only 150kmph+ will do and again only being that fast will not be enough – swing, lethal swing, late swing also is must. And this time even all of this may not be enough so you will have to come up with not one, not two but lots of strategies which should be unique, exceptional and unparalleled – which nobody has ever heard, saw or encountered before.

because remember, everybody–this time it is not bjp–which is at stake but this time – it is our  entire country which is at stake.



for bjp – now, its a do or die

hi all

caution for everyone – never write off anyone

i hope everybody is aware of that our very own ‘genius – five times world champion and undisputed world champion from 2007 to 2013 – viswanathan anand’ is no longer a world champion now.

43 years old viswanathan anand who in the past defeated greats like vladimir kramnik (kramnik-the only player in the world history who defeated, you know-who-arguably, the greatest champion of all time-gary kasparov in a world championship match ), veselin topalov, boris gelfand just got defeated by a 23 year old youngster, first time world title contender-magnus carlsen and that too in his own den-in chennai-in his own country bharat. he not only got checkmated but got decimated completely (read scoreline : 3-0), for the first time in his 25 years long career – couldn’t win even a single game in a world title match – so what was literally impossible – just happened.

therefore, the lesson is – never ever, read very-very carefully, never ever underestimate any of your opponent any day any time however small, bad or strange he/she may be – and remember – in chess, when the game is in last stages, you know who surrounds and checkmates the king most of the times – you know, who – not the most dangerous queen – who can move anywhere and everywhere at will, not a knight – who can make cunning moves and not the almighty, all strong – rook but the most un-important, weakest or let’s say the simplest who can move only one step at a time that too in only one direction – you know, who – you know, who – now, you guessed it right, yes – the pawn.

remember, this time-the fight is not to survive but the fight to finish because this time either bjp can win it all or will simply lose it all. and this time around it is not bjp versus congress only but most unfortunetly, this time around it is  bjp (narender damodardas modi) versus all enemies of our country – congress, aam aadmi party, bsp, sp, jdu, dmk, ncp, bjd, cpi, cpi-m, naxalites, indian mujahideen, lashker-e-taiba, al- qaeda, isi and – and some very senior and important bjp functioneries.

and this time around – it is not bjp which is at stake but our country-bharat is at stake.



usa does official rape of indian woman – v

hi all american apologists and devyani haters

more enjoyment for you :-

June 23: The maid goes absconding. The next day Khobragade reports the matter to Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) which asks her to report to the police. NYPD though refuses to entertain her, saying only a family member can file missing person complaint. The maid’s husband refuses to cooperate.

July 1: The diplomat gets a call from an unidentified woman who says the maid won’t move court if her employment is terminated and she is compensated for 19 hours of work per day.

July 2: Khobragade informs in writing to both OFM and NYPD about the call.

July 5: She registers a complaint of harassment, extortion and blackmailing with NYPD which does nothing. Also files a complaint against the maid and her Delhi-based husband with Delhi Police. The same day Indian summons US embassy officials here.

July 8: Khobragade, who had also filed a complaint of theft against the maid, is called to an immigration lawyer’s office where she is asked by the maid to shell out $10,000, convert her official passport into an ordinary one and help with her visa which would allow her to live in the US. Angered by these tactics, India revokes her passport. She was now living illegally in the US.

July 30: Consul general of India (CGI) writes to OFM again saying that the maid, who according to a petition by her husband in a Delhi court was in NYPD custody, be produced in the Consulate but no action is taken.

September 4: State department steps in, writes to the Indian ambassador saying the matter was of “considerable concern” for the US.

September 21: The embassy replies, saying this was none of US’ business and that the maid was seeking a monetary settlement and US visa, whereby subverting both Indian and US laws.

September 20: Delhi HC passes an interim injunction restraining the maid and her husband from filing for any action against Khobragade in any foreign court.

November 19: A Delhi court issues a non-bailable warrant against the maid.

December 6: The warrant is forwarded to the US embassy with an official request to arrest the woman and facilitate her repatriation but this is ignored.

December 10: The maid’s husband and children fly off to New York after they are given visa confirming India’s suspicion that the maid was acting to get herself a “trafficked person” status.

December 12: devyani is arrested in full public view while dropping her daughter to school, handcuffed, handed over to US marshal service, strip-searched, forced to remove all her clothers, made to stand naked, body-cavity searched – private parts penetrated by fingers.

keep enjoying



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